Adolf Hitler having a Rothschild bloodline and the Merkel/May connection seems to be a stretch.  I agree there is something sinister being covered up, most likely the mass atrocities committed against Germany and the 15-21 million German men, women, and children who perished.  I’ve heard this line before, “Merkel is Hitler’s daughter.”  Even if we accept that idea, it doesn’t make Merkel Hitler’s daughter who was born in 1954.  And even if Alois Senior or Clara Hitler was busy shagging a Rothschild, it still doesn’t give the fairy tale what it needs to cover up the war crimes against the Third Reich.

The Russians put out a detailed and convincing report showing that Hitler fled to Norway by a small plane and then went from there by submarine to Argentina, and then to Paraguay where he lived to a ripe old age.  The Bush family now owns the ranch Hitler lived on.  The history we have been taught is a pile of lies.  Please do more research.  Thank you.

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David Webster
David Webster

I have done extensive research myself and every thing Benjamin has talked about is 100% accurate. I have researched for over 40 years and had a spiritual awakening March 20th 2016.

You are thinking far to much and not feeling, sensing life as you should LV. You are determining things by your own thoughts when your own thoughts are muddled by the information you have taken in living in this world that is not real!

We live in an illusion sir that we are thriving and have a future. We have no future with thinking of that nature that what this man presents is a stretch or not true. Why read his articles if you are doubting them?

Who are you to think that you know for certain who Hitler daughter was? One things is for certain, Hitler lived out his life in South America. I met a girl who is from Brazil, I live in Las Vegas. She was my Uber driver, she played with Hitlers children and knew other kids who also knew the story.

She informed me that all of the Germans living in Antarctica have left, broke away from Earth civilization and now live on Mars underground and on surface. She opted to stay on earth where it is beautiful and in Las Vegas due to her being in a rainy area of Brazil.

One has to begin believing things that are being said by many others. Benjamin is not the first to state this sir, you have done no research, that is clear. Where do you draw the information to make your statements?