Notice of website hack

Notice to readers:  This week our website got hacked and we had trouble getting the article up.  We believe we have solved the problem now and apologize for the inconvenience.

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Any update on the #russiansubmarine ?

David Webster
David Webster

I saw the issue, and it was a soft hack or the site would not be live now. Lucky Benjamin there are some really hard core hackers who work with the Israel as you probably know. I suspect it was not any of them though.

The sources you have are incredible and always correct. I have researched this topic all my life and I find it really rewarding to see more and more people diving in and understanding our world.

I DO NOT approve of the industry cropping up around truth. It is free after all, though I true professional like yourself deserves to have abundance. You are actually helping humanity and changing your reality. I admire you for it and so does all your readers!

My entire family reads these weekly reports and we ignore that Q nonsense that everyone is so excited about. lol It is Nazi Germany all over again with Patriotism etc.. it is sickening to me.. >:^D


Many thanks to Triode and Ben and whoever else is helping.
These days, it’s amazing how little interference happens with this blog.
Continuing with light and prayers for all.

Kathleen Rosemary
Kathleen Rosemary

I can’t log in to see whole article.So maybe it’s not solved yet!


Thanks for all you do Ben!! Glad you fixed the problem and got the message out. And what a great message!! Huge progress towards peace is happening NOW!! World peace and plenty for everyone is inevitable. I’ve always known this, but it’s been a tough battle with many setbacks. Thank god for people like you who tell the truth and refuse to compromise or back down, even when your life is threatened! BIG LOVE & GRATITUDE TO YOU!!