Who put the nukes in the seabed off Japan prior to Fukushima?

Hi Ben,

It’s good to hear that you read Jim Stone’s stuff.  He’s a very informative guy.

Jim has stated that the U.S. Navy dropped nukes in the bottom of the Japan Trench that caused the tsunamis to hit Japan that did all the damage.

I find it hard to believe the U.S. Navy was involved, taking such a risk of being caught.

Can you comment on that?

Best regards,

PS:  As a kid I grew up in Japan in the late 50s and early 60s and loved it.

It was not the U.S. Navy that put the nukes on the seabed.  It was the deep-sea scientific drilling ship Chikyu that did that under the orders of Mossad and the P2 Freemason lodge.  General Richard B. Myers of the U.S. space command was involved.

The U.S. Navy was a victim, in that the crew of the USS Ronald Reagan was pre-positioned unknowingly near the blast site and as a result suffered from radiation poisoning.


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David Webster

Incredible information Benjamin, thanks very much. I think I will keep my opinions to myself. I may come off like a jerk. I do not want that to occur, with my convictions. It is fine how others conduct themselves.

I am more concerned about the people who made a business industry out of UFO, truth and ancient history. Anyone can find the information, problem is not one bothers to look but people like you sir!

Sincerely >:^D