Highway Diary Interview: Benjamin Fulford & Eric Hollerbach

Here is a link to an interview of me by a well-prepared interviewer who asked a lot of tough and personal questions.  Plenty of new material here.


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Thank you for your honest feedback.

This is the latest Prepare for Change interview, in a new format:

I suggest to people if they do not want to hear the middle segment of the video, you skip it.

Prepare for Change is run by volunteers, and all the information is free.

Ben is blessed. He has a mission and is fulfilling it for the Goddess with honour and courage.

All will be revealed.
Love & light

David Webster

Poppy, easy you allow a women to go on for over twenty minutes obviously using the entire thing for her own selfish purposes. I love kids and have helped personally before. However thinking that going on and on for all that time is okay makes it not free. STOP using truth as an ad campaign, truth and real news that Benjamin offers is the only news of its kind. I feel he should be honored in a better fashion myself. I am a man of God by the way and I am not putting down anything here aside the greed… Read more »


#421692 David, you said that Prepare for Change is not free how is that so? It is run by volunteers and donations. You do not have to pay for anything. No one profits from it financially. You say they are not prepared, when Cobra, the Alliance and the Resistance Movement know exactly what is coming because they have technology that can see the future. They are making the effort and getting us onboard for the changes that are coming and Full Disclosure. Ben started doing interviews with Prepare for Change when the first original Cobra stopped, when he died at… Read more »

David Webster

Benjamin, honestly why do you agree to do Prepare for Change and people who are not prepared or clearly not professional. Prepare for Change does what 90% of everyone is doing. USE TRUTH for cash returns instead of making it free.

You sir are providing data and should be paid really well in my opinion. True you have protection but the risks are still there for what you do. Some say you work for the other side, haha I have verified most everything you have said and why I subscribed here.

Thank you for your efforts. >:^)