UFOs Around the Sun

The video of “UFOs Around the Sun” is now ready.


I’ve chosen to use the Steemit version of YouTube because there’s less chance the video will be removed.  Speaking of Steemit, I’ve noticed you have not updated your blog in awhile.  I hope you decide to come back soon.

The video quality turned out okay.  I’ll continue to improve my skills as I’m only an amateur with cameras.  I think the message that’s most important at the end of the day is that these ships or objects should not be hidden from people.  It makes me wonder if America’s Space Force is a front for partial disclosure.  They must know there’s no way they can hide all this activity from the masses forever.

In a recent mainstream news article, the Pentagon even admitted it investigates UFOs.


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Shoot some pictures of lightning with a open shutter as they have craft that charge their capacitors during lightning discharges.

Trust me, try it , & you will get your mind blown and get much better shots and closer to home

They are in YOUR backyard or someones whenever lightning storms are happening.

It works for me but good luck and better pix!

David Webster

Blurry yes, but it shows cigar shape craft and saucer shape too. Plus some huge size ships and no doubt they are space ships of some kind.

According to my research the Stars of the universe act as teleporters connecting each other. Fascinating information regarding this in some of India ancient text. Plus channelers report this as a fact, portals are created when the electrical potential between 2 celestial objects. Between Earth and Sun is a portal that Nasa has sent many probes into the rumor is.

Thanks Ben..