As Theresa May loses battle of Britain, West Coast oligarchs sue for peace

The forced resignation of British Prime Minister (and Hitler daughter) Theresa May marked a decisive turning point in the battle for the planet Earth, multiple sources agree.  Already, her resignation has forced high-tech oligarchs Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk to seek peace negotiations with the White Dragon Society (WDS), according to P2 Freemason sources.

Meanwhile, U.S. President Donald Trump has spent the Memorial Day weekend in Japan, in part to avoid assassination as moves begin to end the long political deadlock in Washington, D.C., Pentagon and Japanese right-wing sources say.

As many of us are aware, U.S. politics have been stuck in an endlessly repeating loop for two years, with hysterical Democrats using control of corporate media and every legal tool possible to remove Trump, while Trump endlessly tweets “witch hunt.”

To understand why the resignation of May is crucial to breaking the political deadlock, we need to take a quick look at the FISAgate scandal.  Basically, in 2016 the Rockefeller/Clinton oligarchs asked their Rothschild counterparts in the UK to circumvent U.S. law in order to spy on Trump and concoct the Russiagate scandal to impeach him.  May’s resignation means the British Nazi (Zionist) -allied oligarchs who fought against Trump are now all being purged from the British military/intelligence/political power structure, according to British royal family sources.  This purge will be accompanied by a similar purge in the U.S., according to Pentagon sources.

“Trump giving [U.S. Attorney General William] Barr power to declassify gives him clean hands to terminate Zionists when files are released about 9/11, 3/11 [Fukushima], and other military intelligence,” Pentagon sources promise.

A foretaste of the sorts of files that are about to be released came with this leak from Holland of video and photographs taken immediately after “Malaysian Air” Flight 370/17 was shot down over the Ukraine.  The film has been made available for download until June 1, but be warned that it contains graphic, stomach-churning images of mangled corpses.

The whistleblower who sent the file noted that the victims of “Flight 17” had invalid Dutch passports belonging to people who boarded Flight 370.  Also, many of the bodies were decomposed, wearing winter clothes for a summer flight or else naked, and had no blood.  The information contained on the flights’ black boxes has “never been made public by the English, who received them,” the source notes.

British MI6 sources say, “Both the current and former prime ministers colluded to pervert the …

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Published on Jun 2, 2019

The Brave browser is 2X FASTER than Chrome and Safari, it’s FREE & it’s PRIVATE plus you’ll earn rewards for using it!

Google is finally facing long overdue scrutiny from the DOJ, hopefully the blatant censorship and tortious interference by Google and You Tube against content creators around the world, will be brought to a quick end. Thanks for tuning in, LIKING and sharing this link.

What 40,000 Videos Tell Us About The Trending Tab


421469 zanderboy
Interesting catch!
Gateway Pundit reporting that the Fresno Grizzlies razzed AOC by putting on a video of “enemies of freedom” with her an ” lil Kim” from NK (et al), has made an overnight Fresno Grizzlies fan of me !

That they felt compelled to say they were” sorry ’bout that” , to” lil Ms. Jaw’s” is a shame though!


Hi Zander and Intruth,

The following quote from the 5 mins podcast of Simon Parkes is MOST interesting –

“There is a window in the next 2 weeks that might make it possible for ‘what we have been waiting for’ to take place.”

…In fact, the very real event of Trump visiting the queen today MUST mean that something momentous is happening. Who is taking orders from whom? Or are we witnessing the change-over of power and the collapse/surrender of the old guard?

I can’t imagine the energy at that meeting. Wonder if the Queen can maintain her human form-haha!

I really do wonder what this is really all about.


So, I am up at 3 am– can’t go back to sleep so I thought I’d check out some of my favorite you tube sites…… first SGT report, sound was weird, sounded like I was listening to a computerized voice. So I tried out DeceptionBytes– also her voice has been muffled and has a slight french twang , she also has breaks in the flow of her voice. I guess they are messing with the you tubers so they can remake videos and bring on more fake news. How scared do you have to be to go this far???

. . . big tech trust-busting has become one of the few issues in contemporary Washington that garners genuine bipartisan support.


rays 421467

im sure I had a webpage up where nasa was launching the fat reductiion muscle enhancing supplement that astranuats have been using apparently…..called stack t360…..

now I cant find any information on the connection to nasa…..the article claimed this product all natural plant ingrediants could restore fat and muscle ratio in an avatar to its optimum measurements…..

only for men this one-there must be an equivalent supplement for the females I would guess…..

obesity is another recent plague delivered via poison foods and medicines etc the earth surface and delivers massive pain and suffering premature deaths etc of course…..

potentially any overweight and obese peoples,as well as all peoples could benefit very substantially from this supplement by the sounds of it…..

it was developed apparently to help those whos bodies have been effected by space travel and space station postings etc,being exposed to different gravities than whats on the earth surface and local skies…..


hey rays absolutely everyone gets to vote…..I know your a military veteran and so am i-thats the idea i thought,if were going to engage in military activities its so if anything,it can potentially expand human rights and such for all,quality of life for all etc….true liberty and the pursuit of happiness afforded to all——all that kind of grooooovy stuff…..

hopefully someday our countries will actually have elections that are not distorted by the criminals – things like voter suppression tactics employed,electronic ballad counters controlled by the criminals etc…..

selection of political leaders will now be replaced by election of political leaders-and you wont need 100s of millions of dollars and corporatocrazys.moneychangers,aristocrazies etc permission,or be interfered with by same to run for president/prime minister/chancellor etc…..

someday this war is going to be over…..


421444 wolfintimber
I noticed Bioperine was one of the ingredients mentioned in Stack T360
I noticed it is also used in a product i have been using with real success on my once rotten fungus eaten toenails, reversing a battle I have been losing since High School
i never heard of it before but PureNails pro lists Bioperine along with a mix of seven probiotic bacteria strains as well as Flaxseed powder and Tumeric.

After six weeks of use my all my toe nails are growing back–and pink not crusty yellow!

and as I always say the best things in life are pink-lol !
I endorse nothing as we each have our own biochemical variables but this stuff works for me.
Let the good germs help as we really need the right combo of bacteria through our bodies.

Germ free is actually the same as dead or AI.


wolfintimber —Is a giant bug that eats brains to get to know you better akin to a Gaggle AI program like facistbook?
I have to ask myself that because it’s a slow night!


Hi Zander and Intruth,

The following quote from the 5 mins podcast of Simon Parkes is MOST interesting –

“There is a window in the next 2 weeks that might make it possible for ‘what we have been waiting for’ to take place.”

I too watched the podcast and also note that today (10pm NZ time Monday 3 June) we have a new moon in Gemini (my sign). So the two weeks lasts from new to full moon on 17th June at 8:30pm NZ time. BTW, Simon did not mention the moon phases, that is my interpretation.

We have been hearing for quite some time now (not only from Simon), that things could ramp up mid-year. This seems to be it – let’s all be positive and add our energy to such an outcome.

In fact, the very real event of Trump visiting the queen today MUST mean that something momentous is happening. Who is taking orders from whom? Or are we witnessing the change-over of power and the collapse/surrender of the old guard?

I do hope that Simon’s intuition and serious work will be proved correct.

My very best regards to you both and to the café for this intriguing moment.



Jim Stone

Water really appears to be coming up between the slabs on the new spillway.
This can only mean the original reason for the original spillway failure was not found and fixed. There’s a water channel going right under the new one.

IMPORTANT: Both pictures above were taken from the exact same live stream frame, that had three simultaneous live streams of the dam in one frame. There really is mystery water coming from somewhere.
Now the only question that remains is whether or not the new spillway, which was built like a “brick sh*thouse” will “brick sh*thouse” it’s way to survival. There is clearly a major problem here, IF YOU LIVE DOWNSTREAM FROM THIS DAM, GET AHEAD OF THE TRAFFIC BY PACKING NOW. I would not leave yet, but I’d certainly have the bug out bag already in the trunk and the gas tank full (enough).
I did not want to be a doomer with this, but I did not hear anything at all about a supplementary water injection system on this spillway. Water coming up through the cracks is the only way that so much water could be going down the hill and not exiting the gates anywhere near the same amount at the top.

Maybe they will use it and all will be well, but it is damn certain there is something wrong. They were trying to inject grout to stop a leak in the dam earlier in May, but it really looks like they missed the target, which is probably squarely UNDER the spillway, which they can’t get grout to.
My guess is that they can’t stop this leak, this leak caused the first spillway to fail, it got missed because scummy liberals put a bunch of third world hacks on this job, (at least enough to irrelevate the ANGRY WHITE MALES) and incompetence ruled the day, where the actual cause of the problem the first time around was not found and they built right on top of it. I’d bet the problem is easily seen from the lake side of the gates when the water level is low enough to walk around over there, it is probably entering right under the main slab right at the bottom of the intake.


421462 wolfintimber
Robert Heinlein’s novel Starship Troopers has been a fave of mine since childhood.

But I wonder how well the idea that ONLY those who did military service could have the right to vote would sit will the libtarded of today’s politics-lol!
Heinlein respected the fighting soldier a lot more than most people did.
Hell, the book sounded a bit too war driven to me even back in the ’60’s!
And I don’t care much for giant bugs that eat brains to get to know you better so don’t get me wrong!


and of course the top dark force army are the chimera who are insectoids,the draconian reptilians are the 2nd in command army of the local dark forces…..

crazy stuff its a true story…..hahahahaha…..


actor in the film starship troopers performing as a military intelligence officer with high

psionics skills (examining the dark force captured insectoid)-quote—-its afraid—–


actor in the film starship troopers performing as a military intelligence officer-quote—-this

was the moment,and it wasn’t the mighty fleet,it wasn’t some fancy new weapon… was a

drill instructor named zim who captured a brain…..—–unquote…..


of course theres always been great warriors who dance on the borderland and often get in trouble in military societies…..military society hierarchies understand this,and especially when strong troop prowess is needed in times of great wars, the borderland warriors are kept in the fold as much as the system can muster of the moment…..

soldiers like zim in the film starship troopers-he got busted from drill sergeant to private-and he also captured the first capo insectoid enemy so they could be studied…..hahahahaha…..


Nick Pope ‘UFOs Are NOT Science Fiction, They Are Science FACT’

nick pope-quote—–its science fact backed up by eyewitness testimony from police officers,pilots,military personel…..its eyewitness testimony backed up by radar data…..its eyewitness testimony set out in government archives,which are now slowly but surely all around the world being declassified and released……—–unquote…..

its mainstream now absolutely-civilization as the earth surface creatures know it becomes more and more dynamic interesting liberating higher quality, safer for all, uncensored of science and truth and legal expressionism of all sorts,knowledge,expanding unsuppressed evolution constructs,invigorating inviting joyous super healthy explorative opportunities for all to shine if they choose,creative driven scientific unblighted civilization based on true care and concern for all…..

like a primo lightforces warrior I heard say one time-something about the star wars films that have been perceived as science fiction – are in point of fact science documentaries…..

crazy stuff its a true story…..hahahahaha…..


China and the Vatican harvesting and selling organs for big money

Article by Leo Zagami


Last week shocking news from Rome published on LifeSiteNews regarding Steven Mosher, the founder and president of the Population Research Institute, who said that the Communist Chinese government is harvesting organs from prisoners while they are still alive to supply its lucrative organ transplant industry. This and other shocking claims were made by him at the May 20-21 John Paul II Academy for Human Life and the Family conference on “Brain Death: A Medicolegal Construct: Scientific & Philosophical Evidence.”

However, what LifeSiteNews and Mosher don’t know, is that the Vatican has been doing the same thing in Africa for many years, thanks to the secret activities in this field conducted by important figures of the African Catholic Church and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM). For large quantities of money, these New World Order criminals have literally abducted and killed thousands of Africans to harvest their organs and sell them to the best buyers in the international market for transplants.

So, since they are cashing in, why should the Vatican Jesuits, who work closely with Communist China do anything about it? Mosher, who said that “It would be very helpful if the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, headed by Archbishop Marcello Sorondo, would actually speak out against the continuing practice of organ harvesting in China from people who are executed for their organs,” is totally deluding himself or selling disinformation to a bunch of gullible individuals who still believe the Vatican can help, when they are at the center of this infamous business, because money is the force that rules the decisions of the so-called Holy See controlled by Satan himself.

Mosher declared that China, who is apparently the world’s leader in organ transplants, has moved to a “more advanced”version of its decades-long practice of executing prisoners for their organs, and is now “paralyzing their victims” in order to extract their organs while they are still alive, and somewhere in the jungles of Africa, the Vatican and their Knights of Malta are doing exactly the same thing.

This extremely sensitive information regarding the harvesting of organs by the Vatican was given to me by trusted Vatican sources back in 2013. One is a chaplain of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta in Rome, and the other, Massimiliano Mion, a Knight of the Orthodox Knights of Malta.


Madonna celebrates the rise of the Antichrist to send a message to Trump and the World

29 May 2019

In the past ten days I have been traveling across the U.S. after I fleeing Europe due to political and religious persecution, but I have always kept in mind the idea of wanting to write an article about Madonna’s shocking 2019 Satanic Eurovision performance in Israel. I believe this entire performance was a significant and an important message from the Antichrist himself, giving us an exact graphic illustration of what is right around the corner waiting for us. Her performance ended with the ominous warning to humanity to, “Wake up.”

Remember, this didn’t happen in Hollywood, but in Israel, as the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) is a member of the European Broadcasting Union, which is responsible for the event. Israel won the contest four times, and has hosted the contest in Jerusalem twice in 1979 and 1999, but this time the scenario was rather different ,as Madonna’s performance in these crucial times for humanity was far more spooky than expected given the fact that Israel is the land where Bible prophecy originates, and the Antichrist is planned to be ruling for 7 years after the Rapture of the Church, and where last but definitely not least, the Battle of Armageddon will be also fought during the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Madonna impersonated the Antichrist singing “Like A Prayer” to a packed house of Jews and Palestinians, wearing a wannabe Marilyn Manson eye patch while mocking the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in what can be considered a 100% Satanic ritual for the presentation of the age of the Antichrist.

We should take Madonna’s message during the Eurovision very seriously, as Satanists are preparing for their last move and their propaganda is increasing. They want to kill Donald J. Trump and take over the United States of America, the last country in the world that can defend Christianity from the Satanic/AI take over they have been planning for many years.


Did The Government Just Test The Internet Kill Switch?

‘I felt a great disturbance in the farce, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”

At 3pmET, it appears that Google Cloud (affecting Gmail, YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram, and Facebook among others) mysteriously (and almost unprecedently) went offline.

google cloud is down
google compute engine is down
gmail is down
google drive is down
nest is down
youtube is down
snapchat is down
uber is down
nextDNS is down
Pokemon Go is down
App Engine is down

google advertising up

3:51 PM – Jun 2, 2019

East Coast USA and Europe affected

I was trying to pull up y/t this afternoon and nothing came up for a while – then it was restored.


Jim Stone

The new main spillway at Oroville is about to be opened
The live stream is HERE.
This will be the first time this spillway gets used for real. This will not be a test.
I am not expecting any problems, but if all the doomers were right it will be known fairly soon. They don’t have the option to not use it at this point, the lake is full.
I maintain my original position – they filled the lake up completely because they trust the spillway and are fighting communists who want to deny farmers water. If every dam is chock full in the entire system, the communists cannot make denying water a point of reason. Every dam in the ENTIRE SYSTEM is chock full except for one, that catches the late snowmelt runoff, and it is going to be filled, the snow is there.


So Simon says there is a window in the next 2 weeks that might make it possible for ‘what we have been waiting for’ to take place. Trump is traveling with a very large entourage on his trip to Europe.


Simon Parkes

Hillary Clinton
Sunday, June 2, 2019

Hillary Clinton’s Techware / email adviser has had home raided and a number of items confiscated by federal authorities.

Important Message
Sunday, June 2, 2019

Extremely important update today on a 5 min podcast


Important Message
Trump coming to UK, huge security, he’s had attempts on his life. There is the expectation that something will take place. It may not happen yet, but this is a window.

June 1: Today veteran associations warned that they would march on Washington if any move is made to impeachment.

US Attorney General in an interview with CBS has hinted at where the counter investigation is going.
– Who authorised the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign
– Were the CIA involved – Uranium One
– FISC report
& the biggest shock of all…
– An investigation into the Clinton Foundation!!!


“It’s All A Fraud”: Deceptive Edits Found In Mueller Report

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) on Saturday called for the immediate release of “all backup and source information” for the Mueller report after internet sleuth @almostjingo (Rosie Memos) discovered that the special counsel’s office deceptively edited content which was then cited as evidence of possible obstruction.

“It’s all a fraud” tweeted Nunes, replying to a tweet by @JohnWHuber (Undercover Huber), who also posted a comparison between the Mueller report and a newly released transcript of a November 2017 voicemail message left by former Trump lawyer John Dowd, in which he asked former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s attorney for a “heads up” if Flynn was planning on saying anything that might damage the president.

Mueller’s team omitted key context suggesting that Dowd was trying to strongarm Flynn and possibly obstruct justice by shaping witness testimony, while the actual voicemail reveals that Dowd was careful not to tread into obstruction territory in what was a friendly and routine call between lawyers.

We are a group of concerned citizens residing in the state of New York and also in the City of New York.

Since the start of the Cuomo administration New York state has become the most moved out of state in the country (2). This year alone the state has experienced a budget shortfall of over 2 billion dollars (3).

In the city of New York an agency run by Mayor De Blasio’s wife cannot account for over $850 million dollars (4) of taxpayer money.

The MTA wasted several billion dollars in cost overruns in the construction of the 2nd Avenue line (5).

The middle class is disappearing, leaving a state in which only two classes predominate.

The cost of living for blue collar workers residing in the state because of higher taxation is becoming unbearable.

The number of homeless living on the streets has ballooned under the current democratic administrations. Crime statistics indicate a rise in crime as well which had been brought down under past administrations (6).

As New York becomes the most taxed state in the nation (7) the political class in Albany continues to pass bills that raise the burden on remaining taxpayers. Those who can afford to do so make the burdensome decision to leave the state and leave the remaining residents with a higher tax burden repeating the cycle again.

This process has been called the Curley effect (8) by two Harvard economists. A process whereby in order to secure a voting base towards permanent power, policies are initiated to drive out any potential opposition to maintain a permanent voting base. The result is an increasingly impoverished state with ever larger budgets to bribe the public and an ever decreasing tax base to maintain the scheme.

Unless we change direction in the state we will face an economic collapse in which all of its’ citizens will suffer the consequences.

…. more at the link…


Bipartisan Support for Secret Accounting to Hide Missing Money – Catherine Austin
By Greg Hunter On June 2, 2019


The Rothschilds are building a floating city in emergency mode. What do they know that we do not?

According to available information, the amount of this contract exceeds $ 600 million. The number and size of the requested Waya modules are not known.

Where this Wayaland will be built and floated is also kept secret. But already now it is called the future floating town of the Rothschilds.

[link to (secure)]

Everyone is always interested in what concerns the world elite. From their actions and behavior can be understood what to expect mankind in the near future. Exchanges and financial institutions react to each of their actions. One of the representatives of the world elite is the Rothschild clan.

So the other day the Rothschilds made an action that makes you wonder… what could IT be?

According to our correspondent from Italy, on Wednesday, financial services company Rothschild & Co (financial holding company which is controlled by the French and English branches of the Rothschild family) has signed a very strange contract with the Italian designer Pierpaolo Lazzarini.

Why strange?

The thing is that Pierpaolo Lazzarini developed the project Wayaland. This floating home in the form of a pyramid, deriving energy from solar panels.*buVOopkMInK9MDRR1dFDbKIHhGEvOBlE*ebsQtRdvTLeYcoEmksbyE2TF3C/12B4ED44CB2F464E81FCD06DDE07D20C.jpeg

Here are the details reported by our correspondent:

“Lazzarini has been trying all the time to raise funds for the implementation of his project. And now Rothschild & Co gave him such an opportunity, having ordered for himself the construction of a whole floating city.

Wayaland would consist of a group of pyramid-shaped floating buildings called Waya that are inspired by Mayan and Japanese architecture. They would come in different sizes and serve different purposes, so some may function as homes, while others could be used as greenhouses, hotels, and cinemas, for example. The largest would rise to a maximum 30 m (98 ft) tall, above the water line.

The Waya modules would be constructed from fiberglass, carbon fiber, and steel, and set atop large floating platforms with basements suitable for use as optional underwater bedrooms. The structures would be moved with motors and include a small marina for boats and other water craft to moor. Each would receive electricity from rooftop solar panel arrays and water turbines.

Smallest Waya module he will need €350,000 (about US$422,600).

According to available information, the amount of this contract exceeds $ 600 million. The number and size of the requested Waya modules are not known. Where this Wayaland will be built and floated is also kept secret. But already now it is called the future floating town of the Rothschilds.

And most importantly, everything will be built in emergency mode.“

And now we have a question … Why did such a famous clan decide to build a city for themselves on the water? Why such an urgent rush? What do they know that we do not?


DARPA Can Exterminate Humanity: “You Could Feasibly Wipe-Out The Human Race”

According to Sputnik News, and as previously reported by SHTFPlan, the United States highly-secretive and advanced military research body DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) announced that it will invest tens of millions of dollars into genetic extinction research. While the official aim of this research is said to be fighting harmful insects, like mosquitos which carry Malaria, there are significantly darker implications and speculations surrounding the possible use of such a tool.

Joe Joseph of The Daily Sheeple said a quick Google search would give you enough information to let you know how horrific this kind of technology can be.

“…and you’ll find it fascinating just at how unbelievable a weapon this could be, how unintentionally mistakes can be made that can cause irreversible damage… irreparable damage… to the human race. And I mean, FAST!” Joseph said.

“A gene drive… if let’s just say there’s a mistake, you could feasibly wipe out the human race in a very very short period of time. It’s an unbelievable tool at the disposal of madmen.”


Jim Stone

I am calling it now. I was skeptical to begin with (as anyone who reads this site ought to know). I never believed it would happen because there is too big of a problem with subversion. Trump can order it all he wants, IT AIN’T HAPPENING.
Even Barr will prevent anything that goes beyond the burning of a lowly corrupted smurf. Funny it is that NO ONE we wanted burned got burned. Actually, NOT FUNNY.

If “declass” happens it will be to a select few and sparse documents that reveal NOTHING, and that will be the end of it. I said this immediately when Trump ordered it and much much later, NADA. Just like I said. Wait for them to bust Obama’s lost bobble head doll. That’s where it will end, with the removal of a lost piece of plastic from the dashboard of a taxi. Zero will come of this, if anything was going to come of this, it would have happened more than a week ago.

Trust the plan – yeah sure……


“[T]he EU calls upon the Israeli authorities to halt demolitions and confiscations of Palestinian houses and property, in accordance with its obligations as an occupying power under international humanitarian law.”

Fat chance; where’s the bad karma? Better be coming!


from this article(excerpt)-quote—–In the words of Pope Pius XII in 1940, ​“Fascism is the implementing of Catholic social doctrine in the political realm.”​ (2)

That doctrine can be summed up in a single word: ​Corporatism​, which is the rule of an absolutist super-state that fuses a monopolized capitalism with a political oligarchy that allows no dissent or political opposition. Mussolini and the Catholic Church inaugurated such a society in Italy during fascism’s twenty year reign there, and inspired Adolf Hitler to do the same.—–unquote…..


421443 part#2

link at posting 421443 is not working-I cant find the article at present-it was apparently a press release by nasa of a product called stack T360 that apparently astronauts were taking,and now is available to the general population-looks like some of the good medicines perhaps-I haven’t tried it yet…..

their must be a female equivalent supplement used in the classified projects and secret space programs i would guess also…..

looks like this may be an example of some natural real medicines free of poisons released now to the general population-research continues of course…..

from this webpage—–quote—–What are the ingredients of Stack T360?
Well, it is already being mentioned that Stack T360 is all about natural ingredients and nothing else. When you begin with the consumption of it,those underlying diseases which had always down turned your confidence shall soon get stimulated.

-Bioperine – Bioperine is stimulating the absorption of nutrients and helps in healthy tissue formation. Bioperine is the base of building a healthy muscular physique.
-Horny goat weed extract – the nitric oxide pumps your muscles by oxy generating them. The penile blood circulation outcomes in more sexual pleasure and better erectile functioning.
-Tribulus – That powerful herbal ingredients increases muscle mass density so that you are all about a fitter physique and better energy

Exact benefits of Stack T360
Till now you would have already guessed those benefits. But in case you failed to get into the inside of the product, we are there to further assist you-
Reduced fatigue level
heightened physical strength
More Oxygen and blood circulation
stimulated free testosterone
enhanced penile blood circulation—–unquote…..


from this article-quote—–Chief NASA scientist, Dr. Michael Goodwin explained how it

works, “We created the first reuptake inhibitor for testosterone production, preventing

testosterone loss that occurs after the age of 35. In common terms, this means that

testosterone, the key element to healthy muscle growth, will see a massive spike.”

Dr. Goodwin went on to explain that the formula is completely natural and made up of a

special blend of plants that are able to naturally tell the body to increase muscle mass.—–



this is probably a good product by the sound of it….a comparative for the females hopefully will be released also…..

looks like aunty and uncle big pharma are beginning to deliver and get out of the way of affording the surface population primo medicines and medical technologies…..

just remember next time not to play hookey from school when the days theme teachings are sharing and caring…..hahahahaha…..

the earth surface population has legal rights to so many primo technologies already developed… they have been manipulation and deceived via smoke and mirrors types operations etc… they have paid massively with their blood sweat tears and wealth in the development,operating,maintaining etc of such technologies unavailable for their benefit…..

the doors of perception are opening wider and wider at exponential rates now……coooool…..

the sea of sacred energies in flow runs the show…..


New U.S. Treasury Report, Shocking Details Explained w/ Andy Schectman

Sarah Westall
Published on May 31, 2019

Program Description: Andy Schectman, president of Miles Franklin, rejoins the program to discuss the bombshell details of the U.S. Treasury Report that was just released. The details are truly shocking and frightening. Listeners will be saddened to learn the truth behind the numbers. We discuss how the details found in this report are so important for our countries future that it is criminal that the U.S. mass media is completely ignoring this and other important issues occurring in our country. That is why the independent media and independent journalism are so critical. You can reach Andy Schectman directly on his website at Remember to sign up for his newsletter to stay informed.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

I had a DOD friend who died in his eighties tell me as a young army soldier @ 19 ~ he picked up a whore & was rather surprised to see her plugged into the electrical socket from a leg upon awakening in the morning.

Yes, there r many, many things ‘we’ haven’t been told yet rays 😂🎶



I have been rereading Nick Redfern’s 2014 book —
The book documents many cases of UFO research scientists, project managers, military guys that talked about sightings, et al, and who have talked of what they thought people should know and wound up quite dead soon after going public or even inferring that they might have such a thought.
You probably know Nick Redfern from seeing him on Ancient Aliens or Youtube.
Cautionary tales abound and they are quite scary indeed.
I want to think those days are over because I’ve seen things I will never talk about to you my fellow readers as it might not make my ole boss, the Department of Defense, Department of The Navy very happy.
History has shown those who have loose lips , have had bad luck with my old boss the Dod.
I remember people that paid a big price for unwanted ( by my then boss), candor
I believe JFK was such a person.
I pray those days will end but I honestly don’t think we have what the Russian’s called Gladnost (openess) in 1989, even today ( it’s getting worse-not better, look at all the facistbook shut downs to the writers that need the $$ to eat)
CIA and Mk Ultra are evolved but not dead as mystery bodies are still popping up DEAD under highly sketchy circumstances imo.
And one look @ Mainscream media and I know that mind controlled people abound !

It’s the true crazies i fear-the ones that promise paradise if you give them cred and bread

It’s such a shame that they took over the Mainstream Media but it makes me like older books even more than ever before.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

“The only organic grains that tested clean were organic rye and organic millet. There was also one variety of organic wheat from small-scale farmers in Wisconsin that tested clean from glyphosate.”



We finally have a president who is willing to stand up to China and Mexico. Trump’s tariffs are well justified.

For far too long, the Communist Chinese tyrants took advantage of our country at every turn, thanks to the Clintons, both Bush presidents, and Obama.

Congress has been complicit. Large campaign donations from China were involved.

Now it’s Mexico’s turn. Also for far too long, the corrupt, quasi-narco state of Mexico has allowed a free flow of drugs across our southern border along with tens of millions of illegal aliens–Mexican and otherwise. Congress has been complicit and possibly bribed to allow this.

President Trump’s campaign cornerstone was the wall. Very little of it has been built because Congress (including some Republicans) just won’t go along. The Democrats subscribe to Merkel’s multilateral globalism. Soros and Merkel helped flood Europe with multi races, multi religions, and multi-cultural diversity. As a result, there has been a nationalist uprising due to the rising crime rates. Merkel hates nationalism and walls. She said as much during a speech at Harvard—that vile institution that keeps our country well plied with globalist functionaries.
Trump claims to be a nationalist. That’s a good thing. ‘America first’ is a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with making America great again. The left hates this—they hate America and have never thought it was great, nor do they want to see Trump succeed. They want America’s destruction. They want America to become another socialist hellhole. They want to focus on bunk such as the costly ‘climate change’ as well as ‘diversity’ and ‘equality.’

The stock market looks crashy as a result of Trump’s tactic, but that’s just too bad. Avocados may become pricier. Also boo hoo, too bad. Nobody said there wouldn’t be pain involved.

It’s necessary to stop the Republic’s downfall, which will be a lot more painful.

The Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, and every other young Tom, Dick and José come here waving their own flags.

They’re not going to help America become great again. They’re coming here to replace American culture with their own.

They’re conquerors out to take advantage of our egalitarianism, which they must see as weakness. (It is weakness). The invaders won’t appreciate the free stuff they receive. As stated in the movie, Starship Troopers, “Something given has no basis in value!”

To me, that means if it’s not earned, it’s not appreciated. They need to earn citizenship like the legal immigrants do.

The latter want to become Americans and to do so they must learn our language, our customs, our Constitution, and our heritage. If they’re much more proud of their own countries and culture than America, then that’s fine.

Becoming an American citizen should not be as easy as stepping over a border illegally.

China and Mexico are not, and never have been our friends. Trump is doing the right thing.

—Ben Garrison



Project Camelot
Streamed live on May 30, 2019

I give Deborah Tavares the floor to cover her investigation into documentation regarding climate and infrastructure.


Jim Stone

Probable remote controlled car murder
Something does not sit right about the fatal car accident involving Spanish soccer star Joseph Antonio Reyes. The accident obviously happened at about 150 mph and the story does not wash
Adding to this is that even the MSM is using stock photos of the car crash on occasion, with the report I linked being one that actually shows what happened to that car. It had a strong roll cage and was stripped clean of parts, INCLUDING ALL 4 TIRES AND RIMS, during the crash. What kind of accident would erase a car like that?
His background was that he was an athletic married family guy, in the car with family. The lone survivor of the crash “died at the hospital”. PERFECT. AND WORSE? Within two hours of the crash, Wikipedia had his death and total life story already arranged and told. They probably had it even earlier, that’s just when I saw it. That’s not possible unless they had it all prepped ahead of time, you can’t do that kind of perfect write up on someone that fast unless you know ahead of time what is going to happen. My guess is that someone had a reason to do him in, most likely he was an icon that was holding someone’s agenda back.

The very first thing that hit me when I heard about this, straight from the gut is “lane assist” hijack. His car had ALL THAT which means an accident of the type that happened was impossible, he simply went straight off a perfectly marked out highway at probably the max his car could possibly do. SORRY MSM, I AM NOT BUYING THE OFFICIAL STORY WITH THIS, the same way I did not buy the official story of Steve Irwin or the death of Elvis. Both Elvis and Irwin had to be taken out because they were stabilizers of the societies they were a part of – Elvis being the fabric of Americana and Steve Irwin totally defining what it was to NOT be a snowflake. Steve Irwin’s death is better explained by a shark dart through the heart, not a damn stingray, the guy was not an idiot.

At any rate, I can’t get any info on what this soccer star stood for, only that he was a family guy that was TOTALLY famous, that his car was smart enough to not allow this type of accident, and that he had family in the car, not a bunch of companion dopers. It makes little sense being a supreme athlete that he’d get high enough or drunk enough to crash his car or irresponsible enough to crash it this way, especially in this manner, ESPECIALLY since his car was wired to not let this type of accident happen. So I am going to call this one: DAMN THAT “LANE ASSIST.”

YES, with that nice NSA database Israel has access to that is outlined in the next report, they have ALL the car codes, ALL the registration data, ALL the history of everyone’s life including everything their competition stands for, and without question, any time it was possible to murder someone with their car, they did and then slandered them as “drunks”. They did not end up “owning everything” by being smarter than the rest of us, anyone could get ahead with the NSA fueled advantage they had.
I have noticed recently people commenting on how the Jews “own everything” now. They do. And they did not do it by “being the best”. Here is how it was done:

RT: NSA handed ALL data on ALL Americans over to Israel
This included ALL data on government officials with the agreement that “Israel would respect that data and delete it”.
Obviously they did not delete it, because they used that data when Obama was in, to fully corrupt the entire U.S. government. Any government official that was not 100 percent in lock step with destroying the United States got removed from office and replaced with one that was. This NSA list is probably how Obama purged the command structure of the U.S. military of so many decent people.

But it is worse than that. Israel got handed detailed profiles on ALL non-Jewish company leaders and owners and most likely everything the NSA had on all non-Jewish owned companies, including all the company contacts and supply lines. Such data could be used to bring the value of a company to zero so the Jews could buy it up for nothing and subsequently revive it. The bottom line now is that there is very little of significance the Jews don’t own, and there are very few government offices, right down to the city level, that they don’t own also.

This RT report is scathing, and if you read between the lines, it is obvious Israel used the NSA data exactly the way I said above. RT played it safe and did not take it to the ultimate conclusion.

Raven Haber
Raven Haber

Wow What Would we do Without Your Reporting the NEWS! I am Missing Greatly your YouTube Segments! Thanks for all You do!!!!


more –
Liberty Defense CEO Bill Riker worked for the Department of Defense and General Dynamics, which speaks volumes about their desire to put 3D scanners everywhere.

It is unclear if Liberty Defense is a Homeland Security/DoD front, but one thing is certain: their desire to turn public venues into extensions of the police state could not be any clearer.

The spread of surveillance devices helps private corporations and law enforcement track and identify everyone; it does absolutely nothing to stop terrorism.

We must stop the spread of TSA-style body scanners before they are put in public transit, convenient stores, parks, etc.

You can read more at the MassPrivateI blog, where this article first appeared.


Police To Use TSA-Style Scanners To Spy On People In Public Places

TSA-style body scanners are coming to public spaces, and that should scare the hell out of everyone.

If you thought the NYPD’s Z-Backscatter vans and police mini-Z’s were intrusive, you have not seen anything yet.

Soon, nowhere will be safe from Big Brother’s prying eyes, as police prepare to use HEXWAVE to spy on people in public spaces.

Last week, the Salt Lake Tribune revealed that the Utah Attorney General and law enforcement are partnering with Liberty Defense, a 3D image scanning company that makes its money from scanning the public in real-time. (3D means capturing rich information [size, shape, depth] about the detection space. It can detect any material that has a physical form.)

Let’s start with name — calling yourself Liberty Defense is an affront to liberty-minded Americans who do not want to be secretly spied on by Big Brother. Their tag line “Protecting communities and preserving peace of mind” is the exact opposite of what this device does.

Any device that is used to spy on the public is just that: a surveillance device. It is not a Defense of our Liberty.

As Fox Now 13 reported, police will use Liberty Defense’s HEXWAVE to spy on people at mass gatherings like concerts, malls, stadiums, public transit stops and government buildings.

Over the past two years, I have warned people that TSA-style body scanners were turning public transit into mirror images of our airports by watchlisting and flagging suspicious people. But I could never have imagined that law enforcement would be putting them in malls and places of worship.

If you do not believe Fox News, then perhaps you will believe Liberty Defense, which openly admits that they want governments and businesses to put their 3D scanners in every public venue.

Their challenge: efficiently securing high traffic areas with multiple entry points, such as hotels, schools, airports, public transit systems, entertainment venues and outdoor pedestrian locations in a secure, non-intrusive manner. (Source)

If you are still not sure about law enforcement’s plans to scan the public, then perhaps you will take the Utah AG’s word for it.

According to the AG’s “Memorandum of Understanding” police plan to use HEXWAVE to scan the public for two years, in but not limited to:

Sporting & Concert Arenas, Stadiums and Olympic Venues;
Primary, Secondary and Higher Education Facilities;
Places of Worship, Facilities and Property Owned by or Affiliated with Faith Entities;
Government Offices, Buildings and Facilities;
Amusement Parks; and
Entertainment Events, Conventions, Shows & Festivals
Police will also use HEXWAVE to spy on the public during “non-business hours to get system exposure to the full range of potential operating conditions to include environmental, frequency/volume of use or other operating conditions to which HEXWAVE would be subjected.”

What does that mean? It means that law enforcement will be measuring public resistance to being scanned 24/7.


Detained And Thrown In A Cell — Welcome To Bilderberg 2019!

By Press For Truth

The 67th annual Bilderberg conference is underway in Montreux, Switzerland and PFT is on site!

Within hours of landing, Dan was detained and held in a cell along with Luke Rudkowski and two other journalists while the Bilderbergers quietly exited the building unmolested.


Exploding Smartphone Causes Injury Inside Moving Car with Pro Basketball Player and Friends

PLANO, Texas – A professional basketball player in Texas is off the court after his cellphone exploded in his hand, burning him.

Khouraichi Thiam, 31, told WFAA-TV he was in a car with friends May 15 when his LG K20 Plus suddenly exploded in his right hand.

“It just blew up,” he said. “It exploded. The driver, who is my friend, was screaming. We all were screaming. I thought I was going to die.”

During the explosion, battery acid spewed onto Thiam’s right hand. He suffered second-degree burns and said he can’t move his thumb, his index finger or his middle finger. Parts of his hand are also numb, suggesting he suffered nerve damage.

His hand is expected to stay in a sling and brace for at least four weeks, Thiam said.

Many cellphone explosions have been linked to phones with lithium ion batteries, WFAA reported.


11 Killed In Shooting At Virginia Beach Municipal Center; Suspect Confirmed Dead

False Flag? Another day, another op. Suspect dead. Same MO.



I just don’t see this happening. The UN is a globalist organization – it won’t go after it’s own.
It needs to be dismantled as well.


421425 wolfintimber
I can tell you were as impressed by “Unidentified” as i was, as in not much!

If they want to rock my world they could do it merely by telling me why there is a twenty mile high tower on the dark side of the moon for a start!


Issued by The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)
May 31, 2019


New York City:

The opening salvo in a new offensive to disestablish the Roman Catholic Church as a Transnational Criminal Organization (TNCO) was issued today to the international community.

It comes in the form of a special ITCCS report released to the United Nations and its member states that calls for the expulsion of the Vatican’s Holy See from all UN bodies and from any diplomatic presence in the world.

Entitled “Dethroning a Rogue Power”, the report details the criminal nature of the Vatican as a power engaged in trafficking children, laundering money for organized crime and illicit arms trading. It details as well as the Vatican’s illegal status within the United Nations and its continual subversion and violation of the UN Charter and Conventions.

The report calls upon the United Nations and its member-states to restore the credibility of the UN by expelling the Holy See from its bodies and undoing the inordinate and destructive effect of the Church of Rome on UN policies and operations.

The report will be accompanied by political, legal and direct actions to ensure that the United Nations complies with its Charter and international law. The sanctions, arrests and seizures of Catholic Church assets and properties required under the UN Convention on Transnational Criminal Organizations (2000) will be enforced by citizens themselves if the UN fails to act.

In that event, such actions will commence on Monday, July 1, 2019.

A pdf copy of “Dethroning a Rogue Power: Why the Vatican and Holy See must be denied membership and presence at the United Nations and in the world community” is attached to this Advisory. Please circulate it widely.

Issued on May 31, 2019 by The Directorate of The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS)
New York, Geneva, Vancouver /


dr.michael salla-quote—–The first is that the US Navy is allowing its pilots to go on the public record

about UFO sightings that have national security implications. This has effectively reversed a decades-

long military policy dating back to 1954 called JANAP 146(C), which forbade military and civilian pilots

discussing UFO sightings that were deemed to have national security implications. JANAP 146 referred

to possible prosecution under Espionage Laws for unauthorized transmission of UFO sightings

reported by military and civilian pilots that fell under the official reporting mechanism established by


The second takeaway is that the Pentagon is allowing official military surveillance video to be leaked

to the public about a phenomenon which on the surface appears unknown, at least to the pilots

witnessing them. It is more than likely, however, that the phenomenon is very well known to the

military hierarchy who have sanctioned the leaking of the videos, which it needs to be emphasized are

official Navy videos whose unauthorized disclosure carries severe penalties as JANAP 146 makes clear.

Third, the fact that the New York Times has released the story is sending a clear signal to other

mainstream media sources that it is OK to discuss UFO sightings and their national security

implications. We can, therefore, expect many more mainstream media stories about UFOs/UAPs in the

near future as evidenced by multiple news sources immediately reporting on the Times story.—–unquote…..


ladies and gentlemen disclosure has just shifted into overdrive…..

compliments of the united states navy…..

and they got the primo stuff…..hahahahaha…..


History Channel had two new shows , a new Ancient Aliens and “Unidentified”.
To me it, (AA), was saved by Linda Mouton Howe but the rest was a hack of internet mish mash lifted from multiple sources most of you a probably have seen before this year online on Youtube.

Then came Pentagon Team Member Lou Elizando’s pack o’ lies but a bigger heap of steaming you know what I cannot stomach.
He explains how a Tic Tac shaped craft lacks “aerodynamic properties”
Oh wow , really? Such needed commentary!
Pure spin and nothing but dull sightings- no real action at all. Much better stuff on line but not the fluffy stuff that the USN would have you think.
Nothing to see that you could call exciting but a few missed chases of strange flying objects as in ho-hum, yawn , & white washed of any thing new but vague ” I don’t know it don’t fly like our stuff ( so buy the NAVY better stuff) propaganda to promote the United States Navy as a force for global good.
It’s a promo like “Top Gun”was imo.
And Lou Elizando did a great job of promoting Lou!
If you think you can have a DoD security clearance to say anything you want.

LOL& LOL some more.

Tom DeLonge’s first lie was the first thing he said—

He walked away from stardom to join with the team-

OMG –what a Bobo !
What hubris!
What a waste of my precious time!
And they all want to warn us the Aliens might do a 9/11 type of attack!


Jim Stone

Get it while the getting is good! Pause it exactly 4 seconds into the video and look at the floor – an Israeli flag is painted there.

ANOTHER FAKE ISRAELI VIDEO BITES THE DUST. And I am sure that once they realize this blunder, the video will be VAPORIZED, get it while the getting is good.

Good catch Jim – Israeli flag plain as day.


Can someone give me the instructions/address for Jim Stone. I lost it in the hacking last weekend. I remember some of it but I have had it on a short cut for a couple of years and cannot remember jpg tp access it. Thanks. Windi


from this article-quote—–Menzer’s report is an indictment on our entire society. It’s an

indictment of the US-centralized western power alliance. It’s an indictment of the politicians,

opaque government agencies and plutocrats who lead that alliance. It’s an indictment of the

mass media who regurgitate whatever their government tells them to into the minds of a

credulous populace. It’s an indictment of everyone who has ever helped spread the smear

campaign against Assange, wherever they may have spread it; every remark, every social

media comment, every share and retweet. The entire abusive construct has been outed as

exactly what it is, from top to bottom.—–unquote…..


ladies and gentlemen the worm has turned…..

the lightforces have the upperhand at the united nations now-and are publicly displaying this for all to see…..

lightforces united nations staff were instrumental also in recently having kevin annett released from a track b incarceration type operation-aka black ops-off the books…..

the big fish criminals can take comfort in that they will not be processed by the lightforces for their criminal charges against them,in the same heartless torturous/murderess lies and deceptions smear campaigns etc – tactics that they employ rampantly as has been played out more in the open-especdially since their newst paseudo war -the war on terror…..

where draconian hybrids at podiums have openly to the surface population promoted illegal tortures,incarcerations,disregard for rules of engagements in regards to combat zones activities-things like disregarding child soldier laws and geneva convention agreements etc …..

the biggest fish criminals are being processed through at increasing numbers/rates now each day,through galactic courts – a higher level than earth surface court systems of course…..and those legally processed through their are done via other planet/star systems judges and protocals etc-with usually but not always in some cases-like some of the outlander outlaw mauraders that the solar system cleans their hands of immediately after the arrest takes place…..

otherwise representatives of the earth/mars etc are present-defense counsel are always afforded in the best light of justice can be mustered of the moment – as solar system crimes allegedly committed on the earth mars etc -by humanoids/reptoids/insectoids who are accused and processed through the galactic court system are legally processed…..

and earth surface prosecution teams are also present-as we need to learn correct galactic codex law enforcement processes and such as some of the requirements for full membership into the galactic confederation of lightforces…..


Can someone give me the instructions/address for Jim Stone. I lost it in the hacking last weekend. I remember some of it but I have had it on a short cut for a couple of years and cannot remember jpg tp access it. Thanks. Windi



Thanks for the suggestion.

I’m actually pressed for time as of late, between work, study and other things. But if you wanted to talk about something then I invite you to bring it up directly… What you have understood of his work might be more interesting.

Also, a lot of my “work” at the moment is involving real things. Lower chakra work at creating casual social situations… Because if you don’t do that… You’re not usually in a good position.


except short ones with sound off pingpong videos like this one on Chinese superstar Ma Long for example:

Now THAT is funny.


Belle3 421408

excellent works belle…..we can make our own water structuring systems quite cheap and easily by the sound of it…..

this is huge absolutely-and structured water has proven to be excellent for irrigation of crops-delivering larger yields and reducing pesticide/herbicide perceived requirements…..

im sure structured water would also reduce usage of some of the expensive chemicals used in process waters for steam systems and such also…..I mentioned that to a very large chemical water treatment company engineer one time and he freaked,the big professional engineer disregarded and instantly scoffed at the idea in a fraction of a second…..don’t be cutting into the the corporatocrazies profits…..hahahahaha…..

clayton nolte has some excellent structuring units-including for the shower-I bought a couple 5 years ago-not cheap-my lady freaked out on me for spending 500 dollars a pop…..after she showered a few times she didn’t say anything anymore,and naturally likes to drink structured waters…..theirs a communication going on with ourselves and waters absolutely…..


clayton nolte-quote—–The natural action of water tumbling over rocks, down waterfalls, flowing through twists and turns as it actively descends a mountain actually structures water. Water molecules are free to move and “dance with nature” in an energetically alive, fresh and vibrant manner. Through this process, the molecular structure of water is changed to reflect less surface tension, neutralized toxins, cleared memory and balance on a particle level.—–unquote…..



CNN’s New 90 Day Wait Period For Paychecks Has Freelance Producers Outraged

Not content with only tanking in the TV ratings, former news giant CNN is now managing to tick off all of the freelancers that they hire across the world by extending payment wait times from an industry standard 30 days to a whopping 90 days. Many of the pieces that air on the news are not filmed by employees of whatever news station is airing it, but instead by independent contractor video producers, also called stringers. The news stations either commission these people to cover certain things or the contractors shop around pieces that they’ve put together on their own merit.

Brad Ingram, who serves as CNN’s “vice president” of their “procure to pay” wing of the “customer care department” sent the letter out the other day, explaining that the new policy takes effect on June 17th.

#CNN wants its freelancers to shoulder the cost of the corporate cash flow by going from the standard NET-30 to NET-90. Again, we are camera ops, CG OPS, video editors, satellite engineers, We are NOT your licensed banking institution with billions in assets. #FuckCNN


UN Torture Expert: Assange Showing Symptoms Of “Intense Psychological Trauma”

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is suffering from “intense psychological trauma” in a British prison and should not be extradited to the United Sates to face a “politicized show trial,” according to a UN human rights investigator.

UN torture expert Nils Melzer visited Assange in a high-security London prison on May 9 along with two medical experts, only to find the journalist under severe stress, agitated, and unable to cope with his complex legal case amid chronic anxiety, according to Reuters.

“Our finding was that Mr. Assange shows all the symptoms of a person who has been exposed to psychological torture for a prolonged period of time. The psychiatrist who accompanied my mission said that his state of health was critical,” he told Reuters in an interview in Geneva, adding “But my understanding is that he has now been hospitalized and that he is not able to stand trial.”



Michelle Obama is more of a player (operative) than I ever gave her credit for. Jim Stone nailed that one.

This reminds me of Max Spiers or James Casbolt who stated that there was a huge Alister Crowley ritual performed over the Twin Towers during the 9/11 event to allow Goatian demons to enter our realm. I think he said 14 or 40? did so and are just outside our realm which can be called upon when needed by the creeps that want to destroy us.


Jim Willie: Trump, Putin & Xi SECRET GLOBAL RESET Meetings – Dollar To Be Replaced By GOLD, SDR Will Fail!

In this interview, some of the things we discuss include:

The Global Reset and the New Silk Road Order
De-dollarization and the move away from the US Dollar
The global loss of confidence in the United States
China & Russia’s global expansion
The death of the Petro-dollar
And of course, we discuss Jim’s bombshell revelation and analysis of the Trump, Putin & Xi meetings, held in secrecy, in a coordinated effort to defeat the globalists and avoid World War III.


intruth 421397

Ok, don’t know exactly what Allison Coe says about the inner sun.

I found the Notre Dame angle super interesting as no one is saying that, other than a couple of psychic transmissions also putting a positive spin on the event.

“There are 72 vortices (natural & unnatural) on this planet where the cabal wish to allow for the entry of lower 4D entities to bedevil our planet. At Notre Dame the fire was set on purpose so as to act as a purge to block the ritual allowing entry. Michelle Obama was actually there to help open that vortex. In retribution we had the explosions in Christian churches & elsewhere in Sri Lanka.”


Elizabeth Warren Goes On Breakfast Club; Gets Slammed As “Original Rachel Dolezal”

Elizabeth Warren’s appearance on popular New York radio show “The Breakfast Club” probably didn’t go as she expected, after the hosts slammed her for lying about being a Native American.

Adopting an accent we’ve never heard before, Warren retreated to her talking points, namely that she was told by “muh mama and muh daddy’ that she was a genuine Indian. She then tried to segue – pandering to the audience over what she plans to do for the black community.

Host ‘Charlamagne tha God’ didn’t let it go, however, asking if Warren’s fake Indian routine benefitted her at all, to which Warren replied: “Boston Globe did a full investigation. It never affected nothin’ about my family, it never affected any job I ever got.” (Fake Native American Adopts Fake Accent, News At 11)

“Kinda like the original Rachel Dolezal” shot back Charlamagne, referring to the former NAACP Chapter President for Spokane Washington, who instigated a public uproar when she was exposed for claiming to be African-American, even though she was born to two white parents.

OMG – please go away…..


US Is Dependent On China For Almost 80% Of Its Medicine

Experts are warning that the U.S. has become way too reliant on China for all our medicine, our pain killers, antibiotics, vitamins, aspirin and many cancer treatment medicine.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

421387 Thanks for positive spin(s) on our discussion points. Although I am interested in Rudolf Steiner, Swerdlow, even Annett, ect…in general I don’t do videos…except short ones with sound off pingpong videos like this one on Chinese superstar Ma Long for example:

Watch “Ma Long/Wang Chuqin vs Jeoung Youngsik/Lee Sangsu | 2019 ITTF China Open Highlights (1/2)” on YouTube

But I do enjoy reading reports on these hour + long videos, so thanks to ALL here for those reports!

Here’s something that might put US CORPORATION banking out of business….Probably ‘they’ have to put viruses in it very, very soon 😂🤯🎵

And THANKS so much belle3 421408 for ‘super duper water that we could/should drink’ comment!🎶

I actually have met Dr. Emoto (in 2003? ) when he did a presentation back here @ a local High School. He included Ancient Lemuria in his presentation, too ~ so I especially liked that! 👏

Of course, the international known ^ doctor has been trashed for his views as well since then😂

Ps I fwd your comment to several water enthusiasts so far belle3⚡


Intruth wrote:
Yep, they don’t EVER want another surprise like 2016.

….This is bad…
Wonder if they have any connection to the company Mitt the Shit Romney owns stock in??


InTruth 421400 The worst imaginable torture is children going to bed hungry with no food that night or in the morning, Jmo.

Leland: We all need water of course, so I use vortexed water, not using a machine but by Cooking, stirring a pot of tea, and mixing apple cider vinegar into animal waters to prevent flea infestation. By using a blender to vortex juices and to store a few gallons of vortexed water.

It was recently suggested to me through an energy healing that I use vortexed water. I was puzzled at first, then I discovered I had been habitual doing this for a while, and using copper bowls for storage.


Structured water retains memory using vortex

Structured water is formed in a
vortex. It turns out water can store memory.
(As proven scientifically as discovered by Dr Emoto in the 1990’s.)

You want to drink water that is properly structured. Water has shown to get proper structuring through using a vortex. By using a tornado water becomes more uniform and releases toxins. Mother nature uses hurricanes and tornadoes to clean the atmosphere. The air created by the vortex puts energy back into the water as well.

Some people may wonder whats the big deal about structuring water?

They say i have a
……………water filter
or a distiller .
Why do i need structured water?
When you put
tap water
underneath microscope the
water molecules
look deformed. This is basically
dead water.
It is a known fact that
stagnant water becomes bad to drink.

When you distill water the same thing it is pure water though by distilling is a violent process and the watermolecules become shredded.
In order to shape those water atoms properly you need movement. The best movement is the vector of a vortex. Other good movements for water is a stream going down a mountain. Nature enthusiasts often speak of the best water they ever tasted is from mountain water.

When water is properly structured inside the human body the life force within the individual grows exponentially.

•Cell transfer of waste increases.
•Breathing becomes more effective.
•The structured water drinker has more clarity and energy.
•Cancers slow down with increased oxygen throughout the body.
•Pains go away.
•The body begins to heal itself.
•Skin conditions clear up and the individual regenerates smoother skin.
•Structured water slows down the aging process.
•By drinking structured water people who work out get more results with muscle mass and losing belly fat. Everyone can feel better by drinking structured water!

How to make structured water.

You could make structured water anywhere very simply just by using your spoon going in circles creating a vortex in your cup. Water starts to structure after 20 seconds so you may need to do this for one minute. A more effective way to make structured water is to use your blender. Most blenders create vortex so they work great. Many people love shakes and the vortex created in a blender is part of the reason why blended drinks taste better. Some people take it a step further and strategically place magnets around the perimeter of the blending device. Increasing the efficiency of the water structures by using magnetism. Other people use Quartz and other gemstones or ormace formations to achieve a structurally balanced water.

Do it yourself vortex Creator using
two liter bottles.

You could take 2 two litter bottles, fill one to top with filtered water. Tape the two bottles together at the spouts. Optional take 2 magnets put one positive on the spout and on the opposite side of spout put negative side of the magnet so the magnets attract as the water passes through the thin spout of the bottle to create the vortex increasing the spins energy. I have seen online special duel caps you can buy if you don’t want to use tape. Probably would be ideal if you would want to do this daily. I would preferably would also use Glass as its closer to crystal and wont leak chemicals like plastics would.

Not so fun fact nuclear power plants destroy water structures hundreds of miles away. Even if radiation is removed from the water you need to restructure the water for proper balance.

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Microsoft’s ElectionGuard a Trojan Horse for a Military-Industrial Takeover of US Elections “The fact that we are handing over the keys

Earlier this month, tech giant Microsoft announced its solution to “protect” American elections from interference, which it has named “ElectionGuard.” The election technology is already set to be adopted by half of voting machine manufacturers and some state governments for the 2020 general election. Though it has been heavily promoted by the mainstream media in recent weeks, none of those reports have disclosed that ElectionGuard has several glaring conflicts of interest that greatly undermine its claim aimed at protecting U.S. democracy.

In this investigation, MintPress will reveal how ElectionGuard was developed by companies with deep ties to the U.S. defense and intelligence communities and Israeli military intelligence, as well as the fact that it is far from clear that the technology would prevent foreign or domestic interference with, or the manipulation of, vote totals or other aspects of American election systems.

Election forensics analyst and author Jonathan Simon as well as investigative journalist Yasha Levine, who has written extensively on how the military has long sought to weaponize public technologies including the internet, were consulted for their views on ElectionGuard, its connections to the military-industrial complex and the implication of those connections for American democracy as part of this investigation.

Yep, they don’t EVER want another surprise like 2016.

….This is bad…

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

421367 Well, I sent this comment out in a mass email to my ‘old’ (& young ) friends and received several responses. Here’s one:

“Honest answer:  I don’t know.

Shallow wells I assume to be contaminated.  Deep wells, I hope are not.

I know distilled water is acidic and not good for you, so it has to be percolated (or something) with air to make it healthy and taste good.

I do RO water, but it only gets out 90% of the fluoride, or so I have read.

The way I look at it, you really can’t “win.”  You just have to do the best you can.  If I can I’ll put a whole house RO unit in, and then RO the water we drink a second time (probably won’t remove any more,  but it’s affordable, so worth a try).

Plastic is toxic as hell, but it’s everywhere.  Try shopping at the coop without buying any plastic, handling it, eating stuff that has come in contact with it.  I give up.

You can only do what you can do.”


Jim Stone
According to Reuters Kim Jong executed his negotiator over failed NK summit with Trump>

My comment: DOUBT IT. First of all, Reuters quoted a South Korean newspaper, not a North Korean newspaper, and Reuters will lie it’s butt off to get a war started as well as CNN will. Since there’s no solid way to know if this really happened absent North Korea publishing itself, I am going to express a little doubt here and point out something obvious: A little over a week ago the Mossad staged a false flag in the gulf to kick off a war with Iran. It may have failed, but who’s to believe the ziopress is not just trying to get a war started with NK by printing yet more BUNK?
Here’s a word of advice: Not so dear and definitely maligned and purely hostile ziopress: If you don’t want us calling B.S. on everything you print, don’t lie so much, in fact, don’t lie at all. By doing so you put us in a difficult position: what to believe and what not to believe. So when a nuke DOES go off in Israel, NO ONE will believe your media when you cry and show burned bodies and a huge crater, after all you run Hollywood and deep fakes are a reality. You should not have blown your chance to have us trust you by posting SO MUCH PATENT B.S.

On that note, I am calling B.S., Kim Jong did not execute his top negotiator, no, this is just some a-holes spewing a war chant. And if I am wrong, it is because YOU, the ziopress, SUCK.


421396 cornpoppin
From fifty years experience growing it—



More info on cannabis than you can shake a Ganga stick at…


Intruth wrote:
Windsors – not even your real name.
Yep…Queen Lizard Wench’s real last name is Hanover… a German surname.


May 31. 1969 when Blue Book was just a cover up book MUFON provided another bitch site since by 1969 people figured out that
If you see something strange–the military really don’t care except that you shut the ‘f up about the truth and admit you are a hallucinating head case.
Or so it was,
but MUFON gets over 8,000 reports per year from mostly real people,
And they will post your report for free!

Tonight on History Channel you will be fed disinformation via project Mockingbird and an ex CIA will tell us “true facts” along with failed rock & roller Tom DeLonge of Blink 182 one time fame , and he will tell you all about the phony as shit TTSA.( To The Stars Academy)
To me there ain’t no such animal as an EX CIA!
w I have worked with and knew and was related to some who worked for the CIA.
Until the day they died- they were CIA!
Long after they had retired and collected a pension.
They were still CIA!

Ben F- you hear me?
Robert Steele –EX CIA –
Right on.
But pure Mockingbird BS in my humble opine will be the info from TATTSA tonight fwiw!
But don’t put much trust in tonight’s show for “disclosure”.
A pack of disinformation wrapped in lies will be what you and I will be watching so heads up!


The Windsors’ Global Food Cartel:
Instrument for Starvation

Windsors – not even your real name.


Alert! The World’s Most Devastating Weapon Has Now Been Aimed at America: Who’s Responsible and What it Can Do Is Terrifying!

There are many weapons in the world but none even close to as devastating as the one that has now been aimed at the Heartland of America. It is an enemy we know all too well but yet have done little to curtail the devastation they are about to unleash. There will be no turning back once the final sequence begins and launch commands fully executed. This is an attack that we could never afford to allow but yet we have ignored all the warning signs leading up the laser precision of what could go down as the most destructive and divisive attack on any Country in the history of the world.

mentioned in the article
Kissinger’s 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide

Super scary…..


Jim Stone
The video with Minnie Mouse that Elton did many years ago was ok, but being Disney has turned to the dark side one can’t very well endorse that video either.


They are promoting the HELL out of this “Rocket Man” movie, if Pokemon got the same rave coverage it would have blasted to $30 billion. And it is obvious Rocket Man is going to have heavy gay undertones, who gives a crap about Elton John’s life anyway, let alone when it is obviously going to be a huge gay pride display? I’ll bet the rave coverage will make it BLAST to #1 on Friday night, and Saturday the gay theme is going to flush it to the $.99 rack.


STEWART SWERDLOW ~ “Secret Galactic History – Mind Control & Occult Sexual Magic” [Age Of Truth TV]

Hollow Inner Earth has its own sun as a left-over of the original molten material which is suspended by centrifugal forces, always providing light.

I found this interesting – maybe this is what Allison Coe is referring to.

Was very glad to get confirmation of the 5G being worked on.


from my very short research on the net, hemp is ready to harvest 60 days after planting. good news.


421381 Intruth– Ohio has been pretty wet this spring too. Most crops are not in. I have been wondering if farmers will choose to grow hemp? I wonder if hemp has a short growing time??


STEWART SWERDLOW ~ “Secret Galactic History – Mind Control & Occult Sexual Magic” [Age Of Truth TV]

Swerdlow talks about Mind Control in Persia with the Assassins, & the German experiments on captured Russian POWs to fracture psyches.

He talks about Reptilian & Mammalian souls, the physicality depending on the soul disposition according to what is predominant in the hybrid mix as one would expect.

We started as a genetic hybrid from the Reptilians & the Lyrans, who first seeded the continent of Lemuria.

A wormhole is a fast connection in this Universe, like from Australia (Pine Gap?) to underground Mars. Vortexes take you to other dimensions or Universes even. Stars like our sun are exit points for wormholes or vortexes.

The cabal are trying to create a ‘second sun’ with Saturn; Swerdlow does not subscribe to the rings as being transmitters.

He says there is a technology being developed to keep the speed but neutralise the dangers of 5G as Simon Parkes, Andrew Bartzis & others also tell us.

Don’t forget Reptilians are androgenous & gender confusion is part of the agenda leading to mind control where you are ‘reassured’ by being told what to think.

Univ. of Uppsala is a mind control centre where ‘they’ have used Sweden as an experiment for European control.

When you go into the future, depending on what decisions & focus were made, the future becomes one of many potential futures ie. it is most likely another timeline from where you started – this with regards to the time travel experiments at Montaulk, where deep underground (there are nine levels) were found the tops of pyramids from Atlantis. There’re also underground submarine pens there that were used by the Germans during WW2 where at that level at Montaulk there was collaboration.

There was a Montaulk offshoot in Alsace Lorraine hence the Strasbourg connection.

There are 72 vortices (natural & unnatural) on this planet where the cabal wish to allow for the entry of lower 4D entities to bedevil our planet. At Notre Dame the fire was set on purpose so as to act as a purge to block the ritual allowing entry. Michelle Obama was actually there to help open that vortex. In retribution we had the explosions in Christian churches & elsewhere in Sri Lanka.

CERN is designed to collapse other darker timeline realities into this one. BUT it is always ‘sabotaged’ by those from beyond the veil! There are tunnels under CERN going to other countries. The Vatican even has an office there.

He says a woman he knows who was a spokesperson for the Pope, told him that she was told to project the colour red when speaking, so as to project anger & fear to create & maintain attention. She saw such horrors at the Vatican that she could not even tell Swerdlow. The Vatican is built on an Etruscan warrior burial site dedicated to the astral entity god Vaticana – hence the name.

The Dalai Lama promotes the same dark agenda.

Hollow Inner Earth has its own sun as a left-over of the original molten material which is suspended by centrifugal forces, always providing light.


A.F. Branco Cartoon – Sharpshooter

Some feel Pelosi is trying to hold back many in the Democrat party from impeaching President because it could hurt their chances in the coming 2020 election. Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2019.


Jim Stone

I thought this was rumor, and then Drudge posted it

Journalists really were detained filming Bilderberg participants arriving, and this year it is all HUSH HUSH. Kushner is going to be there, but Trump is not. And I’ll bet $50 Kushner is going to get marching orders that will do the United States ZERO good.
You can’t really blame Ivanka for going rogue, because regardless of what the feminists say, mentally stable women really do have enormous respect for a man that deeply influences their behavior, and her being the way she is, with much of her effort at conflict with Trump is only proof Jared is a traitor. If he was not, it would show in Ivanka. Trump would be a lot better off if he just ditched the advice of both and hopefully he’ll figure that out. I have no doubt whatsoever Kushner latched onto Ivanka for the sole purpose of keeping Trump, who was then already a billionaire, under the close watchful eye of the tribe by putting an enemy squarely at the center of Trump’s business. It is modus operandi for the tribe. I doubt Jared is disappointed with her, but I also have zero doubt he sees her as a tool more than anything else. THE FACT KUSHNER IS AT BILDERBERG PROVES IT, absolutely no good will come of this.


Ron Paul has done a 21 minute video and asks the question: Are they trying to kill Assange?
MY ANSWER: I guess Ron missed the fact that Pamela took him out in 2016 and he was not even at the embassy this whole time. All they did was put him in the spotlight for a short time so they could show a face, get him “officially” out of the embassy, and subsequently say he “died in prison” and even if he does not “die” he’s already effectively brain dead and he’s never coming back. This is a major blunder for them, it just proves Britain has gone full blown cold war COMMIE. Yes, Assange is indeed in the Queen’s dungeon and it is a lot worse for him than the old days, where all you’d worry about is a little skin rot and the rats eating your feet.
No one would have even considered this being an offense when I was in 8th grade! Obviously programming ABSOLUTE COMPLIANCE for an upcoming police state.


zanderboy 421380

Huawei x50 zoom spin – “Privacy issues”! LOL.


Wikipedia co-founder: “Wikipedia is broken,” run by bad actors and special interests to smear all voices of dissent


Gerry Condon, president of Veterans for Peace, told MintPress News:

This sends absolutely the wrong message to the troops — it invites them to become cold-blooded murderers.”
“We are not talking about a confusing combat situation here — this is not the ‘fog of war.’ We are talking about the pre-meditated stabbing murder of an unarmed prisoner and the sniper rifle murders of random civilians.”

Lieutenant Behenna was sentenced to 15 years behind bars in 2009 for shooting a man to death who had been stripped naked and interrogated in connection with a roadside bomb.
The American Civil Liberties Union wrote:
“This pardon is a presidential endorsement of a murder that violated the military’s own code of justice.
Military leaders, including Trump as commander-in-chief, should prevent war crimes — not endorse or excuse them.”

Meanwhile whistleblower Chelsea Manning and journalist Julian Assange, are charged with contempt of court and espionage.


LIE DETECTOR. Ben Fellows tells Bill Maloney “I will take a lie detector test on my accusations”

Published on Jun 7, 2013
BILL MALONEY and BEN FELLOWS attack established paedophile rings past and present.
Hard cutting interview in which Ben Fellows agrees to take a lie detector test on his accusations against Kenneth Clark and other allegations ie: Max Clifford, Peter Stringfellow, Tom Cruise, Andrew Lloyd Webber etc.

Oldie but goody. Start at 30:40 re: Tom Cruise. This pretty much nails it.


thanks to you, LR, & to Phoenix…
i was reading your comments while enjoying a morning away from work … just listening, leisurely for a change, to a bit of RUDOLF STEINER…

you may have already introduced this channel to this site… it’s relatively new, and i can’t imagine it’s new to you, but in any case, here’s this morning’s upload



Cher tweets about wanting President Trump to be sexually assaulted — and deletes the tweet after realizing her horrific mistake. But she’s not apologizing.

The performer’s tweet came on the heels of special counsel Robert Mueller’s statement Wednesday reiterating the findings of his office’s report. During a news conference, Mueller also announced that he would be closing his office and resigning.

Sounds like she watches CNN and expected the Mueller Report to be a bombshell.


DHS: ‘100 %’ Border Crossers with Children Being Released into U.S., Given Work Permits

Acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kevin McAleenan confirmed to Congress this week that his agency is merely acting as a checkpoint for adults crossing the United States-Mexico border with children, as “100 percent” are being released into the interior of the country.
During a hearing before the Senate Homeland Security Committee, McAleenan said DHS is releasing “100 percent” of adult border crossers into the interior of the country who arrive with children at the southern border, including those who are not even asking for asylum.

Then, within four to six weeks, McAleenan said the adult border crossers who have been released into the U.S. are given work permits allowing them to take American jobs while they await their court hearings, oftentimes two years down the road.


John Cleese Refuses To Back Down: “Prefers Cultures That Don’t Tolerate Female Genital Mutilation”

John Cleese hit back at critics who savaged him for a tweet in which he said that London is no longer an English city by tweeting, “I prefer cultures that do not tolerate female genital mutilation.”

As we reported yesterday, the actor came under fire from the left after tweeting “London was not really an English city any more,” explaining that his friends who visited from abroad confirmed his observation.

This prompted a deluge of condemnation, primarily from celebrities who live in the whitest areas of London and the UK. London Mayor Sadiq Khan also reacted to the comment, insisting “diversity is our greatest strength”.

However, Cleese was not cowed and doubled down with another tweet in which he asserted that some cultures were better than others.

Despite female genital mutilation being made illegal in the UK three decades ago, the first actual prosecution related to FGM only occurred earlier this year.

There are an estimated 137,000 victims of FGM living in England and Wales.


US engineers flood Midwest fields as fresh agony piled on plantings

15 hours ago | Tim Worledge, Masha Belikova

The US is facing “historic and unprecedented” flooding along key river arteries, according to the US Army Corps of Engineers, who are preparing to open flood defences along the Mississippi River network in order to alleviate the pressure from near-record flood levels.

A series of key damns and other water management structures are likely to be opened as engineers battle to control water levels, with the move likely to see thousands of additional acres of farmland flooded to prevent existing flood barriers being overwhelmed.

“If they keep everything damned, it’ll flood those areas even worse (than managing the release of water),” one US-based source said.

“You open the dam because keeping the water in a reservoir would put too much pressure on the structure, possibly leading to a break,” a second source said.

With so much focus placed on the damage ongoing rain is doing to 2019/20 planting intentions, the flooded waterways have already conspired to hamper US export flows out of the Gulf – a major hub for soybeans, corn and wheat.

Water levels at St Louis, a major stage along the Mississippi River, were at 42.3 feet this morning, and are expected to crest at 46 feet on June 4, with flood levels showing along major stages of the Mississippi, Illinois and Missouri rivers.

“One of the most under-reported things out of all of this has been the impact on the interior river movement and shipping out of the Mississippi,” a third source said.

At one Mississippi location, the Morganza Spillway in Louisiana just north of New Orleans, engineers are set to open the spillway on June 2 for only the third time in its history in a bid to lower levels along the Mississippi.

Engineers have calculated that they need to divert 150,000 cubic feet (4,250 cubic metres) per second to prevent the structures 60 foot height (18 metres) being overwhelmed.

“They’re also opening up Gavin’s Point Dam in South Dakota so, yes, more flooding is expected,” another US-based source said.

DuByne describes the huge disconnect between the financial news and what is actually going on on the ground. They don’t want to ‘spook’ anyone?


The Demonrats have lost it and are turning on themselves as the cannibals push ole Nancy Pelosi around and want to go for an impeachment that even Nancy knows hasn’t a snowball in hell of a chance of doing any good for the Demonrats in 2020!

I bet her liquor tab will go up now as the Mainsteam needs new blood for ratings that they are losing big time as I read and view in articles from this chatroom.
And Demonrat cred (what’s left) , goes down the tubes .

Dem’s don’t seem to want to grasp that the reason the rats are losing voters is because they lie , and lie, and that is a boorish thing in the end for all but the true dullards out in mediawatcherville!


Record River Floods USA Grain Prices Spike as Reality Sets In (834)

Adapt 2030
Published on May 30, 2019

All time record floods along the Arkansas River and Mississippi, these records extend back 150 years. Farmers WILL not get the crops in the ground, so they will need to WET PLANT to be able to claim US govt crop insurance. USDA raised non plantable acres from 4 million to 13 million which sent a tidal wave through the futures markets, over 50% of traders reversed their short positions to long, expect huge price shifts in commodities moving forward.


Huawei’s new zoom-in camera phone feature is a privacy and surveillance nightmare.

x50 zoom, wow!


they found their way across the sea…..

eurasia africa and the middle east…..

where killing was high for the eye in the sky…..

A.I. puppets broadcasting the lie…..

fallen angels of corrupted light…..

capos of defilement in the raging night…..

unholy trinity devouring truth…..

canon law bearing its bitter fruit…..

then prophesied golden times came to see…..

and sacred energies drove her free…..

prisoners awoke in a new language they spoke…..

subs and skimmers became crystal swimmers…..

lightforces came from the cosmic sea…..

to help liberate their family…..

as victory of the light came to be…..

they drank the sweetest nectars of the galaxy…..


for the researchers…
Ultra Intelligence “Strategic Deception” never stopped after WWII

It has become the mainstream and social media

ULTRA = Super secret “Strategic Deception” program that continued by design after 1946

Denis Smyth. (Jul. 15, 2010). DEATHLY Deception – The Real Story of Operation Mincemeat, ISBN: 978-0-19-923398-4. Oxford University Press, USA.

Remarkably, Travis’ middle name “Wilfrid” is spelled “Wilfred” on Wikipedia. It appears that between 1936 and 1944 he changed one of his middle names. This is typical obfuscation of corruptocrats. During this time he was made Britain’s intelligence chief of GC&CS (Bletchley Park) renamed GCHQ in 1946.

Travis was the first director of GCHQ, named GC&CS during the war, that he also led,

We figured it out!

Edward Wilfrid Harry Travis. (Jun. 23, 1936). CBE, Commander of the British Empire, Deputy Head of a Department, Foreign Office. Supplement to the London Gazette.

Edward Wilfred Harry Travis. (Jun. 8, 1944). KCMG, Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George, Paymaster-Commander, CBE, RN, Director of a Department of the Foreign Office. Supplement to the London Gazette.

Recently declassified letters between the two key organizers of U.S. – UK post-war global intelligence (1946) orderd by Gen. Marshall who specifically forbade involvement by the OSS (C.I.A.), Treasury and FCC, Sir Edward Travis (British GC &CS, GCHQ) and Brig. Gen. W.P. Corderman (U.S. Army Security Agency), discussing British leadership of TICOM on Oct. 1, 1945 (one month after Japanese surrender on Sep. 2, 1945).

This seizure of substantial German crypto assets in TICOM insured the PREEMINENT ROLE of the British Privy Council in post-War economy, banking (controlling encrypted transactions), propaganda (Tavistock), war making and commerce. They played nicey-nice to the Americans because the Cecil Rhodes clique in Parliament and the Privy Council were determined to bringing America back into the Anglo fold after the mistakes of King George in 1776.

TICOM (Target Intelligence Committee) was a secret Allied project formed in World War II to find and seize German intelligence assets, particularly in the field of cryptology and signals intelligence.[1]

It operated alongside other Western Allied efforts to extract German scientific and technological information and personnel during and after the war, including Operation Paperclip (for rocketry), Operation Alsos (for nuclear information) and Operation Surgeon (for avionics). Competition with the Soviet Union for these same spoils of war was intense, with direct payoffs including missile technology that led both to a heightened Cold War stalemate and landing a man on the Moon.

W. Preston Corderman. (Oct. 01, 1945). SECRET Letter to Commander Edward W. Travis, GC & CS [later GCHQ]. Army Security Agency (ASA), REF ID: A275394, WDGSS-14. NSA.

George Marshall. (Aug. 07, 1944). TOP SECRET Letter to D.D. Eisenhower, organizing TICOM (Target Intelligence Committee), DOCID: 3560798. War Department.


U. S. Kids Dumber Because of Federally-Forced Common Core

Zorro posts:

Common Core has nothing to do with education. Its purpose is to make gender fluid, sex obsessed, confused, dumb downed, compliant, government dependents for our future totalitarian socialist/communist state.

Mueller’s Deeds


Louisiana lawmakers have approved the six week “fetal heartbeat” abortion ban without exemptions for victims of rape and incest. It heads to the desk of @LouisianaGov, who has said he’ll sign it. #lalege #lagov

— Sam Karlin (@samkarlin) May 29, 2019

Disney CEO Bob Iger Throws In: ‘Very Difficult’ to Do Business in Georgia If Abortion Law Stands


Is the FBI running a little distraction while the American people figureout that they are a corrupt, inept criminal organization which operates as a federal police force against citizens? How good could these agents be that they couldn’t come up with any crimes committed by Hillary Clinton…or figured out how Building 7 freefalled on 9-11.

And what about Alison Saunder’s visit to Bruce and Nellie Ohrs’ house four days before the Trump Tower meeting? Or why haven’t they busted Arvinder Sambei for being the mastermind behind the Mueller operations? Seriously…this is the FBI that left the crime scene of the San Bernadino “shooters” (cough, patsies) wide open for reporters and just anyone to walk in and handle crime scene evidence.

This, folks, is the FBI. We have all been conned and the criminals are in charge.
BREAKING: Federal subpoena demands records on Andrew Gillum and his campaign for governor
A recent federal investigation sought information related to the Florida Democrat and people in his orbit, signaling a shift in the Tallahassee FBI investigation
— Ryan Saavedra (@RealSaavedra) May 30, 2019


We told you about John Solomon. He is the Queen’s chief propagandist and his job is to keep you from looking at the Privy Council’s involvement in the overthrow of Trump. In the tweet below he wants you to believe that Brits were trying to help.

Breaking: Brits alerted US early in Russia probe to concerns about Steele, Congress told.
— John Solomon (@jsolomonReports) May 29, 2019

Then Tony Shaffer shows you which team he is on with this tweet below. He, along with Solomon, are on team GLOBALIST so that’s why AIM never trusts their info:
As I’ve been saying, the British (MI6) may have been taken for a ride like a lot of other people by @Comey and @JohnBrennandeception
— Tony Shaffer (@T_S_P_O_O_K_Y) May 29, 2019

Speaking of propaganda, don’t forget that you can find it throughout alternative media. This article from the Disobedient Media is loaded with lies, deceit, agendas…you name it. That’s why we are very, very selective when we post articles from Disobedient Media. They are a limited hangout shilling for the globalists. Another player identified on team GLOBALIST.

Is This Intelligence Group Responsible For The Q Anon Conspiracy Theory?

Then we have Sundance (TheLastRefuge) getting redpilled over at the Conservative Treehouse. Remember, they called out Horowitz and Huber as white hats when we were telling you (December 2017) that they were SES operatives and part of the coup. We are huge fans of CTH and will always post from the site, but heads up about its limitations. There are several topics that we never see discussed: the Vatican, anything upsetting about Catholics, pedophilia, human trafficking, Senior Executive Service, and SERCO.


Comey and Brennan are turning on each other

Trump: What About Hillary’s Collusion?

Horowitz Protects the Swamp

M. B. Lamar posts:

We have a criminal cartel running the DOJ, and hence, through judicial tyranny, ruling the country. It’s a quandary. By the very dint of the situation, there’s no way to seek legal redress. The only recourse is extra-judicial. The sooner the better, I say.

Remember us telling you about Horowitz in DECEMBER 2017?

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz was handpicked by Soros & Co.

The Occhionero Files: EternalBlue meets EyePyramid









a lot of canon law is illegal of course-including crimins solicitanis that requires roman

catholic vatican employees all over the earths surface to not only refrain from reporting

crimes committed by other priests and such(including crimes against children of course),but

are ordered to help cover them up…..

ladies and gentlemen the worm has turned…..

there are so many lightforces types police officers on active duty currently all over the

earths surface-and the vast majority police officers oppose this heinous crimespree ongoing


course…..that with mass exposure of institutionalized organized crime societies going mainstream medias now,the dark forces control over policing is quickly coming to a conclusion at

theatres everywhere…..

ya baby because the light is the true might…..

namaste all fine members of the family of light as we rise in mindsight…..


from this article-quote—–With John Bolton about to be tossed out of the White House on

his mustache, Bibi Netanyahu unable to form a government, and Gen. Dunford telling the

neocon false flaggers “not on MY watch,” it looks like the prospects for war on Iran are

sinking straight toward the bottom of the Persian Gulf of Tonkin.—–unquote…..


hats off to general dunford and all the military whitehats…..

big joey d and the whitehats are kicking ass bigtime now on the zionazitard superweirdos…..

the younger generation chickenhawks often talk at podiums of death and destruction like its some fuckin video game with them operating the joystick…..core educated zionazi chickenhawks,superbrainwashed raging roboroid tv babies aint going to deliver victory for the luciferians……au contraire……hahahahaha……

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

“My thought on karma is that I have only rarely seen someone change their behaviour from negative pushback. I have though observed people do nasty things for years and never change their behaviour; it seems to me if karma is a thing it should change peoples behaviour.

A lot more here to discuss but… probably not for now.” 421366

😂 Usually death &/or trauma does the sacred trick…but not always…I guess that is why we get so many, many lifetimes to work out our kinks to neutralize our ‘mistakes’ from past lifetimes.

Thanks for the discussion🎼


Hi Cafe,

Okay, so I am now able to connect again – must have been an issue with the internet over this end of the globe. Some catching up to do.

Kind regards to all,

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

I use a Turapur water filter to filter my Minneapolis/Minnetonka water.

This very, very interesting article on the effects on Nanotechnology: (reposted from below) has an strong opinion voice by Tony on water we denizens should drink.
Specific Guidelines Concerning Water

I asked Tony Pantalleresco: What is the safest form of water to drink?

The only two waters I tell people to drink are distilled or reverse osmosis. I don’t care about the minerals or anything else – I am looking at purity of water. These are the only two options that will reduce nano by 95% the rest don’t. Unless you have a filtering system that is on a nano or pekoe level you won’t pull out everything. The only thing better than distilled and reverse osmosis is double distilled. [2]

I asked Tony Pantalleresco: Is water from drilled wells contaminated with Nano?

The research I have done on those types of water systems showed that they will be loaded with bacteria and fungi, which cannot be filtered out with regular filtration. There will also be other contaminates such as pesticides from farmer’s fields or industrial waste, this is why I only advocate for RO or distilled water. [2]

Do u agree with Tony here?



I agree, it is an interesting topic.

I don’t know if I agree there can never be a solution for one stuck in “lower mind passions”. But I will forego the continual theorising here.

I think karma and justice are a small part of life and are only relevant in that they infringe on our ability to do what we want/ what our path is, and be happy AND possibly to an extent what the higher positive forces have in store for us. So if a positive force wanted something and it was blocked by something negative then there should be karma to alleviate that, as it was expressed through individuals here on earth.

So if someone is a victim of paedophilic abuse and cannot rest while there perpetrator is around it is a problem. But for most of us who have conflicts far less intense it may not be a problem? Yes… Who knows?

My thought on karma is that I have only rarely seen someone change their behaviour from negative pushback. I have though observed people do nasty things for years and never change their behaviour; it seems to me if karma is a thing it should change peoples behaviour.

A lot more here to discuss but… probably not for now.


American Soil, Globalized: Nearly 30 Million Acres Of US Farmland Now Owned By Foreigners

All across America, U.S. farmland is being gobbled up by foreign interests. So when we refer to “the heartland of America”, the truth is that vast stretches of that “heartland” is now owned by foreigners, and most Americans have no idea that this is happening. These days, a lot of people are warning about the “globalization” of the world economy, but in reality our own soil is rapidly being “globalized”. When farms are locally owned, the revenue that those farms take in tends to stay in local communities. But with foreign-owned farms there is no guarantee that will happen. And while there is plenty of food to go around this is not a major concern, but what happens when a food crisis erupts and these foreign-owned farms just keep sending their produce out of the country? There are some very serious national security concerns here, and they really aren’t being addressed. Instead, the amount of farmland owned by foreigners just continues to increase with each passing year.

Prior to seeing the headline to this article, how much U.S. farmland would you have guessed that foreigners now own?

Personally, I had no idea that foreigners now own nearly 30 million acres. The following comes from NPR…

American soil.

Those are two words that are commonly used to stir up patriotic feelings. They are also words that can’t be be taken for granted, because today nearly 30 million acres of U.S. farmland are held by foreign investors. That number has doubled in the past two decades, which is raising alarm bells in farming communities.

How did we allow this to happen?

And actually laws regarding land ownership vary greatly from state to state. Some states have placed strict restrictions on foreign land ownership, while in other states it is “a free-for-all”…

“Texas is kind of a free-for-all, so they don’t have a limit on how much land can be owned,” say’s Ohio Farm Bureau’s Ty Higgins, “You look at Iowa and they restrict it — no land in Iowa is owned by a foreign entity.”

Ohio, like Texas, also has no restrictions, and nearly half a million acres of prime farmland are held by foreign-owned entities. In the northwestern corner of the state, below Toledo, companies from the Netherlands alone have purchased 64,000 acres for wind farms.

But even in states where there are restrictions, foreign entities can get around that by simply buying large corporations that own land.

For example, when the Chinese purchased Smithfield Foods in 2013 they instantly gained control over 146,000 acres of prime farmland.

more horror –

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

I have old books written by Stewart 421363 so respect his background at least.

Here more on Nanotechnology & so forth just put out for us still questioning folks on this rather bizarro stuff ¿?

“Given the failure of the pharmaceutical industry to protect the public from vaccine harm and the failure of telecom companies to protect us from microwave radiation harm, do we have the slightest reason to believe that the manufacturers of nanotechnology will protect us from being harmed by nano?”


STEWART SWERDLOW ~ “Secret Galactic History – Mind Control & Occult Sexual Magic” [Age Of Truth TV]

Steward says 5G is being rolled out to enhance mind control and programming and to alter genetic codes- just like HAARP does.

HOWEVER – in the USA there is a certain group trying to alter the technology of 5G and 6G so that it is NOT DAMAGING. This is in process. He knows it WILL happen and then it be presented to other countries. In the next few month we will be able to see this come true.

Way to go Simon Parkes!

Gender confusion is part of the program – so people don’t know who they are – so the Deep State will make cyborgs out of everyone and tell you who you are.

Reptilians are androgynous – so they want those they control to be also thus all the gender confusion crap.


Sweden has a mind control center much like Tavistock. They are using Sweden as a test case for what they want to do to the rest of Europe. This is also happening in Finland.


InTruth 421353
Sameen 421352

I could be mistaken about being sisters. Looked at article and black/white picture showed all three (early teens) girls were dark-haired. Did Vermi post? I can’t remember for sure. Queen Beatrix of Netherlands??

It’s in the April archives, which can be time consuming right now. I could be totally off, as I slept 😴 the month of April. In another dimension, the BFC was first to publish, and we create the stories too, lol❣️


In The War On Free Speech, Assange Says: “Everyone Else Must Take My Place”

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange’s health is deteriorating in a British prison, but the journalist was able to get a letter out to the public. In the war on freedom of speech, Assange is asking everyone else who stands against corruption to take his place and keep speaking truth to power.

“Julian’s case is of major historic significance. It will be remembered as the worst attack on press freedom in our time,” said WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, Kristinn Hrafnsson, urging people everywhere to oppose their politicians, courts, police, and prisons from being abused to “leave this black stain on history.”

In a handwritten letter from Belmarsh prison, Assange says he is being denied a chance to defend himself and that elements (government officials) in the United States “hate truth, liberty, and justice.” Assange says that the U.S. government wants him extradited and dead for telling the public the horrifying truth about their government.

The letter was sent to independent British journalist Gordon Dimmack, according to an article by RT. It was dated May 13 – ten days before the U.S. announced 17 additional charges under the Espionage Act against the jailed whistleblower. In light of the new indictment, Dimmack read out the letter in a YouTube video. A photo of the handwritten note was soon posted online as well.

Assange’s situation shines a light on the lengths the U.S. government will go to in order to prevent the truth from getting out. “I have been isolated from all ability to prepare to defend myself: no laptop, no internet, ever, no computer, no library, so far, but even if I get access, it will just be for a half an hour, with everyone else, once a week,” Assange wrote. “The other side? A superpower that has been preparing for 9 years, with hundreds of people and untold millions spent on the case.”

I am defenseless. I am unbroken, albeit literally surrounded by murderers, but, the days where I could read and speak and organize to defend myself, my ideals, and my people are over until I am free! Everyone else must take my place.

The US government, or rather, those regrettable elements in it that hate truth, liberty and justice, want to cheat their way into my extradition and death, rather than letting the public hear the truth, for which I have won the highest awards in journalism and have been nominated 7 times for the Nobel Peace Prize. Truth, ultimately, is all we have. –Julian Assange, handwritten letter

Assange’s well being has been diminished during his time in prison. Even before his arrest, his health was faltering. “The decision of prison authorities to move [Assange] to the health ward speaks for itself,” said WikiLeaks, adding that Assange has lost a lot of weight and was barely able to speak to his Swedish lawyer last week.

“Assange’s health situation on Friday was such that it was not possible to conduct a normal conversation with him,” his lawyer Per Samuelson told reporters after visiting Belmarsh. The quote was barely reported on in Sweden, let alone elsewhere. The media has already taken sides and it’s against free speech.

This article was sourced from


Jim Stone

About that new wall that just went in –
The mayor of the town that has jurisdiction over it says it violates city code, which states that no wall can be more than six feet tall. I can’t blatantly state the obvious with this, – what needs to be done about this, I repeat: I CANNOT STATE THE OBVIOUS HERE, but I will say that mayor does NOT have secret service protection.
That’s an awful big pair of pants he just put on.


Parents Suing for $1 Million over Teacher Convincing Son to Be a Girl

An Oregon mother and father are suing a school district for nearly $1 million after they say their son’s second-grade teacher last year asked him several times if he thought he was a girl and held him out of recess to read books, watch videos, and have one-on-one conversations about being transgender — all without their knowledge, KPTV-TV reported.

[link to (secure)]

You know you want to be a good girl…

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

Israelis research scientists on 5g…Simon Parkes ~ u sure about Trump fixing this already for us denizens still here on earth?

[A response to Eric Trump just now!
@ 88022 Eric Trump: I noticed you didn’t donate to our CRUCIAL End-of-Month goal. 1 DAY LEFT! Time to step up, friend. Donate NOW to 3X-MATCH: ]

Not going to either…5g endorsement needs some explanation Eric dear♡oh boy


Jim Stone
According to rumor, Julian assange is “unresponsive” in Belmarsh prison

Yesterday they said he was gravely ill. Today they say he is “unresponsive” but have not announced he is dead.
And I called this long ago if he is dead – we would never see him in public, alive and well, EVER. They nailed him in October of 2016 and it has all been a deception since.

I am still waiting on the final answer, and hate to say I told (everyone) so, repeatedly and repeatedly.


All the outrage, as it turns out, is a product of FAKE NEWS, Trump did not order the ship out of sight, anything that happened was the result of normal Navy maintenance. But they found a story to spin, and well, they are the MSM.



Mueller sounded weary and fearful during his press conference.

He should be fearful—he’s an absolute disgrace.

He said he had no confidence that President Trump did not commit a crime, then he added there wouldn’t be a successful court resolution. Its Mueller’s way of saying Trump is guilty, but the legal system would prevent Trump’s prosecution. This is disgusting and devious.
What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Why did Mueller blatantly lie about Russians hacking into the DNC server, when we know it was Seth Rich who leaked damaging email and info about primary rigging to Assange? Why didn’t Mueller investigate that? Why didn’t they look at Hillary’s illegal server? Why did they allow her to destroy evidence, which is blatant obstruction of justice? Because Mueller’s job was to throw dirt on Trump and protect Hillary, who was the Deep State’s choice for president.
Mueller wants the harassment of a lawfully elected president to continue. He called on Congress to consider impeachment despite his own report which exonerated the president. He suggested Trump may have engaged in ‘obstruction’ which is pure bunk. Trump did his best NOT to interfere with Mueller’s probe. It dragged on for two years with zero evidence of Russia collusion. Mueller refuses to go before Congress, probably because he doesn’t want to be dismantled by harsh questions. He’s a coward.

The lying swamp creature known has Mueller is stinking up the joint. He did his best to get Hillary elected and then went on a $30 million fishing expedition to dig up dirt on Trump. He found nothing, but if Mueller himself ever get investigated, they’ll find plenty—including dirt on his involvement with 9-11 and the Uranium One scandal.

Creepy Bob Mueller’s behavior stinks. He has taken advantage of our justice system to defend his fellow swamp creatures with the support of a corrupt mainstream media.

It’s time to break up or at least reorganize the FBI and CIA. These agencies have had way too much power for way too long and they’ve used it to rig the system to further their own power. When challenged, they cry ’national security’ at ever turn.

The swamp remains in dire need of a thorough draining. Isn’t it odd how Christopher Wray at the FBI and Gina Haspel at the CIA are resisting Barr’s effort to get to the bottom of it all? It’s because they are part of the Deep State also.

The swamp of treason runs much deeper than we thought.

—Ben Garrison


Putin Moves To End Nuke Treaty With US After Trump Unleashes “Impeachment Gambit”

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Pretty interesting if there’s any truth here….


There was a picture of Merkel and May with another similar aged female from when they were young -teens, early 20’s? don’t know. No one ever inferred Merkel and May were sisters. Maybe that is what the picture was showing?


I’m confused about the whole Hitler’s daughter too….Ben has originally said Angela Merkel was AH’s daughter….are Merkel and May sisters or did I slip into a different dimension…🤔


Jim Stone

I was not going to mention the following until the MSM said everyone was “outraged”

To circumvent that obvious B.S., I’ll chime in

Trump ordered the U.S.S. John McCain out of his sight during his Japan visit. The deep state is “outraged” and claims the outrage on social media is so complete it is even felt by the chips it runs on. But there’s a huge problem with that assessment, – all I can find is people laughing. GOOD ONE TRUMP!!!
Disney to pull out of states that make laws against abortion

This is not rumor or a joke, it is from The Hollywood Reporter

“Bob Iger said it would be “very difficult” for Disney to keep filming in Georgia if the state enacts a new abortion law.
In an interview with Reuters, the CEO of the Walt Disney Co. said he had doubts the company would continue production in Georgia if the controversial ban on abortion in the state comes into effect, primarily as the company’s employees would be against it.

“I think many people who work for us will not want to work there, and we will have to heed their wishes in that regard. Right now we are watching it very carefully, ” Iger told Reuters.

The exec added that if the law does come into effect, he didn’t “see how it’s practical for us to continue to shoot there.”

Disney’s prospective withdrawal from production in Georgia would be a huge blow to the state. Recently, Disney’s Marvel Studios filmed portions of both Black Panther and Avengers: Endgame in Georgia.

On May 7, Georgia’s Republican Gov. Brian Kemp signed the “fetal-heartbeat bill, ” which bans abortion as early as six weeks into pregnancy. The legislation, as well as similar moves in Alabama and other states to ban abortion, has caused a furious backlash in Hollywood and led to calls to boycott those states.

The above needs a translation, here it is:

“Our company, Disney, is now evil – as many people suspected. Many of our actors summon demons to help them play their parts, and need a local environment where demons can thrive. All of them have made deals with the devil to get where they are – you have all heard about “give yourself to me, and I will give you fame and fortune” and that’s no joke.
In order for Satan to live up to a deal, he has to be there to fulfill it, and it has already become clear that he won’t want to be in your state to help us anymore if you ban his favorite treat – the blood and life of the most innocent of all. And our movies are going to suck because of it, because our actors are not good enough, they need all the help they can get.”

If you had any questions about whether or not Disney really did go dark, WOOP, there’s your answer. I’ll never see another Disney movie or buy another Disney product ever, I won’t support that, and I thank Bob Iger for saying what it all is VERY clearly.


A.F. Branco Cartoon – The Torch Has Passed
Mueller says no evidence of collusion nor is there any evidence he is innocent and that is all the proof Nadler and the Congress need to move ahead on impeachment. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2019.


STEWART SWERDLOW ~ “Secret Galactic History – Mind Control & Occult Sexual Magic” [Age Of Truth TV]

At 48:50 Stewart talks about adrenochrome…

Stewart also says the DNA upgrade stuff is a lie – a deception.

Wonder if he means the upgrade to 5D is too?


STEWART SWERDLOW ~ “Secret Galactic History – Mind Control & Occult Sexual Magic” [Age Of Truth TV]

Stewart says Roswell did happen but it was staged. After WWII they needed a new enemy for everyone to be afraid of – aliens. The vehicle was sent to crash on earth.

Aliens were here first – the humans are the newcomers.

Stewart confirms with the Administration we have now there is a deep military intelligence operation on the positive side which is removing the deep state in the US and the Deep State in Europe is extremely threatened esp. Macron, Merkel et al so we’ll see many changes in govt there very soon.
Trump is a good guy and those ‘in the know’ understand what is going on. Q is a group behind Trump – made up of 9 members – 6 are military, 3 are not. Says Clinton/Obama are in trouble.

Aliens are fearful of humans on this planet – they are hostile, negative, ignorant and dangerous.


WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Kristinn Hrafnsson has confirmed that Assange has been transferred to the health ward of Belmarsh prison, and that his health has been steadily deteriorating since his imprisonment.

Looks like he’s been thrown to the wolves at this stage.


more –
Inside/Outside Project

The Left Inside/Outside Project first revealed itself in a letter entitled “The Left We Want to Build: Breaking Out of the Margins,” published June 9, 2017 on the FRSO-aligned website Organizing Upgrade. Communist infiltration of the Democratic Party has been going on for decades, but this is something new. By working together, the communists could not only completely dominate the Democratic Party — but realistically hope to challenge for power at a national level. This alliance would first become a “left trend,” working in unison both inside and outside the Democratic Party — “an alignment of organizations and individuals — based on strategic unity”:

We believe that … only determined, long-term, energetic efforts to break out of the margins based on a common view of how to engage in our electoral system, while also building mass protest, offer a chance to make the left a force in U.S. politics and, eventually, a contender for power.

The statement went on to propose a diversified strategy of running leftist candidates inside the Democratic Party, working to defeat moderates, and coordinating with outside socialist forces:

The fight against the far right is strong-est when it is energized by an inspiring vision for economic and social justice. Campaigns for openly socialist candidates and progressive challenges to neoliberal Democrats must all be part of the political mix. And the opportunities for broadening the reach of progressive and left forces will be greatest when they both struggle within and work in tandem with the larger anti-Trump or anti-right front.

Key leaders of CPUSA, FRSO/LeftRoots, DSA, and CCDS signed onto the Left Inside/Outside Project.


While the Left Inside/Outside Project can muster only about 65,000 core members, it is worth remembering that in 1910, seven years before the Bolshevik revolution, the combined Russian revolutionary forces of Bolsheviks and the slightly more moderate Mensheviks numbered fewer than 10,000.

And America’s modern Bolsheviks are way more media savvy and practiced than was Lenin’s crew. They also have access to billions of dollars of government, foundation, union, and church funding, and a generally sympathetic national media.


Wednesday, 22 May 2019
American Bolsheviks’ Marxist Conquest of the Democratic Party

Four U.S. communist groups have formed an alliance to take over the Democratic Party at every level. With a combined membership of more than 65,000 and significant financial backing from unions, foundations, and even some churches, the plan is credible and is already well under way. Three of the four groups involved — Communist Party USA (CPUSA), Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS), and Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) — are loyal to Beijing, while the fourth and largest partner organization — the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) — is connected to a network of European and Latin American communist and socialist parties.

In a May 2018 memo to CPUSA members, party leader John Bachtell urged attendance at an online webinar to be held on May 23. The webinar would feature leading representatives of the CPUSA, DSA, FRSO, and FRSO front group LeftRoots.

Sponsored by the hitherto little-known Left Inside/Outside Project, the webinar would discuss “building power inside and outside the Democratic Party.” Bachtell emphasized that the CPUSA “is collaborating with several left groups and progressive activists to promote unity and coalition building in the electoral arena. Building electoral coalitions with every force possible including with the Democratic Party is key.”


Really? 006 – The Privy Council Oath – Monarchy Mafia Oath – Greg Hallett & Jim Fetzer

This ‘legally’ protects the Queen from being held accountable for crimes, because the lords, judges, MPs & Privy Councillors cannot ‘hear’ that type of case. Clever use of the word ‘lett’ which actually means complain, protest or condemn & NOT allow.

This would be why if Kevin Annett’s Canadian border arrest is true (& I certainly want to believe him; bottom line I’d say even if not, he’s entitled to throw back in their faces the methods they use on him & others), why they questioned him about what he thought about the Queen (bitch).


STEWART SWERDLOW ~ “Secret Galactic History – Mind Control & Occult Sexual Magic” [Age Of Truth TV]

Age Of Truth TV
Published on May 29, 2019

A famous survivor of the dreaded and infamous MONTAUK PROJECT, Stewart Swerdlow was one of the so-called Montauk Boys, who were put under Mind Control experimentation and compartmentalisation along with being used for Occult Sexual Magic at Satanic Rituals performed by dignitaries and elitists at the Montauk Military Base on Long Island, New York. Stewart Swerdlow is an experiencer of Extra-Terrestrials and according to himself, been part of alien experiments. He witnessed seeing Reptilian and Greys aliens, and claims that these aliens are working with the Deep State Military factions of the U.S. Government and Governments around the world.

At Montauk, Swerdlow was told and taught a very alternative and different version of WORLD HISTORY and our galactic and alien connection, which he claims is the true history of the world. It is a fascinating and mind-blowing tale of our universe, the galaxy, the history of the Earth, the Moon and the planets in our solar system. What really happened and why are we told a completely “wrong” version of the origin of life and Earths civilisations? Stewart Swerdlow go into details about this secret knowledge, which is intensely eye-opening.


Simon Parkes

Israel To Hold New Election
Wednesday, May 29, 2019

In Israel the Prime Minister has called another election 1 month after the last one because no one would go into partnership with him as a coalition.

Mueller Statement
Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Muellerstatement and nothing new added….

What struck me is how he is rather worried about what’s around the corner….

And I would even venture to suggest that he is scared of something.


421339 intruth
CNN liars lose $10 million because they lost all cred except to the brain dead!
Now that is hope , the only thing Pandora had left in the box.
I’ll take it gladly as a positive turn!


CNN Losing $10 MILLION per Year, Announces MORE Layoffs

Published on May 29, 2019

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

421337 Thanks for your considerate response(s)!

I ULTIMATELY (I guess) am posing the question of justice (just us⚡😂🎵) as being a lower realities phenomenon, since ULTIMATELY there cannot be ever TOTALLY justice done to satisfied anySOUL trapped in lower mind passions ~ such as anger, greed, lust, vanity & attachment (to mention a few major passions of the mindstuff) down here in the lower realities.

As for personal stuff…such as past lives transgression not yet accepted by present incarnation ~ that has a way of clearing itself out eventually…if one is patient, I suppose🎹

Again, thanks for interesting response to what I perceived to be a neverending, yet fundamental question as to what & whom the Lords of Karma answer to (& whom outranks them?😂🎼)



Ah, answering a question with a question.

It seems to me the fundamentals of justice/ karma, is that when someone does something bad to someone else that person remembers it. As the power shifts back to something recognisable under universal law, those people will be able to bring pressure on those that have wronged them, perhaps sometimes simply with the expression of truth.

For instance, a guy I follow on Quora who is very, very MGTOW and had a wife abuse him that the courts didn’t recognise despite multiple witnesses. Well, that judge will have tried other cases with the same sorts of results so no doubt his number is up as soon as any legitimate criminal law is put into place, bad people don’t just wrong one person they wrong many, and they make enemies.

As for the wife. Even if she does not go to prison for whatever she does next, her children saw what was going on and have the option, as soon as they are able to spend time with her or spend time without her and with their father.

The more things are generally positive the more things will work against those that do these sorts of actions. For instance, the kid might be able to be brainwashed but will less likely be brainwashed so long as there are positive vibes around to help him/ her recognise the truth or rather, the factual experience.

The potential brainwashing would be called ‘feminism’.

Seem fair enough? Like I said I didn’t get to what your original statement was referring.


Leland Roth 421334

I don’t think I can do better. If you don’t answer, you squirm.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth
Leland Roth
Leland Roth Have fun🎵

421333 “squirming conceit’¿? 😂My, my.. ZanderSOUL…u can do better😉🎶


Leland Roth 421309

The ‘proof’ you provide is vacuous in the extreme.

Keven Annett is ‘damaged goods’. I agree entirely, so what? I certainly am, most people are in one way or another & they grow through it to become better people – or that’s the idea.

Let’s see if you can answer a straight question without your usual squirming conceit:
Do you believe there has been a policy of abuse if not genocide on the indigenous peoples, especially many youngsters, in the western coastal areas of Canada? (& no doubt elsewhere imo)

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

Have fun💰

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

Well, one of my ex girlfriends has 2 of her ex boyfriends murdered by the cabal….Dodi & Robin Williams 🗡


… that is a good point except Gaia TV was owned/stated by a Top NSA official.. That the Clinton Cabal murdered… I know I was engaged to him.. It is related but, it is not the spin that you have on it. It is NSA and military intelligence. They have been fighting this nonsense for a long time. His name was Peter Huresson, Well that was one of his names…..

Reb Miller
Reb Miller

please expand further P2 source. It should refer to Propaganda Due an Italian Masonic lodge. The “grand master” Lucio Gelli had dealings with many nefarious persons in Italy’s secret service, priests, the Vatican, etc and since he had dual citizenship in Argentina, he exported all the nefarious contacts to that country as well. The story is always the same banksters trafficking guns, and drugs and probably children as well.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

421319 What answers do u like?


Who’s following the “Q” phenomenon? Did you know the “Anonymous” franchise is owned by Gaia TV? Head on over and they’ll sell you a mask.
Where we go one, we all get duped. The garden path is littered with hopium…

The Democrats failed to successfully lynch President Trump via the Mueller Report, now they want a do-over. Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2019.


repost…The Free Energy Revolution Has Begun

‘Mind control’: The secret UK government blueprints shaping post-terror planning

Intellectual Froglegs: The Spies Who Shagged Themselves


Douglas Gabriel and Christopher Strunk – HARVESTED

For those of you that want to take this to the next level, read Strunk’s legal filings within the link below:
Our babies are being harvested

From December 2018 – but needs to stay on your patriot radar screen.
Nick Clegg and the Privy Council Take Control of Facebook
See Creepy Joe in action

Biden’s behavior with little girls is compulsive…. he does not cognitively think about what he’s doing. The creep factor, the fondling, touching etc, is subconscious and habitual self-gratification.
After a life of doing it, he won’t stop without constant 24/7 instruction.
— TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) May 29, 2019

Biden’s behavior with little girls is compulsive…. he does not cognitively think about what he’s doing. The creep factor, the fondling, touching etc, is subconscious and habitual self-gratification.
After a life of doing it, he won’t stop without constant 24/7 instruction.
— TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) May 29, 2019

Rockefeller & Co CEO dies in apparent suicide


Netflix Threatens to Boycott Georgia if Abortion ‘Heartbeat’ Law Goes into Effect

The “Secret Research Project” – an IRS List, an NSA Database, and Resulting “Files” on Americans

Marygrace posts:
7 Explosive ‘Secret Empires’ Facts about Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao

CONFIRMED: Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao’s sister, Angela Chao, currently sits on the board of directors of the Communist Chinese government’s Bank of China
CONFIRMED: Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao received $5 million to $25 million from her father, James Chao, whose shipping company Foremost Group does massive deals with the Chinese government.
CONFIRMED: Since Elaine Chao became Transportation Secretary, her family’s company Foremost Group has ordered 10 massive cargo ships from the Communist Chinese government’s China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC).
CONFIRMED: Since becoming U.S. Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao and her father, James Chao, have appeared in at least a dozen Chinese media interviews, including foreign interviews that featured the Department of Transportation symbol and her father’s book.
CONFIRMED: James Chao and his daughter Angela Chao sat on the board of one of the Communist Chinese government’s largest military contractors.
CONFIRMED: James Chao and his daughter Angela Chao sat on the board of one of the Communist Chinese government’s largest military contractors.
CONFIRMED: Videos uncovered by Politico reveal James Chao on camera with Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao signaling “guanxi”—the Chinese concept of personal power due to relationships.
CONFIRMED: Mitch McConnell and James Chao traveled to China as guests of the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) and met with former Chinese President Jiang Zemin, a former classmate of Chao’s.

No wonder Mitch is silent.
So many politicians selling out America.



Just listened to 1.5 hours of Debbie Tavarez. One of many things that she says is: (I paraphrase) there are really no countries, the entire world is under attack, there are no borders as such. Witness the chemtrails that are prevalent worldwide. Each country is supposed to have its own sovereign air space and if that was really so, why would some countries sit back and allow chemtrails over their air space? e.g. Russia, China, North Korea.

She says the antagonism between countries is mostly for public consumption and entertainment.

Same kind of thing with ISIS in Iraq & Syria – why do these insurrectionists never attack Israel – it’s because Israel is an ally.
Stupid world.


IG Report

The OIG investigation concluded that the DAD engaged in misconduct when the DAD: (1) disclosed to the media the existence of information that had been filed under seal in federal court, in violation of 18 USC § 401, Contempt of Court; (2) provided without authorization FBI law enforcement sensitive information to reporters on multiple occasions; and (3) had dozens of official contacts with the media without authorization, in violation of FBI policy.The OIG also found that the DAD engaged in misconduct when the DAD accepted a ticket, valued at approximately $225, to attend a media-sponsored dinner, as a gift from a member of the media, in violation of federal regulations and FBI policy.

Prosecution of the DAD was declined.

The OIG has completed this investigation and is providing this report to the FBI for appropriate action.

Flashback: Michael Horowitz Exposed. A report by Betsy and Thomas on December 16, 2017. We told you Horowitz was a SES dirt bag.

The Jig’s Up, Comrade

In yesterday’s video with Michael and Douglas, there was a discussion about the “ultra oath”. AIM Patriot Mark sends this video as an explanation.
The Privy Council Oath – Monarchy Mafia Oath – Greg Hallett & Jim Fetzer


Mueller speaks on Russia probe for the first, likely last time Video

Mueller’s REGIME CHANGE failed

Proof of life for Jerry Nadler.
House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler to discuss Robert Mueller’s statement


emery smith-quote—–you need to have an epothocary at every drugstore,because,if,your so

conscious.that the body,if it had a choice.which,you don’t get a choice,you have to take this

pill,because that’s the only pill you can take.but if you had a choice to take this pill,or this

natural pill.your body and this pill,the plant that’s in their will communicate with you ,and

you will pick the right one.and their gonna do it(big pharma) because their going to be able to charge an

extra one percent more.—–unquote…..


your body and this pill,the plant thats in there will communicate with you…..absolutely…..crazy

stuff its a true story…..hahahahaha…..

absolutely the worm has turned-super medicines available soooooon at theatres everywhere,

as the prison matrix is placed into the dustbins of history…..

aunty and uncle big pharma are beginning to transform into a higher light quotient

operating energetic transmission system – with a little persuasion here and



thanks to emery this nootropic supplement from the classified projects is available to the surface population these days…..

from this webpage-quote—–ZETA XR is a revolutionary nootropic supplement developed for classified projects by a team of some the worlds top scientists. We are now bringing it to the civilian world for its unmatched abilities to increase focus while reducing anxiety and jitters.—–unquote…..


heres another excellent medicine company that has some great mixtures in capsules and such utilizing chinese traditional medicine substances…..

including lymphatic care-this medicine has helped me big time-and stopped an otherwise ongoing for many years- large growth at the bottom area of the neck – due to the lymph node needing healing and nourishing etc…..

real medicine for real people…..

le meilleure sante pour tous maintenant…..porquoi pas…..peut ce que veut allon zi…..


421318 – What is this in relation to?

I assume I am not at the level of information to know what is happening with Donald Trump. But it might be that he sometimes does good things and sometimes does ‘bad’ things… In this world of geopolitics where so many things are “grey”.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

Has it occurred to ANYONE here that these lower worlds of duality weren’t designed to be fair with perfect justice for ALL?


Vermi- Excellent link to the Venice banking history. A poster from long ago on another site said that the Venitian banking apparatus was the beginning of the end for europe. I understand why now. Can’t blame those kings for defaulting.


Still remain unconvinced about the goodness of Trump, although it seems he did share that the military-industrial complex is preventing him from pulling troops out of just about everywhere.
Until someone of significance is arrested and the chemtrails stop- it’s just business as usual.

Vaccine hostilities have died down a bit, but we had Memorial Day. Let’s see if it picks up. Not sure if I can take all these secret families much longer, sounds like a poor TV series.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

Actually 421314 4:44 could be construe to be of the mental realities as well &/or adding up to 12…then 3.

These r fun lower realities games for Soul to fixate on for a ‘spell’…🎶


I went through these posts looking for synchronicities (of which there are a LOT on my facebook posts).

You can only do this a few times I imagine otherwise people will start changing their behaviour to deliberately post at certain times but this post on Donald Trump: 421218 was posted at 4:44… I.e. the number of patience.

Other ones were not quite as good synchros. Things like 4:16 or 2:10


Thanks InTruth refer to #421307.


#421311 : I’ve also 😴 through some of those long posts too….
maybe you’ll like this one:

All clips of Fiona Barnett were sourced from The Spencer & Tye Show and The International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

Both of these are non profit who allow clips to be used for non profit, this video is not monetised.

Phoenix 421314 Good one…thanks..


Jim Stone

I have noticed an ABRUPT shift in Mexico – to kids NOT getting vaccine damaged

I do not know if this is observable in the United States, but it was VERY observable here. Suddenly, (at least in my area) autism vanished and there are practically no kids with obvious signs of vaccine damage. Even three years ago, every time you went to Wal Mart there would be enormous numbers of totally vax whacked kids in shopping carts, drooling, moaning, spinning, vacant and delirious totally screwed up kids, at least 3 or 4 every time at Wal Mart. That all faded away about a year ago, and now you do not see even one, across multiple trips to Wal Mart, I have not seen a single one in the last six months.
I think the eugenicists knew they were cornered and figured it would be best to at least temporarily back off on Mexico, or at least temporarily reduce the amount of damage they figured the vaccines ought to do. And I think that for the later shots, for kids aged 3 and up, they actually put the cure to autism that I have spoken about on this forum in the shots, to clear it up. In case you are new to this, let me explain –

Autism like symptoms were inflicted intentionally by shots that were called “vaccines” but were not. One thing I’ll throw in here is that doctors in Mex started noticing the “vaccinated” kids got the illnesses the vaccines were supposed to prevent as much as the kids who were never vaxxed. There’s no question the shots were fraudulent. And now I will once again explain the MOA behind how the shots that were called vaccines (but were not vaccines at all) worked, because some readers may have missed this.

The phony vaccines that were really a eugenics type of tool, rather than trigger immune responses against the diseases they were supposed to prevent, triggered immune responses against the body itself, primarily the nervous system. This was accomplished several ways, a big one was by using squalene – which is a key component of the nervous system – as a so called “adjuvant” in the “vaccine”. Only, you can’t use squalene as an adjuvant unless you intend to do direct harm to the recipient of a shot that has it. Squalene is used by the body in many different ways but the key use the “vaccines” targeted was in the myelin sheaths in the nerve endings of the nervous system. A properly “vaxxed” white boy would be enormously knocked back – there was talk about how the vaccines affected the black population but it hit the whites 10X worse, and filled the shopping carts at Wal Mart with bumbling drooling zombies, which if capable of walking ran around moaning and dropping to the floor spinning. You have all seen this, EVERYONE has seen this, and it was not by accident that it happened. Many people have pointed towards aluminum and mercury in the shots, but compared to squalene those are NOTHING.

An additional way the shots were formulated to destroy the kids was by growing them in human tissue cultures which should never be done (it should be grown in animal tissue, and subsequently at worst trigger an allergy towards whatever animal tissue it was grown in.) The vaccines that are cultured in GMO yeast get no free ride away from accountability either, because once you go GMO the yeast could be 50 percent human. When vaccines are grown in the wrong tissue culture they can easily trigger auto immune disorders, including autism, despite manufacturer’s claims they “got all of it out”. They never get it all, and they never intended to.

Here is how they had to have fixed the autism problem in Mexico, before they got finally busted and had their asses fried:
You can program the immune system to do practically anything with the right shot, including re-programming it to not remove squalene, or whatever proteins or whatever else the damaging shots told the immune system to do, and I am CERTAIN, BEYOND A DOUBT CERTAIN that in Mex they integrated the antidote shots into the medical system to un-do the effect the original shots purposefully had, during the next round of scheduled childhood vaccines. They did it because too many families noticed the kids were F***ED UP after vaccinations and with high suspicions already circulating, it was not difficult at all to spot when it happened. Subsequent mommy freakouts were too hard to stifle due to the quantity of occurrence, though I am sure they’d have murdered every single mommy that noticed just to silence her if they could have. But obviously that was a step too far, so they backed off and covered their tracks by silently switching the vaccine formulations to reverse and subdue the damage.
And my final statement: To the people running the vaccine eugenics plot: Even if you start dishing out the perfect fixer formulations, that un-do all the damage totally, you will never be forgiven. I know what you intended and I know what you will do all over again the second the storm has cleared. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. You can’t hide. You definitely backed off in Mexico, but I doubt you backed off in the United States. I SAW IT HAPPEN, I SAW THE TRANSFORMATION WITH MY OWN EYES TO KIDS TURNING NORMAL AGAIN AND KNOW DAMN WELL WHAT WAS DONE TO SCREW THEM TO BEGIN WITH. And there will be vengeance.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

421310 Yawn…


The future for everyone…no exceptions and no objections tolerated! Have a few of us seen the future of humankind? Wes Penre states Edward Riordan remote viewer was shocked with what he saw was the future for humanity.

Video 152: Cloud vs. Recycling Center—Is This the Way they will Trap us “Forever?”

Above video doesn’t work – try this one

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

421287 Zander…Arnett is damaged goods as a r u pretending to be a soothsayer of ‘truth’ here.

Stick with what u know to be truth versus using damage people parading as ‘truth’ tellers…

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

John C Carleton’s comment• a day ago in another checkpoint article, but resubmitted here in this article by me😉

[USA, which is not America, but an evil sub Corporation of the evil Rat run British Empire, which is illegally, by military force occupying the 47 North American States, two Republics, and one Polynesian Kingdom, can never tell the truth.
USA has laws against telling the truth, and the USA has kidnaped and put in prison, people who tell the truth.



Belle 421306 Wes Penre yt vid correction: Shocking – remote viewer of Qanon and future of humanity…
ooops – I can’t read my own writing…


The future for everyone…no exceptions and no objections tolerated! Have a few of us seen the future of humankind? Wes Penre states Edward Riordan remote viewer was shocked with what he saw was the future for humanity.

Video 152: Cloud vs. Recycling Center—Is This the Way they will Trap us “Forever?”

Weaponizing 5G and Nanotechnology: How Do We Protect Ourselves?


(John P. Thomas) Previously, I wrote about the weapon-like qualities of nanotechnology and terahertz frequency radiation. As was explained, these two technologies can be combined to weaken our health, create illness, and control our minds.

Will Nanotechnologies and the New 5G Network Become the Most Powerful Weapon System the World Has Ever Seen?

The Precautionary Principle is being Ignored by Government and Industry

National Nanotechnology Initiative

See Excerpt: Related Designer Nanobots Changing Humanity

Nanobots are so small they function on the same level as viruses and bacteria. A nano is a millionth of a millimeter, or 40,000 times smaller than the thickness of human hair. One million nanobots can fit on the head of a pin. These tiny robots are programmable. They take orders and do odd jobs, like cleaning out blocked arteries, or swimming in oceans to eat chemical pollution. Science calls them the greatest thing since sliced bread. However, this technology has existed as the T4 bacteriophage since the at least 2004. Will you soon be able to choose designer nanobots with hair color and skin color, similar to apps on your cell phone?

I don’t follow any of popular space cadet sites choosing to ignore against the tide of the favorite demand…I’m not critiquing anyone’s journey, although my frustration is why aren’t we being told of this truth except for few brave like Wes Penre – and
Justin from

Raise Your Energy Vibrations ❣️


OMG they are really pushing the global warming narratives:

Pumped Dry: The Global Crisis of Vanishing Groundwater | USA TODAY

Greenland is melting

Antarctica is losing ice at an accelerating rate. How much will sea levels rise?

PBS NewsHour
Published on Apr 10, 2019


Not worth a look news…



More Democrats are calling for the abolition of the Electoral College in favor of electing presidents directly from the country’s popular vote.

After all, Hillary Clinton garnered more popular votes than Trump, therefore they think she should have been president.

They’re wrong.

The Electoral College is one of those checks and balances that helps keep our Republic healthy. We are the United States and states and the citizens residing within them should have some power and control over their own fate.

We saw how those who controlled the Democrat Party rigged primaries in favor of Hillary. She basically bought out a party that was financially struggling. They did as they were told. Hillary loves to rig things in her favor either by extortion, bribery, or even murder. She got debate answers in advance. She had total control of corporate media. She had billions of dollars to buy her election.

Those who voted for Bernie Sanders were marginalized—their votes didn’t count for much. ‘Super delegates’ within Hillary’s power structure rigged the vote in her favor. Bernie Sanders meekly paid obeisance to Hillary and he was rewarded with a half million-dollar beachfront summer home. There were many who were rightfully outraged by the primary thefts and after Hillary lost to Trump it forced their party to make changes. The Super Delegates currently don’t have as much power and sway, but that could easily change should Hillary decide to run once again.

The Democrats won’t stop at the Electoral College.

They’re angry that small states have two senators—the same as very populous blue states. Why should North Dakota have two senators when they have a very small population? California has many times the people—shouldn’t they have more senators than just a measly two? Bill Maher has questioned this sort of thing repeatedly, along with the need to eliminate the Electoral College. It’s now become another steady drumbeat among Democrats. After all, they know big cities will generally cast ballots for Democrats. Big city folk tend to learn toward the left and socialism. A lot of peer pressure and political correctness in big cities help keep everyone in line and on the same page. It’s easier to sway them with propaganda. It’s easier to rig elections there with the help of illegal voting.

If the big blue cities get their way, their candidate for president will always win. The flyover red states will become irrelevant. The presidents elected by big blue cities will help bring about the death of our Republic. The big city progressives will make sure that tent cities, drug addiction, and government addiction are spread throughout what’s left of the country.

To protect our Republic, we need to keep the Electoral College system intact. It’s a pillar that protects us from ‘Democracy,’ and socialism, which always ends in tyranny.

—Ben Garrison


Well, I am back after being thoroughly hacked last week. Somehow my email became compromised and when I called gmail to get assistance with logging in, I was transferred to tech support that ended up also being a hack. Beware sites on search as apparently some are fake. I chose the site that appeared authentic and ended up at the Apple store in Eugene and getting a cleaning of my one month old laptop. Wow! This has been a lesson. I have to get new everything… bank, cards, changing email. Now I just have to figure out how to transfer my avatar to my new account!

Divorce should be final in a couple of weeks. Ex got 36 months probation and cannot contact me or come near me… no alcohol and has to take classes for domestic violence. I didn’t expect that hard of a sentence. Also has 10 days in jail… reduced to 3 days plus time served when he was first arrested. I feel bad… but not too bad as I am beginning to realize how much I was abused emotionally, etc. for over ten years. (We have been together since Y2K) Anyway, I am back and gaining strength each week.

Had 3 hour visit with my shaman and got major healing! Hope all have a great week. Windi


Jim Stone

Well well, THAT DOES IT. Never had them, NEVER WILL. They just showed exactly what they stand for, just like Gilette.


421296 zanderboy
I agree except I favor Silver as I think the 20/1 Ag/Au $$$ ratio may return some day.
Either way , I just threw a few more Troy #’s of silver dollars into my pirates chest- as yo ho ho
The Fed gotta go- someday!
And silver is down to $ 14.50/oz spot!!


Trump nailed Biden over his major role in the 1994 crime bill. A bill responsible for locking up many minorities unnecessarily, considered by many, a very dark period in our recent history. Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2019.


OMG….Deb Tavares says the Berkey water filters were OUTLAWED in California.

I found this:
Berkey Water Filters Cannot Be Shipped To California
This entry was posted on March 30, 2010 by Dan DeBaun –

This past November 2009, California signed into law AB 1953 / SB 1334 & 1395 / HSC Section 116875 and as a result directly affected the sales of all water filter and purification systems to the state. This revised “no lead law” as it’s commonly known, went into effect on January 1, 2010. Currently this law prevents any Berkey water filter from being sold to the state of California, and canvasses all Berkey products that comes in contact with water intended for drinking. This would include upper/lower chambers, all filters, and sport bottles.

The law stipulates that any “end-use device intended to convey or dispense water for human consumption through drinking or cooking,” as well as each of their individual components, materials and “pipe, pipe or plumbing fittings, or fixtures,” or flux, must be “lead free” as defined by California law. Under SB 1334, certification MUST be performed by an “independent ANSI-approved third party testing organization.” It appears that even if a product and each component of that product has no metal alloys and if a purification system actually reduces lead, under Section 116875, it must be be certified. An example of this would be the Berkey sport water purification bottle.

The Berkey sport bottle body utilizes LDPE, which must be certified, even though it is common knowledge that LDPE contains no lead, is very commonly used by food and water companies, and is monitored under federal regulations. Further, manufacturers are expected to reveal proprietary information regarding their systems, suppliers and manufacturers, without an absolute guarantee that such proprietary information will be kept confidential. This is of utmost concern due to the fact that if such proprietary information is conveyed to competitors, we would have no recourse. It also worth noting that if Berkey water filters desires to change any of their suppliers after certification, it appears that permission must be obtained by the certifying organization and that re-certification is mandatory, all at the expense of the company. Change of suppliers is a common occurrence as improvement of the Berkey product line is continually occurring.


Daniel Ott interviews Deborah Tavares NEW
Published on May 26, 2019

Deborah says tornadoes, fires and flooding are going to escalate due to climate change per the climate action plans…We know the real reason – HAARP, DEWs et al. as part of the planned genocide.


Markets aren’t looking too healthy!


Kevin Shipp – Blackmail Spying by Obama and Clinton

40mins. Clear exposé of the Deep State attempted take down of Trump, & the Barr declass. Former CIA officer Shipp (who exposed the CIA & subsequently lost his retirement) is happy to say that Killary Klinton is a global criminal using a charity as a front (Clinton Foundation). They used false affidavits to access NSA info. & effectively spy on Trump, thinking Killary would get elected!
It’s historic, it’s treason, it’s gonna get nasty & lead right back to Bathhouse Barry.
This is gonna crash the market! Time to buy gold?


421293 gillfinn
I long have loved that phrase but I always said it as –
“History is a fable agreed upon.”
Either way it sounds better En Francais, Oui?
The American translation is worse than the British version -lol!
And ole Nappy had it right fer sure!


Fake-Refugee Airlift, Flight 5 San Diego

Published on May 27, 2019
Video of World Atlantic airlines landing in San Diego and unloading about 130 mostly fake refugees for transfer to Brown Field Customs and Border Protection Station on the border with Mexico. These fake refugees will be processed and released into the US interior or transferred to another CBP station for processing and release.

CBP/ICE is not following regulations relating to the public health and communicable diseases. 42 Code of Federal Regulations, sections 34, 70-71. The aliens should have a proper medical screening and be quarantined. Go to this link and scroll down to read the sections.


The trip to the promised land is back inside, to the temple, in front of your ears and behind your eyes.

“History is a set of lies, agreed upon.”

If you’ve not listened to the first three parts, it might be worthwhile to do so, or not. There’s a lot of information that may not sit well with some, it’s easier to receive our info when it’s his-story, as opposed to our-story.
After all, we are the real value, the true force of change, all will remain the same until we affect the “change” new path. How else could it ever work?


Jim Stone

There is a looming disaster that has not happened yet, but it certainly could. This is not a clickbait bluff,




It is not a disaster yet, but with the weather the way it has been lately, and continues to be, it could easily become a disaster.
My advice, is as usual, to buy LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of the cheapest stuff you eat in your regular diet (pasta is a good choice, as is rice) and start using it before it expires. If it is not canned it will get buggy, you have to buy stuff you really will eat in your normal daily life if it is not canned. Obviously canned foods and things like peanut butter last a long time unopened and are gold when tshtf. Most likely Americans are not going to starve from this, but food prices could easily skyrocket. Now is the time to get ahead of the curve, the answer will start to arrive in a couple months.

TORNADO UPDATE: This is going to be a BONKERS tornado night, if you are anywhere at all that a tornado can strike be prepared to head to the basement and have a flashlight right there, by your bed.
Tonight’s outbreak is nation wide, including tornado warnings in New York state.
F-5 tornado near Kansas City
It destroyed Linwood and messed up the Kansas City Airport, they are clearing debris from the runways now.

A storm chaser posted this picture of twin tornados from just outside of Kansas city today

A man who started his younger years gay got married to a woman and never looked back. Now he has three daughters in a normal marriage
My comment: Though the linked video has no reference to acid trips, it is a fact that the best way to get a homosexual to break out of it and not be gay is to get him NASTY high on acid and then put him with a woman. With his social programming rendered null and void for a couple days, he’ll figure out he’s really not gay AND THEN have enough time to figure out the girl really does look a lot better than a guy. Same with lesbians but the long term rescue rate is not as good because they are programmed a lot worse.


Jim Stone

NOT RUMOR: Adam Schiff has told intelligence leaders to resign rather than comply with Declass.
TOLD YOU SO. The system is so subverted the chances of declass actually happening are slim.


Trump vs Deep State in Historic Battle – Kevin Shipp
By Greg Hunter On May 29, 2019


Public Service Broadcast: Alt-media Circus w/ Thomas Williams Randy Maugans

I’ve heard enough, not going to bother finishing it.


Praying Medic
Qanon May 26 2019 – The Circular Firing Squad
The deep state has set up a circular firing squad but so have people in the Q movement


Leland Roth 421285

Are you playing Devil’s Advocate?

First it’s a seven year old article that simply asks questions rather than providing proof. Now it’s an article from

If cancer was a website, this would be it. It is devoted to propagating left-wing ideals without explicitly stating so. The title “Rational Wiki” is deliberately misleading, as it implies a logical, unbiased, emotionally detached approach when the site reads like a hotly opinionated liberal blog.

Wikipedia co-founder: “Wikipedia is broken,” run by bad actors and special interests to smear all voices of dissent. “Wikipedia itself had special challenges,” Larry Sanger, Wikipedia co-founder.
“Another hurdle was to figure out how to rein in the bad actors so that they did not ruin the project for everyone else. Unfortunately, we never did come up with a good solution for that one,” Sanger added. “Wikipedia is a broken system as a result,” he said.

“We have forensic proof now that countless children are buried in mass graves near former church schools, orphanages and sweatshops across Canada, America, England, Ireland and Australia” said ITCCS spokesman Kevin Annett today.

‘Notice that the above, which he posted on, is in fact an interview with himself, in which he (as Kevin Annett, the person) asks himself the questions and answers them in third person (as Kevin Annett, the ITCCS spokesman).’

So what? He’s up against the steamroller which lies, cheats, smears, kills, blackmails & all the rest.

So what’s your problem Leland Roth? Let me hear you say you do not believe in the genocidal exploitation that has been taking place in Canada & elsewhere.


Also, just a small nagging point, someone down there said Donald Trump was ‘guilty of tax evasion’. Tax evasion is 100% not a crime! Since taxation is the instigation of the use of force in service of centralised government.

Might have been on the last post.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

421227 Gee, Zander…these guys r nutso, too?

Ps Page presented below last modified May 19, 2019🎵

International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

I fought the law
and the law won
PseudolawTo convolute
and distortBritish Constitution GroupCitizen’s Rule BookDavid Wynn MillerDirect Democracy IrelandErrol DentonFlat taxFreeman on the landGold standard (economics)Ikclaimmijnnaam.nlMagna CartaObama citizenship denialOriginalismPeter Hendrickson

v – t – e

The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State or ITCCS (allegedly est. on June 15, 2010)[1] is a one-man blog that pretends to be a tribunal established to enforce common law.[2]

Kevin D. Annett (born in 1956)[3][Note 1]of the Nation of Kanata Canada is the founder and operator of a series of crankone-man blogs and phony organisations, the most famous among these being the above mentioned juridical quagmire[Note 2] of nonsense and pseudolaw, the ITCCS. Annett is also a pseudohistorian, an enthusiastic supporter of the freeman on the land movement,[4] a “bankster” and chemtrail truther[5] and a defrocked[6] United Church of Canada minister, who thinks they’re not nearly transphobic enough.[7] He regularly accuses the Vatican, the government of Canada and the United Church of Canada of being worse than Hitler.[8]

Annett has his own page on[9] and has received support from other freeman[10] and militia movement[11] cranks, as well as David Icke-esque new age cranks.[12] That being said, other conspiracy theorists aren’t so enamored of him.[13][14]

Annett has also fraudulently claimed to be a Nobel peace prize nominee,[15] a laughable claim which is completely out of the question.[16] Even so, being nominated doesn’t mean squat.[17] Oblivious to all this, some crackpots connected to the militia movement took the time to congratulate Annett on this non-existent Nobel peace prize nomination.[11]

Contents [hide] 

1Pseudolaw galore1.1International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State1.2International Common Law Court of Justice1.3Tribunal into Crimes against Humanity2Accosting the native Canadian community3Transphobia and homophobia4External links5Notes6References

Pseudolaw galore[edit]International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State[edit]

“”Our Mandate: (1) To lawfully prosecute those people and institutions responsible for the exploitation, trafficking, torture and murder of children, past and present, and (2) To stop these and other criminal actions by church and state, including by disestablishing those same institutions.

—Kevin Annett playing one-man Russian roulette with “international litigation” loaded in the chamber[18]

With the ITCCS, Annett attempts to mimic genuine international organisations, and is actually good enough at this to have fooled a few normal people (and a lot of raving conspiracy-prone nutters) into thinking there’s anything at all to this. He produces very nicely-formatted, official-looking documents and everything.[19] The website did look fairly professional at one time, although it has since decayed heavily. If nothing else, it nicely illustrates how the Timecube Law and Haig’s Law can go hand in hand. It should also be noted that most genuine international legal bodies are not “Proudly powered by WordPress”.

The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State or ITCCS came to some notice in the social media sphere in February 2013, when Annett issued a claim that Pope Benedict XVI resigned for fear of arrest on an ITCCS warrant[20] and the hard of thinking forwarded it around as if this actually made sense. This stunt made his phony organization notable enough to be debunked on Snopes.[21]

In March of the same year, Annett boldly took new steps and “convicted” two consecutive Popes of genocide and child trafficking, issuing “international arrest warrants” for them.[22]

The ITCCS website also sports a prominent link to a so-called “Common Law Community Training Manual”, which is basically a Sovereign citizenFAQ.[23] They also have a collection of “Common Law Court Documents”, in case you were looking for a pseudolaw starter kit.[24]

Via the ITCCS, Annett has also issued a proclamation dissolving Canada,[25] which he has replaced with the Republic of Kanata.[26] He also dissolved Great Britain, though that one was only on Twitter.[27]

International Common Law Court of Justice[edit]

At the heart of the “organization” is something Annett calls the International Common Law Court of Justiceor ICLCJ, which is rather similar to those “common law courts” sometimes set up by freemen on the land, right down to the “citizen jurors”.[28][29][Note 3]This court, however, exists only in the mind of Annett.

Tribunal into Crimes against Humanity[edit]

Never running out of phony names for his non-existent organisations, the Tribunal into Crimes against Humanity or TCH. Annett has accused the Vatican and the British government of trying to block the clearly real and important actions of his Tribunal, stating;[30]

Despite efforts by the British government and the Vatican to obstruct the Tribunals, including by deporting and harassing its leading members, survivors of church and state terror will gather in five countries to present evidence and come to a judgement concerning church-sponsored genocide, murder and the continued trafficking in children. We intend to share this evidence before the world, and bring indictments against the Roman Catholic and numerous Protestant churches, as well as the Crown of England, for mass murder and the continued trafficking and torture of children.

In 2011, the powers that be apparently lost the ability to hold back the tidal wave force of the TCH, which was claimed by Annett to finally have convened in several world capitals globally (including Brussels, London and Ottawa), supposedly present in all these places at once to physically arrest the globalist heads of some vast conspiracy;[31]

“”After more than a year of preparation, a network of community-based Tribunals into Crimes against Humanity will officially convene in Brussels, London, Ottawa and other cities on September 15, 2011, armed with the power to arrest and sentence guilty offenders – including the Pope himself.

It goes without saying that none of these arrests took place or were even attempted — Kevin probably didn’t even leave his own basement on that very day. Still, in the same proclamations, he literally goes on to impersonate law enforcement, claiming to have “Common Law Peace Officers” at the standby to enforce his weird rants[31]:

“”Equally important, the Tribunals will bring common law legal judgements against the guilty persons and institutions, including Pope Joseph Ratzinger, and will impose community sentences against them that will be fully enforced by Common Law Peace Officers.

Unless a massive shoot-out between the common law peace officers and the proper authorities was also covered up internationally and all at once, it’s probably safe to assume that nothing ever came of this either. If a global coverup took place, however, this event may be counted among the many freeman successes.

Accosting the native Canadian community[edit]

“”As one who has been commissioned by the Onkwehonwe (Mohawk) and Haudenosonee (Iroquois) nations to share this Great Law with my own people…

—Kevin Annett[32]

Annett claims (to this day) to have been personally chosen by the native Canadian community to (pseudo)legally represent them, previously also having made his money claiming to represent their interests.[32] Until they told him to damn well stop it.[33][34]

Before his press releases about arresting popes, Annett was known for making extensive claims of exposing ritual murder of native children in residential schools. He was active in native activist organisations in Canada[35] — which he had a habit of using to raise money for himself, claiming their support and endorsement until forced to desist.[36]Here’s a real shocker: this is illegal in Canada.[37]

Annett’s explanation for all this is to claim that all official representatives of native Canadians are corrupt and have agreed to keep the deaths of thousands of children secret.[38]

Despite the attempts to limit his abuse of real topics, he has since went on to make outright pseudohistorical claims. From his webpage;[39]

“”We have forensic proof now that countless children are buried in mass graves near former church schools, orphanages and sweatshops across Canada, America, England, Ireland and Australia” said ITCCS spokesman Kevin Annett today.

Notice that the above, which he posted on, is in fact an interview with himself, in which he (as Kevin Annett, the person) asks himself the questions and answers them in third person (as Kevin Annett, the ITCCS spokesman).[39]

Transphobia and homophobia[edit]

“”Solidarity with cross dressers is not exactly a slogan to win much credibility or kudos in any department. None of the trannies I’ve known have ever seemed that much in need of remembrance.

—Kevin Annett[40]

Annett has a major beef with the former Moderator of the United Church of Canada, Gary Paterson, for the simple reason that Paterson was openly gay and not a hateful asshole like Annett. The idea for the church to push forward with gay acceptance and to work against violence against transsexuals was met with disgust by Annett, who wrote;[40]

“”I learned long ago the pointlessness of arguing morality with a psychopath – one wonders why the collective absurdity calling itself the United Church is lending itself to such increasingly bizarre and membership-shrinking gestures as the latest stunt emanating from the twisted gray matter of Gary Paterson.


“”It’s one of those compensations of a moral universe that anyone who gets away with a crime eventually goes mad from doing so; and the bigger the atrocity, the crazier they become. Ask Idi Amin, Adolf Hitler, or Joe Stalin.

Or Gary Paterson.

Gary who?

Unless you’ve been avoiding the internet and television for the past few weeks, you can’t have missed Gary Paterson, the immoderate Moderator of the United (or was that Untied?) Church of Canada, who just announced that all good church members should honor transgender people in a special day of remembrance. Why? Because two such people were killed in Canada last year, ostensibly because of their sexual identity.

In a fit of fake moral outrage, Annett sarcastically commented on the choice of not wishing death to transsexuals when there used to be residential schools that could be discussed instead;[40]

“”Instead, well, let’s all remember, I don’t know, how about cross dressers?

Truly a beacon of the freemen.[Note 4]

External links[edit]The ITCCS blogThe ICLCJ blogThe Republic of KanataKevinAnnett.comEd Brayton on the “arrest warrant” against Pope Benedict XVINow featured on Snopes!Notes[edit]

Jump up↑ Excerpt from blog post, dated July 6, 2012: “…unless my 56 year old brain has missed something…”Jump up↑ As in “a situation from which extrication is very difficult”, not as in giggity!Jump up↑ The ICLCJ is supposedly a “a lawful Citizens’ Tribunal of Conscience”, whatever that means.Jump up↑ Note that Annett also confuses crossdressing with transsexuality.


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How do you like these Cats?

Election 2020: The Game — Choose your fighter!


AIM Patriot Martin writes us:

Your videos are fascinating. I never realized until you explained it how my country, Britain, controls so much of the world. The BBC recently aired a program about Venice, and what struck me was the way the Venetians governed themselves. The Doge’s palace is a perfect representation of this. It was designed with one purpose – to confuse outsiders about where they were and how to navigate around the building to find what they were looking for and even to get out.

The BBC finally managed some degree of clarity by using a vast system of computer scans which created a 3-D model of the building. It revealed an amazing assortment of hidden passages, secret rooms and even secret floors, dead-end landings, trap doors. escape routes, and an overarching system of spying on any part of the building by a chosen few trusted insiders who were dedicated to guarding the interests of Venice.

The Venetians exported their system of government via controlling committees to Germany and Britain hundreds of years ago, but it has never been explained properly how it works. Have you made any videos illustrating how exactly power is exercised through committees without any one person seemingly being in control?
Another area of great interest is that of money and how it is created where it comes from who controls the process, and by whom and to whom it is distributed. Are there any videos about it, and if not, are you going to make any?

Our reply: If humanity is going to defeat the globalists in this war of titans, we need to understand the historical roots of the British control of the world. This is why we did our banking series.

Each selection contains an audio lecture from Douglas Gabriel with support materials from each author selection reviewed. We highly recommend that patriots understand the history of Venetian banking as it directly relates to the topic of Mammon and explains why we must eliminate the Federal Reserve.

The History of Italian Banking

Venetian Takeover of British Banking

Venetian Bankers Come to England

British Corporate Warlords


Justice Thomas: Supreme Court Needs to Confront Abortion Being Used as a ‘Tool of Eugenic Manipulation’

Joe diGenova Discusses Declassification and Origin of Obama Political Surveillance Operation

PATRIOT REMINDER: Do not send your campaign donations to the RAT-RINO-ROMNEY RNC, the party that supports rogue candidates like Justin Amash (R-MI). Send the RNC a message loud and clear – by sending all donations this campaign season to

New Gillette transgender commercial is an embarrassment

Americans Unite to Demand Justice

Duh..Steele’s a Brit, working for the Privy Council whose members rule America. They aren’t going to have their top spy spill the beans in some lowly American court that the Crown is attempting the overthrow of Donald Trump. This would expose Arvinder Sambei, Alison Saunders, Richard Dearlove, the Five Eyes operation……
Christopher Steele will not cooperate with the DOJ review of Russian investigation

He Used To Be Trans—Here’s What He Wants Everyone To Know

Dead.. Alive…or Ginsberged?

Was he medically released and in good health to continue his pursuit of the overthrow of Donald Trump? Will he have to step down as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee?

We scoured the internet today for a public statement or sighting – didn’t find anything. His website is silent about his health scare and his current condition: Tweets from his account are not PROOF OF LIFE as staff could be tweeting on his behalf.

He may be fine…but patriots must bear down on the situation. This guy is a piece of traitor trash that needs to be exposed as an anti-American globalist pig.

The 2019 edition of the exclusive Bilderberg Meeting will take place at the Hotel Montreux Palace in the Swiss town of Montreux from Thursday to Sunday. Source

Mind blowing speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America


The Privy Council Controls America
Patriots Around the World Call for INDEPENDENCE from the Monarchy

Our Battle Of Britain

Privy Council is in Control

These people have never been about securing the world’s citizens. Instead, they have been about enriching themselves, friends and family, and about holding perpetual power over this gravy train. National security is just a curtain to hide behind.

Richard J. Aldrich. (Jul. 2011). TIMELINE, GCHQ: Britain’s Most Secret Intelligence Agency, Signals Intelligence History Links. ISBN 978-0-00-731266-5. Harper Press.

Tommy Robinson: “Trump won his campaign on social media, Brexit was won on social media. I’m banned from all social media. So my ability to fight a fair campaign is gone.”
Which is why @realDonaldTrump needs to act on Big Tech Censorship before 2020.
— The Columbia Bugle (@ColumbiaBugle) May 26, 2019

Marine Le Pen: Emmanuel Macron Should ‘Definitely’ Resign, But He ‘Has Neither the Honesty to Do It, Nor the Panache’


lil dog 421277

now I ponder on those fella’s video, it makes me think of the addage:

When pickpockets look at folks, they see pockets.
When angels look at folks, they see angels.


littledogg. 421189

i don’t mind if folks downvote something I say.. nice 2 b able to gab 2gether on the fly that way.

But I’m perplexed at downvotes to a comment that was asking for information.

and if anyone has the info.. I would still b interested in what you know.



gillfinn 421201
rays. 421251
belle 421255
intruth 421265

I watched/listened to @ 2/3 of those sour old geezers. ‘nuf of that!
… everyone is a cloned cia operative.. dumping on each others’ gigs.
numbers of ’em .. our ben .. dw.. that intense couple that used to call ’emselves Thomas Paine & Betsy Ross (American Intelligence Media)….are folks I find very useful.

What “cuts the mustard” w me is someone who may be fired by an intense energizer bunny fuel (oft mistaken for ego).. AND is chugging enthusiastically toward a positive vision / plan / dream that has the benefit of all in it.
ben dw tom n betsy are examples of same.

These here geezers who seem to think they are focused on “Public Service” seem more about put-down and know-it-alliness.
not my “cuppa”.

and well b4 this video.. I’ve come to assume that anyone into the cult of yakking about the “blue chicken cult” is likely a lizzy-pup … if not a clown operative.



littledog 421272

absolutely-the appointed beaurocrazy in place at the EU makes all major decisions basically…..crazy stuff its a true story…..

cool to see real authentic patriotism all over the world rising in all countries…. patriots/nationalists of our countries and patriots/nationalists of our star nation…..

I wouldn’t want to fuck with a fast awakening british,french,italian,spanish,portegeuse,german,polish,hugarion,chec,slovakian,slovenian,bulgarion,danish,romanian,swedish,norweigion,belgian,irish,scottish etc peoples…..would you…..hahahahahaha…..


from this article-(excerpt)-quote—–When the blood pH levels drop to harmful levels, the body starts

storing acidic compounds inside cells in order to maintain a healthy pH level. These acidic

compounds are mostly toxins, so they end up increasing the acidity and toxicity of the cells that are

storing them.

The increasingly acidic conditions in the intoxicated cell leads to hypoxia, a state wherein oxygen is in

dangerously short supply. They also destroy respiratory enzymes and injure DNA.

Many of these acidic cells will die off. But others can survive the acidic conditions by mutating into

abnormal states that grow nonstop at an uncontrolled rate – in other words, they become cancer cells.

To make matters worse, disease-causing microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and yeasts flourish in

acidic environments. So in addition to increasing the risk of cancer, low pH levels also open the door

for other illnesses to take advantage of the body.—–unquote…..


a carton of sodium bicarbonate-buck fifty five up at the grotto absolutely…..

big jimmy humbles miracle mineral solution is a weak oxygenator-unlike strong oxygenators like chlorine,ozone etc—–chlorine dioxide(miracle mineral solution) only attacks acidic cells – pathogens…..the healthy higher ph alkaline cells are not effected…..

I remember after doing a one month treatment of MMS-8 drops MMS mixed in with 8 ounces of water 8 times a day – one hour apart from each other…..and immediately expereiencing benefits-since then I can sleep in a chair sometimes-for a semi insominiac shift worker this is very helpful… levels improved through the treatment period and beyond…..a couple of people noticed my eyes looked clearer-this is due to pathogen reduction levels in the body from MMS treatments absolutely…..MMS is great to have in the medicine bag…..

big jimmy even mainlined MMS and he was already in his 80s…..hahahahaha……


from this webpage-quote—–Even though we know Jim Humble as the man responsible for the

discovery of the Miracle Mineral Supplement – he in fact begun his carreer a long time back in the

aerospace industry, in which he decided upon becoming a research engineer. Although he speaks of

this rarely, Jim worked on lunar vehicles, worked on the first intercontinental missiles, set up

experiments for atomic bombs, wrote instruction manuals for th first vacuum tune computers – &

completely wired up the first device controlled bt computers at the famous Hughes Aircraft company.

Guess what else – he also invented the first automatic garage door!

But if you speak with Jim, he will tell you that his most cherished acomplishment has been with

bringing the MMS product into the world. Jim has just recently published a book on all of his

experiences with this product, & details every aspect along the way that may assist the end user in

understanding this potent chlorine dioxide molecule & how best to use it. Chapter 22 has been

completely written by a doctor named Dr Hesselink, listing over 160 scientific papers and describing

more than 100,000 scientific tests that have been conducted with the same formulation that Jim still

recommends to this day.



Yes that is precisely correct. I found an actual diagram of how EU supposedly makes decisions (I.e. I assume that is “What Merkel wants”) that goes through about ten committees.

They do vote on some things though. They were influential in the passing of the legislation to block internet rights where the EU muddled up the order of the bills in order to trick people into voting for it.

Also, member states themselves vote on some things.


intruth 421268
gillfinn posted it as 421201
I blather on about it as well 421251


phoenix. 421271

Am I right that this European Union “Parliament” has b oui actual power… just expresses views on issues.

That the actual EU power lies w unelected administrators. ?


421195 – Looking forward to it.

“graphic, stomach-churning images of mangled corpses.” Well I wouldn’t expect anything less… Ben!

Just wanted to explain the EU Elections with reference to the UK for anyone not as close to the subject as me.

The Brexit Party, Nigel Farage’s party gained the most votes. The turnout was somewhere around 35% (partly boycotted by leavers upset at having to vote again) whereas the EU referendum turnout was 72%.

3 million EU nationals were allowed to vote in this EU election, who would not be allowed to vote in a general election. (Population in UK is something like 64 million).

The Conservatives went from 18 seats to 3 seats. (Interesting numerology there).

The new pro establishment party in the UK (Kind of like if HIllary Clinton broke off and formed her own party), Change UK, got 0 seats.

The previously biggest party was UKIP on 25 seats. The Brexit Party got 29 seats. They are now the biggest party in the European Union.

There is a by election in Peterborough on June 8th in which ‘the Brexit party’ will be standing. It could be that even if the Conservatives do everything right the voters will still not trust them again. PLENTY of reports from campaigners of hostility on the doorstep aimed at Conservatives.

Nigel Farage is not messing around anymore. ‘No more Mr Nice Guy’ was a quote I think he used.

We will see.


421266 intruth
Twisters heading to Delaware Valley-yikes!
Thanx for the heads up as I , too am right in the sights according to future doppler radar projections.
Is this my karma for slighting the blue chickens?-lol & lol some more.
Maybe I will get to see the wizard as I live in a place where many bluebirds fly-(I have four active nest boxes @ this present time)!
Oh yes , ole rays is FAR over the rainbow but maybe I will be here to post once again after the blow if I don’t wind up in the Land of Oz!


Dr. Brownstein: NY Times Editorial on Vaccines A Pseudoscience Mess

“Those concerned with vaccine safety are no longer relegated to the fringes—it’s something to be concerned about—but you’d never know it from the New York Times. From Dr. Brownstein at

(Note: My wife vetoed my initial headline: Failing New York Times Op-Ed Full of Fake Vaccine News. She claims that my sense of humor does not translate to all.)

The lead New York Times (NYT) editorial today is titled, “Know The Enemy.” According to the NYT, the “enemy” is anyone who questions the safety and efficacy of any vaccine.

I guess that makes me the enemy. I thought I was a board-certified physician trying to read and decipher the research on vaccines to help guide my patients on how to make their best health care decisions.”

The Chicken Pox Vaccine Mess:

NY Times = NY Crimes


Public Service Broadcast: Alt-media Circus w/ Thomas Williams Randy Maugans

Add in George Webb, American Intelligence Media (AIM), Abel Danger, and X22 – says they deal with 3-4 factions and leave one out.


For the marijuana researchers on this site


Pennsylvania is about to get rocked-SUPER CELLS- Forming — Tornadoes Very Likely

Same System that tore apart Ohio last night .. How is everyone in PA? II am in New Jersey and it’s heading my way. Please check in if you’re in the area. Be safe!

[link to (secure)]
[link to (secure)]


Public Service Broadcast: Alt-media Circus w/ Thomas Williams Randy Maugans

Guess no one is safe. They are calling out Anna Von Reitz too. Thomas says Drake, Wilcock, Keenan, Fulford, Robt David Steele and Anna Von Reitz are part of ‘Langley II”.


Simon Parkes

Austrian Chancellor Ousted
Monday, May 27, 2019

Also in Europe we see the greed and abuse of office of senior politicians.

In Austria the Chancellor is removed from office for suggesting corrupt business deals.


Simon Parkes

European Elections
Monday, May 27, 2019,h_538,al_c,q_85/bcb736_e63b073c2ed042c186d612d1a6a99289~mv2.webp

While the Brexit party scored around the 32% in Britain as a whole.

In the North East of the country they scored 39%

Had that been repeated in other parts of the country it would have been the beginning of the end for the establishment parties.

If you wanted out of Europe that’s what you voted.

If you wanted to stay in Europe you voted Liberal Democrat.

The ruling party will now elect a New Prime Minister who will surely deliver a No Deal Exit – Any other standpoint will see the party out of office for around 15 years.


“It Looks Like A War Zone” – Millions Without Power As Tornadoes Rip Through Ohio & Indiana

More than 5 million people were left without power after a series of tornadoes ripped through parts of Ohio and Indiana late Monday, destroying homes and severing power lines – the latest installment in a two-week span of powerful tornadoes and thunderstorms that has rocked the Midwest, leaving nine dead.

State officials in Ohio told the press that they have confirmed at least seven people were injured in the storms. The town of Celina in Mercer County, about 80 miles north of Dayton, sustained extensive damage, prompting the Ohio Department of Transportation to employ snow plows to remove debris off Interstate 75. Across the region, the NWS issued 36 tornado warnings.
Adam Aaro

Frightening video of aftermath of tornado in Dayton sent to us by a viewer. She says it’s off Troy Street. Many viewers have said the damage looks like a war zone… @ABC22FOX45 #daytontornado

At least one Dayton suburb, the town of Beavercreek, issued an emergency warning telling residents to watch out for gas leaks while crews worked to clear downed power lines.


Correction : count on not – on count..

Reading on blog here, their chariots are changing back into pumpkins, there is another sister – another queen ??


Jim Stone

Conflicting reports coming out of Dayton Ohio are not good news

The main story line is that a wall of tornadoes moved through Dayton Ohio and destroyed a lot. I have gone over many reports and have concluded the ones that are claiming zero deaths are B.S.
From the best I can conclude based on one hard fact – that the debris was so bad snowplows are being used to remove it from roads – I am going to state what I think happened from the reports that are probably the most accurate.

Most likely, there is a high death toll, with well over 10, 000 structures destroyed, along with damage so bad there are many missing utility poles and badly damaged substations. I’d say that aside from actually puncturing a large transformer with debris that a tornado’s chance of destroying a big one – (one for megawatts of power delivery) are close to nil but it will still take an eternity to get the lights back on because so many power poles are ripped out and so many lines are down. Power is out for weeks, no question. But you’ll hear headlines about power being restored the moment 50 people are lit back up, just like Venezuela, when the reality is that it’s a long haul scenario.

Tornadoes are rare in that area. WTF!

So Dayton is the next Paradise CA.


Rays 421257

Nothing more enjoyable than sitting down and reading your storytelling of common sense – blue chickens-lol ❣️

As a female this time around, i have come to on count the Fou-Fou and use as tools (also a line of expensive winter dog clothes) 😉.


421255 belle
I agree-who to watch, who the see for real facts?
I like ALL points of view to be known and let my common sense decide is my choice if given.
In a world where we are pushed constantly to the corporate pov, this is what I value most.
Many value undocumented foo foo as facts–
I don’t want such “facts” to be part of my opinion however.
And I don’t need someone like a little Rockefeller Jr. Zuck the suck to tell me what is what or else no facistbook for you unless you have my point of view!
Reality is what you believe it is so for some it’s blue chickens-lol!


So T. May and A. Merkel are sisters!! Wow.


Re Rays 421251
I too watched the entire video. It was disappointing to listen about Dan Winter. I like his teaching style of a cartoon voice and antics, which actually I have benefitted.

Everyone has been replaced by a clone or using doubles?? Could this show have been modeled after reading our blog? Timelines were confusing, especially since we were supposed to be dead after 2012.

David Icke did not make this truth video, so that is very positive.

And Big Cudos for Kevin Arnett as he takes on the world of sociopaths of pedosatanists/cannibals in un flenching desire to bring emporers, kings and queens down who decide indigenous children lives are only worthy for sex and dinner.

This feeling of who you can trust is believable, as have been feeling this for a while from alt media. G. Edward Griffin and Deborah Tavares were not mentioned and come to mind.

The overall message of this video is opening up all for discussions where everyone has a voice and is heard. Give people a choice without fear and intimidation tactics. Not the corporations of bankers, dragon colors, or any politician or lawyer with sick, greedy, power agendas against the human (or stupid animals as Kissinger refers to us).


Jim Stone

Julian Assange near death

I have ultimately concluded that he was removed from the embassy in October of 2016 (after the Pamela incident) and has been held elsewhere, alive, during that time only to be returned to the embassy in destroyed condition for a short while to make a media show of “removing him” with photos that strongly indicate he’s whacked. Before all of this happened, Pamela Anderson, who hated his guts brought him “lunch” for reasons no one can explain. Now she’s his “girlfriend”, but scopolamine can work wonders on a target and Pamela is an actor after all. Here is where the story is going now
Basically it is stating that after the “removal” from the embassy, which I am certain was the second removal, done for show, the Brits went totally bonkers with the drugs and torture, and have put him in the prison hospital at the edge of death. The claim is now that they intend to erase his intellect totally (but my belief is they already did that long ago to a lesser degree) and that Ecuador played along with it all for a $5 billion payoff. At any rate, Assange may well die from this.

I am reluctant to post other people’s stuff on this topic, because I firmly believe I am the only one that nailed it. However, Lew Rockwell has an excellent piece written by Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski
that’s going to fill in a lot of detail on the topic of Assange, and as long as it is read in the context of Assange being removed, returned, removed again and now they are REALLY destroying him, it’s worthy of a link. I don’t like how she starts out with a Trump rip, but after that, she gets right down to business explaining what is likely to be happening to Assange, in great detail.

Bilderberg meeting to be held in Switzerland on May 30

Ok, so I guess they think they can stop everyone from reporting on it by delaying the news of where it will be until two days before. The building is probably already on lockdown. No one is likely to be there because you can’t get a passport visa that quick, plus book air travel and actually fly there.
The meeting will take place at the Hotel Montreux Palace in the Swiss town of Montreux from Thursday to Sunday. They are faking “openness” by simply announcing it so late that no one can get there, but early enough to make it look like they are not hiding anything. The Swiss media report is here


Public Service Broadcast: Alt-media Circus w/ Thomas Williams Randy Maugans

At 14:28, Thomas says Project Avalon is run by MI5. Bill Ryan, Simon Parkes, Corey Goode, all report back to MI5.

IDK. My only problem w/Parkes is his inability to criticize the roll out of 5G in the States. Is Clif High’s info posted re: 5G real or disinfo? Who knows…


Jim Stone

The American College of National Security leaders has sent this message to President Trump, urging him to NOT go to war with Iran

I have never heard of this organization before, but it is a MAJOR organization that consists of retired military intelligence officials, lots of generals and other high ranking people. There are probably lots of people Obama got rid of in this group, which has clearly stated war with Iran should not be considered.

Dear Mr. President,

We write to you to express our deep concern with the current escalation with Iran in the Arabian Gulf. The mutual animosity between the United States and Iran, the accelerated deployment of an aircraft carrier strike group and B-52 bombers to the region, and reports of Iranian preparations for attacks on U.S. military and diplomatic facilities are highly concerning and make for a potentially deadly confrontation. A war with Iran, either by choice or miscalculation, would produce dramatic repercussions in an already destabilized Middle East and drag the United States into another armed conflict at immense financial, human, and geopolitical cost.

As national security professionals with extensive careers in the U.S. armed forces and diplomatic service, we have witnessed first-hand how quickly disputes can spiral out of control. The lack of direct communication between U.S. and Iranian political and military leaders during a time of heightened rhetoric only increases the possibility of a miscalculation resulting in unintended military conflict. Washington and Tehran are talking past each other and taking actions the other views as dangerously provocative at best and the beginning of forceful action at worst.

We were heartened by your reported desire to avoid war with Iran in favor of other tools, including common-sense diplomacy. While economic sanctions against Iran have had the beneficial effect of reducing financial support for Hezbollah in Lebanon, these, as well as military threats against Iran have thus far proved ineffective in changing the regime’s behavior and have likely reaffirmed the beliefs of Tehran’s hardline elements that compromise with the United States is impossible.

As President and Commander-in-Chief, you have considerable power at your disposal to immediately reduce the dangerous levels of regional tension. Crisis de-escalation measures should be established with the Iranian leadership at the senior levels of government as a prelude to exploratory diplomacy on matters of mutual concern. The protection of U.S. national interests in the Middle East and the safety of our friends and allies requires thoughtful statesmanship and aggressive diplomacy rather than unnecessary armed conflict.


Get a load of this!!! Weather man Jamie Simpson in Dayton Ohio was warning about a dangerous tornado situation during a major tornado outbreak. Snowflakes started calling and messaging the station telling the station to go back to their regular program, and that he was only giving the tornado warnings to “boost his ego”. So he chewed them out a GOOD ONE live, on air, during the weather broadcast. It was not just one small comment, you could tell he was incensed and he just let it absolutely rip. This video is well worth watching, it wastes zero time and clearly shows just how pathetic the “everything for ME” crowd that has sprung up in recent years is. KUDOS TO THE WEATHER MAN!!!
This weather man is going to be getting heat for this especially if “human resources” is run by an SJW snowflake phleghminist. Save Jamie’s jog by sending comments to the station HERE.


421201 gillfinn
I watched the entire video.
I found it somewhat verbose but an otherwise interesting post–they could have said all in far less time I thought.

Hey David Wilcox , what say you on Goode and the blue Sphere birds? This post does not flatter you one iota! Check it if you can check yer ego!

Also, I don’t think the snark of their video is merited when directed towards either Dark Journalist or Linda Moulton Howe as Linda has been reporting high strangeness a long time and Dark Journalist is the BEST out there with most of his stuff given up by people with Doctor something in front of their name.
A better class of BS fer sure imo!
And Ben, watch out you don’t let Robert Steel back stab you too! Once a Narc ( CIA, Police DIck, whatever,) always a narc !
A narc was a shark that bit fellow dealers in 60’s lingo!
Still is!


A.F. Branco Cartoon – Toxic Brew

The Democrats can’t find anything on President Trump no matter how hard they try. Plan A; the dossier, plan B; Russia collusion, plan C; obstruction, plan D; impeach him anyway. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2019.

Ambassador Lee E Wanta

intruth 421242
On Clif High…
This summary of this talk by Clif virtually “seals the deal” for me that he is acting on behalf of the lizzy-pups.

Are we not hearing that the way the lizzies plan to frame disclosure is by “loushing up” fear of alien invasion?

And who other than “Big Telecom” …. and now Clif is “informing” us that 5G is a good thing?



Leland Roth 421228

I made my decision about five years ago concerning Kevin Annett & have no regrets only confirmations. Alfred Lamont Webre attacked him big time back then & now appears to have changed his tune by including him in a list he made recently of people who are targeted.

I look at the guy on video, I see the way he smiles, I have followed some of the horrendous episodes he has had to endure from the establishment etc, the coherence of his talk.

If Sacha Stone sees fit to mention that he lives in a caravan or mobile home, then I see that as kudos to Kevin. He’s up against the Crown & the monolith of the western State with apparently limited resources.

Instead of posting a seven year old letter making no concrete point other than Kevin had not done a DNA analysis, why don’t you look around his site where there are numerous books on the subject & associated subjects, & links to 12 YouTube videos about his efforts to uncover the Church & State exploitation/genocide of the indigenous west coast Canadian population. Not so different to what happened in Australia in another form.

Any group that has ancestral & continuing connection to the planet, the ‘State’ wishes to control if not exterminate in their desire to separate us from Source & the knowledge of our true nature.


MIT Rocket Scientist Weighs In On Leaked Syria Chemical Investigation Memo

“The evidence is overwhelming that the gas attacks were staged,” Award-winning scientist and MIT professor emeritus Theodore Postol told The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté in a newly published interview.


Tide of Public Opinion Is Turning In Assange’s Favor

The indictment of Julian Assange under the Espionage Act has profoundly affected press coverage of the WikiLeaks founder, with much of the media turning suddenly and decisively in his favor after years of vilifying him.

The sharp change has also come from some politicians, and significantly, from two Justice Department prosecutors who went public to express their dissent about using the Espionage Act to indict Assange.

To the extent that public opinion matters, the sea-change in coverage could have an effect on the British or Swedish governments’ decision to extradite Assange to the United States to face the charges.

Thanks JA for releasing the footage of Kubrick filming the moon landing in the NV desert.


Trump Trounces Biden And Clinton In One Swipe With “Super-Predator” Throwback Tweet

President Trump took a hard swing at both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton on Monday, referencing a 1994 crime bill originally written by then-Congressman Joe Biden, which was supported by Hillary Clinton, and signed into law by Bill Clinton.

The “1994 Law” was widely blamed for contributing to the mass incarceration of black Americans for low-level drug crimes during the USA’s infamously failed war on drugs.

“Anyone associated with the 1994 Crime Bill will not have a chance of being elected,” tweeted Trump. “In particular, African Americans will not be able to vote for you. I, on the other hand, was responsible for Criminal Justice Reform, which had tremendous support, & helped fix the bad 1994 Bill!”

Notably, Hillary Clinton called young people from disadvantaged communities “superpredators” in a 1996 speech discussing the 1994 bill, a comment widely panned as racist. During the 2016 US election, she described it as a “poor choice of words.”


Bo Polny thinks the ‘event’ could be earth changes – volcano/earthquakes. This is his ‘guess’.



Found this from Clif in Dec 2018 re: 5G

There is so much mind-blowing original content coming out on YouTube lately, it was hard to choose one that best represents the zeitgeist of the day but I settled on this very odd broadcast by the Leak Project with Clif High, in which the latter speaks in a kind of code in order to ward of the censorbots of Google-YouTube, referring to this episode as a “LARP” (live-action role playing).

Clif says that a million people are being abducted by aliens around the world every year, mostly outside the US and that beneath the political theatrics, the US, Russians and Chinese are working together to manage what they perceive to be a threat. He believes that something akin to what happened when Neanderthals were replaced by Anatomically Modern Humans is under way right now, where we are being replaced.

Clif says, “I’m also quite convinced that some odd things are involved in our war against the aliens. One of these odd things is the 5G network. So, 5G is gonna roll out all around the planet. It’s gonna roll out and there isn’t anything any human can do because we need that 5g as a very large – at least in the minds of the military – strategic weapon against the space aliens.”

Clif then explains that the millimeter wave band used in 5th generation (5G) communications technology was originally used in scanning near-field microscopes, whose resolution he says is perfect for examining DNA. The TSA scanners at the airport also use the millimeter band in their scanners. Clif suggests that the military has people trained to use these millimeter scanners to detect the DNA of hybridized humans.

It gets weirder. He says, “Right now, there’s something going on that seems to suggest the USA government might be captive by the aliens and the Chinese and the Russians don’t like this…

Clif explains that mind control is the primary weapon of the invaders. “Space aliens can control our minds they can actually control the neural pathways in our brains and they can do so, such that they could eliminate me from your vision I could be sitting there I could be coughing and hacking and they decide what you will hear and see of my presence and they can do this relatively easily…they are able to control our brains through their inbuilt telepathic abilities…

“The 5G Network…could be used, in my opinion to disrupt the ability of the hybrids to control human thought…so it may be that in order to have a free mind in the future…we have to live in 5G envelopes, in order to be relatively free from being screwed with by the space aliens, as they proceed with their evil plan to conquer Earth.”

Clif goes on to share numerous anecdotes from his experience and those privately shared with him from people all over the world.

Comments on this are pretty harsh….Clif is ‘out there’ sometimes.. Some think he ‘sold out.’


Bo Polny referred to Lois Vogel Sharp – she is sent messages and translates via automatic writing.

Her y/t
King of Glory Ministries

Her latest:
Prophecy – I Have The Winning Hand 5-24-2019 Lois Vogel-Sharp


Greatest Crash in History Coming in 2019 – Bo Polny
By Greg Hunter On May 26, 2019

Watching this now. Market analysis mixed with spiritual. “God is going to move his hand”.
We are on a ‘124’ timeline. Major changes imminent! There is supposed to be some massive event that causes markets to crash – there will be 2 crash legs in June. Early June looks really bad. When July hits we will begin a new era of time- it will be the start of a new financial system.

From the description:
The cycle . . . foretells the end of the paper based monetary system beginning in July. . . . Gold is going to jump in June initially. They are then going to try to hammer it back down. Once it jumps, they are going to start to lose control. When July hits, that’s when it will get pretty epic. By year end, Bitcoin, gold and silver will all, all be at new all-time highs.”

Polny adds, “When you do time based analysis, you have direction and time. So, what I know is the stock market has a down cycle into the end of the year. What price the stock market hits by the end of the year, I don’t know. I will tell you it’s probably a 40% crash from the top as a guess. . . . One of the things out of being here today and get out of this is to protect your family. Protect your family with an ark of safety. What is an ark of safety? Having food and water in your house and also having means. They have kept down the price of gold and silver because if it goes up, it’s the end of the paper game. This is also going to bless God’s people. You can’t have that because this is a fight between good and evil. Moses said to Pharaoh, ‘Let my people go,’ and that is where we are. These are Biblical times. . . . God says prepare. We are going to see gold and silver explode between year end. I believe the fireworks are going to hit in July, but I also think the start of it will hit in June.”
Polny says by year end bitcoin, gold and silver will all be at new all time highs!


Hi Benjamin. I would suggest that you make the links in the text as “open in a new tab” rather than exiting your site to read the web pages. That would be more convenient. 😉


Drunk Catherine McKenna, Canada’s environment minister, tells us how “if you say it loud enough, people will believe it”. She has been a shrill, hysteria-monger on the global warming, carbon tax scam foisted on the Canadian public. This is probably the only honest thing this harpy has ever said.

She sounds just like Pelosi who told a group – ‘you accuse your opponent of what you are guilty of’ or words to that affect. That’s where we are now. With MSM it goes a long way for them.

Hope that little clip goes viral…..


Which mandates are you talking about? What he said he would do when campaigning? Remember he has not had much support.

The GoldFish Report May 27th, 2019.
On The GoldFish Report No. 361, Week 123 POTUS Report, Louisa reports on the President’s trip to Japan, new Instagram page, Latest Q Anon signaling DECLAs is coming very soon, anit-EU Right Wing election victories, Memorial Day Remembrance and POTUS Proclamation, and more. Jim reports on the Iranian Dilemma, Barr and Decals, Pelosi’s Behavior and health, DNC attempts to ban AR15, Dems fake coverup narrative,


A couple of updates @ Neil Keenan’s site for those interested…


Election rigging is virtually certain, reporting only 2.2%—the elite could not let Tommy Robinson win, so they censored him

We trust the British people don’t listen to these lies and innuendo any longer

JOSEPH STALIN: “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

2.2% was evidently chosen as an insult-number to discourage Tommy Robinson and his supporters. Hopefully, it just strengthens their resolve.

The election system is thoroughly corrupt. We have written several articles on the topic. To bottom line this for patriots everywhere in the world, we must DEMAND paper ballots. No electronic voting unless each vote can be checked against a paper ballot.

Reader note:

This video was added post production in yesterday’s Cat Report. For those that receive emails of our blog, this is for your records.

Important Channel Update


DARPA’s 5G End Game For Humanity

Supreme Court Halts Judge-Ordered Redistricting in Ohio, Michigan

If Ruth Bader Ginsberg “casts a vote” and later it turns out she had died months previously, does it invalidate her so-called vote? Then what about all the votes that have been going on since her death or incapacitation? What happens to the current justices who have been perpetuating the Ginsberg fraud and hoax on the American people?

Eventually, citizens will see her death certificate which will have a date, time, and cause of death. Tick tock for treason.

AIM Patriot Christopher Strunk offers this for those that want to know more about industrial and commercial uses of hemp.

Suggested narrative: Let’s start saying ‘AT&T’s CNN” whenever we call them out for being fake news and traitors. Helps to wake up some of the sheeple who hadn’t considered this – like the publicity and marketing departments at AT&T.

[intheMatrixxx] @intheMatrixxx

SAVE AMERICA.”-Q@POTUS h/t @patriot14574 #DECLAS
5:59 PM – May 24, 2019


A New Europe is Born
Congratulations, Patriot Salvini. BTW we see that MAGA hat on your bookshelf. And many thanks for taking out those corrupt intelligence officials who attempted to overthrow Donald Trump.
Congratulations, Patriot Farage. Now let’s work to overthrow your corrupt Crown, Privy Council and intelligence agencies who attempted to overthrow Donald Trump. It would help us out over here in America and be YUGE WIN for British patriots. As POTUS tells us – “Think big.” Nationalists of the world can defeat globalism and set the world ablaze in a new age of peace and prosperity.

Yes, Preet, we are expanding the lexicon of patriots everywhere to name events and people as they really are – like treason, traitor, tribunals, act of war (think UK and any other country that doesn’t turn over its conspirators to overthrow Trump immediately), espionage, Privy Council, Crown agents, Senior Executive Service, SERCO, nooses, executions, GITMO, Five Eyes spying, institutionalized human trafficking and pedophilia.

We also like these words – world peace, free energy, prosperity, honest money, and mass awakening. It you tweet, please drop in and give this slimeball, enemy of POTUS, a vocabulary lesson. We need to help him move his own Overton Window.

Treason is the correct term- a cabal of government officials used the nation’s powerful intelligence and law enforcement capabilities to undermine and attempt unlawful removal of a dually elected President – treason.
— Tony Shaffer (@T_S_P_O_O_K_Y) May 24, 2019
AIM Patriot Sparky824 writes: “Of course, the British have perpetrated Crossfire Hurricane before. In the late 17th century, it was called the Glorious Revolution.”

Our reply: Yes, just as we have been saying for awhile. The United States did not free itself from Britain after the American Revolution. We have been colonists all along and the Crown has played us the entire time. Gig’s up. Citizens around the world now know the dirty secrets of the British monarch.


I am perplexed by people who think a man found lying 10,000 times since the start of his presidency and his poor character, character disorder characteristics, and his impulsive actions is not a fit leader, but should should somehow be the savior of the United States. I can see him being essentially a puppet, as was GW Bush, but whose? I do not see him working towards the good of the country or its citizens. How in the world are you people in this blog reaching the conclusions you make? All I see is the game of blemish and rank hypocrisy being displayed on your part.

Bro’ Nathanael Kapner’s latest Zio-tard tuchis-zetzer…

Are Jews Our Misfortune?
By Brother Nathanael Kapner May 26 2019
“Die Juden Sind Unser Ungluck!” was a slogan, (a quote actually), printed on the bottom of the popular Third Reich newspaper, Der Sturmer.

Translated, the slogan states, “The Jews are our Misfortune!”

Der Sturmer was published by Julius Streicher from 1923 to 1945. The paper was endorsed by Hitler as a tool to influence the man on the street.

After the war, Streicher was tried and condemned at the Nuremberg trials for “crimes against humanity”—translate—”criticizing the Jews,” and the Jews got him “hung from the gallows” simply for publishing the paper.

(Sound familiar? Simply say you’re opposed to the genocide of the Palestinians and the hanging judge whether a shill or a Jew is at the door.)

THERE IS MUCH for which to criticize Jews today and one finds himself mining a mountain of malfeasance that wearies the soul in an effort to process a myriad of names and the attendant offenses.

Beginning with the promotion of sexual-deviancy we find Jews in high places not only advocating this accursedness but actuating laws that grant to it credence and validation.

And not only is its affirmation legislated from the bench but a tacit censure on those who oppose its proliferation is set in motion.

While the Jew-owned main stream media celebrates the Jews who subvert the laws of nature—Ginsberg, Breyer, Kagan, and Sotomayor (her mother a Sephardic Jew)—a plague inflicting a scourge on society has been unleashed.

The irony conjoined with the promotion of anal intercourse is Jewry’s push for wars abroad.

For while claiming to be broad minded, Jews on all sides of the political aisle—like Adelson (Republican), Dershowitz (Democrat), and Singer (Libertarian)—are narrowly fixed on one goal, that the goyim should fight wars for Israel thousands of miles away.

COMPARING PRO-LIFERS to ‘Nazis,’ feminist and Jewish icon Gloria Steinem touted with desecrated tongue Jewry’s abortion agenda on NBC’s Today Show last Monday.

Responding to a gushing introduction, (NBC is owned by the JEW Brian Roberts and run by Jews Ron Meyer and Adam Miller with a few Gentile shills thrown in), Steinem exclaimed:

“It’s relevant in terms of the right wing’s position against abortion that Hitler was elected based on his anti-abortion stand, I mean, he padlocked the family planning clinics.”

Surely, if that was indeed the case, the family planning clinics were doubtless run by Jews, and Hitler had good reason to shut them down.

And not so surely is Ben Shapiro’s controlled-opposition posturing that Judaism is “pro-life.”

Well, if Judaism, is Pro-life, it’s for the Jews, not for the Goys, seeing that Senators Richard Blumenthal and Bernie Sanders—both JEWS—are at the vanguard in the murder of the unborn and newly born.

And not only Sanders and Blumenthal (sponsor of the Women’s Health Protection Act which would prohibit states from banning abortion early in pregnancy if Roe v. Wade were overturned, and would invalidate state laws limiting late-term abortion), but a whole slew of Jewish organizations (hundreds of these miserable influential lobbies) push for the genocide of in-the-womb and out-of-the-womb (Gentile) babies.

AND WHY TALK about only killing babies? How about killing free speech?

No surprise here that JEWS lead the charge for there is no realm of all that is good and virtuous that Jewry hasn’t taken up arms to destroy.

Once you lose your God-given right to speak your mind then the tyranny of Judaic ideology which denies the resurrection of Christ seizes control of your thoughts and tongue.

For with the Anti-Defamation Leagues’ Jonathan Greenblatt and Eileen Hershenov, and the SPLC’s Hate Map monitors, Seth Levi and Heidi Beirich—BOTH groups designated as the official flaggers of Google and YouTube—once again we find JEWS leading the attack on the First Amendment.

How is it, one might ask, that a few JEWS determine “community standards” for internet postings?

If Jews make up only 1.8% of the population then how did this tiny minority become the arbiters of who should live and who should die on the web? Next thing you know they’ll throw your ass into prison for criticizing their genocidal Jewish State.

We could go on and on of how Jewry militates against all of our hard won freedoms but who has the time to write such a voluminous indictment?

For with these few facts enumerated above the question stares us right smack in the face:

Are Jews our misfortune? No doubt about it.

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

Admittedly this is 7 years ago, but the author did call Kevin Annett a ‘psychopath’😉

[Author’s Response To Kevin Annett About The Bones (and a few more issues)


7 years ago

Is this man telling the truth?


Yes, it was presumptuous of me to call you a psychopath- I have no medical evidence of this. That said, much of your writing appears to follow the traits of a psychopath. Or, at least someone who is deeply disturbed, self-serving and a bit of a megalomaniac…

I have a few questions for you Kevin- but, first, I will address the three points you outlined in what you wrote in response to my article about the current status of the excavation in Brantford:

1.) Having an ‘archaeologist’ look at the bones to determine if they are human or not is a good first-step, but a rather meaningless effort- regardless of how sharp of an eye they have, there is no way they could determine this fact without DNA tests.

It would cost $450 and would take 7 days to complete a DNA test- you have had the bones for many months so why haven’t you done this yet? Do you have a shortage of funds? Perhaps you could forego one of your flights around the world and put the money towards this important activity? Because, your excuses for not doing these tests are incredibly weak Kevin.

2.) Had you conducted a successful DNA test by now there would be no opportunity for the “confusion and infighting” to occur. I’ve spoken to people connected to the site and they were quite surprised how easy it would have been for you to avoid this. It is a cheap trick to blame this confusion on people who ask question why you haven’t- don’t you think?

3.) Sorry I didn’t mention the buttons & clothing fragments but, I just didn’t see that as any sort of real evidence. I’ll bet that if you do an archaeological dig at any school playground you will find buttons and shreds of clothing, don’t you think? To be honest, I’d be deeply surprised if you didn’t. Considering that, this ‘evidence’ is rather circumstantial isn’t it?

Now, I have some questions for you Kevin:

1.) In the video you recorded at Occupy Toronto in November you say, without hesitation, that the bones you were waving around in the air are those of “children”- despite the fact that there were no scientific tests. Is that not irresponsible? Regardless, why haven’t you released the reports where the archaeologists ‘confirmed’ the bones are human? Wouldn’t that be a good start to gaining people’s trust?

2.) You mention that the bones were sent for testing to “a leading forensic specialist at an American research facility during late December.” If it only takes 7 days to conduct a DNA test, why haven’t you provided us with a definitive answer three months later?

3.) In your response you wrote to my article you said that you had the support of ten Mohawk elders. However, in previous accounts, you said you have the support of nine elders. Why is there a conflict in your story? And, why did you neglect to mention that a number of the elders in Brantford don’t believe your story at all?

4.) You represent yourself in a rather grandiose way with the name “International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State.” A tribunal is defined as “a seat or court of justice” or “A committee or board appointed to adjudicate in a particular matter.”

Yet, the webpage for this organization is all about you- and individual who is making certain allegations. This doesn’t compute- can you please explain where/how your ‘tribunal’ was issued authority to oversee these issues? Or, are you simply being over-dramatic to give the impression you have such authority?

You mention that your tribunal has a headquarters in London in the UK. Can you provide us with an address for your offices there? How about a government registration number for your organization?

5.) On April 9th you made a request for people to help you by sending funds to “1000 Walker St” in Holly Hill, Florida. This address is for a private home in a trailer park. Is this not a little bit strange? It doesn’t smell right at all to me…

6.) You wrote on May 31st of 2011 that you were “arrested and detained in an immigration prison at Stansted airport last night for over 12 hours, and then deported from England without due cause.” Did you have a visa to do your speaking gig in the UK? If so, can you please produce some evidence of this? Because, under UK law, you would have been required to have one- if you didn’t, then UK Immigration would have been following the rules to deny you entry.

Kevin, as I wrote to you, and to people who work with you, I WANT to believe you are doing the right thing. I am totally with you on your work about the horrors of residential schools- and, if the story about mass graves is true, it is essential that the people/organizations involved are brought to justice.

That said, the more I look into your history of outlandish claims, the less I believe you are speaking the whole truth here. And, if you are speaking the truth, it seems to me that you are doing a disservice to the people you claim to support by not treating this investigation with all of the care and expediency that is due.

So, I leave it to you to prove to us you are telling the truth. And, if you are, I will be one of your strongest allies…

-Greg ]

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

Gee, Zander 421226 …I remember reading about Kevin Annett years ago

Perhaps I was misinformed?


Kevin Annett’s Kidnapping (Stop 007)

I admire these two so much, Kevin Annett & Dr. Katherine Horton, really at the sharp end.

They effectively kidnapped Kevin in Canada on returning from US; they were most likely Border Agency contractors & they took him underground. This is known as a ‘Track B’ system that is effectively beyond the normal legal structure, worse than Homeland Security since it bypasses Habeus Corpus in Canada, a colony of Britain, set up by the Vatican we are told. Kevin was informed of this procedure by a named Canadian intelligence whistleblower.

Kevin has some great insights & has written numerous books, the most important perhaps being ‘Murder by Decree’. He tells us of how an uninvited Vatican delegation walked into U Thant’s UN to sit itself down without a vote, with other countries. They have been responsible for numerous blockings & delays on many issues including valid population/birth control.

How Sacha Stone & Robert David Steele can call him a psychopath is beyond me, & reprehensible imo. Sacha is just full of his own smooth bluster & bravado coupled with a desire as a fake ‘rebel’ to be recognised by the establishment, but with Steele it’s worse. It was Steele who earlier this year threatened Annett with a psychiatric evaluation which of course would put him away. However, people intervened from the UN apparently, & he was released or he most likely would have been sectioned. This is related to the questions about the Queen that he was asked, which of course he refused to answer. There is a group in the UN that realise the Vatican must go as it is a criminal organisation & a demonstration/petition is being planned to take place July 1st at the UN.

Kevin says you just need courage or stubbornness & persistence. for more info.
Kevin Annett’s site is


How the cure for Cancer was Killed in Europe | GCMAF |


from this webpage-quote—–All healthy people have natural GcMAF inside them –


removes a number of diseases from the body including cancer without side effects. The

immune system doesn’t function without it

The GcMAF in our bodies has six attacks on cancer, and 5 other direct effects that research

publications have shown so far.

Without the GcMAF we make inside us every day, we would all have died of diseases while

still children.

Serious illnesses like cancer, and many of those listed below, prevent production of your

GcMAF, which also neutralises your immune system, so the disease can grow unchecked.



Sananga freshly made by the tribes of amazon.

These Sanangas carry the energies of the medicine makers.


Sananga-eyedrops-aiding potentially in physical health and spiritual vision enhancements…..

I look forward to taking this medicine soooooon…..even if its not necessarily a great

medicine (it probably is of course…..hahahahaha…..)-the act of anyone caring for themselves

and making a decision-for themselves in what they put in their body as perceived medicine

is/can be

very empowering in

itself of course…..

ongoing research can and often does when intuition is employed,lead to more and more

portals opening up into higher medicines…..

we can be healthier when blessing our foods and medicines with high vibrational energies of

love and light…..


from this article-(excerpt)quote—–Chemotherapy affects not just cancer cells but all of the

body’s organs and cell systems. As such, for most patients, each cycle of these poisonous

drugs results not only in severe pain but also a multitude of additional health problems. In

order to help patients cope with this, more drugs are prescribed. These inevitably result in

their suffering still further side effects and additional misery. Nevertheless, despite there

being no significant benefit to all this, in many patients chemotherapy continues to be

administered almost right up to the point of death.

Ultimately, the only beneficiary from this torturous practice is the trillion-dollar-a-year

pharmaceutical ‘business with disease’, for whom oncology drugs are now its highest-

earning therapy area. Sales of drugs for cancer now exceed $74 billion dollars a year, with

sales of painkillers and other classes of drugs contributing still further to the profit the

pharma industry makes from this disease.——unquote…..


this is a super highly successful criminally insane psyop ongoing by the dark forces

absolutely – it shows the effective brainwashing in play as peoples line up and submit to

what is nothing short of waiting to enter into a death camp often-chemo drugs,radiation poisoning etc…..via draconian designed

disrespectful violant loud arrogant hubris driven state hospitals-delivering expensive poisons

as a pretend solution to various maladies…..

western doctors and nurses are victims also of this of course-like the general population

some are psychopaths – most are not obviously…..their is a somewhat higher percentage of

psychopaths that are attracted to becoming western doctors,as one can operate and feed

their hubris that often is rubberstamped backed up by the real dark controllers criminal

infested operating systems in place…..the bigger fish criminally insane psychopaths are the

ones that develop things like aids and ebola viruses in the dark forces labs etc…..

most doctors are victims though,good peoples who often are very negatively effected

as well-western doctors have lower life

expectancies than the general population for example…..

pseudo rockofellon born state medical systems delivering pain and suffering,premature

deaths,wealth extractions etc…..

be very careful lightforces members when having anything to do with the criminal controlled

state medical system – more intel will come out now about the targeting of lightforces

soldiers that is part of this massive criminal psyop…..

the good news is the earth surface populations-all creatures will soooooon have access to

holographic med beds-grown an arm back in an afternoon,heal a sick organ in an hour,cure

whats known as stage 4 cancers in an hour,age regression therapies,physiologically positive


pharmaceutical drugs that have

been suppressed from the surface population etc……….

we will live long and healthy 1000 plus years – that is the very near future….

we have to finish slaying the beast of course……hahahahaha…..

le meilleure sante pour tous…..porquoi pas…..peu ce qeut veut allon zi…..


Brilliantly articulated Benjamin. Thank you!


I am asking specifically about Trump, not Clinton or Gore. Neither one of them took children away from their parents and didn’t even bother to identify a way to re-unite them—–minimum standards for a hospital or even church nursery I would say.


By the by for all if any on this “ cafe “ talk
There was an interview in Congress during Clinton years and the village idiot vp gore. The physicist , dr. Wm Happer, director of energy research, testified before congress on no scientific data to support man made global warming. Gore had him fired. Same gore who uses as much energy for his home as 1/4th of Vegas..
Check link, Watts up with that, interview with William Happer
The people like trump as he is not a politician. Have an open mind and look then your not a sheeple. The Dems do not like Trump because he is exposing them for the shill artists they are.
Also JoniD, might want to heck out the beds the Dems have been in. Believe you will stuff that doesn’t wash off. Nadler & Schiff for starters. If you are so low to tell the people you were In Vietnam, big big lie. My mom always told me never trust a liar, if they will lie to, they will steal from you. True


Please give me some examples of what I asked for re. Trump, Cornpoppin.


ktlaw—There are many stories of Donald Trump’s kindness but if you confine yourself to the news that never reports these things you will never know them.


I have the same questions as Joni D. Please name one redeeming thing about Trump’s character or his actions. What has he done that has helped the majority of Americians, the 99%? Look at who he picks as cabinet officials. Look his lack of humanity in how he treats others. Look at his refusal to abide by mandates of the constitution.


douglas. 421212

Are you responding about evidence May is Hitler’s daughter?

Can anyone respond to that question?



Winifred 421198

Lovely news. You go girl!!!

Sherry 421199

So grand to have you with us.


douglas jewell
douglas jewell

I have said it many times before, unless you neutralize their gold and precious metal holdings they will come back like a slow growing cancer, they have many times before, but the human race learns very slow and and forgets even faster…

douglas jewell
douglas jewell

Hitler, …..previous question..

douglas jewell
douglas jewell

Adolf was the illegitimate child of A Rothschild (ak Bauer) his mother was one of his housekeepers and was sent back home when she was found to be pregnant…these bastards have children everywhere, the Rothschilds infiltrated the Royals a very long time ago..

douglas jewell
douglas jewell

Fixing the world from poverty, health, free energy, clean water, organic agriculture, expanding to 5th dimensional beings and way beyond, i can say 100% i know is possible. We have the people now for all of this….will they ever see the light of day…that is another thing… As for May resigning, she really had no choice, people in the UK have had enough, it really is that simple, and a constant rising of resonance and frequency are making people more awake without them even knowing it……………and this has nothing to do with money…

douglas jewell
douglas jewell

Only when we all see these evil zionist satinist’s put in prison or even better publicly executed will i believe things are really changing.. HW Bush has recently been seen having stem cell treatment and holding out in a secret base in Mexico. Why was his casket not open ?? When and if i start to see REAL pure soul human beings taking the top positions now and in the future will i believe…

Robert James
Robert James

What wonderful news! I’m tearing up! With tears of joy as a 70 year old man who never thought I’d live to see this day. As foretold in the Book of Revelations, a virtual check list of current events.

At last the horde of traitorous rats will get their just desserts!

Hopefully the RICO Act will be used against the big banksters, the tax free Institutions, etc. By seizing their ill gotten gains, the USA will be debt free, and rich.

What a Memorial Day!!


Drunk Catherine McKenna, Canada’s environment minister, tells us how “if you say it loud enough, people will believe it”. She has been a shrill, hysteria-monger on the global warming, carbon tax scam foisted on the Canadian public. This is probably the only honest thing this harpy has ever said.

lisa khosla
lisa khosla

Love it. Thank you for this very good news! Love and light to all throughout this. What a time to be alive.


29! Yikes forgot it was Monday…



The Deep State’s former intelligence chiefs are panicking.

“Bucket Five” will reveal rampant corruption on their part. They all helped bring about an illegal FISA warrant that allowed them to spy on Trump and his campaign. It wasn’t ‘surveillance.’ It was spying in order to dredge up any kind of illegality that will allow Trump to be impeached if elected. Bucket 5 is the first phase of declassification and is said to include FBI documents that will exonerate Trump campaign officials George Papadopoulos and Carter Page.

This was also known as Hillary’s ‘insurance policy.’
President Trump has played them all like so many violins and cellos. Now they have to face the music of justice. Not just the corrupted security agency players, but also the Democrats themselves.
Adam Schiff, for example. His eyes are as big as saucers now as he realizes his own self-made predicament. He condemned Barr for not releasing the full Mueller Report. He accused Trump of ‘obstruction.’ However, those few Mueller report redactions were in place to protect the process. It would have been illegal for Barr to release the full version. In a quick turnabout of principles, Schiff does NOT want full release of documents that will prove the Democrats’ duplicity. Schiff is the very face of the Democrats’ blatant and nauseating hypocrisy.

Clapper, Comey and Brennan all belong in prison. Many more need to answer for their criminal deeds—including Hillary Clinton. Nobody is above the law and all roads lead to crimes committed by Obama.


—Ben Garrison


Jim Stone

Remember that guy who did a Gofundme to build the border wall? HE DID IT

And he proved I am right about the wastage and time the government is taking, because it is the same 18 foot steel bollard design the government is using and a HALF MILE was done over memorial day week end that closed the second busiest illegal crossing gap on the entire border.. ADDITIONALLY, IT WAS DONE IN A LOCATION THE ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS SAID WAS TOO DIFFICULT TO PUT A WALL INTO. IN FOUR DAYS.

They located the property two months ago, bought that property so they could install the wall, planned the wall, organized the people and when they showed up to do it, it was done before the Memorial Day weekend was even finished. I was right when I said they were lying about the wall and how “difficult and expensive” it was to do it. You can’t get the truth out of this government unless the truth happens to benefit the agenda. CASE CLOSED.
We now know they are lying. Every damn politician is LYING. I can’t get the figures on what it actually cost, but buying the land and installing the wall in a location the Army Corps of Engineers said it was too difficult to do, a WHOLE HALF MILE OF IT definitely cost less than $20 mil. If it took a team of 15 people only a three day week end to do it in a very difficult location there’s no conceivable reason why the entire damn thing is not built by now, other than someone does not want it built. SEE THIS
and compare the progress this team of 15 people made against the progress outlined in this report where 11 miles took FOUR WHOLE MONTHS.
If this group of 15 people took less than a three day week end to do a half mile, they’d have at a maximum finished those 11 miles in about a month and a half. JUST 15 GUYS. What a joke the government is.

Corrupt judicial activism MUST BE STOPPED

If America is to come out on top after a civil war, ALL of these corrupted federal judges who screw the will of the people via “lawfare” need to be wiped out. Period. END OF DISCUSSION.


End of Days……..🙃


Bring on End if Days……….in a good way
“Saw First Man”movie of moon landing, the only real thing about it was of the portrayal of Neil Armstrong, seemed very human, yes supposedly a 33 degree mason and potential cover up of a firmament /dome or majestic alien tech to get through to the moon another way other then explosive technology. The interview after the supposed moon land with Neil Buzz, and Co. looking like they are heading to their firing squad. Having a death sentence over their families would make any man spin a yarn. Time to forgive those you were made to deceive.


Thomas Williams and Randy Maugans take on the hijacking of the alternative media by clowns, criminals and agency stooges: The Corey Goode/David Wilcock/GaiaTV axis; Jay Weidner’s mea culpa, the persecution of Kevin Annett, the Aviary Group of MJ12; Contact In the Desert, the time loops of failed Project Looking Glass and CERN; Jirka Rasavy, CEO of Gaia TV, Lucifer, and Drunvalo Melchezedek; Linda Moulton Howe, Dark Journalist, and the echo chamber….


It appears you are giving Trump’s corrupt business dealings/bankruptcies money laundering and tax evasion (we know the elite don’t pay taxes) a bye Ben. Also what about Kirchner’s and Ivanka’s Zionist pandering in bed with the bibi and Saudi Arabia? Combine together with Zionist evangelical brainwashing to keep Americans under that ‘spell’ to continue to blindly accept the war mongering. You seem to be giving some sort of false hope in a president that has always laid with the dogs and has many fleas.


OMG….it’s the Great Awakening that we White Hats have worked our whole lives for!!!

There are no words to express how grateful we are to the Alliance and Ben Fulford and to David Wilcock and All…

We will be here to lead the way to Peace and Truth as the World transitions into the Golden Age…


21! Now am finally becoming ME! No more abuse… a home that is filled with my energy with the negative leaving more quickly than I could have dreamed.

I got majorly hacked Thursday with my entire computer system taken over through my Gmail account. It took two days before I realized what was wrong but I got the professional help I needed and my device is now bug free and safe. I never realized such evil could occur so fast… so thoroughly… to disrupt and potentially steal everything that is me…my identity!!!

Over now and I give a sigh of relief that I was able to fix this ALL BY MYSELF without having to depend on any of my sons. Trying so hard to get brave and confident again. I lost so much of myself the past few decades. Wow. I am returning to being the person I had forgotten even existed! I am thankful to a wonderful shaman who did compassionate depossession and soul retrieval… bringing back my joy and artistic abilities.

Hope all have a wonderful week. Love you guys! Windi


Don’t forget that I wrote a MASSIVE analysis of all the Flight 370 stuff in April 2014, as follows:

I covered the story of how this flight was landed at Diego Garcia military base and then repurposed into Flight 17, which was then intended to crash into the Hague and be used in conjunction with planted explosives and satellite-based technology to kill off the world’s leaders: “chop the head off of the snake,” in Deep State terms:

It is very encouraging to hear that this might all be part of what the public knows.

On a macro level, this summer is when the shit is going to hit the fan, we get DECLAS, and the public will have to adjust to this highly terrifying new reality.

Folks like us will be instrumental in keeping the public peace.



19 still a teener.



We missed you!

Thank you, Ben, for reporting accurately on the situation and adding extra zest that we didn’t already know about.

This will be very helpful with my upcoming mega-article that I expect to release this week.

David Wilcock


Obama has a Reptilian soul, so does his wife.


I looked for info re Theresa May’s ancestry. Could find nothing cannecting her to.Hitler.. & she was born in 1950s.. according to what I foundu
Can someone explain Ben’s statement?



Thank you Ben


Curious as what type soul you think Obama has?


The “Flight 17” (370/17) crash video is quite graphic and wrenching but worth a watch if you can take it. I wish I could read Dutch but “Was is dat?” is self-evident. There are many inconsistencies in dress: winter clothes, summer clothes, and stark naked corpses for no apparent reason. It seems everyone was violently murdered before they were butchered in this bloodless collision.

Could someone summarize the Dutch subtitles into English?


Good morning from sunny Texas….. thank you Ben, definite improvement on the horizon for UK!


Some people think there is a good group of elites and the rest are bad, evil elites. Some people that are supposedly woke up, think President Trump is a good guy. Maybe he is slightly less bad, but he isn’t a good guy. He has a Reptilian soul and everyone he has appointed also has a Reptilian soul. He may be less bad on immigration, but he is still sneaking them in. He has lied about the wall, last I’ve heard no more of it has been built. He has lied about other things and is pushing 5G. 5G may get stopped and if it does, he will likely take credit for it. He is not going against Vaccines or Geoengineering at all. He is just trying to look good and get reelected.


More Strife.
When will life
Breath free
For all?

That’s our call
Clear streams.
Realized dreams.
Free hearts.
Peaceful homes.
Crops in the field.
Contentment the yield.
May it be so.


w more… more… more
Thanks 2 Ben n Helpers.




8 is great! Thank you Ben! Everyone have a great week!

pat underwood
pat underwood

Good Morning


Thank you Benjamin. This planet is certainly a “fascinating” place to be right now…


Morning all–
Ben says Nancy P is crying for intervention and she so needs one as SHE is losing her grip as the Don stays cool!


4 MayDay! Hooray She’s Gone!


Thank you for all your service Benjamin.


Good morning to all and thanks to you Benjamin


Mayday on Memorial Day! Such a valuable analysis of the real news, thank you Ben, and good morning everyone!