Bounty placed on PayPal heads

Special notice:  A bounty of one ton of gold has been placed on Elon Musk and Peter Thiel of Paypal.  The bounty has been placed because they are abusing their electronic payments system to suppress truth.  This writer, along with many real-world journalists, has been a victim of their attacks.  The gold can be collected in Hong Kong following completion of the mission.

Other bounties will be placed on other high-tech oligarchs over the coming days as part of the ongoing battle to liberate humanity.

Benjamin Fulford
White Dragon Society

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Robert James

Literally their heads? Getting both of them would be complex.


Elon Musk sold PayPal many years ago.


How about taking most of their wealth and redistribute to the needy population of this planet. It’s a shame when the powerful are taken down but the wealth is kept in the same corrupt system that doesn’t care for the benefit of mankind


Good in theory, hope it happens,
need to cut the head of the snake not just remove one of it’s faces, cut dice & mulch


fck arresting them….lock and load and slaughter the scum… excuses, no trial

Matt Chaney

Chill – there is zero indication that they have physically harmed anyone and these really smart (and hard to make individuals) have much to offer the world – both in the here and now and lotta work to be done in the promised land.


What is the bounty for e.g arrest ?