Body doubles at Elijah Cummings’ funeral?

What about this?  Pelosi was seen Oct. 25th at Cummings’ funeral.  Obama was seen there too.  Are these body doubles?  How do you explain it?


Yes, I fully expected some sort of video of these people to be put out.  I am waiting for my source in Washington, DC to confirm with the naked eye they still exist in real life and not just as digital ghosts.  High-level, high-profile people have body doubles as well as computer-generated images, but over time, these are of limited value when the real person is gone.  Time will tell.

As I have said before, this is a hybrid war and controlling the narrative is an important part of it.  They are doing everything they can to keep their “story” going.


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Michele Armstrong

I am so very confused!. You keep saying that Pelosi, Obama, Schiff, etc. are all dead; yet, the impeachment process is alive and well with a vote taken yesterday to legitimize the process with Schiff, Pelosi and cronies in full attendance. why, if they are really dead, are body doubles allowed to continue usurping the power of the president, causing more trouble for him and the Conservative Party, and why are they even still around? You intimate or President Trump is not a “good guy” and is in fact working against the American people… is this true? Why was the… Read more »


I posted my observations and thoughts about Pelosi at the Cummings service on an update thread several days ago. I have since spent numerous hours studying even more videos of Pelosi speaking at numerous press conferences, interviews, and a speech on the House floor. I’ve tried to find video of her walking down a hallway or to a microphone. I’m just using my Mac Pro laptop and iPad, no enhancing equipment. But I have examined Pelosi’s speaking mannerisms, facial features, whatever body features I can see, hair, and walking gait. The black clothing she wears and the bright lighting on… Read more »