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First, I wish to say thank you for your courage and dedication to getting truth out to the world.

In this quote from one of your weekly reports, a major question comes to mind:

“According to senior Pentagon and Asian Secret Society sources, a decision to establish a de facto World government is also being negotiated at the highest levels.  This would not be the Khazarian plan for a totalitarian New World Order controlled by Khazarian gangsters.  Instead, it would involve democratically revamping the existing international architecture so that real-world peace and prosperity would be possible for the first time in human history.”

My question comes from what seems to be a contradiction, and also from the stated goal of “democratically revamping the existing international architecture.”

1.  The contradiction is suggested by the idea that anything negotiated “at the highest levels” to establish a de facto World government cannot possibly be democratic.  Who makes up the “highest levels” that would be even partially inclined to choose a democratic process that gives power to the masses?  And, any World government created by people who have risen to the highest levels in the current world driven by competitive beliefs and win/lose psychology can only be a continuation of the up/down mentality that creates and sustains “highest levels” that by definition cannot relinquish their power and design themselves out of their power positions.

BF:  That is a good point.  The thing is, though, I have to deal with the real world and the existing power structures, because pragmatically it appears to be the only way to make things happen.  However, the analysis by the Swiss group showed that the top of the power structure consists of 700 people, and that means we outnumber them by 10 million to one.  Pressure from the bottom has forced these people to the negotiating table.  Many of the worst top power holders have also now been eliminated, so the remainder now “see the light.”

2.  “Democratically revamping the existing international architecture” presents a daunting challenge:  how to democratically do anything of such magnitude?  The “demos”—the people—are to be allowed/trained to vote on all elements of the new architecture?  Where on earth is there one working example of democracy?  There is none, and yet you envision a global democracy that can decide/vote on what institutions they want to replace an architecture they do not understand with new institutions that are strange to them and beyond the comprehension of a majority of humanity?

BF:  What we are witnessing is real-time, live democracy in the form of the Internet.  The battle is to keep that forum open and free.  Ultimately, I support the idea of a meritocracy.  This would be something like a Eurovision song contest where anybody can try to get to the top and everybody can see who got there and why.

Personally, I admire your idealism.  In this case, however, I long to read your down-to-earth, nuts-and-bolts recommendations on how the above dream can be accomplished.

My view is that only a grassroots movement that is the opposite of anything the “highest levels” can possibly conceive or implement to a humanity exhausted by such elitist “solutions” can bring about real change.  I hope your writing and interviews begin to reveal you are willing to talk to the man in the street and the mother in the kitchen so they understand what they can do with their neighbors and their community to create their own new world.

Looking to any more “solutions” to be handed down to them by the powerful just continues their sheep mindset and hastens the day when their only course is open revolt.

BF:  Believe me, I started this process by talking to “the masses,” and I came to the conclusion the masses are good at expressing discontent when they can feel things are wrong.  However, when it comes to solutions, it is easier to criticize someone for spilling a glass of milk than it is to put the milk back in the glass.  Hopefully, meritocracy will allow for the selection of widely accepted and respected people who have solutions.

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outstanding discourse!!….thanks for the clarification and you’re heartfelt work Ben


HOLY S….waited for these times all my life…( first of baby boomers…1946 )….thank youes do not even begin to express …..WWG1WGA…

David Webster
David Webster

Well put Benjamin thanks very much. All valid viewpoints but not exactly accurate with the scheme of how the world works. Thinking of the future and planetary trade throughout the Galaxy, we sorely need a government that represents all of humanity not just the handful that Benjamin has skillfully brought up.

Grassroots are often and in most cases controlled by these Zionist via Democratic left party pretending to be good guys. At least in my country the United States. Our real name is the United States Republic of America.

One day soon our flag will change from the current wartime flag to the peaceful one where the blue is replaced with White. >:^D I am 64 years old and was spiritually awakened March 20th 2016. I am excited being part of the global awakening of who and what we all are.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We chose this life while the 700 Benjamin speaks of chose to be the bad guys. What do I mean? We all agreed to be here at this time to experience for God this moment in time.

For the first time in the history of all the different universes and multiverses God and his hierarchy are pulling off a magnificent feat! Ascend Gaia (Earth) The Sun (Amen Ra) and humanity all at one time. It will be glorious for those who are ready. All of the millions perhaps billions of light workers like myself are delighted.

We look forward to our mission of helping mankind to understand the Galactic Shift of the Ages. It happens every 60480 years. Anyone not ready for this event, well no fear. You will be transported to another earth like planet to do this all over again.

No one dies, all souls/spirits are immortal, only the vessel/container/body dies. Ancient peoples called it a container later a vessel. All facts if you research the ancient text like I have for the past 5 years and before that researched UFO related material.

As it turns out UFO, Religion, Politics, Governments, economy, world military are all tied together into one thread or knot of control. Religion was to fool everyone into thinking the only way to God is through a Church and special people only could guide you.

This was a falsehood. Our bodies are divine temples that are connected to source (God) always never breaking. Though most of humanity is separated from our creator. We have been lied to and mislead of course.

Thanks again Benjamin, as of late you sew up the loose ends on things I have researched. Plus fill me in on the world affairs as they “really” happen no more fake news misleading us to the wrong conclusions. >:^D


I am deeply grateful to the author for writing these concerns to Benjamin and to Benjamin for both posting them AND for his succinct and direct responses. I share these concerns!

The lion’s share of humanity may outnumber elites 10 million to 1, but they, WE, are suffering under every conceivable form of material deprivation and persistent insecurity imaginable. We live in a climate of lies, misdirections and manipulations (to say nothing of the pollution). We have no trust that the fairness that must be the foundation for the meritocracy of which you speak, even exists in humanity!

The ignorant masses might be a whole lot smarter (or maybe not even exist anymore) 10 years down an honest road in a truthful climate, with access to the resources that support their well-being, like food, shelter, medical care and freedom from threats to their person and loved ones… A believable peace… A sense of fair play, fair access to opportunity and resources…

I want you to be successful convincing the power brokers that “have seen the light” to tear off the bandaid, tell the truth, and let us all heal. Humans are smart, resilient, kind and ADAPTABLE. We will learn and grow. But that’s always been the real problem, hasn’t it?
If we learn, grow and adapt, we won’t be controllable for the puppet masters any more.

I’m open to the idea AND (mostly) tuned up for the revelations that are coming, and I doubt I would completely trust anyone who told me all the puppet masters were dead and that their decendents have had a change of heart…

If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out, Benjamin. I am very grateful for your voice and how you use it.


Thank you for posting this, Benjamin.