Enough of your bullshit already.  America is not indebted, period.  It is the most ripped-off nation of all time.  We know about the Pope and the Queen’s governmental services corporations.  China is a worthless secondary creditor to those foreign-owned, bankrupt corporations.  The national debt is the national credit that is owed to the American People, not lazy, sneaky China.  China can’t wipe its own ass, for crying out loud.  They’ll get nothing and like it.  The Pope, and your boss, the Queen, will pay their own debts this time.  I believe Anna von Reitz has already educated you on these matters… too bad you didn’t listen.


The US has definitely been ripped off and looted by the privately owned Federal Reserve System.  You need to nationalize it and issue your own sovereign currency ASAP.

However, if you just look at physical trade and nothing else, you will see that ships have arrived in the U.S. full of stuff to be delivered to the American people and then have left empty for the past 40 years.  See what happens if you try to get stuff from Amazon.com or Walmart and not pay for it, but the U.S. has not being paying for its stuff for more than 40 years and the world is getting sick and tired of it.

Trump is right in saying the U.S. needs to manufacture and export more, but that will not be possible as long as you keep using the Fed’s UN dollar, mislabeled as the “U.S.” dollar.  Tariffs are only a tax on the American people and will weaken U.S. competitiveness.  Ask the Argentinians how tariffs turned them from the world’s richest nation into a third-world country.

As far as the Queen is concerned, she is only a symbol;  the real power rests with the people.


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Benny ,you are very wrong , that evil old blood sucker is more than a symbol she is next to the Vatican in riches stolen from British conquered peoples and GB working wage slaves, that non British royal family belong in the middle ages not this modern free world no lords only representative by ballot .. ,give them a small pension turn their many estates into care homes and decent orphanages and modern hospitals, they will soon be arrested as the terrible truth becomes known. They will soon . join old inbred kazar
Rothschild and his international extended family of Zionists and banker thieves being held guilty for their devilish crimes on children led by Albert the Perv..the truth of Britannia royal victim hood and millions killed in their wars of occupation. I am told we have a special relationship, America and once Great Britain. The George and Andrew Flag is all that’s needed and no house of Lords. Brexit has awakened the heartland. Blighty will never be the same ..there are no secrets any more all will be known.


Unload crypto, buy silver,it’s terribly undervalued,gold if you can afford it ,tell friends and relatives of real monetary values via metals investments vs Fiat ( explain) for their protection, tell them sell all paper gold and silver, explain stacking, junk silver ect . take profit if you hold stocks, in recovery your metal will buy you in if necessary.workers convert garage sales to finance your preps

Preparedness is not foolishness, the 4 most needed metals, gold ,silver copper and nickle
and others subscribe to another important metal (lead),water ,fuel, and generator, medicines , food. and escape plans if living in major cities. oldsters and diabetics keep 3 months of needed meds, spare glasses and small solar charger for cell phones, Bicycles are always needed in shortages of fuel.
Always try to be the earlier in the reaction vanguard, pay attention to you tube reporters,main stream will not give accurate info they promote chaos don’t count on mainland wild game ,it’s alleged that deer ,elk and buffalo are carriers of “Mad Cow. through so many states, pocket fishing gear is always helpful.
My Guru, Remote Viewing “Nostradummy” wanted me to help this sites viewers