With puppets like Obama, Pelosi and Netanyahu gone, Khazarian mafia resorts to nuclear blackmail

The battle to liberate the planet Earth is reaching a crescendo as Khazarian mafia puppet politicians are being systematically hunted down and killed or arrested, Pentagon and MI6 sources say.  At the same time, the cabal has initiated surrender negotiations, according to sources in the White Dragon Society and Earth Alliance.

A clear sign we are facing an unusual situation is that Israel shut down its embassies worldwide, ostensibly because of a labor dispute.  This shutdown is widely interpreted as nuclear blackmail, since Israeli embassies are known to contain nuclear weapons.  However, Pentagon sources say Israel was forced to shut down all of its embassies “because they may house nukes, weapons of mass destruction, and terror cells.”

Resistance leaders say much of the ongoing Western civil war is taking place in underground bunkers.  They say the most serious fighting is centered around the underground facilities in California, where cabal strongholds like Google, PayPal, and Facebook are located.  There are also underground bunkers in Switzerland, Greece, and Israel that are still fully under cabal control, the sources say.

Meanwhile, on the surface, second-tier cabal agents like former U.S. President Barack Obama, U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are being removed.  Since top-ranking fronts like George Bush Sr., Pope Maledict (Benedict XVI), George Soros, David Rockefeller, etc. are already gone, the real puppet masters are increasingly hiding behind computer graphics and body doubles or “clones,” CIA sources say.

For example, last week videos of Pelosi and Obama appeared to create the appearance they are still alive, but our sources on the ground say that neither of them has been seen in public in recent weeks.  We would say with a 90% certainty that those videos were created using computer graphics.

Mossad sources, meanwhile, say the “real Bibi Netanyahu” is in a deep underground base in Israel and the one seen publicly “is a double/clone.”  Mossad entrapment officer Jeffrey Epstein and fake ISIS leader Shimon Elliot “al-Baghdadi” are in the same bunker, the source says.

The undeclared civil war in the U.S. also took a decisive turn last week after the forensic discovery of IMF involvement in the campaign to remove Trump.  “A huge IMF loan to the Ukraine” authorized by then-IMF head Christine Lagarde “generated a large amount of cash that was then laundered into …

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Jim Stone

An update to the Trump Polonium post
I am NOT saying Trump was actually poisoned, but I will say he’s not looking as good as usual, and if they do poison him polonium would be perfect. There’s no antidote. A trip back to Israel and an alt identity, and it’s done. And I am confident Russia would do it too, despite Putin recently saying Pope Francis is not a man of god. Well, that’s correct, but . . . .

If they decide to poison Trump (one way or another) they will use something that makes it look like he has rapidly degrading health, degrading naturally, and when they know they have him weak enough, they’ll get rid of him early with one excuse or another, with mental health being one of them. Let’s all hope Trump’s recent appearance that is simply not as good as it was a short while ago is only the flu, or stress, or whatever, and if he does suddenly fall apart, keep in mind what was posted here.

I don’t think Trump is going to be able to fry the deep state even after catching them all. However, if somehow he is able, don’t expect it to be an easy going affair, they are going to try to kill him no matter what, and poisoning would be the most likely way. They’ll want a story about how old he is and he fell apart and he was a kook and it showed but idiots loved him and we did not shoot him, we did not kill him it was all natural adios THANK GOD order can now be restored . . . . . Plausible deniability . . . . . if this happens, don’t be a fool for it.

Polonium would be PERFECT. It will give all the symptoms they want, and progress slowly so people can watch it happen. Polonium is one of the world’s nastiest poisons, with 1 milligram able to kill 1, 000 people. And the deep state would simply bury it. Let’s all hope he looks like his good self soon, and that this recent rough appearance can be slept off.


Light fthgac and prayers on that.


Back to the USSR


This is an update on Joseph Mifsud from an Italian newspaper. You can copy and paste the words on to Google translate to get a rough translation.

ESCLUSIVA ADNKRONOS – Russiagate, ecco la verità sulla spy story

Here’s a translation of the article pic.twitter.com/t5P8DN8foT
— Roscoe B Davis (@RoscoeBDavis1) November 9, 2019


Ultimate Meme Collection: Jeffrey Epstein Did Not Kill Himself



Virginia Election Fallout: Gov. Northam “Working On” Assault Weapon Confiscation

New Evidence Confirms Kentucky Election Fraud!

Scotty Meyler is a frequent listener of our audios. He always leaves a message and we know him to be a trucker and that he keeps ‘Betsy and Thomas’ for company on his long hauls. Under the audio we just did Questions worth asking!
Betsy & Thomas, Scotty commented:

Douglas ! What about Me ! I sleep 8 am to 5 pm Sunday to Saturday ! 50 to 55 hours a week in the day only ! In the Winter sometimes I don’t even see the sun ! I am the walking dead I guess ! I drive 3000 miles a week ! I am a American Trucker . Thank you ❤️?? ❤️

Betsy replied and pinned the comment to the top of the comments:

We love our American truckers and we think of Scotty often. Sometimes when we are talking, we think of Scotty on a night road, somewhere in the middle of America, hauling products made in America to all us patriots. The internet is beyond time or space so whenever Scotty listens, we are there with him. The internet makes strange friends. Although we may only be connected with typed words and images, we become connected through our consciousness. This is how we all grow and become even more wonderful than who we are individually. Let us all resonate on the highest frequency of love so that we can bring the world lasting peace and prosperity. Please think of patriot Scotty whenever you see a trucker on the road. We are connected through love in the ethers. Give him a thumbs up so that he knows we love our truckers and he will spread the word from truck stop to truck stop.

Now y’all head over there by CLICKING HERE and give Scotty a thumbs up to support our American truckers. You will make his day! Plus, read the special response that Douglas left Scotty.

Mexico Is Urging The Supreme Court To Stop Trump’s Bid To End DACA

Rashida Tlaib Slapped With $2 Million Lawsuit For Alleged Battery, Assault Of Laura Loomer



Texas Abortion Clinics: We Should be Able to Dismember Unborn Babies While Their Hearts are Still Beating

The Tree of Life


Breaking: Proof John Brennan Still CIA Chief

The Creepy Child Porn Lawyer

Scrub-a-dub-dub: Did the whistleblower scrub his social media footprint before filing his complaint?

From Wikipedia:

Paul Edward Begala (born May 12, 1961) is an American political consultant and political commentator, best known as the former adviser to President Bill Clinton.

Begala was a chief strategist for the 1992 Clinton–Gore campaign, which carried 33 states and made Clinton the first Democrat to occupy the White House in twelve years. As counselor to the President in the Clinton White House, he coordinated policy, politics, and communications.


John Bolton Today’s Benedict Arnold

British Deep State Now Saying BREXIT Election had Russian Meddling. They Are Saying Conservatives Knew But Covered It Up. Guess Where the Intel and Reporting For This Story Came From? CHRISTOPHER STEELE. READ MORE!



A few days ago, we posted Anthony Brian Logan’s video. Then it started showing a “privatized notice” so we removed it. We couldn’t imagine that he removed it…it was really good. Now he comes back to explain how he was censored.
YouTube Privatized My Whistle-Blower Video! CNN Tells Us WHY.


Now this is what you call a reporter! He actually goes out to get the story. Neil Twitter Suspended for Truth-Telling.



Republicans Name 8 Potential Impeachment Witnesses. Here They Are

“NELLIE OHR: The wife of Justice Department official Bruce Ohr, and a former contractor for Fusion GPS. Ohr told Congress in an Oct. 19, 2018, interview that Serhiy Leshchenko, a former Ukrainian lawmaker and investigative journalist, was a source of information for Fusion GPS, which peddled the infamous Steele dossier. Leshchenko, who has acknowledged having contact with Chalupa, helped publish information in August 2016 that led to Manafort’s firing as Trump campaign chairman.”

Note to Jim Jordan from AIM: Please, Representative from Ohio Jim Jordan, please ask about the dinner meeting Nellie and Bruce Ohr had with U.K. prosecutor Alison Saunders four days before GCHQ Robert Hannigan came over to wiretap Trump Tower with John Brennan. This all tracks back to the Privy Council and Mark Malloch-Brown, George Soros, Geoffrey Pattie, Richard Dearlove, Andrew Wood, Nick Clegg, Stefan Halper, Christopher Steele, Arvinder Sambei, Joseph Mifsud, Stephen Roh, and the Queen’s Privy Council. And don’t forget to ask about the Americans who played treason and espionage with them: John Brennan, James Comey, GINA HASPEL, Michael Gaeta, and the Senior Executive Service operatives that are now household names.
This is the origin of the coup and we the people of America are getting sick and tired of Adam Schiff and the DemonRats.


SHOWDOWN!! Patriots v Globalists

Perkins Coie Law Firm, Which Commissioned Steele Dossier, Curiously Involved in Lawsuit Against Jim Jordan

Is Lisa Page singing to Durham’s prosecutors?

Alabama fans (pictured below), holding Epstein sign. Hope the patriots in Alabama won’t be tricked by Jeff SES Sessions again. Don’t vote for Jeff as U.S. Senator. He is a swamp gator that left us high and dry with no indictments at the DOJ.

Session is running so he can protect the swamp and HIM from his Uranium One treason committed by the Senate Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) committee.


Wow. This is incredible. You have to watch this until the very end. Seriously, wait for it. Watch Twitter video



Donald Trump given huge ovation at Alabama/LSU

Trump wants Pelosi, Biden to be called as impeachment inquiry witnesses, says he’ll release second phone call transcript

Coup against President Donald Trump goes from soft, to hard

CIA to Move on White House Next Week

New reports are indicating:
Alex Vindman lied under oath
Fiona Hill lied under oath
Marie Yovanovitch lied under oath
Will they be treated like Michael Flynn and Roger Stone?
This is all hearsay, lies, and conspiracy to destroy this president
Where is the accountability?
— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) November 9, 2019

From a CTH aficionado:

“Seriously, everyone should read through the transcript posted at Conservative Treehouse of Vindman being questioned by Ratliff.
Seems clear to me Vindman threatened the Ukrainians and worked to undermine his CIC, President Trump. He should be court marshaled.

Even worse is his conduct around Russian military during joint military exercises.
Officer says LTC Vindman ridiculed USA in front of Russian officers



No, we are not letting this story go. This is TRUTH HISTORY. This is what you won’t learn in Common CRAP Curriculum indoctrination centers. All people on the planet take heed and learn the real history of the evil beginnings of fake news propaganda and the intelligence agencies. They are all one big operation and we uncovered their beginnings, which includes a heinous plan for world-wide eugenics, digital tyranny, and an economy based on harvesting human beings (for pedophilia, blood, rape, organs, labor, sacrifice, etc.). Get yourself caught up on the real truth of a history that effects every person on this planet.



Also available with active hyperlinks: https://americans4innovation.blogspot.com/2019/10/the-200-year-information-war-uk-us.html

Teach your children truth history, not Tavistock-Frankfurt School propaganda.


Secretary of the Department of Education Betsy DeVos has done NOTHING to stop the Pilgrims Society INDOCTRINATION of our children.

As you all know, the Gabriels were school professionals before retiring and working full time for our AIM community of learners. The public school curriculum – Common Core CRAP Curriculum – brainwashes and indoctrinates future voters of America. We did the research and all of this tracks back to the Pilgrims Society that pushed this MKUltra CRAP onto our children for several decades, beginning with that bizarre illogical CHICAGO math, convoluted math that came from the center of the Alinski destroy-America movement that obliterates a young person’s ablity to solve problems logically.

Betsy deVos sits at the Department of Education doing a whole lot of NOTHING. Common Crap needs to be immediately pulled from all schools and education needs to go back to local school districts. We must stop this invasion of our children and future citizen’s minds. With her continued do-nothing agenda, Betsy deVos supports the indoctrination of our children by evil anti-American forces. She needs to wake up or be thrown out of her position. She is a rich, elite globalist through and through and in the next few weeks our researchers will be showing you the global force behind Betsy Do-Nothing deVos.
After listening to this parent explain Common Core, make it a point to start attending your local school boards and demand that this mind poison be removed from your local school. Betsy deVos isn’t going to do a damn thing to help patriots so you need to start attending your local school board meetings and DEMAND that this mind control crap stops NOW.
Arkansas Mother Obliterates Common Core in 4 Minutes!



Tucker Carlson on New Anti-White Curriculum Being Taught in Schools Across the United States (Racist Dems of course)

Fates Whynot
Fates Whynot

People can now tap snowfall for electricity, thanks to triboelectric nanogenerators that collect electrical energy from innocuous activities like footsteps and raindrops. The new energy harvester, developed by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), is not only inexpensive but light as well – matching the thinness and flexibility of a plastic sheet.
The device can work in remote areas because it provides its own power and does not need batteries.It’s a very clever device – a weather station that can tell you how much snow is falling, the direction the snow is falling, and the direction and speed of the wind.
Very promising if workable, i guess, in particular fer Canada, some US states and Northern Europe.


New Fire Pulses In LA Tonight & 2 Major Fires In Utah
November 10, 2019

from LogicBeforeAuthority:


Columbia Prof Who Fled Marxism Resigns: “Felt Like I Was Living Under Communism Again”

After fleeing communism in his native Romania, Andrei Serban likely never thought he’d have to flee it a second time — in the United States. That is, until oppressive identity politics demands forced the award-winning theater director to resign his tenured position at Columbia University, which Serban said is “on its way toward full blown communism.”

Professor Serban told his story in a Romanian television interview, which was translated into English by a Romanian immigrant, reports the College Fix. In it, Serban speaks of how he was forbidden to hire a white, male, heterosexual professor and was pressured to let a “transgender” man play Juliet in Romeo and Juliet.

Broadcast on Romania’s TVR1 October 26, the TV host, Eugenia Voda, expressed “incredulity at multiple points in the interview [video with English subtitles below], seemingly shocked that the American higher education system is headed toward communism,” writes the Fix. “Serban fled from the ideology, which ruled Romania for much of the 20th century.”


Very telling interview in video.



… California is about to unleash another high speed train project, and this one is even more idiotic.

The California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (IBank) has authorized a $3.2 billion tax-exempt, fixed-rate revenue bond issuance to help DesertXpress Enterprises, an affiliate of Virgin Trains USA, build a high-speed train from Victorville, California, to Las Vegas. The new XpressWest service, at speeds of up to 180 miles per hour, will take about 90 minutes one way.

There is just one problem: Victorville, located in SoCal’s high desert, is quite literally in the middle of nowhere.

In theory, it’s not a terrible idea: California has for decades sought to find a fast path between Los Angleles and Las Vegas. In practice, the fact that the train runs to Victorville assures that the project is DOA.

“If they were going to go from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, they might have a chance of attracting some customers, but going through the mountain would be extremely expensive,” he said. “They’re building the easy part of the rail line but not the part that they need to build to actually attract customers.”

Meanwhile, when we said that the first high speed train is dead, well that wasn’t quite right: the construction of the original California bullet train is still chugging along, albeit on a reduced scale. While Governor Gavin Newsom shelved the California High-Speed Rail Authority’s plans for a $77 billion rail line between San Francisco and Los Angeles after amid concerns over escalating costs and schedule delays, the governor limited work to the $20 billion Central Valley portion of the project that will take passengers between Bakersfield and Merced.

So why does California continue to press along with not one but two train projects it knows will be a disaster? The answer is simple: “free” Federal money. The High-Speed Rail authority is trying to beat a Dec. 31, 2022 deadline in order to not lose a $929 million Federal Railroad Administration grant for that particular segment.



UN Envoy Issues Grim Warning Over Assange’s Life

A United Nations expert in torture diagnosis has in the past week issued a stark warning that Australian whistleblower Julian Assange is in danger of dying from extreme prison conditions in Britain.

It is testimony to the rank hypocrisy of British and American governments who lecture others around the world about democracy, human rights and international law.

One can only imagine the hysterical outcry among Western governments and media if somehow Assange was being detained in a Russian prison.



‘Crushing’ Babies to Harvest Their Organs: Judge Allows Undercover Video Clip in Planned Parenthood

Check out first 3 minutes.


Re: Demographic Jihad? Virginia: Muslim Doctor Tied Women’s Tubes Without Their Consent !!!!

The details of this case are simply horrifying. One woman tried for years to conceive a child, but couldn’t. When she finally consulted a fertility specialist, she discovered, according to the Virginian-Pilot, that her “Fallopian tubes had been burned down to nubs, making it impossible to conceive naturally.” It turned out that her physician, Dr. Javaid Perwaiz of Chesapeake, Virginia had tied her tubes without telling her was doing it or obtaining her consent. And she was by no means the only woman whom Dr. Perwaiz victimized in this way.

Dr. Perwaiz’s website is the soul of helpfulness, noting that he has “practiced in the Chesapeake region for over 30 years, providing expert and individualized care to his patients. Personally following each and every patient throughout their pregnancy, he is available 24/7 to meet all of your requests and expectations. His experienced office staff will individualize your care and coordinate your insurance coverage. They provide friendly and knowlegable service for all your healthcare needs. Same day appointments are often available.”

About the good doctor we are told that he was “educated abroad,” with no hint as to where – it was actually in his native Pakistan, as the Virginian-Pilot notes: “Perwaiz has had a medical license since at least 1980, according to state records, having attended medical school in his native Pakistan and completed a residency at Charleston Area Medical Center.”

The Perwaiz website adds that Dr. Perwaiz is “dedicated to the promotion of healthcare to women from adolescence to menopause and beyond. His training and experience truly qualifies him as an expert in the care of low and high risk pregnancies. He has delivered thousands of healthy babies. His surgical skills are unparalleled, from laparoscopic surgery, cesarean section, hysterectomy, to more complicated gynecologic repair.”

He is a busy man, maintaining two offices and promising “knowlegeable, quality, individualized care for each patient. We welcome you!”

Not all those whom he welcomed came away the better for it. Dr. Perwaiz was placed under arrest Friday and faces trial on charges of health care fraud and “making false statements relating to health care matters.” He became the subject of an FBI fourteen months ago, when an employee at a local hospital tipped off the feds to suspicions that he was performing surgeries that weren’t necessary on patients who didn’t know what procedures they were undergoing. According to the Virginian-Pilot, “the employee told investigators Perwaiz’s patients advised hospital staff they were there for their ‘annual clean outs,’ according to an affidavit signed by FBI Special Agent Desiree Maxwell.”

These “annual clean outs” consisted of “hysterectomies, cystectomies, myomectomies, tubal ligation and dilation & curettage,” and more. He was busy, too: “from January 2014 to August 2018, he performed a surgical procedure on 40 percent of his Medicaid patients — 510 in all. Of those, 42 percent underwent two or more surgeries.”



Jim Stone

A BLACK GUY managed to put an 8 – 10 foot slash in it. He was very mistakenly arrested for criminal mischief. Doing God’s work. So much for the Dems owning the black vote!!! HA HA, it could not have been better, except for the arrest.

This is just pure speculation, however, I noticed a few shots of Trump lately have him looking like crap, and his appearance is what Polonium does to you. I am not stating he got poisoned with this post, it is only a heads up – if he’s gone soon polonium or something else with similar symptoms took him out, he’s just not been looking good lately.
At first I figured it was from all the stress and from obviously losing the country, but today I got to wondering – perhaps it is a poisoning and he’s going to be gone. HEADS UP AND DO NOT ACCEPT THE OFFICIAL STORY IF THIS ENDS UP HAPPENING, let’s all look forward to it NOT happening, while having a way to look back if it does.


The GoldFish Report No. 404:
On The GoldFish Report No. 404, Louisa and co-host Steve welcome back the Ambassador of the Red Dragon family and Benjamin Fulford of the White Dragon Society to discuss the global financial transition to gold backed currency and the geopolitics that influence this process.


Thanks Trudy and a very powerful Dragon Interview.

“A Little Bump in the System“ as Ben agrees with our friend, Wolfintimber,
re the buying of
Silver on Nov 11th, which is reassuring and
grateful to hear as I thought
we would never hear
The Dragons Families Asking for OUR help and co-cooperation, that’s interesting.
Or maybe a Judas payment ❣️



Having had that concrete grounding in the catholic faith that was so prevalent when I was growing up(have since found my own -inside)–I found this article hilarious.
‘Pope Francis is Not A Man Of God’ | Putin
President Putin has slammed Pope Francis for “pushing a political ideology instead of running a church”, and warned that the leader of the Catholic Church “is not a man of God.”

by Baxter Dmitry

“Pope Francis is using his platform to push a dangerous far-left political ideology on vulnerable people around the world, people who trust him because of his position,” Putin said.

He dreams of a world government and a global communist system of repression.

“As we have seen before in communist states, this system is not compatible with Christianity.”

“If you look at what he (the Pope) says it’s clear that he is not a man of God. At least not the Christian God. Not the God of the Bible,” Putin said at the Naval Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Kronstadt.


I put this article in a couple of pro-Putin facebook groups and immediately got comments on both, meaning that this is false news, Putin has never said that.
So whom shall we believe?


Putin is completely right in this case. Pope Francis does his best to destroy Christianity. See for instance:

Bergoglio desecrated St. Peter’s Basilica and enthroned the Amazonian fertility goddess entrusting the satanic Amazonian ‘synod’ under the care of this demon

Not to mention introducing Chrislam and other similar actions. He’s anyone but the vicar of Christ.


The out of control bushfires in New South Wales are said to be creating their own fires via what they call “Pyro Convective Columns”. Don’t know, sounds to me like something they have put a fancy label on which they are creating via DEWS or similar, something they would try and sell to the unawakened!

Can’t find a current link to the fires burning now but this is what they are referring to.




The older volunteer firefighters called them “fire devil’s”, swirling mass of fire.

They could be small & fast jumping along starting fires as they move along, they can jump a few kilometres, touching down and making the area explode in flames.

Some of the stories I heard where very scary.

Fire is very powerful, DE Wepons could be? More likely, not really, where not California!




Shifty Schiff: World’s Biggest Whopper Teller

Adam Schiff is a lying, pencil-necked Pinocchio who continues to lie about President Trump. With every lie his nose grows longer and his pencil neck gets thinner.

For years, Schiff has been pitching his lies and deceptions to the American public. Fortunately, the public doesn’t believe Schiff and his cohorts, the fake news media.

Schiff refuses to accept the reality that the American people elected President Trump in 2016 and that Hillary Clinton, a truly horrible candidate, lost.

By means of constantly repeating innuendo and hearsay in a mass media echo chamber, Schiff seems to think his lies will become reality.

Oh, let us count the many lies of Adam “Shifty” Schiff:

Schiff said he had evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, the findings of the Mueller report proved him wrong.
Schiff repeatedly lied to protect DOJ official Bruce Ohr. Schiff claimed that the courts ere aware the dossier was created by a partisan Christopher Steele and the information was corroborated by the FBI.
Schiff’s committee repeatedly leaked false information to media outlets during the Russia probe, causing the media outlets embarrassment when the truth came out.
Schiff read the American people a fake transcript of President Trumps call with the president of Ukraine, which he tried to cover his ass by claiming it was a “parody” and not a lie.
Schiff lied to the American people about his, or his staff’s connections with the so-called “whistleblower” before the “whistleblower’s” report was filed.

And his lies keep on coming!

Shifty Schiff never met a lie he didn’t like. He should resign before his growing nose of lies tips him over.



Jim Stone

It is all appearances, he’s still performing quite well. But if they have decided to take him out via poisoning and it is polonium, wait a month. If he’s still up and about like normal, wait two months. Then you’ll know for sure.

Trump may have been poisoned
I have noticed lately that he looks like he got nailed by Polonium. Maybe it is extra stress, but he’s not on meds as the trolls are saying to explain it.

Polonium would be risky but the system is so subverted that even Kushner would not utter a peep. You cannot count on any of the normal countermeasures “detecting anything” now.

Perhaps it is just a stressful time. We’ll have to wait and see if this clears, but if it is polonium, it won’t, he’ll be dead soon of “natural causes”.


I pray that no weapon formed against my President or my country shall prosper….


GOP Lawmakers Plan to Call Hunter Biden as Witness in Public Impeachment Hearings

Devin Nunes Formally Requests Testimony from Adam Schiff

The Court Of Justice Of The European Union Limits Free Speech





(Tongue in cheek) New coming attraction for kid-friendly Disney. Still working out the details of the name:

Escape from Epstein Island

EPCOT – Elitist Pedophile Community of Tomorrow

Temple of Doom – new and improved- live action

Some say Will (in video below) is trying to expose the CIA pedophile operation…Some say Will is a pervert himself along with Tom Hanks and other Hollywood pervs. What do you think?
Will Ferrell: Child Trafficking Comedy Skit





All that clown stuff and Clowns in Action, reminded us of congressional clowns:




Michael McKibben, CEO and Founder of Leader Technologies, has shown the President a solution to the social media problem. Find out how you can help AIM Patriot and LEADER Michael McKibben restore free speech as well as the Republic. Learn more here.

Betsy says: “Make Facebook, Google, Reddit, Twitter, the whole bunch prove their original source code to operate their scalability function. They can’t. Because they, along with the Department of Defense and IBM Eclipse Foundation (Highlands Group), stole the technology from our beloved AIM patriot Michael McKibben.
Who do you believe created social media technology?

or Him?

Facebook Scrubs All References To Alleged Whistleblower Eric Ciaramella

Three fake news propagandist women yak about the media’s failure to report on their male counterparts’ pimp Jeffrey Epstein. Source

TRUMP CAMPAIGN WAS NOT INFORMED!! That’s unforgivable!!! Dumb meets Dumber. Twitter video

AIM Patriot Condor brings attention to SES:

Last night I noticed Dan Bongino briefly discussed GS government ratings…and that at the top…we have SES throughout government. See link: https://youtu.be/2AHk3_FImQA at minute 38:00-39:00 mark (less than a minute). So far, this is the first time I have stumbled across a non-AIM related program even mentioning SES.

Hopefully more internet news programs will be discussing SES and the Pilgrim Society in the near future.

Our Reply: Thank you for the recommendation, Condor. But one little mention of SES doesn’t cut it with us, as you know. We don’t give “credit” to bloviators like Bongino that just say the name and move on. They do that because their audiences are pressing them for information (good job, patriots), but they can’t deep dive because their “handlers” won’t permit it. Doubtful that Dan’s handlers will let him come out and fully expose it. Dan is controlled oppo….if you haven’t figured out, yet.

Dan is a spin guy and his research is shallow at best. He keeps you spinning, wasting your time, but never reports on the real truth about SES, SERCO, crown agents, the Privy Council, the Pilgrims. Has Dan spoken about the relationship of Queen Elizabeth’s operative Arvinder Sambei has to Robert Mueller, ever since 9-11? Has he connected the dots to Alison Saunders, the Ohrs, and Robert Hannigan’s shenanigans at the Trump Tower? Spin-meisters like Dan are fine for low information audiences, but he is definitely not a cutting-edge intel guy.

That having been said, we will gladly change our opinion when we see a full-court press from Dan on the UK attempt to overthrow Donald Trump with all the UK conspirators outed, from Stefan Halper to the Queen and her royal pedophiles. Waiting, Dan. Tick tock.




“So I think, in light of all of the things going on — and you know what I mean by that: the fake news, the Comeys of the world, all of the bad things that went on. It’s called the “swamp.” And you know what happened and you know what I did? A big favor. I caught the swamp. I caught them all. Let’s see what happens. Nobody else could have done that but me. I caught all of this corruption that was going on, and nobody else could have done it.” President Donald J., Trump



Patriots, want to help Roger Stone? Start outing the corrupt Stone Cold Killer Judge who has a target on Roger’s back. She is a total SES dirtbag that Herr Mueller keeps on her knees, servicing the swamp.

Calling on the meme team! Here’s an update from the propaganda rag Sun-Sentinel


ALERT: It is very easy for this highly emotional, easily-triggered woman to get her panties in a wad about internet people harming her. We only wage an information war on Jackson through the WORDS of TRUTH. We do not endorse violence of any type. Pray for her guidance and then…. meme the shit out of her. Turn her into a cartoon buffoon. Do it for Roger. Do it for freedom of speech.

We have bundled up lots of intel on the Roger Stone Cold Killer judicial witch here. Make sure to share with your network: https://tinyurl.com/yy5mpo7y


With the impeachment attempt failing, the Dirty Dems now turn to George Washington University psychiatry to provide medical conclusions of Trump’s mental health.

SWAMP Psychiatrists call Trump dangerous and want to testify on impeachment

“The psychiatrists who are making themselves available for consultation are Dr. James Merikangas, Dr. Jerrold Post, Dr. John Zinner, and Dr. Allen Dyer, all of whom teach at George Washington University.”


President Trump is running all cylinders on Twitter today. Make sure to see TRUTH NEWS.
Twitter Presidential Tweets Today




I really enjoyed this interview


correction, 428642


Re: 42862 statement. I suggest you watch the witness testimony on live TV on Wednesday and Thursday to hear testimony of those who did witness the phone calls and testify under oath that there was a quid quo pro.


The FBI Declassifies Files on The Finders and McMartin Pre-school Child Trafficking Cases
October 28, 2019



Sarah Ashcraft (Youtube) (sold to Tom Hanks as a 13 y/o sex slave by her father)



Jim Stone

I have had problems posting lately for various reasons, including getting banned by an ISP.
The site has been sparse for a couple days as a result. Today is also a busy day, but I found a few good things that can be posted quickly.
WATCH THIS Slow moving commercial to the end, And I mean, TO THE END. It’s priceless, way to perfect to have happened, but it did happen.

Democrats know they have nothing but freaks to offer, so if the nation goes hard left that’s more proof of election theft, (not that it will matter, I am now 100 percent confident we are doomed in 2020) but this is worth pointing out.


Old news by now, but ABC news Fired the wrong staffer for blowing the whistle on their corruption in covering up Epsten’s pedophelia. They had the goods on Epstien, ordered the story killed, and then fired the wrong person for blowing the whistle.


Trump did indeed say “I caught them, I caught them all”, meaning he totally busted the deep state, and I believe he did. However, when Obama poisoned the well with corrupt judges and prosecutors that Trump can’t remove, LET’S SEE ANYTHING GET DONE ABOUT IT. What’s he going to do? Cry? He’s in the position of “catching” 900 thugs with Uzi’s” and he’s all alone, on a hilltop with not even a pea shooter. In this subverted system, he can “catch them all” and nothing at all will happen. WATCH THIS. IF THERE ARE NO SIGNIFICANT ARRESTS BY ELECTION DAY, PUT A FORK IN IT, IT IS OVER AND THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY FORWARD. One way forward to keep yourself out of the gulag. ONE. WAY.
Every damn last one of these thugs that “got caught” will blame YOU for it, and they will get revenge, ON YOU. You had damn well better stop them if that happens and for GOD’S SAKE BULLETS FIRST. Don’t waste time wondering what to do when the door gets kicked in, don’t ask why, BE READY AND DO NOT HESITATE. They might get you but if every door kick results in a fatality, they’ll give up REAL QUICK.
Don’t use an AR and don’t use a shot gun, have the 30.06 or .270 RIFLE at the ready. Those are the ones that’l fix’em GOOD, right through the helmets and body armor.


Pay NO ATTENTION AT ALL to Iran being able to “refine five kilograms of uranium a day”, when it is only 5 percent enriched I don’t even think there is a nuclear reactor that can use it. Maybe the Russians worked some magic for them with that but it is a very low percentage of enrichment.


An advice “to have the 30.06 or .270 RIFLE at the ready” in order “to keep yourself out of the gulag” is cool and prompt, in particular at the edge of Civil War II. Nobody will protect us if it starts. Russians already experienced that a hundred years ago: the Red troops come and rob the civilian, White troops do the same. Your rifle is your intimate friend, folks!


Only Donald Trump Can Save American Democracy and Only with Our Support

Paul Craig Roberts

Now that the “quid pro quo gate” hoax has collapsed, like the Russiagate hoax, the presstitutes are inventing a new quid pro quo hoax. It wasn’t money that Trump dangled before the Ukrainian president in exchange for an investigation of Ukraine’s contribution to the Russiagate hoax. It was a presidential visit to Ukraine. I listened to the latest CIA-directed presstitute plot unfold today on NPR. Three semi-males devoid of integrity did their best to substitute a visit to Ukraine by Trump for the unsubstantiated promise of money. The visit is all third hand as there is no mention of such a visit in the telephone conversation between Trump and Zelensky. The impeachment hoax now rests on unverifiable alleged conversations between Trump aides and Zelensky aides that Trump will honor Ukraine with a visit if Ukraine reopens the investigation. Whether this is the investigation of the Urainian company closed down by Joe Biden or the investigation of Ukraine’s contribution to the “Russiagate” hoax has yet to be made clear by the presstitutes.

This is how hopeless the coup against Trump is.

Nevertheless, it might succeed anyhow.

It is a known fact that the CIA director John Brennan orchestrated the Russiagate hoax, an act of sedition, and it is a known fact that FBI director Comey committed a felony by misleading the FISA Court, and it is a known fact that FBI official Peter Strzok and his FBI mistress were involved in a plot to prevent Trump’s election, and so on and on. Yet despite the publicly known information of their crimes, no indictments have come forth from the Justice Department.

Is Bill Barr sitting on the evidence and indictments until Trump is driven from office? We have to understand that the Republicans are as corrupt as the Democrats. Just as Democrats do, Republicans want the money and careers that service to the ruling interest groups provide. Draining the swamp means cutting interest group politics and money from the process that governs politics. As a number of scholars have researched and concluded, the American people have zero input. Both political parties want to keep it that way.

The test before us has nothing whatsoever to do with Trump’s guilt of any of the hoax charges. The test we face is whether the American people can retain any control over their government or whether control passes firmly and irrevocably into the hands of the Deep State.

As I wrote the other day, if Trump goes, Democracy goes.

The CIA’s control of the Western media is now complete. The story of Operation Mockingbird, the CIA’s large-scale program beginning in the 1950s to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes, aided and abetted by CIA funding of student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations, is well known. Udo Ulfkotte’s book, Bought Journalism, is now available in English from ProgressivePress.com with the title Presstitutes: Embedded in the Pay of the CIA. Ulfkotte, an alpha German journalist for the major German newspaper describes how the CIA has completely destroyed media independence throughout Europe.

What this means is that the entirety of the Western World lives in The Matrix created for them by the military/security complex. The real dangers destroying the West go unnoticed, because they are not seen as a threat to the economic interests of the ruling oligarchs.

All of Donald Trump’s problems as president are due to his intention to “normalize relations with Russia.” Such a normalization would dispense with the ENEMY that justifies the $1,000 billion dollar annual military/security budget and the political power that accompanies it. President Eisenhower told Americans in 1961 that the military/security complex was a threat to their control of government. Because of Cold War hysteria, Americans did not listen. Therefore, today they have lost control of their government.

Only Trump can recover it for us. Trump is rich. He doesn’t need money. He is narcissistic. He is not dependent on the whore media’s opinion. He stands up to the presstitutes who are a megaphone for the military/security complex.

The ruling Establishment, not the American people, has decided that Trump has to go. Why does anyone support the ruling Establishment? The ruling American establishment has always sacrificed the American people, truth, and justice to its narrow selfish interests. Why do American progressives want to help the ruling Establishment get rid of President Trump?



Kevin Shipp

The Shipp Brief
Saturday November 9 – 2019

The so-called impeachment, “whistleblower” is an operational plant and a leaker. He has also violated CIA regulations governing CIA employee’s acting as political operatives. He has no legal whistleblower protection, not only because he is a fake, but also because he secretly met with Adam Schiff’s staff. This makes him liable for Agency administrative penalties, and he can be subpoenaed by Congress and the Senate to testify under oath for his possible role in the False FISA affidavits, the Steele Dossier and other parts of the soft coup against a sitting president.



Electrician Explains Why Utility “Smart” Meters Catch Fire, Explode and Melt As Well As Make Appliances Malfunction and Break


Print this one…Never know when you’ll have a smart meter incident.


I used to read and sometimes re- calibrated the trusty old analog meters for the USN and they are pretty much dead nut reliable and hardly ever had problems or needed a re-calibration.

New & improved?
Not imo !
They seem very weak on ability to survive the commoner than thought over voltage hits , as in I think they should not even be mounted to a house in the first place.
Meter the darn things @ the pole if you are gonna use matchboxes for meters!

To me , they are like Ford Pintos all over again.
Ah yes, the lovely, and easy to burn in a crash mistake that was covered up for too long by Ford Motor Company until flaming Pintos became punch lines for late night comedians and Ford finally “got it” !
No one is crying “bring back the Pinto” so sanity still prevails on that count -lol!


Entire Police Department Now Gone After Good Cops Refused to Enforce Quota System

…According to Bedell, who was a Collegedale cop from January 2013 to January 2019, in December 2018, the department began directing officers to make a certain number of arrests and citations or face disciplinary actions. Each officer had to complete at least 25 enforcement actions and 100 patrol activities per month, according to the lawsuit.

Although the city disputes this claim by Morris, these cops took it upon themselves to secretly record the corruption. The recording, released back in January, does not lie.

It truly forces police officers to create criminals out of innocent people in order to generate revenue, or they face losing their jobs.



Field’s Extradition Hearing has been set for Dec. 02, 2019 4pm

AIM Patriot Dorothy updates us:
Field McConnell’s case:
On the You Are Free TV’s video, Nov 7th, the lady said Field was charged by Kim Picassio of Broward County, Fl with 3 Felony Counts of

1) Aggravated Stalking
2) Written/verbal threats of harm or death
3) (some actions leading to terrorism – didn’t understand that part).
Supposedly, charges were filed in FAMILY COURT under DOMESTIC VIOLENCE statutes, if that helps. She also said that when Timothy Holmseth was arrested in Minnesota – he was charged with the same 3 charges by Kim P. In her video, she didn’t say where this info came from or give any links for it in the notes.



The Other Side, Merging Timelines & Rapid Acceleration, Melvin McGee

Leak Project
Nov 7, 2019

This looks interesting…..


ABC News Spiking Epstein Story is Death of the Mainstream Media

Greg Hunter
Nov 7, 2019

Rob Kirby interviews Greg Hunter


4 Reasons Why Socialism Is Becoming More Popular

Authored by Alexander Zubatov via The Mises Institute,

I would suggest four factors contributing to the situation.

Factor #1: Ignorance of History
Factor #2: Government Bungling
Factor #3: Universities’ Ideological Monoculture
Factor #4: Coddled Kids

…then the next logical question is what to do about it.

There is no easy answer, of course, but I would suggest that the radicalization of academia is the lynchpin issue. If we could succeed in reversing that tsunami, many dominoes would fall: we would be addressing the university monoculture that systematically distorts research, sends students veering hard left and graduates generations of left-orthodox clones who find their way into journalism, government, education, entertainment and other influential sectors driving public opinion and shaping the other three downstream issues factoring into socialism’s rise: government policy, educational philosophy and the manner in which history is taught. Many have observed that our universities are in crisis, but that crisis also represents an opportunity to avert the much larger socialist cataclysm that threatens to engulf us all.



Nov 7
Bernie Sanders is not allowed

CNN Caught Flipping Sanders/Warrens Poll Results


7h7 hours ago
Is it safe for children to watch Disney movies or to go to Disney parks? The suppression of the Epstein story by the Disney corporation raises profound questions about Disney’s real intention towards children. #Disney #Epstein

Police Uncover Massive Pedophile Ring At Disney World

Police have uncovered a huge pedophile ring at Disney World, Florida, with over 35 employees arrested for alleged child rape offences.

The Disney employees include people from management, a concierge, a tour guide, and a ticket seller.


Top Disney Executive Arrested For Operating Pedophile Ring
Days after police busted a massive pedophile ring at Disney World, a senior executive at Disney has been charged with three felony counts of child sex abuse.

Jon Heely, a long-term employee of the family entertainment company, was arrested on three counts of lewd and lascivious acts on a child, according to Variety.

Heeley, 58, of Santa Clarita is accused of abusing two underage girls, one whom was 11 years old, approximately ten years ago.

WE know the CIA uses the park for mkultra training too.


‘Bout bloody time! Well done the police!


lelnerd posts:
This is my meme. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My meme is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.

Without me, my meme is useless. Without my meme I am useless. I must fire my meme true. I must meme better than my enemy who is trying to make American worse again.

My meme and I know that what counts in war is not the reeeeeee’s they screech, the fake news they publish, nor the false accusations they fling . We know that it is the memes that count. We will meme.

My meme is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its template and its caption . I will keep my memes original and dank, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will …

Before God, I swear this creed. My meme and I are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life. We will make America great again.

So be it, until victory is America’s and there is no enemy, but peace!


You never know when you will find a 3D meme! Clovis brewery prints ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ on the bottom of cans


This is a Euler Diagram
turned into a meme.




What you’re about to see may disturb you. #EpsteinCoverup


Meanwhile, at ABC….


I’ll swap a can of mid seventies ” Billy Beer” fer a can of Clovis brewery beer with the 3-D ” Epstein didn’t kill himself” on the bottom.

History ain’t always in a library and since I never met a beer I did not like, ( sorry ’bout the butchering of a Will Rodgers phrase ),
Jimmy Carters bro and his beer were OK by me !


There’s a NEW REASON Liberals Are PANICKING over Ruth Bader Ginsburg! As always, you can prompt Steve around the 1:30 mark to get the talk started.


How Fusion GPS Saved Planned Parenthood’s Bacon

How to use telemarketers to spread truth around the world


We are, too, Candace…and a great time to remind folks who Meghan McCain really is:



ICYMI | RITE ON! | Obama Attacks Woke Progressives!


Ok Boomers might need an explanation of this meme. Thanks to hello_japan who explains the meme just below.
hello_Japan explains: “To elaborate, Mark Zaid is a known quantity in the comic book community.

Mark WAID (different guy) is a big name comic book writer who is a raging fascistic SJW who tries to terrorize conservatives out of the industry.

The whistleblower’s lawyer Mark Zaid is defending the comic writer Mark Waid (yes, they have almost the same name) for trying to destroy an army veteran comic reviewers life over politics, making violent threats to the army vet and threatening other people not to work with the army vet. Mark Zaid and Mark Waid are both enormous SJWs and giant pieces of shit (but I repeat myself).

This lawyer, Mark Zaid, is such a hysterical, insane leftist that he compared the psycho making bomb threats a year ago to Comicsgate, which is an anti-SJW comic book movement vaguely similar to Gamergate.


Mark Zaid is a well established left-wing lunatic, the kind of person that calls everyone they don’t like “alt-right”. He falls all over himself on twitter calling Comicsgate supporters racists and alt-right and doing shit like this doxxing threat.

The fact that Mark Zaid is the lawyer that Eric Ciaramella went running to says everything about the type of soyboy that Ciaramella is. Imagine that Ciaramella got Gloria Allred as a lawyer and what that would say about his political motivations. Getting Mark Zaid as a lawyer is akin to getting Allred.

The Austin Independent School District (AISD) in Texas has voted to implement a new pro-LGBTQP curriculum that includes teaching third-graders how to have anal sex.

For folks just now catching up: Andrew Breitbart died suddenly after posting about Podesta. Then Andrew’s coroner suddenly died of arsenic poisoning. This was the founder of Breitbart which is now a full blown propaganda site that protects the Pilgrims Society and corporate media criminals from their crimes against humanity.






Elizabeth Warren Confirms Her Medicare for All Plan Will Cover Illegal Immigrants

Liar Liar Pants on Fire
Impeachment Witness Marie Yovanovitch Caught in Apparent Falsehood Under Oath

The Daily Caller and DC Shorts is run/owned by the Fox News propagandist Tucker Carlson. Yes, he, too, is a propagandist for the fake news corporate media….why do you think he never takes you to full truth disclosure and keeps you in a nightly spin zone of going nowhere fast? In the video below, entitled Former CIA Director: ‘Thank God For The Deep State,
you will see how the propagandists keep the lid on SES. Lots of talk about the “deep state”, but NOTHING on SENIOR EXECUTIVE SERVICE.

Looks like another Project Veritas-type head-fake where they talk all about the Deep State, and you think you know what it is, but they very craftily didn’t NAME THE ENEMY.

Judicial Watch: White House Visitor Logs Detail Meetings of Eric Ciaramella

I will be announcing the winners of the #MAGACHALLENGE
and inviting them to the @WhiteHouse to meet with me and perform. Good luck! SEE VIDEO!

Blood, Cannabis, and Meteorites- Betsy and Thomas Infotoons

Soros demon-spawn Alexander hangs out with political puppets:


Jim Jordan Joins House Intelligence Committee – Interim Replacement for Rep. Rick Crawford



Sens. Johnson, Grassley Ask State Department for Hunter Biden Documents

Impeachment in The Courts – HJC vs DOJ Appellate Arguments Scheduled for November 12th

President Trump Delivers High Energy Remarks Upon Departure

We are adding updates about Field McConnell as they come in. Please feel free to check the page and crowdsource the truth by adding your comments and information.

Check updates at the link below.
Field McConnell UPDATES

Note from an AIM Patriot: Second call just made. Left voice mail message as a reporter for Salem-News (Salem, OR) requesting info on the charges against Field McConnell who was arrested on Nov 4th in Plum City: “What are the charges against Field McConnell arrested on Nov 4th in Plum City? McConnell is an Annapolis graduate, Marine Corps pilot, and retired Air Force LtCol.”

Another note from an AIM Patriot: Left voice message w/Wisconsin governor’s office late yesterday. Will call again today. Tony Evers is Wisconsin’s governor. Governor Contact Number: 608-266-1212 Communications Office Contact Number: 608-266-1212.

What are the charges against Field McConnell arrested on Nov 4th in Plum City? McConnell is an Annapolis graduate, Marine Corps pilot, and retired Air Force LtCol.

Recommend the office be bombarded with calls.

Field’s Extradition Hearing has been set for Dec. 02, 2019 4pm

Someone should send a letter for all records re. Field McConnell as instructed below.







Child Escaping from Buckingham Palace Naked

How will those effing reptiles explain this I wonder.


My God… And clicking on this link only gives you the last 7 seconds, completely bypassing the escape footage…. A way for YouTube to conceal the truth??


An inspiring story of ? Love ❣️

Humble Man Walks Almost Entire Perimeter of Mexico Saving Hundreds of Sick and Injured Dogs
By Good News Network – Nov 5, 2019

A few months ago, Stuart Williams was driving out of the small Mexican town of Mazunte, Oaxaca, when he saw a peculiar sight on the side of the road. A man was pushing a trolley down the road surrounded by a dozen dogs.

“Dogs were on top of his trolley. Dogs were behind him, in front of him and by his side. Tails were wagging furiously, barks were sounding and he just kept pushing his trolley through the heat,” he told GNN.

Short video of this inspiring true story of one man’s vision and heart love and compassion



The week’s news that wasn’t
by Jay Baker
The most spiked, banal, edited, disingenuous and hypocritical fakeries in the week’s fake news. ABC spikes Jeffrey Epstein story Not all fake news is published news. Often the lamestream legacy media creates fake news by what it chooses to not cover, as Project Veritas revealed this week when it released video of ABC Good Morning…

Read more



Physicists Are Starting To Question Physical Reality

Physical reality has been accepted as being real and it is what it is for many years. Scientists have researched it and decided that at its core, it’s just quarks, fields, and quantum phenomena – all that science “stuff” with atoms and protons, electrons, etc. This has been known for a long time and no one has really questioned it. Until now. What if all that was wrong? What if the world isn’t as it seems and it’s something else entirely? A new theory suggests just that.

A column in Scientific American has offered the controversial idea that what’s fundamentally real in the universe, the actual base reality all that science “stuff” that seems to comprise it. It’s not what everyone once thought it was. Instead, according to scientist and philosopher Bernardo Kastrup, some are starting to suspect that the matter itself is actually an illusion and that the only real thing is information. This can be quite confusing to this article is going to delve into it in a bit more detail.

A world of mass hallucination
This new idea is basically saying that that the physical universe that everyone sees, all the matter, all the physical objects only exists because humans perceive it as that. ItBreitenberg (848532) resembles a sort of mass hallucination that is being used to make sense of the mathematical relationships of objects. While this does seem quite far-fetched, according to Kastrup, it’s gaining ground. To some physicists, this indicates that all the matter, with its solidity and concreteness, is an illusion that only the mathematical apparatus they devise in their theories is truly real, not the perceived world the apparatus was created to describe in the first place, says Kastrup.

What this is effectively saying is that nothing is real, it’s all just an illusion created by the human race to allow scientists and researchers to visualize what they are talking about in their theories. Nothing is actually real, it’s all just a hallucination.



So in the next presidential election we will see a female Obama (socialist/communist) win will
just be an illusion/nightmare? Poor Elizabeth
Warren if she chooses Hildabeast as her vp. ?

AND, our favorite Wolf didn’t really leave this blog either❣️




Human blood sausage promoted as VEGAN since it’s human blood, so no animals are harmed to create it
Thursday, November 07, 2019

(Natural News) A disgusting new trend is emerging within the world of veganism, as some vegans are now reportedly having their own blood extracted from their bodies and turned into “cruelty-free sausage.”

At first we thought it might have been dark satire, but it appears as though so-called “human blood sausage” is actually becoming a thing, at least in Spain where video footage shows blood being extracted from a person’s body with a syringe, mixed into some kind of “grated meat,” and boiled before being eaten.

This hideous, modern-day expression of cannibalism is simply the latest example of leftists gone mad, as the allegedly “food conscious” among us aim to “save the planet” by eating themselves and their friends rather than animals like cows and pigs.



The inmates must be running the asylum now.
Human Blood as a food additive , good God wot’s next?

I don think I really want an answer to that !

Natural News touts this stuff now-I guess it’s good to know that.

I heard a real vegan would not eat anything that has a face so I guess human blood qualifies on that count somehow?


In liberal Austin, anal sex will now be taught to children in grades 3 through 8 as public education becomes pedophilia indoctrination

Thursday, November 07, 2019

(Natural News) The Austin Independent School District (AISD) in Texas has voted to implement a new pro-LGBTQP curriculum that includes teaching third-graders how to have anal sex.

In a unanimous decision, the district’s board decided that the most “inclusive” path forward is to confuse children as young as eight into believing that male-female biology is “oppressive.” Further, these youth will now be told that they can pick any gender they’d like, and also put their reproductive organs wherever it feels good to them, including with the use of sex toys if it feels right.

“Under the new curriculum, for the first time, the district will teach students about gender identity and sexual orientation,” is how local media outlets are framing it.

“The lessons will also help kids identify an adult they can trust; plus talk to them about options if they get pregnant, and seventh graders would learn how to use a condom.”



Back to Rays’ Mark Twain quote re. school boards & innate idiocy.


Melissa don’t you live in Austin? Can you shed any light??


All I can say is yuck ? and omg
It’s disgusting- I don’t have young children but I think – don’t children have enough to deal with . It makes me want to get violent.

How can normal people be civil to LBGQ on any level. If I did have kids they wouldn’t be going to these schools. Maybe Abbot will go after them to. I can’t imagine that most parents will agree with this.

The first time a teacher brings this up they may get massacred.

That’s my comment


Simon Parkes

After some reduction the Australian fires have increased in numbers turning the sky Orange in some parts of New South Wales 🙁





A.F. Branco Cartoon – Triggered

The same media going out of their way to protect Hunter Biden are the same ones who are Triggered over Donald Trump jr. and the entire Trump family. Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2019.



The United Nations is making progress with their various agendas.

For those of you who thought they could not possibly become a reality, we are now seeing it happen before our very eyes. Oh sure, they frame things such as Agenda 30 in positive terms. They state they’re out to make humanity more peaceful and prosperous by the implementation of ‘sustainable’ things to protect the planet. In reality, the satanic illuminati who are running the show are protecting THEIR planet for THEMSELVES. They already own everything important and we pesky humans who aren’t in their club must be dealt with and they’re doing that now—especially in California by means of climate engineering, stripping away liberty by means of every-growing government regulation, high taxes, and of course controlling energy.

The elite want a cashless society so they can control our funds. Those who step out of line won’t be able to buy food or pay for rent. They want complete government control of our health. What Elizabeth Warren wants will be the completion of still yet another Communist plank. It’s not free stuff, it’s more government control over our very bodies.

They want us to completely give up our privacy and get groped at airports and elsewhere and be grateful to them for ‘making us safe.’ They want to control our food. They want us to eat fake and GMO food. They want to control our water. Private wells are now regulated in California. All human activity now seems to require government permission.

They want to control where we live. Permits are required for generators. Now they can cut off power whenever they want to, and they want us to become accustomed to privation. At the same time they want electric cars and a Green New Deal. “You’d better obey or we’ll turn off your power!” For those at the very top, they will obtain easier control if they can force people into cities, while they complete the wilding of future no-go zones in the country. This is all part of the UN’s plan and it’s happening.

They’re showing us who is boss in California, and it’s not We The People.

It’s time to stand up and stop participating in our own slavery. It’s especially important not to give up our guns.

—Ben Garrison


(MIAC #244) After Global Food Production Drops Then What?

Adapt 2030
Nov 6, 2019

Richie Allen from the Richie Allen Show https://www.richieallen.co.uk and David DuByne from ADAPT 2030 discuss increasing space radiation from the Grand Solar Minimum affecting global food production across the continents and how this will affect the economy and then our civilization.

•Extinction Rebellion where are your solutions?
•What is the Maunder Minimum?
•Australia becomes a new wheat importer
•Potato sizes globally has reduced 30%
•Indoor vertical agriculture industry booming
•Starting community gardens
•A Year in Hell, an account of the Bosnian Siege
•Sharing skill sets in a community to fill the gaps
•Using 5G as a crowd control device in cities to protect food distribution centers


Sébastien Martin: My multidimensional experiences, Why I am helping Starseeds & How I Discovered that a new civilization could arise from awareness of multidimensional reality Webinar with Alfred Lambremont Webre

You have to contribute to watch – any amount.

Nope – you can watch for free. I am still finishing up this vid today.

Sébastien Martin communicates with entities other dimensions – with reptilians, the SSP and others.
He says we cannot go to other dimensions (5th for example) without coming across these same challenges. So he’s saying we will have to directly interface with entities ourselves – just like him.

IF WE TRY TO GO THERE UNPREPARED WE WILL BE EATEN ALIVE – per Sebastian!!! He says there are other dimensional beings that are waiting for us up there. We know so little about the other dimensions and are naive if we think we can just ‘go there’. (start at 34:39)
They can trap our soul energy and just destroy it.

Isn’t that what we’ve been told by so many? We’ll just ‘go there’. Sounds to me like we’ve been sold a bill of goods.


I think I have to contribute; would you recommend it?


I gave $5 then read you can get it for free.


I’m going to listen to it again. Worth it imho. Even Alfred’s expressions indicate he was a little blown away. Sebastian’s accent is a little thick so it takes intent listening for me to pick up on what he is saying.



‘Israelis Voted for Occupation – Stop Pretending They Want Peace

According to the final vote tally, the Blue and White electoral alliance – led by two former Israeli generals and an ex-TV news presenter – ended narrowly ahead with 33 seats in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament.

But they were only a single seat ahead of the ruling Likud Party of the current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who won 32 seats.

Nonetheless, the Israeli president has just provided Netanyahu with the first opportunity to form a government, since the incumbent obtained more recommendations from incoming lawmakers overall.

But in terms of what the elections mean for the indigenous people of Palestine, this vote concluded with an emphatic result. Israelis have just voted to continue to permanently impose their racist military occupation regime upon millions of Palestinians.

On the issue of Gantz versus Netanyahu, when it comes to Palestinians, they are exactly identical.

In his election campaign this year, Gantz repeatedly boasted of how many Palestinians he has killed during wars he has led. His election videos gloated that in the 2014 war, he had bombed parts of Gaza back to the “stone ages”.’



‘Asians’, sure, aha. Time for the parents to step in big time. Is there anywhere they can go to school that is safe?


In certain ‘Midland’ areas of the UK the Pakistanis hold sway. TPTB use them for their own nefarious ends while other elements of civic control must be scared to not incite greater violence like in Sweden is my guess. Unfortunately a much firmer hand according to the law of the land & not that of sharia, is required. But everyone has been mind controlled by social engineering or fundamentalism & no politician has any balls. The police appear totally useless.


It’s mindblowing how we actually got here…


Donald J. Trump

Verified account

12h12 hours ago

Yes the Trump Foundation if legit. Can’t have that now can we?


s/b is legit


Bix Weir
Nov 5
Although we know his soul still exists & thrives in the higher realms, he will be profoundly missed here on Earth. Please hold him in your prayers and carry his torch on the Road to Roota as we take time to grieve his passing.
Love to all,
Bix, Amy & Family
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Bix Weir
Nov 5
It is with great sadness that I report the passing of our youngest son, Toby Weir. He was such a beautiful & sensitive being that gave so much to the world. Unfortunately, he chose to end his own life. We are devastated.

Guess this is why Clif made this video:

share around. Someone’s son may need to hear this.

2019 11 07 critical thinking – sensitivity to life – for men mostly


Rarer than four leaf clovers=something positive for a change .

Lithium Ion battery systems have greatly improved their energy density by a factor of about seven with the introduction of guess what?
the (burp) scourge of the earth—
namely Carbon Dioxide,
yeah dig on that Greta & Co.

Only prob until now was that the CO2 leaves carbon in the battery and each new charge was of lessened capacity.
However that is coming to an end and a newer, seven times stronger generation of lithium ion batteries are coming.

Research @ UIC by Industrial engineer Amin Salehi-Kojen has found a method to scrub the carbon build up that eventually caused the battery to self destruct and now says they still get a full charge cycle even after 500 charges so things look promising.




If you asked yourself “won’t that also mean seven times longer to charge those newer batteries”?
Ans: probably not according to research done at Penn State-check link below

Revolutionary New Lithium Ion Battery Technology-Zero to 200 miles in 5 minutes?

Even if this ain’t UFO rocket stuff yet , I see it as a real world plus , see this one if you can- aprox. 13 minutes long.



Rays: Oh so Good to hear from you! We’ve worked out part of our solar energy w/batteries. We decided on six batteries with a 10,000 watt inverter, then hook it up to the caravan. Have been pricing out the inverters up to $2,600 locally to about half if going to Sacramento. This way we will have 110 power.. We also won’t have the PG&E police harassing us because we are not using enough of their power monthly. They are nasty, intimidating and sneaking on to your property, the stories we relate to each other of their subversive behavior. Too bad these batteries you post aren’t available. But timing is great. Thank you again. Hope this works.


Truck stops are a good place to get a deal on a large wattage inverter – better than some solar stores that clip those who haven’t time to shop.
Good luck and consider adding wind generators to the battery bank for add’l charging power even at night.
The lightweight , but pricey Lithium Ion batteries are not needed for your project because you won’t be toting them around like a car has to.
The much cheaper lead-acid type truck batteries are heavy but since that is what the United States Navy uses on their UPS ( uninterupted power supply) systems
I would use them as well.
If I had your unwanted visitor problems I might get nervous and forget to put the concrete cover on my well and just throw a tarp over it while I am out on “evacuation”.
But drowned rats are smelly indeed!
And lawsuits expensive and time consuming so skip that-lol!
Philadelphia just puts sonic chirping devices in parks @ night to keep naughty people out.
Why not buy one and put it by your Electric meter with a motion sensor trigger for naughty PG&E snoops!
Tell them It’s for the stupid Crows that peck @ the wires!


Haha! Turning your animals loose works also, as a temporary fix as I said they are nasty. Thanks for seasoned advice…I liken this to an open septic. Smelly rats indeed! ?


I need a better animal army then, lol!
I got four cats and they can’t even keep the mice from pooping in my sun parlor and my little Rat Terrier can only lick his prey with his tongue!


I have usually 10-15 little dachshunds on my property and have never had a break in. They take care of the rats ? as good as any cats.
Early warning system also but require a lot of care


So funny…. These days we sorely miss your vet medical expertise here in the cafe.


Animal army indeed! It’s great if well-trained right, aha!!

During mandatory-(you cannot be forced to leave) evacuations, (4-5 hr notice) many needed to rent horse trailers to evacuate all their animals or risk leaving them, and finding any room all the way to
“Sacratomato” or any local county fair grounds south of here. In Observing the roadways many are still bringing back their animals home to this day….

Yes, Lawsuits are expensive, (prosecuted heavily), but also staying in hotels (no names) in San Francisco not Marin Cty as 99% of power was shut/down, and, the first night was e.g. was priced at $200/night, (per 2people), the second night was then priced at $400/night, and no drop in price and any additional nights. This bs is what was related to us, (from the horses mouth, so to speak), not rumors or what someone heard. Price gouging Poor Betty and family, lol, a nervous laugh.

Reminds of the songs “Victims of the night” or “What about us?!

We’ve, indeed, been sold down the river❣️


Does it sound like many of us are bugging out in caravans? Then considered homeless. Which during “mandatory” (an illegal misnomer/useless term, not in constitution). (But really who cares in an emergency), evacuations if one center wasn’t then closed down to the homeless and many were not allowed to shelter or in the evacuation centers and were turned away from food, water, and power stations. Unthinkable/unbelievable!!

Of course, the PTB have won, as home insurances have been cancelled for this “new” October Fire season, ( which has not ever existed before except for the past 5 yrs of DEW fires and flooding.) You can’t buy or sell your home without insurance. I do not mean any disrespect to the firefighters, as everything is compartmentalized. My brother was a fire fighter. In extended family also part police, and they were even stopped from going to work when in fully dressed-uniform.

I cannot express this enough. They are coming LIVE to your location next!!

Prepare and plan now!


So I have a trailer- have for yrs and I’m planning on attaching a generator on the back – I took some pictures so I could do it right from a rig that came to one of the dog shows I attended,
This same vehicle had a place for kennel runs attached to the front of the vehicle so I don’t have to carry them inside.

Next I will put a solar panel system on top
It all takes time


hu.uuu..uuuuu…uuuuuu ?


Didn’t get posted in time for edit. My best brother ever (a very, very smart fella) is deceased. A fine soul and is sorely missed, and at times feel him looking over me. You must be channeling him. ?


November 7, 2019021



Couldnt decide whether to thumbs up this post or thumbs down it for ugly, horrible reality of the normalizing pederasty of our boys and girls! It stunts, retards, inhibits your thinking in the young.


CIARAMELLAgate: “There’s nothing more dangerous on planet Earth than a fired CIA director.”

Just like the C.I.A. took out JFK in broad daylight,
The Company is assassinating Trump during prime time.


And, as long as the CIA’s Mockingbird Media is firmly in charge of this assassination conspiracy, it will only get worse over the next 12 months.





Jim Stone

It has become obvious that after the latest round of election fraud, it’s FULL STEAM AHEAD
The Jewish community (I am not going to even bother with the words communist, leftist, or Democrat) has just received confirmation that they are still so deeply rooted in subversive positions that they can roll over any election they want, and never be held accountable. Thrown away ballots. Shredded ballots. Fractional skimming. Dead voting. They are using multiple methods of stealing that all add up to we are done, put a fork in it.
There’s little doubt the Dems Jews would lose virtually every election and only win by stealing. People don’t want this crap they are pushing. That would be reflected in the polls of an accurate election, no, fairies don’t come out of the wood work and it is not the fault of women voters either. When you add dead voting to illegal voting, to “voting early and voting often” to percentage based vote skimming to shredding ballots, it adds up to a situation where the rigging is simply so much it cannot be overcome even if 80 to 90 percent vote for the “losing” candidate.

We are doomed
I am calling it now. I am calling it because the Jewish community got it’s answer after the latest elections – they can steal it ENORMOUSLY and never be held accountable because when the judge is a Jew and the prosecutor is a Jew and the clerk is a Jew and the lawyer is a Jew and any investigation will be run by a Jew, only those on the other side who are guilty of errors will ever go to jail, even without intent, while the elections get stolen right out from under everyone And it shows in the arrogance being flaunted everywhere by these bastards now, over their recent “victories”. They fear nothing because they know damn well they have the steal TOTALLY in the bag.

Again I say, WE ARE DOOMED
It won’t be fixed by the next election. Everything is going to go completely against the will of the people, and then the Jews, who were PISSED OFF by the fact they failed to steal an election for the first time in decades – proven by how the Jewish MSM acted, Jewish Hollywood acted, Jewish owned tech giants acted over Trump – they defunded everyone, banned practically everyone and censored everyone who ever said a positive word about Trump – their behavior proves that when they steal it in 2020 WE ARE ABSOLUTELY F***ED, they absolutely WILL get revenge, it is going to be bad, and there is simply no other way to say it. The shit will absolutely HIT. THE. FAN.
I don’t know what else to say. We cannot win. Anyone who says we can with the current state of corruption and subversion is delusional, and Trump has not done JACK SQUAT to fix this. Probably because he can’t, there is simply too much in his way, he just cannot get around the subversion and having Ivanka be married to one of these bastards is the final nail. We’re done.

Let’s see what 1/1/2020 looks like first. Hope it’s a game changer in our favor.


Newly Elected Virginia Democrat Senator Had Been Jailed For Having Sex with Underage Staffer

In 2014, Joe Morrissey, then a 57-year-old Delegate to the
Virginia General Assembly, plead guilty to a misdemeanor
count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and was
sentenced to 12 months in jail (with six months suspended)
because of a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old office
assistant at his law firm.

[link to pjmedia.com (secure)]



The Targeted Destruction of Abel Danger: Field McConnell Predator or Prey? with David Hawkins

Crowdsource the Truth 2
Streamed live on Nov 5, 2019

By now, most Crowdsource the Truth viewers are aware Abel Danger co-founder Field McConnell has been arrested for violating a Federal Court Order. Field’s former associate David Hawkins and myself have been inundated with communications from people asking us what we can say about the circumstances.

David joins me now to answer these questions as Field awaits transfer to Broward County in Florida for trial.



Now CBS is protecting pedophiles. Remember, Child Protective Services is a child trafficking ring. They do not actually FIND MISSING CHILDREN, they exploit them.

CBS Allegedly Fires Former ABC Employee Who Had Access To Amy Robach Video

Better for President Trump to be at the Helm When It Comes

Lookie, lookie. What grown man takes a trip to Disney all by himself?! Make sure to share the original tweet in your network.


[email protected]: “Joy, you’ve worn blackface.”
Joy Behar: “No I have not.”
Also Joy Behar: pic.twitter.com/oDOJJ58A5y
— M3thods (@M2Madness) November 7, 2019


Billionaire George Soros Now Effectively Owns The Virginia Criminal Justice System


The GOP Romney Problem

The Romneys are the Elephants in the Room


Adam Schiff Calls His First Public Witnesses And It Tells Us Everything

The names? Bill Taylor, Marie Yovanovitch, and George Kent.


Pam Bondi Says She Might Be Joining White House
“A mechanic is changing the car oil; you walk up to him and hand him a pair of snorkeling fins
to complete the job; that look on his face is the same as mine.”


45 Population Control Quotes That Show The Elite Are Quite Eager To Reduce The Number Of People On The Planet

AIM Patriot Douglas Y. heard us discuss how Carnie Foundation infiltrated libraries across America to push the Tavistock-Frankfurt School-Globalist Propaganda narrative. He reminds us of other Carnegie infiltration:

Carnegie’s largess to mid-America. Dig deeper and find that he sent organs to churches across the heartland. No charge. They enabled churches to expand the worship ceremony and grow the flock; organ music put many communities a step up over others. The gift came with only one string: the opportunity to provide direction and focus to occasional sermons conducted by the pastor.

When They Can Take Your Children Away… How Free Are You?

7-year-old at center of transgender custody battle opts to attend school as a boy


Former ‘Time’ Editor Calls for End of Free Speech

Years later, you will be able to tell your children and grandchildren about the great MAGA movement and your experiences at a Trump Rally. Being a part of the picture OUTSIDE the arena is as important as the picture inside. It shows the world that we stand against the corrupt reign of America by Hillary Clinton and George Soros factions.

Patriots stand with Trump. If you can make a “pilgrimage to a rally” in your area, please do so. You may see yourself as a “tiny dot”, but as a group we give President Trump his mighty roar.




Election Rigging Alert for Kentucky

Asleep at the helm of the RNC, Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel, or is this part of the Romney family election corruption machine? This is inexcusable! Why hasn’t RONNA the ROMNEY of the RNC demanded an investigation into this obvious election tampering in Kentucky? Why did Virginia Democrats not face GOP challengers?


Are we going to add another item to her list of corruption? Will she fail to demand an investigation into the election corruption in Kentucky or will she stay silent like all the Romney girls do to protect unfit Mitt?



Democrats’ ‘Star Witness’ Admits He Wasn’t On Trump-Ukraine Call, Sole Source Was NY Times

hello_japan posts:

Eric Ciaramella, represented by raging SJW lawyer Mark Zaid, who also represents Mark Waid.

Mark Waid is a big name comic book writer who is a raging fascistic SJW who tries to terrorize conservatives out of the industry. The lawyer Mark Zaid is defending the comic writer Mark Waid for trying to destroy an army veteran comic reviewers life over politics, making violent threats to the army vet and threatening other people not to work with the army vet. Mark Zaid and Mark Waid are both enormous SJWs and giant pieces of shit (but I repeat myself).

This lawyer, Mark Zaid, is such a hysterical, insane leftist that he compared the psycho making bomb threats a year ago to Comicsgate, which is an anti-SJW comic book movement vaguely similar to Gamergate.


Mark Zaid is a well established left-wing lunatic, the kind of person that calls everyone they don’t like “alt-right”. He falls all over himself on twitter calling Comicsgate supporters racists and alt-right.


Field McConnell UPDATES

Sessions expected to announce plans to run for Senate

Why Illinois’ Government Has Become Predatory And Unjust


Looks like Mark Zaid has a “thing” for underage Disney girls. This is an image of his YT site. Can we say P E D O P H I L E?


House Dems are now interfering with the 2020 election w/ their phony Impeachment Scam. House Dems have done NOTHING for the American People, with the exception of sending out subpoenas while sitting in a basement. People are so tired of their BS! Honestly, they are a total joke!! https://t.co/akXqEapfm1
— Dan Scavino (@DanScavino) November 7, 2019

Testimony Transcript Shows William Taylor Never Talked To Trump, Wasn’t Even On July 25 Phone Call


Penalties for Failure to Report and False Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect





Every time I go to the grocery store I am grateful – food is there, things appear normal. I see people going about their shopping not seeming to know about the coming food crises. I pray for us all.


Ice Age Farmer
Premiered 105 minutes ago

Agriculture is collapsing as propane shortages prevent US farmers from drying their crops, just the latest blow in a record wet year. Failures of seed crops presage a difficult 2020 season. Australia’s drought forces ranchers to cull cattle — even breeding stock — an UNRECOVERABLE loss of priceless genetics. Christian steps back today to explore how the blows to global agriculture are part of the plan: an open, anti-human depopulation agenda. Start growing. Start preparing. Spread the word. Now. This means you.




Origins of the Coup


Here’s Ambassador Taylor testifying that Ukraine was not aware of a hold on military aid until the end of August, over one month after @realDonaldTrump’s call with President Zelensky → pic.twitter.com/BcIEt9No7m
— Rep. Doug Collins (@RepDougCollins) November 6, 2019

“The whistleblower’s lawyer gave away the game,” the Trump campaign’s communications director, Tim Murtaugh, told Fox News. “It was always the Democrats’ plan to stage a coup and impeach President Trump and all they ever needed was the right scheme. They whiffed on Mueller so now they’ve settled on the perfectly fine Ukraine phone call. This proves this was orchestrated from the beginning.” Source

Donald Trump Reads Aloud 2017 Tweets from Whistleblower’s Lawyer Declaring a ‘Coup’


So, let me get this straight. #VanGrack has given us false or wrong information in a federal court proceeding for 18 months, but @GenFlynn is supposed to be a #felon for a made-up “false” statement from an ambush interview #FBI had no legal basis to [email protected] pic.twitter.com/KA2uVWFyyg

— Sidney Powell (@SidneyPowell1) November 6, 2019


Trump Jr. Outs CIA Whistleblower Over Twitter



Eric Ciaramella Attorney, January 2017: “Coup Has Started” – July 2017: “We Will Remove Him”

Based Representative Matt Gaetz was revealing the coup back in 2017!


Eric Ciaramella – the “Whistleblower’s” – lawyer called for a rebellion against duly elected President. Disbar Mark Zaid now. Charge him with SEDITIOUS CONSPIRACY.


Curiouser and Curiouser

“One British official with knowledge of Barr’s wish list presented to London commented that “it is like nothing we have come across before, they are basically asking, in quite robust terms, for help in doing a hatchet job on their own intelligence services””. (Link)

“It is interesting that the quote comes from a British intelligence official, as there appears to be mounting evidence of an extensive CIA operation that likely involved U.K. intelligence services. In addition, and as a direct outcome, there is an aspect to the CIA operation that overlaps with both a U.S. and U.K. need to keep Wikileaks founder Julian Assange under tight control. In this outline we will explain where corrupt U.S. and U.K. interests merge.” CTH


Who is tweeting for Field McConnell?

Field McConnell
8h8 hours ago
Special thank you to my 378 new followers from USA, Canada, UK., and more last week. http://tweepsmap.com/!fieldmcc

His prior tweet was Oct 26.


Wow. Johnny Carson knew and said so. Video 21 seconds



MAGA Catcher Kurt Suzuki And The Nationals
Proved ‘You’ve Gotta Have Heart’

By Yoichi Shimatsu


Watch Woman Shred Bolshevik Bobby Beto In CT – Vid


oh ya you cant swear once in a while on this blogsite anylonger of recent years…..

not a problem of course-this blogsite is the website owners territory absolutely…..

its all yours…..

censorship is everywhere…..

i would have been posting writings on the state medias blog areas all these years for free -and did for a while-and the censorship is radically insane of course on those blogsites…..

its been a slice absolutely…..

stand strong always in your immovable foundation of spiritual righteous alignment with natural laws…..

until we meet again fine lightforces members of this blogsite-may the force of love and light always be strong within you…..



Stay with us, we all need each other.
Love and light,


Hi Wolf,

I also add my voice here. I will be very sad to see you go, please reconsider, you are a much loved and respected member of the blog.



Wolf, what happened?


Oh shit, Don’t leave Wolf ❣️

But if you must, thank you for all your fine writing and interesting articles and fine POV. I always looked forward to see if you posted. You will be greatly missed ❣️


Sébastien Martin: My multidimensional experiences, Why I am helping Starseeds & How I Discovered that a new civilization could arise from awareness of multidimensional reality Webinar with Alfred Lambremont Webre

You have to contribute to watch – any amount.


Kevin Shipp

The Shipp Brief
Thursday November 7 – 2019

“Whistleblower attorney,” Mark Zaid turns out to be an operative in the soft coup against President Donald Trump. Zaid is one of the attorneys representing the so-called, “whistleblower” (in reality, a CIA operational plant), the central figure of the Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry. Zaid published tweets revealing who he really is. He tweeted in January 2017 that a “coup has started” and that “impeachment will follow ultimately.” He also tweeted, “I predict @CNN will play a key role in @realDonaldTrump not finishing out his full term as president, and again, “We will get rid of him, and this country is strong enough to survive even him and his supporters.” He promised readers the “coup” would occur in “many steps.” This is the attorney who represented me against the CIA’s use of the state secrets privilege to cover up my family’s injuries and the CIA’s targeting of me personally. Zaid took our case, charging us thousands, knowing the CIA system and that the CIA would prevail. I fired him. It now appears Zaid has been a pro-CIA coup plotter, who has duped real whistleblowers, taking their case, and their money, knowing ahead of time he would lose. As I began to fight the CIA alone and expose the state secrets privilege, Zaid asked for a meeting with my wife, and subsequently made advances to her. What a prince. In his dishonest narcissism, Zaid has let who he really is leak out in his attempt to gain fame and fortune from what he knows is a false whistleblower, planted by the very CIA he has claimed he is fighting against. There is no doubt his actions will backfire on him and his lust for fame will be his undoing.



“The Failing New York Times” Stock Plunges After Company Reports Continued Declines In Advertising

Good news.


True State of Renewable Energy Globally (907)

Adapt 2030
Nov 7, 2019

Chile and the US withdraw from the climate accords as we descend deeper into the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum. The amounts of renewable power megawatts forecast is but a fraction of a fraction of what the globe needs to continue an international economy. Record cold in Europe and the US signal a return to reduced agricultural output.

Go to 3:08 – graph shows projections for the energy provided by solar PV (photovoltaic) and wind are only 2.4% in 2040 from .5 in 2013 !!!!! You can’t run an economy on it.

That is actually a GOOD THING. But the message to young people is deceiving them.


I guess they didn’t watch Deb Tavares post a few days ago about how Trump and executive orders say it all. We are agreed, horrible future for everyone says Deb, yes.

Get all your affairs together, it’s real here folks quakes and all. 428460


The climate action plans have been in place at the city level for quite some time no matter what happens. Is it possible that an EO could eventually be used to negate all the climate action plans? I look at this as a Deep State issue. No matter who is in the White House – their impact is minimal.

Trumps EO on GMO foods sure seems like bad news:

I have a feeling frackenfoods are about all we’ll have to eat come 2022/2023 due to all the crop losses.

I made a note – DuByne said 2023-2024 has the same planetary alignment as 79 AD when there were huge environmental disasters -destruction of Pompei, for example, due to the eruption of Mt Vesuvius.


InTruth you have been studying these things for a long while, and I defer to your expertise.

But Also Trumps environmental policies are proving disasterous, e.g. Frankensalmon/no BEES dying from pesticides. The deliberate Not stopping chemtrails/geoengineered skies. The deep state?? Maybe…The deliberately spread through organic foods with listeria and E.coli. (Although E.coli can get from your pets.) So true, you are right there is nothing left for humans or animals to ingest but frankenfoods which in turn make you sick/ill. So then you have to use their vaccinations and medicines until we are dead. It’s pretty clear picture.

Yes, I’m irritated with some/a lot of Trump’s decisions, but I don’t understand everything nor am I meant too much less have the wherewithal to refuse authorities when they get pissy. But I’m still hanging in there…

So out here in the now- this is my reality InTruth, I didn’t think I could awaken further – how wrong that thinking is, now everyone is in training to be a fast learner and pay attention.

A bit of dragon cartoon fantasy….”legend says that when the ground quakes, or lava spews from the earth, it’s the dragons letting us know they’re still here.” This is what I will tell children to ease their hearts
and souls for now…namaste



A.F. Branco Cartoon – Misfire

Trump releasing the Ukrain Phone transcript blew up Schiff’s quid pro quo coup impeachment plans. Political cartoon by A.F. Branco.



Senator Rand Paul has blown the whistle on the CIA’s fake whistleblower.

Rand is all for legitimate whistleblowers including Snowden. I agree with Rand that Snowden should be allowed to return to America. After all, he only did what whistleblowers should do. That is, reveal the corruption. In the case of Snowden, he revealed the Deep State’s egregious violations of our Constitution.

On the other side of the spectrum is a fake whistleblower that is part of Deep State itself. Everyone already knows the name of this whistleblower, which has been revealed to be a partisan anti-Trumper planted in the CIA by Obama to spy on the Trump campaign, and then invent reasons for the impeachment of a lawfully elected president.

What we are seeing now is an attempted coup. The Deep State got away with crimes and corruption for decades and especially under Obama, who allowed the plunder of Ukraine. Now he wants to plunder Trump, who is trying to end the corruption and restore the rule of law. All corrupt roads lead to Obama.

We all know the Deep State Swamp needs draining. It’s them or us. If they win, we’ll live in a tyrannical, Stalinist police state. It’s already here for Roger Stone, who must endure a show trial conducted by an Obama-appointed judge and several anti-Trump jurors.

It’s time to blow the whistle on the Deep State and their treasonous whistleblower.

—Ben Garrison


Snowden served to highlight an already known problem of mass surveillance. He also must have stiffled many people from pursuing an interest in a deeper understanding of 911 & chemtrails. Once he gains the ‘big alternative mouthpiece status’, people listen & on those two subjects he simply toes the establishment line.

Cointel is a murky job, a form of mind control.




CBS News fires staffer who had access to leaked Amy Robach audio that was revealed by @Project_Veritas

The person who got fired in this situation was the one trying to protect the children who were being trafficked.

CBS sided with a Pedophile











Buggars, Not a one of the web addresses works in Jim’s/Vermithrax post from where I’m sitting. Just 404, and 2 blank black pages show. Should have read sooner. Too bad!


Wan’t this Kentucky and not LA?


MASSIVE RECALL: More Than 100 Vegetable Products Recalled Across US And Canada (Many Organic!)

By Daisy Luther

This recall is a beast of epic proportions. You may have thought the recent apple recall was crazy but wait until you see the massive scope of this one.

The recalled products have “Best If Used By” dates from October 11, 2019, to November 16, 2019. Most of these are fresh foods that are ready to eat. It is recommended that if you have any of the recalled products, you dispose of them or return them to the place of purchase.

If you’re wondering why on earth there are there so many recalls lately, this article may provide some answers.

The US recall list
Here are the products being recalled in the United States. See image on website.

The Canadian recall list
Here are the products that have been recalled in Canada. See image on website.





Simon Parkes

Britain To Leave EU By 31st January

Jean-Claude Juncker the outgoing President of the European Commission has dropped a bomb shell.

He has just said that Great Britain will leave the European Union by 31st January 2020!

This means no more extensions, no more time – and in point of fact over recent days I have detected a sea change from European countries who now want Britain out and gone, because quite frankly they have all had enough.

So perhaps it matters less what Britain wants and is now all about what Europe wants?




Simon Parkes

Tucson Rejects Sanctuary City

Tucson in Arizona has voted to reject being a sanctuary city.

The local legislature which is democratically controlled were worried about loss of funding to the city and voters turning against them.

It is significant because the Mayor of Tucson is none other than Jonathan Rothschild…



That’s a WIN!


Gee, I wonder what they have done with the Navaho, Apache, Pima, Paiute, and Hopi Indians Reservations, Tribal Lands (and more) which did cover a significant portion of Arizona state??


Simon Parkes
15 hours ago

Security Alerts

A number of security situations taking place in European cities – not the bombing blasts that were talked about 2 weeks back.

These are smaller scale issues – one might be related to a bomb threat – these are deep state threats to regional governments who are in the process of breaking free from satanic control.

I’m not sure how much of this will reach the wider press as governments do not want to give publicity to the terror side.



I seems odd to me that I am hearing of a “Pilgrims Society”. In all the years I have read up on stuff unheard of until this year. Another deception maybe??


I also find it odd when something pops up like that.


Safezone -The Rise & Fall of Civilization – David DuByne, TEOTWAWKI, Where Will You Be

Leak Project
Streamed live 6 hours ago

Starts with some interesting crypto talk…..


Dave says China bought all of Kazakhstan’s grain for the next 5 years for cash.


Rex and Dave are talking about how they closed most of the ‘local’ pubs in the UK and how they are much farther along towards ‘dystopia’ than we are.
I think this poster hit the nail:

From the comments:

Goat Moag
​Yep, they closed all the neighborhood bars around here awhile back, and I said suggest the real reason they did it was to keep people from having a place to discuss issues and socialize.

Got to be hurting their economy too!


more –
End note from Grandma: this again confirms what the Vatican Chancery Court said twenty years ago– that these corporate STRAWMEN are “gifts” and are all pre-paid, tax percuse. In other words, Title 28, Section 1608 demonstrates exactly that kind of “hold harmless” status, but the Queen’s British Territorial Government has continued to prosecute these entities for profit under their infamous 14th Amendment to the their corporate re-write of The Constitution of the United States of America issued in 1868 by the now-defunct Scottish Interloper.
Read this as: they colluded (remember the British Territorial Government is indirectly under the Pope’s control, too) to set up a phony “war” on our shores and profit themselves via confusing these “named entities” with actual Americans, who are Third Parties who had no idea what was going on.
It is all 100% constructive fraud, all crimes of personation and barratry, all carried out under color of law. And at the end of the day, all the cows come home to Rome. And “Congress”.
Sitting as the Territorial Congress, these “Members of Congress” kept the bogus 14th Amendment provisions going and used them to attack the Municipal PERSONS. And at the same time, putting on a different hat and sitting as the Municipal Congress, these same “Members of Congress” promoted the creation of these PERSONS and allowed the attacks to continue.
It has all been a self-serving little war for profit on our shores, engaged in by our foreign federal subcontractors, and at the end of the day, both “sides” of this war have been controlled by the Popes.
The Popes have direct charter rights over the Municipal United States Government and indirect control of the British Territorial United States (through the Queen acting as administrator of the Commonwealths) and also a combination of direct and indirect control of The United Nations and ownership of “the” UN Corporation, too.
As a result, the Pope has nobody left to blame or to fight; he can’t fight himself, or hold the Queen or the UN Secretary-General up like sock puppets and pretend to be at war with his own subordinates.



Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Excellent Presentation About IOIA

By Anna Von Reitz

I am reposting in its entirety this article about the International Organizations Immunity Act with only one small edit — I placed quotation marks around the word “the” in the header, so everyone is clued into which “United States” surrendered its offices and statutes to “the” United Nations. I thank the anonymous authors.

This action was taken by the Pope’s Municipal United States Government franchise handing over its offices and statutes to “the” United Nations (Incorporated)— the UN Corp. It’s not our “United States”. It’s the Municipal entity operated “in our names” as “the” United States — but having no delegated authority to donate our states or any public law of ours to “the” United Nations, which is the UN Corporation and a totally different kind of “organization” than The United Nations.

Be aware of how convoluted and deceptive this really is. Anyone who is unaware of the difference between The United States and “the” United States will think that this legislation gave away our States of the Union and our state laws — but it only appears to do that, because it is actually talking about a different “United States” and a different “United Nations”, too.

And this also explains the Pope’s recent comments about it being “our duty to obey the United Nations” — which just coincidentally, happens to be owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Holy See and be under the direction of the Roman Curia as a collection of corporations in the business of providing governmental services.

Hence my comments about the Pope promising to obey himself again.

Anyway, with that small caveat to enhance your overall understanding of what this information provides — read on:

December 9th 1945 International Organization Immunities Act relinquished every public office of “the” United States to “the” United Nations.


BUMP to this…. it is PRIMO ADVICE re staying sane & functional in upcoming tumultuous months.. starting 37 min
Good stuff 30-37 min too

intruth. 428456


Yes, quite a little gem from Laura Eiseenhower isn’t it? The next 2 months will be tumultuous – she says ‘don’t be afraid to lose your meat suit’. 1/1/2020 is coming- she says the timeline(s?) will be locked down and likely there will be a bifurcation.

I hope we can tell things are different and by that I mean BETTER!


IMO, Not referring to humans as meat suits is an indirect euphemism as it plays right into the cannabalism agenda. I’ve done it also. Words have power, this is a demeaning conception brought about by non-humans. This is a serious threat to humanity. We are not characters in a video game. Just saying….not against Laura, just noticing how main stream this term has become.


I see your point in light of recent cannibalism talk. But I didn’t take offense to it. Laura was just riffin’ imho.


Yep she was just riffin’ — not against Laura, just noticing how “main stream” this term has become. I could have said that clearer. Always something new to pick-up.

Truthfully, didn’t understand everything, just as I don’t get the conversations between Zander and Leland with the continuing “all souls conversation” either. My loss, I guess. Chi’s my soul, and archons feed on adrenaline rush. Simple.

( Did tried to correct canna—to canni- but spelling Al demon, grrrr wouldn’t let the change, wah! very weird! )



StopTheCrime.net NEW
Nov 4, 2019

Watch the vid – apparently 5G was involved along with smart meters. Horrible.


Just an interesting happening.

Two days into Kincade Fire, which burned 75,000+ acres. It was expected/announced that the fire was to be contained by Nov 7, 2019. Everyday 5% more contained was announced daily.

Today, they announced it was 100% contained. What’s the date today ? ? November 7.

Just can’t make this stuff up.
Wait —- They did❣️


Did I mention we still need to wear our N95/N100 masks, because the skies are being heavily chemtrailed and smoke fills the hills which are barely visible to the naked eye.

There is no rain expected to December now. So basically drought conditions with all vegetation dying. Huge oak trees broke in half. No fall conditions.

The Sierras are dotted weather stations in which they spray silver into the skies to work together to start rain.

Sure everything is fine❣️


Unable to access Ben’s article… says to log in but I am already logged in. Obviously or I wouldn’t be able to write this. Is something wrong? Just curious. Windi

Hi Windi,

I was unable to post anything yesterday but can see article and all posts. My IP address is shielded and once I took that off everything went back to normal. Took me a while to figure out that one.


Jim Stone

I am actually a little late with this event, that happened on Monday. Here it is as I see it:
Obama really probably is dead. I am not going to fully state this, but consider the following:
Right around 3 weeks ago, Field said he had an insider contact tell him that Obama faced a tribunal and was executed for treason. I was skeptical (and am still not fully on board with this, ) however, Obama later “appeared”. The problem with this is that according to Field, the video released was the same as the Ginsburg videos and Obama really was not alive, it was just old footage. A day later, Field was arrested on three felony warrants, in a way that does not make sense unless the FBI did the tip off.
There are rumors out there that Field was arrested for making threats against people on Youtube and Faceplant. However, the Abel Danger web site is saying something completely different:

Here is a quote from the owner of that web site:

“My initial “intel” on this subject as it concerns Field is that the snakes in Broward County who make a lot of money off of smuggling everything from child prostitutes and white slaves to drugs to tigers to booze, cut a “deal” with Craig Sawyer, one of Field’s competitors in the new burgeoning anti-trafficking movement, and that’s why Broward County is picking on Field.

Well, if you have two competing groups engaged in anti-child trafficking operations, and you are Broward County, you obviously want to buy them off. And if one of them will take the bait and the other one won’t, you obviously want to make the payola flow toward the group that will work with you and attack the group that won’t make a deal.

So the Smart Money is that Field and his group of anti-child trafficking heroes wouldn’t make a deal with Broward County (and behind them, the British SES involved in all this crap) to protect the Pedogate monsters, but Craig Sawyer would.

Or maybe Craig Sawyer was simply seen as the lesser of two evils and benefited from being less competent.

This all gives rise to the spectacle of: (A) competition between two shadowy former-agency/former-military groups leading to harm of everyone’s efforts to stop child-trafficking; (B) dirty dealing with the dirty quasi-government officials ruling as kingpins in Broward County to allow trafficking to continue in exchange for a cut of the action; (C) petty personal conflicts leading some selfish and small-minded people to betray the best interests of all concerned; (D) agreements by some parties to protect Pedogate criminals in exchange for carte blanch to prosecute lesser criminals in Broward County; (E) some mixture of all of the above.

What I can tell you for sure is that any prosecution of Field McConnell for crimes committed back in the 1970’s is dirty prosecution by dirty people. And at the end of the Food Chain, they are high-ranking dirty people, too.

Many men, especially pilots, get into very sticky situations in the course of their professional work. The filthy Agencies that do the dirty work as subcontractors of the Departments of the swamp-dwelling foreign “federal government” subcontractors – are always in need of transportation for themselves, for their agents, and for various kinds of cargo.

Just think of Han Solo and the ET bar scene in the original Star Wars movie. And at the end of the day, it also often comes down to whether a man chooses to work for the good side or the bad side on any given issue.

This much I can tell you – Field McConnell is a good man in my opinion and he has never said or done anything to my knowledge that was less than squeaky clean, intelligent, and fervent. His arrest has caused all sorts of consternation and butt covering in the so-called “Patriot Movement”, but not here, not with me.

I’ve been around the block long enough to know an insider “inter-agency” job when I see one. And that is what this is and all it can be. Pray for Field and keep the faith with him. Don’t let the rats get away with anything. Keep your attention focused and your brains engaged. He has done enough damage to them by exposing their underbelly that this was, I suppose, inevitable.

My comment: The arrest scenario is not plausible unless intelligence agencies were involved. The police had to have been tipped off as to where Field was, and when to get him. Additionally Now it is litmus test time. Any alt media that is backstabbing Field right now is not one of “us”, all the rot surfaced with this one. You can indict a ham sandwich nowadays, and Field was a lot more than that with how he got in the way. No one who is not worth a crap will ever get arrested, I did not follow him much over the years but always knew he was one of the good guys, and see this arrest as a serious credibility booster.

You can get more details including the quote I put up via the Abel Danger web site


Off the subject, but the Obama’s are getting a $150m divorce because of his many girlfriends as Michael states, according to grocery store tabloid. I wonder if Susan Rice was really left behind? Haha! Didn’t read article but perused headlines.

How do you divorce a dead person ??

As Obama introduced Michael at 2008 inauguration “Michele is the love of my life!” ?


Wednesday, November 6, 2019
About Field McConnell
By Anna Von Reitz

Remember that Field McConnell’s principal contribution to the world so far has been to expose the “Senior Executive Service” — the SES, the most powerful and venal part of theBritish Territorial Government in the US and elsewhere.

That makes for a lot of very powerful enemies.

Remember that Field McConnell’s anti-child trafficking efforts are in competition–at least in some people’s warped minds– with Craig Sawyer’s campaign against the same evil.

And finally, to make sense of this all, you have to know some basic history and Who’s Who.

….So the Smart Money is that Field and his group of anti-child trafficking heroes wouldn’t make a deal with Broward County (and behind them, the British SES involved in all this crap) to protect the Pedogate monsters, but Craig Sawyer would.

….So the Smart Money is that Field and his group of anti-child trafficking heroes wouldn’t make a deal with Broward County (and behind them, the British SES involved in all this crap) to protect the Pedogate monsters, but Craig Sawyer would.

….They also say that they have film of Pence doing some very, very nasty things.

….So I will repeat my advice to all would-be Whistle blowers: don’t stand around talking about blowing the damned whistle. Blow it. Now. Get the bombs out of your hands and into the news cycle. It’s time.

Continued @ http://www.paulstramer.net/2019/11/about-field-mcconnell.html


Proof of the arrest of Field McConnell (aka abel danger)

UPDATE: i did some searching which included tweaking the roster URL to find the current roster list but couldn’t find anything current for today. i asked george where a current one was and he informed me (everyone i should say) it won’t be updated until 6am tomorrow. then we can see the charges.

i saw this on twitter – and decided to verify for myself by going through the appropriate links. go ahead for yourself so you can verify on your own. it’s true. he’s been arrested. for what i do not know. i also notice his youtube channels (abel danger and abel danger livestream) are gone as of this morning. last night my mate saw he had a livestream set for this morning – but obviously all of that is gone. i wanted to believe in him and his work…


Correction: in an earlier post I listed him as Captain, but he is a Lt Col from Vietnam Nam era in the 1970’s. Thank you.


Non-Cooperative Jurisdictions

Sorry AIM Patriot, [email protected], we tried to give you an answer to your question, but Yahoo censored our brief reply that would direct you to the materials you requested:


You also asked for this: https://patriots4truth.org/2019/11/05/truth-history-is-shocking/

Below is a screen shot of how Yahoo censored you from receiving information.

Patriots, if you are on Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, Protonmail, or any other spymail, get off now! Be a patriot LEADER and pick up an email from Leader Technologies, Inc. With an email like [email protected], you are telling the world that you are truly REDPILLED!.

Get your Leader email account here


Adobe Is Leading The Charge Against The Growing Epidemic Of Deepfake Videos


The American version of social credit scores exists in FICA numbers, medical records (vaccination records), court judgements, mortgage debt, and now as internal passports.

While You Slept, The US Government Created ‘Internal Passports’



This is a Lebanese journalist redpilling her 200,000 followers.


All US Intel Agencies Confirm No Evidence Of Meddling In Election, Urge Everyone To Panic Nonetheless

“The U.S. government will defend our democracy and maintain transparency with the American public about our efforts. An informed public is a resilient public. Americans should go to trusted sources for election information, such as their state and local election officials. We encourage every American to report any suspicious activity to their local officials, the FBI, or DHS.”

Patriots ponder:

Then why haven’t we heard that the US Intelligence Agencies found George Soros – Mitt Romney election rigging software called Optech in voting machines? Why haven’t we heard that states are preparing paper ballots and strict voter ID laws?

Patriots know that the US intelligence agencies are controlled by British Five Eyes. Don’t believe their lying, stinkin’ anti-American propaganda. Demand voter ID and paper ballots.


ICE using Twitter to post notices


Roger Stone Judge Refuses To Strike Anti-Trumper From Jury Pool

“At the beginning of jury selection, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson,
an Obama appointee, said that she would not remove potential jurors solely on the basis that they work for the federal government or because of their views of Trump.”


Judge Amy Berman Jackson is a Corrupt Mueller ‘Witch Hunter’ Coming for Roger Stone


Senior Executive Service: White Collar Traitors

Patricia writes us:

Betsy, I am fed up with your screeching about how corrupt Fox News is, but you offer no alternatives. Just like the elite, criticize but don’t provide useful information as an alternative.

Our Reply: If you read the Cat Report daily, Patricia, you would see that we offer many alternative truth news sources. Fox News is a corporate propaganda site and programs and brainwashes its viewers just like ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR and all those national propaganda rags in the corporate media world. Propaganda is evil. Fox News tells lies, half-truths, incomplete truths, deceit, drama, and spin.

Flynn attorney demands FBI search internal database, claims FBI manipulated interview notes

Bogeyfree posts:

Thanks to Gen. Flynn and Sidney Powell, millions of Americans know to NEVER trust the FIB or the DOJ.

We have seen first hand how you can not trust their investigative techniques and any evidence they produce.

Millions who now serve on any jury should think twice IMO about any evidence the FIB introduces and any arguments or advice a DOJ Attorney makes/provides.


DOJ Makes Jaw-Dropping Admission in Flynn Case – Prosecution “Mistakenly” Attributed Wrong Notes to Wrong FBI Agents

ahhhh isn’t that sweet that Jessie Liu signed this DOJ letter. Y’all remember SES Jessie Liu?

The Corruption and Influence of Jessie K Liu

Jessie K. Liu is in Place to Protect the Unelected Senior Executive Service (SES) Secret Government

DOJ: House Democrats’ Subpoenas ‘Legally Invalid’ If Witnesses Can’t Have Attorneys With Them

What did NBC News’s Chelsea Clinton do for her $600,000 salary?


Trump Retweets

Officials in Citrus County, Fla., deny public library’s request for digital New York Times subscription, citing Pres. Trump’s belief that the nationally acclaimed paper is “fake news” https://t.co/dggaZSfEF0 pic.twitter.com/MfO41P5Qfe

— CBS Evening News (@CBSEveningNews) November 5, 2019

Florida county denies library subscriptions to the New York Times because it’s ‘fake news’https://t.co/5JEqqR1swj

— Orlando Weekly (@OrlandoWeekly) November 5, 2019

“Why the heck would we spend money on something like that?”https://t.co/cqixFuhHPP

— Tampa Bay Times (@TB_Times) November 5, 2019

The Left would MURDER America. “Schiff’s Godfather Fantasy”


Field McConnell UPDATES


Jim posts:

The recent election thefts in Virginia and Kentucky prove they’ll steal it in 2020

IF the GOP Attorney General got 823k votes, the GOP Agriculture Commissioner Got 821k votes and the GOP Treasurer got 855K votes, how can the GOP Governor only get 704k votes and get beaten by the Dem, who got 708 K? That’s a little Soros magic that needs to be explained, I don’t see how in that one most important race so many people switched their party preference.

“The republican cabinet has all won, all but a few by over 800k votes. However, the Governor only breaks 700k. I don’t believe a state that went Trump by 30% voted this way, I call fraud. Our elections are a farce.” str8uphemi


“Despite the consent judgment being signed a year ago, Democrat Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes’s office has been accused of improperly delaying the processing of previous mailings through 2018, delaying the final clean up of Kentucky’s voting rolls by at least two years.” Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch

July 15, 2019

Kentucky Set to Remove Up to 250,000 Inactive Voters as Part of Court Consent Judgment with Judicial Watch


We’re Sanctioning The Wrong People
Bro’ Nathanael Kapner’s latest Zio-tard tuchis zetzer…


Jim Stone


Pre comment: B.S. – a lot of good that will do the country now that the damage is done, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED with fall back being OOPS, WE WERE WRONG!!!

Here is the key quote from veteran FBI agent Gagliani: “Here’s me, acknowledging my mistake. I was dead wrong. It now seems there was a concerted effort, though isolated, within the upper-echelons of the FBI to influence the outcome of the Flynn investigation.
I am physically nauseous as I type these words. I have long maintained that innocent mistakes were made and that the investigators at the center of this maelstrom were entitled to the benefit of the doubt.

No more.

They have tarnished the badge and forever stained an agency that deserved so much better from them. I am ashamed. The irreparable damage Comey’s team has done to the FBI will take a generation to reverse.


Here’s me, acknowledging I got busted. There was a concerted effort throughout the FBI at all levels to hang Flynn, and I played along, though now that I got busted I am physically nauseous as I type up my excuse in the hopes I won’t be executed by firing squad. Please believe I thought it was all innocent mistakes, WHICH I KNEW ABOUT AND DID NOTHING ABOUT and I closed my eyes as the investigators at the center of this fraud did their dirty work, about which there was no doubt. I won’t do it again.
Then some B.S. about the tarnished image of the FBI, which should not be “reversed, ” it should be answered with a ground penetrating nuke. Too bad the subversion is too well entrenched for that to ever happen. The best nuclear war America could ever fight would be to have someone hack the system and give DC a solid glassing over.

DO NOT EVER trust the FBI with anything, if Gagliani had not been ZEALOUSLY AND KNOWINGLY DESTROYING FLYNN, he’d have probably coached the next shoe bomber instead. The FBI needs to be handled the same way the Chinese handle diseased pigs.


WE CANNOT PERMIT THIS ANYMORE. When things like hanging Flynn happen, they cannot be excused off as mistakes and everyone at every level needs to be expunged. I am tired of waiting 50 years for “disclosure” while the FBI works on the next American disaster, which, when called an “oops” is like saying you are sorry about committing arson after all is lost. The FBI could best be described as a serial arsonist agency, burning the foundation out from under America. They must be disbanded entirely, with the correct people executed or jailed.


November 5, 2019 Leave a comment

Ed.’s note: We now have credible evidence Field McConnell has been arrested for extradition to Florida by the Pierce County Sheriff’s office in Pierce County, Wisconsin on Monday, November 4, 2019 at 1:22pm. It should be made known if it isn’t obvious by now, this website has nothing to do with Field McConnell or David Hawkins although the name “Abel Danger” remains in place. The Abel Danger website has nothing to do with the events that are now transpiring in Florida.

News update for 7 November 2019: AIM (American Intelligence Media) is reporting their researchers have not been able to confirm Field McConnell has been arrested.

Field McConnell Updates

News update for 7 November 2019: SOTN (State of the Nation) is reporting the entirestory including the arrest of Field McConnell:

FIELD MCCONNELL Arrested: PICAZIOgate Blown Wide Open!


Jim Stone

Things the next day’s MSM reports are not saying about the killings in Mexico –

As it turns out, Sorcha’s report was bang on. The people were indeed polygamists and at least the MSM is saying that now but they are leaving out the fact that it was a two sided cartel war and that the “American citizens” also had Mexican citizenship and were living in Mexico.
They are also not saying that the guy that did it was tracked down with NSA phone records, cell phone based GPS and drones. American drones were virtually guaranteed to have been used. They are also not telling the whole story when they are saying “The guy was found with numerous vehicles, including an armored SUV.” REASON WHY: Because only one guy was who they wanted, the rest who would have used the other vehicles and accompanied him on the hit were probably on the CIA payroll. I don’t even know why they ran this story, which really should be: Mexicans living in Mexico who happened to have dual citizenship were shot up in a two sided cartel war and more than one guy was on the job to shoot them up.

There is definitely something fishy with this, and the more the story progresses, the more it becomes evident my original post, which was based on common sense, plus knowing how things work down here was bang on. The MSM lies were obvious.

They likely staged all of this to set a precedent of having American drones overfly Mexico. Once that precedent is set, then all that is needed is to arm the drones and they can then snipe whoever they want on “surveillance only” missions, with it all being blamed on “cartel violence”. The Mexican drug cartels are likely the new ISIS – an excuse to kill anyone



Our researchers were very concerned to hear that Field McConnell was arrested so we sent the miners in to see what they could find. Nope. Nothing on Field in Broward County or with the Feds.


Capt. Field McConnell of last Tweets:

Field McConnell
Oct 26
Both http://thechildrenscrusade.org and Pentagon Pedophile task force deployed to expose and eliminate these monsters.
Quote Tweet

Mike Cernovich
· Oct 25
Guys this Finder’s Cult stuff released by the FBI is legitimately terrifying twitter.com/Cernovich/stat…

Field McConnell
Oct 22
Replying to
If one were to compare SAM239 to Ist Samuel 23:9 in the Bible it becomes apparent how the WHITE HATS out smart the evil parties over and over. Field McConnell of THE FIELD REPORT.

Field McConnell
Oct 22
Replying to
On the 4th of July after the failed assassination of THE CAPTAIN Mike Pence beat feet from Indiana in a military jet with call sign AF2. Mid journey the aircraft reversed course andchanged call sign to SAM239. This indicates that MP lost his administrative position as VP.


Unable to access Ben’s article… says to log in but I am already logged in. Obviously or I wouldn’t be able to write this. Is something wrong? Just curious. Windi


Most likely your payment for the site is being processed. During that time until the payment clears you will be able to login and post, but not see the full article.
It’s happened with me a few times.


Jim Stone

The recent election thefts in Virginia and Kentucky prove they’ll steal it in 2020

IF the
GOP Attorney General got 823k votes, the GOP Agriculture Commissioner Got 821k votes and the GOP Treasurer got 855K votes, how can the GOP Governor only get 704k votes and get beaten by the Dem, who got 708 K? That’s a little Soros magic that needs to be explained, I don’t see how in that one most important race so many people switched their party preference.


If the election theft is going to be that blatant, we might as well put a fork in this country and let the Jews eat it. Like “Democrat”, “Jew” is a drop in word for Communist. They invented it, they subvert for it, they implement it and the end goal is to have 1000 goy slaves per Jew, living alone in tiny little cell blocks serving great high living communist masters who live as sovereigns as the rest of us get crushed under Noahide law. That’s where we are headed if this problem in Kentucky is not solved, this is the litmus test for whether or not 2020 is going to be stolen. We now have to wait and see what happens.

I have zero doubt Jared Kushner is massaging Trump’s intellect at this very moment, saying how great the Republican victories were in Kentucky, and to not do anything because there “was no theft because I know the Jews who ran the election and they are decent”. If causing Trump to not stop the rigging and to trust the Jews was Jared’s only job, while he did a “great job” everywhere else, it would be more than mission accomplished, what more would they need?


A.F. Branco Cartoon – A Tight Fit


The biggest problem Washington D.C. has with President Trump is that he isn’t playing by the deep state’s rules, so they want to remove him by any means possible. Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2019.



Special guest post

Release of the documentary film, VAXXED II: The People’s Truth.

Margaret Mead once wrote, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

This week a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens, led by Polly Tommey, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree, Brian Burrowes, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Dr. Brian Hooker are trying to change the world with the release of their documentary film, VAXXED II: The People’s Truth. The film, which simply features parents talking about the reactions of their children to vaccines, including autism, paralysis, and death, has so threatened Big Pharma that the theaters showing the film must remain secret until the day before a showing.

This is not just a fight against Big Pharma. It also involves a fight against Big Tech, as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are attempting with all of their billions of dollars to censor vaccine safety information across all their platforms, just as they are doing with political content supportive of President Trump. Big China is also part of this axis of evil as a major portion of the vaccines and pharmaceuticals are being produced in China. Big Pharma, Big Tech, and Big China are part of an unholy alliance which is harming people all over the world, including Chinese citizens.

Big Pharma brings you your evening news, with estimates of anywhere from 40-60% of advertising revenues coming from Big Pharma. Just watch an hour of your favorite news broadcast and count the number of Big Pharma commercials. This includes the new outlets of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, as well as Fox News. Nobody escapes my condemnation. Not Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and certainly not Jason Chaffetz, who was EXTENSIVELY briefed on CDC whistle-blower, Dr. William Thompson, the subject of the first documentary, VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.

President Trump also comes in for substantial criticism, as his statements prior to becoming our Commander-in-Chief, were supportive of getting to the bottom of these questions, and claimed he wanted Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to head a Vaccine Safety Commission, a promise which three years later remains unfulfilled. Parents want answers, and they want unbiased scientists, not industry shills to do the research. It truly is a “FIGHT FOR THE FUTURE,” and this small group of thoughtful, committed citizens deserve to have their film shown in the White House theater. Anything less will probably result in a massive loss of support for a second term for our President.

A guest post by an autism parent



Prayers… Light…? caring FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL
to demonstrators.. yearners.. those injured.. souls of recently departed.. loved ones of all

….& those still trapped into fighting against it all



BUMP to this…. it is PRIMO ADVICE re staying sane & functional in upcoming tumultuous months.. starting 37 min
Good stuff 30-37 min too

intruth. 428456



“In the first place, god made idiots,
that was for practice.
Then he made school boards”

Mark Twain saw what the problem was a long time ago imho


Grr, stoopid photos that can’t be verified from last week, & now this US tunnel map from which NO DETAIL is decipherable. Ben (or whoever) treats us like shit imo . . . but then we’re not here for him.


How Does Snowden Know Chemtrails Aren’t Real?


Brian Wilson points out how in an interview with Joe Rogan, and in his own autobiography, Edward Snowden, the ‘infamous’ NSA whistleblower, denies the existence of geoengineering chemtrails, and he claims there is no evidence that such technology was ever developed by the U.S. Military. However, Wilson breaks down undeniable proof that chemtrails do in fact exist, and they’re changing the chemistry of our planet.


& he doesn’t do 911 inside job either.


Continuing from zanderboy 428324 on Trump support of Saudi Arabia contravening the Geneva Convention by targeting food supplies in its tactics against Yemen.


Trump’s volte face, again.


cobra-quote—–Arrest of Jeffrey Epstein is the first big, real and tangible victory of the Light forces

against the dark network on the surface of the planet. It signifies the trigger point through which the

extent of child abuse will be revealed to the surface population:—–unquote…..



from this article-quote—–“It was unbelievable what we had,” Robach said. “Clinton, we had everything. I tried for three years to get it on to no avail. And now it’s all coming out and it’s like these new revelations, and I freaking had all of it.”

Robach said she had an interview with alleged Epstein victim Virginia Roberts, which included allegations and details about the involvement of Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Alan Dershowitz. She was told that viewers wouldn’t be interested because they wouldn’t know who Epstein was.

“I’ve had the story for three years,” Robach said. “I’ve had this interview with Virginia Roberts, we would not put it on the air. First of all, I was told ‘Who’s Jeffrey Epstein? No one knows who that is. This is a stupid story.’”

Robach said the British royal family threatened the network to pressure them not to run the interview because of the allegations against Prince Andrew and that the network was worried about losing access, so it complied.—–unquote…..



hats off to all lightforces everywhere for ongoing primo works…..

victory of the light to light be light in light sacred light…..


Broward County FL is the global headquarters for child exploitation operation. BROWARD COUNTY is the Operational Headquarters for Israeli Intelligence-Directed False Flag Operations and Mass Casualty Events in America.

FIELD MCCONNELL Arrested: PICAZIOgate Blown Wide Open! |
http://www.henrymakow.com twitter



Don’t Mess With Mother Nature! Shut up and Start paddling to Spain!

You can’t make this up! As the Trump Administration begins the official withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, our favorite green scold, Greta, has problems of her own.

Chile’s government has canceled the United Nations’ climate change summit because of unrest in the country and moved the summit to Madrid, Spain.

Greta’s problem is those “green” trains that run across the oceans haven’t been built yet! What’s a 16 year old Soros backed climate activist to do? Carbon spewing jets are out and so are the passenger ships. Maybe she needs someone to loan her a paddle and a canoe?

Thank you Greta for showing the world how unfeasible and ridiculous your climate change agenda is!

Mankind has always advanced human society with science making everyone’s lives better. The cult of self-loathing, human hating Greenies want us all going backwards, living in straw huts, eating grass, and walking everywhere.

I have to give Greta props for talking the talk and walking the walk, unlike Climate Hoax hero Al Gore or Barrack Obama, both living very well and very carbony in large waterfront estates and flying private jets.

You won’t see Al Gore chewing on a dry spongy “Impossible Burger” no way!

How Dare You!



As far as the 5G technology and your sleep, we have readers commenting that placing sigils in their bedroom and around their beds has been helpful in eliminating the buzzing, ringing, static sound some people hear with 5g and other EMF fog. The sigils are free so download and use generously. How they work is explained here: https://www.ourspirit.com/qube and here https://www.ourspirit.com/sigil
We also recommend safe space EMF environmental clearing devices. We have several of these products in our home: https://www.safespaceprotection.com/ In the article below, we offered other suggestions: How to Antidote 5G and EMFs.


Mike Robinson posts:

Under the actual statute, anyone who knowingly gives false testimony can be put in prison for ten years. And, all of these people did.

It doesn’t take “testimony” or “analysis” to know what was said on a phone call when you’ve got the official transcript. Particularly also when the other party confirmed it. Since the whistleblower’s account doesn’t match, he’s not a protected person: he’s a felon.




Strozk testified Obama sent emails to HRC private server. Grassley wrote letter to Pompeo yesterday demanding those emails!!



BOMBSHELL POLL: Macron LOSES to Marine Le Pen for FIRST TIME! Start video at 1:30 and make sure to listen to Steve talk about Matteo Salvini.

This is what happens when you leave sex education up to public school indoctrination centers:


Let Your Representatives & Senators Know What YOU Think about the Trump

Contact Any Congressperson

Remember…all of the media is propaganda, even when they boo-hoo about what they didn’t report. What we see here: An ABC actress who has been instructed that the next new narrative is that they knew all along about Jeffrey Epstein. Shall we say DUH!?

Give no quarters and no “pass” to any of these slim ball so-called ‘reporters’. They are enemy propagandists being used by the Pilgrims Society to protect their rule over the planet.
ABCs Amy Robach Had All The Evidence On Epstein 3 YEARS AGO And Had To Bury The Story Because Of All The Threats.

ABC (Disney) Helped The #EpsteinCoverup. The language is very course. Even made Betsy blush.

Patriots, this ABC stuff is theater to distract you. It is propaganda counter-intelligence. Ask yourself, what is it that the Pilgrims Society and Privy Council NOT want you to see that they were willing to throw this propaganda babe and ABC under the bus?



House Intel Panel Releases Impeachment Hearing Transcripts


Who told you long ago that this was the Great Information War and that memes and hashtags are powerful weapons to defeat the propagandists? And – best part – YOU LISTENED and educated your audience so that TODAY more people than ever know the power of the meme.

Full Metal Meme Warrior

From December 2017
How Memes and Hashtags Are Changing the Nature of Warfare

Truth History is Shocking – Michael & the Gabriels




Nine American Women and Children Massacred by Mexican Drug Cartel, President Trump Offers U.S. Military Assistance to Mexican Government

“A wonderful family and friends from Utah got caught between two vicious drug cartels, who were shooting at each other, with the result being many great American people killed, including young children, and some missing. If Mexico needs or requests help in cleaning out these…..

….monsters, the United States stands ready, willing & able to get involved and do the job quickly and effectively. The great new President of Mexico has made this a big issue, but the cartels have become so large and powerful that you sometimes need an army to defeat an army!” Trump Tweet

Please send out this tweet in your network


RNC Chair Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel’s uncle Mitt is a junior senator from Utah.



US suppliers will get green light to resume sales to Huawei ‘very soon’, says Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross

“US suppliers will get green light to resume sales to Huawei ‘very soon’, says Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Ross said the US government had received 206 requests from American firms wanting to sell to Huawei.”

Question for Mr. Wilbur: If the US starts supplying Huawei then what happens to US allies that have been warned by the administration to keep them off their grids?

See the video that is inside this tweet.


jeans2nd posts:


Fox does NOT have YOUR good in mind. Fox News is out to DESTROY us Deplorables and Pres Trump, as quickly as they can.

The only way Fox News is going to listen to us is to BRING DOWN FOX’S RATINGS




Reconstructing Justice – Flynn Defense Submits Outstanding Sur-Surreply to Counter Prosecution


Obama State Dept entertaining Hunter Biden lobbyist’s complaints re Burisma oligarch being prosecuted for corruption MONTH BEFORE Biden pressured Ukraine to fire the prosecutor… February 2016 State Department memos released under FOIA showing efforts by Karen Tramontano to seek a meeting about Burisma corruption allegations


US Formally Announces Withdrawal From Paris Climate Deal, Pompeo Says

AIM Patriot Chris brings attention to this 2002 Washington Post article:

Shadow Government Is at Work in Secret

Elizabeth Warren Joins the Meme Wars

Pocahontas announces her MEME TEAM


Report: Joe Biden Pressured Ukraine to Fire Top Prosecutor After Burisma Lobbying Effort

Attorneys Admit ‘Whistleblower’ Had Contacts With Other Presidential Candidates

Breaking: Field McConnell in Custody
Click here for details mentioned in Nancy’s video

It is being reported that the video below is what got Field in trouble.



Open this link and read TRUTH HISTORY that the evil British Monarch and Pilgrims Society have kept hidden from our history books.
The amazing researchers at Americans for Innovation
put this 6 page information sheet in a PDF form with rich hyperlinks so that you can educate your network and family about who is really ruling the planet and how they use propaganda (fake news and fake history) to keep humanity controlled. Here is a tiny url link for easy sharing: https://tinyurl.com/yyp8ve6w

This is pertinent information for every patriot, no matter where you live in the world. The Pilgrims Society and British Monarch are enemies of planet Earth and all humanity.


Watch video

Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman to Trump: Thank You for ‘Continuing to Make America the Greatest Country’ in World



T-Mobil says it owns exclusive rights to the color Magenta


So in Germany, no one else can use “magenta” or anything near it in their branding or marketing. Magenta just happens to be a primary color…


Magenta would be a secondary color- red, yellow and blue are the primary colors that create the rest


No, you’re talking to a professional visual artist Rays. Magenta IS the primary red for printing and paint, along with Yellow and Cyan. From these calibrated three primary colors, the entire rainbow spectrum can be mixed and generated. Red is already a mix of Magenta and Yellow, so it makes lousy muddy purples and violets. Red is almost the opposite of Cyan. Think CMYK…

For lights, color TVs, computer monitors, and the Web, the secondary colors are used to achieve the entire rainbow in light: a violet to ultramarine shade of blue, a scarlet red, and green…..Red Blue and Green…RBG (and I don’t mean Ruth). 😉


Subtractive color derivation is the opposite from additive colors derived from pure light like lasers emit.
You are correct in the printer company newspeak definition but a two color mix like magenta is not primary in that it is a mix of the colors red and blue.
Cyan is a mix of blue and green with yellow being the only true primary color in subtractive coloration.

Printer colors cyan and magenta defy the dictionary definition of primary by being more than the most basic element.
The terms are just some corporate NEWSPEAK meanings that got twisted to sell the product, printer ink.


Light spectrum’s are different than mixing paint-
If I paint a wheel that is divided in three equal parts with one red , one yellow and one blue.
and spin the wheel
it’s white-the sum color of all visible light .
I got a topic prize at a science fair in fourth grade with that one-lol
With pigments that would be black instead.
My portable light show Lasers now have white light option from a three beam light mix of red blue and yellow.
A two mix color is a secondary color in a light lab with purple green and orange the secondary and white the tertiary mix.
Printers are a different and use those mixes you now call primary colors but that is newspeak to me.
I am talking terms about mixing light to get a pure color not computer graphics images of pixel mixes.


Hard to believe. So what happens to the little guy when all the main colours have been bought up? Could lead to some creative colouring.


How about drunk-tank pink?? ?


There are not enough options in the visible light spectrum to go around so I call dibs on X-Ray and Ultra violet lighting wavelengths before some one else!
To let some corporation “own” a color is greed times stoopid multiplied by idiocy squared=lol !


Phoenix Craigslist is looking for actors for a protest at Phoenix Convention Center from 2 to 11 p.m. Pay is $15. They are pro Trump protests. https://www.facebook.com/WakeUpUSA21/photos/a.322737507784223/2825340724190543/?type=3&theater


…”When George Bush Sr. first publicly announced the creation of the New World Order in 1991, he was in effect publicly announcing an alien take over of our nation and the replacement of our republic and constitution with a Luciferian and Alien dominant government…”

Henry Makow: “Soul Scalping” Report Matches Secret Majestic Docs
By VT Editors – November 5, 2019



I was proud that we won a war until heard those words and realized who really had won and it was not freedom but globalism and Bush Sr. was a lying tool.
His words of warning were heeded by me so for that I thank the scummy traitorous snake.


Follow Follow @clif_high
will be off line for a while. Dealing with a personal tragedy in our extended family.

TO ALL: This is one of the darkest mercury retrogrades in recent decades, take no chances. Double check every damn thing. Leave nothing unexamined. Love all your beings fiercely!


“Love all your beings fiercely,” is great advice for all the time.


NutriMedical Report Show Monday Nov 4th 2019 – Hour Two – Deborah Tavares, STOPtheCrime.http://st


Deb Tavares says to watch a movie “The 5th Wave”.

OMG! No thanks! I don’t consent to any of this.

Kinda goes with this:
11,000 Experts Propose Final Solution To Global Warming: Just Kill Billions Of People

Over 11,000 experts from around the world have banded together to call for solutions to the the ‘climate emergency,’ including population control – which “must be stabilized—and, ideally, gradually reduced—within a framework that ensures social integrity.”


“We declare, with more than 11,000 scientist signatories from around the world, clearly and unequivocally that planet Earth is facing a climate emergency,” warned the scientists in the Tuesday edition of BioScience, in a report that includes lots of scary charts we’re guessing Tony Heller could have some fun with.


The (fake) mass hysteria has begun . Who wants to listen to the brainwashed?


Susan Rice was Obama’s College Boyfriend?
Hold on to your grits, that’s a man baby!

[link to twitter.com (secure)]



? WOW! Didn’t see that coming, as one comment posted. Always wondered who Obama was (smoking picture) with, but never cared enough to follow-through.



Jim Stone

Update to below:
Sorcha is claiming Mitt Romney’s family is what got targeted in Mexico, that it was drug related (as I stated it likely was) and if you look at the photos in Sorcha’s report,

Family Of US Senator Mitt Romney Massacred In Mexican Ambush—9 Infants And Children Sent To Heaven In Hail Of Bullets

it is obvious (as I stated) that the husbands of the women killed were all cartel. This is therefore a nothing burger despite being as bad as it was, because for the cartels it was business as usual with the only difference being that the American side of the cartel got hit this time.
Claiming direct association to Mitt Romney is not something sorcha would do without a shred of evidence, I’d bet this claim is at least partially legit.
Heh, I gave it a closer look, the report is actually quite good.
Nothing suprising here, move along!
Yes, I don’t think my initial assessment was far off the mark AT ALL. It is the next item on this page.


Jim Stone

I am skeptical of the story line with the recent cartel killings in Mexico
The story line is that a bunch of women and children were going to a wedding and got killed on the way there by a drug cartel, and there’s nothing more to the story at all. I call B.S.
First of all, the cartels are not stupid. If they attacked like this, it is because they got more than one cell phone bugged with a tracker and they only do that to their enemies. This story is not as simple as stated, because the vehicles were burned rather than taken, which means it really was a cartel and not thugs and cartels don’t do crap like this unless it is against a competitor.

My guess is that there is a back story that goes something like this:

The husbands or any men associated with the women or children killed were doing deals their wives were clueless about, and to send a message, the cartels took what they could. If that happened to be women and children and burned out cars, it was only because that’s ALL THEY COULD DO. The cartels did this via tracking bugs, there are LOTS of whites in Mexico, and lots of American plates in Mexico, why was it this group that got taken out? Answer: Because they had the tracking bug, which was put there for a reason. No other way out of this, cartels don’t bother with ordinary people and if this was anything other than what I stated, everyone would have been taken alive and handed back for a ransom.

GUARANTEE: The group was “women and children only” because the men knew it was best to not go along, and doubted the cartels would get this nasty. As far as I see it, CASE CLOSED.

Rumors, and rumors of rumors
There is nothing of substance in the press, and that’s a positive thing. It is a positive thing because it means they are not being told anything. It appears Trump managed to pull the plug on the leakers, and I do believe things are going on behind the scenes but in the absence of any stories being told, no one can know. But I’ll say a few obvious things –
Hillary has no legit chance in 2020. No Democrat does. And it appears to me that someone, likely a Hungarian billionaire, has permanently staffed approximately 5, 000 hoaxers to show up at events to make it look like there is support for communist causes – (let’s just cut to the chase with this, I’m tired of saying “Democrat”) – the communists know they have to front plausible hoaxes to justify an election steal. I have zero doubt Trump is getting booed at sports events by paid hoaxers. I don’t think there is anything organic about that at all, the numbers of people booing don’t match reality and though a lot of it is just microphone play and possibly soundtracking there likely are significant people there at a ratio that does not match actual society. That’s just one example of what the hoaxers are getting paid to do.

Bernie got a decent crowd, in fact, Hillary, Bernie, Biden – ALL OF THEM are now getting crowds they never got before, and I find that awful strange when the communists are hated more than ever. And the crowds did not slowly creep up in size, they suddenly appeared as if we woke up to a new world. We did not wake up to a new world, the communists did not suddenly get substantial support. Societies just don’t change on fundamentals like that overnight. Someone got the message that having no one show up looked bad, so now there’s a pay to play crowd out there who either do it because they hate Trump and the pay made it worth it, or because they are sociopaths who will do anything for a paycheck.

New topic

A while back rumors went around that Obama got executed at Gitmo, and I expressed skepticism but did not write off the possibility. Now, supposed pictures and video of Obama have “proven” he’s alive. Though I’ll say I am glad I never said he was dead, I’ll also say that such pictures and video prove nothing anymore, and he could still be dead. There is no way to know, because the MSM is now lying so much that finding the truth in what they state is like trying to put your finger on a caffeinated grasshopper. Good luck with that. I won’t say “finding the truth in what they report” because it is clear they are not really reporting much of anything anymore, they are simply stating what they hope will stick. I also don’t believe the original Ginsburg is in the judge’s seat, however, Obama had 50 ways to run and tons of deep state support. Taking him down would not be easy. It is more probable that Obama is alive than Ginsburg.

Another thing –

I cannot get over how appalled I am with China’s actions against the Muslims in China, who, like the Christians that also got wiped out never did anything wrong. It’s not like China’s muslims were going around blowing stuff up, the communist state simply said they were not compatible, threw the men in jail because they did not buckle under as easily as the Christians did, and then sent new men into the homes of the wives for six days a week in the hopes “feelings would grow”. That’s beyond disgusting. I’ll NOT be buying anything Huawei after that, granted, their forced abortion policies were also apocalyptic but they stopped doing that as far as I knew. But then this. Cute. Communists just can’t seem to ever be decent, and that reminds me –

All along I have said that Russia was likely not dead and that they were only playing nice because they decided a new game was needed to take out the United States. look at what is going on now – the Dems are up to their necks in former communist Ukraine, and they are at least up to their knees in Russia, and I only said “Dems” rather than saying “communists” straight up because a reference was needed – now that it is given I’ll say it like it is:

Russia was never dead and the old soviet state is likely not dead, and now the immortal Putin is likely to be going away, in favor of the old style of Russian communism, (or so rumor has it). Interesting it is that this is happening when Trump stirred the communist nest in the United States, only to reveal they ALL HAVE TIES TO UKRAINE AND RUSSIA. Gee, who’d have thunk it. If you have watched this web site over the years, I DID, and I am sure it was not very popular for me to say it. Now take another look, once a few rocks have been overturned – ALL THE DEMS WHO ARE CLEARLY COMMUNISTS HAVE ENORMOUS TIES TO COLD WAR COMMUNIST RUSSIANS. It’s all coming out in the wash now, whether or not what is left over will be wearable remains to be seen. I really hope Trump can get it done.



Nov 4, 2019


Sean linked this report – was $50 to buy. (Thank you Sean!!)

‘CO₂ Reduction’ Is a Mass Murder Policy – FULL REPORT:


VIDEO: Leaked ABC News Insider Recording EXPOSES #EpsteinCoverup “We had Clinton, We had Everything”

from Project Veritas

Note to Amy Robach – Now do you get it? Quit the MSM crap news.


ABC Issues ‘Cover Your Ass, Lawyer-Speak’ Response To Bombshell Epstein Coverup Claims

ABC News has responded to the Veritas video, saying “at the time, not all of our reporting met our standards to air, but we have never stopped investigating the story. Ever since we’ve had a team on this investigation and substantial resources dedicated to it. That work has led to a two-hour documentary and a 6-part podcast that will air in the new year.”

Robach added in a statement “I was caught in a private moment of frustration,” and was “upset that an important interview I had conducted with Virginia Roberts didn’t air because we could not obtain sufficient corroborating evidence.” (Somehow the Miami Herald got the job done, however.)

O’Keefe suggests this is a ‘cover your ass, lawyer-speak response.’

A new undercover video from Project Veritas reveals that ABC News knew of Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crimes, yet decided to ignore it according to undercover footage from Project Veritas.

Don’t worry Amy – your mea culpa will save your job.


WSO interviews Laura Eisenhower

Laura Eisenhower
Oct 30, 2019

Laura Eisenhower joins WSO to discuss her Great-grandfather’s encounters with ETs, exo-politics, spiritual growth and the critical time we find ourselves in during the stellar activation cycle.


start at 37:00, Laura talks about changing planetary alignments, how the cabal is throwing everything at us for the next 2 months. If we get through this time, we will secure ourselves in this organic ascension. 1/1/2020 is coming.


Tiffany FitzHenry
Nov 2
I speak every single day with people whose names you know, whose movies and songs are famous the world over. Every single day they call me.

They want out.

They don’t want to push agendas.

They want to break free.

Be prepared to witness them all rush the door at once…

Tiffany FitzHenry
Nov 2
I’m not talking about people like Robert De Niro. I’m not talking about people who willfully and knowingly serve the system. I’m talking about people who’ve awakened, who see what it all is. Good people who want to and will disclose their stories.


Tiffany FitzHenry
Nov 3
Ex-teen model files lawsuit against Ghislaine Maxwell pal Douglas Graham, a KPMG executive, who she claims used her as child sex slave.

Ex-teen model claims NYC exec tied to Ghislaine Maxwell used her as sex slave

November 2, 2019

A Manhattan exec with close ties to Jeffrey Epstein-fixer Ghislaine Maxwell’s family began grooming a child model as his sex slave when she was just 14, a stunning new lawsuit claims.

Douglas Graham was 45 — with an eye “for young women, sadomasochistic sex, and dungeons” — when he spotted Nikki Henry at a modeling event in Union Square in 1995, she claims in court papers. He made a bee-line for the teenager and began molding a relationship that escalated to midday hotel-room rendezvous and brutal S&M sessions, Henry alleges in the lawsuit.

The relationship — despite the 31-year age gap — stretched over decades and only recently ended, Henry said.

A shaken, tearful Henry, now 38, told The Post in an interview she never had children or got married because of the relationship, and often spent weeks hiding out in the couple’s Manhattan apartment as Graham — who wouldn’t even let her take a bath alone — isolated her from the outside world.

“All I have now is fear,” she said.


KPMG? Wtf.


Kevin Shipp

The Shipp Brief
Tuesday November 5 – 2019

One of the unfortunate things I have had to deal with since I came out and exposed Shadow Government/Deep State (specifically the CIA) corruption in 2012 is understanding that I have to be able to, “fly alone.” Because the Shadow Government/Deep State and the Military Industrial Complex have such control over mainstream news outlets, I understand that it does not serve the interests of the corporate boards to bring me on and discuss the corruption that has usurped our Constitution. My story is, “incredible,” and, “… is the most stunning story we have ever heard,” as I have been told by major TV, publishing and radio producers. And, indeed it is.

I am the first CIA officer to come out and expose the CIA’s Constitutional violations, publicly. No CIA officer has ever written a book about CIA corruption and, after the CIA blacked out (redacted) large portions of the book dealing with that corruption, built a code into the book exposing the redactions; which CIA censors missed.

I am the first CIA officer to publicly stand up against the CIA’s abuse of the state secrets privilege to seal information exposing its corruption, and I faced the prospect of prison for doing so. By the grace of God, that never happened. After trying not to have to do this on several occasions, I have come to realize this is a part of my personal calling. I have to take the personal risk to expose the attacks on our freedoms by our own government, because many cannot; the sacrifice is just too great and will destroy them and their families. Much of what I do, I do for them. Above all, I am a man with a deep personal faith and, ultimately, answer to a higher authority.



Seed Banks & Global Climate Related Damage (906)

Adapt 2030
Nov 5, 2019

Looking at Global Seed banks and the new discussion about stress resistance and gene diversity in the unaltered seed strains, included a map of 20 USA seed banks. Global storm damage claims down, Australia temp records from 1878 to present show almost no warming and the Halloween deep freeze in the USA is being framed in the corporate media.

Whoa, someone put up a bulletin board – Headline – The SUN is the main driver behind climate change by Friends of Science.org.


RGB apparently alive and well on CSPAN last night with Bill and Hildabeast Clinton

I didn’t listen – just viewed them – everyone was sitting down on stage. She did talk -I don’t know how much – I just viewed a couple minutes. IDK. Computer graphics?

Here;s the listing:
Justice Ginsburg with President Bill Clinton and Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
2019-11-04 18:00:00 PST – 2019-11-04 19:32:00 PST

Georgetown Law holds the 2nd Annual Ruth Bader Ginsburg Lecture with featured speakers Justice Ginsburg, President Bill Clinton, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

You know they’d be ready for this one – can’t miss her ‘annual’ event for a propaganda opportunity.


Classic clone gig imo!

Fates Whynot
Fates Whynot

Quite a lot happening in this time of financial strife, great report Ben.


Like with your post intruth 428357
The Shipp Brief

His site only comes up with his home page info dated for that day, meaning I can’t locate the report say two days earlier, especially since there is no search facility or archived material – apparently. Am I missing something? Do you have to be a patreon?

I noticed the same thing – I’m not a patreon so I don’t know if you can access old ones.


The Gold Fish Report November 4th, 2019.
On The GoldFish Report No 401, Week 145 , Louisa reports on the POTUS, FLOTUS and VP week in review, New Q post, No Quid Pro Quo from POTUS but yes Quid Pro Quo from Biden, Israeli Embassy closures, Treaty w. Ukraine and more. Jim reports on Ole Dammegard’s False Flag Prediction, NATO on the Brink of Implosion, Baghdadi’s successor likely terminated, Lavarov awaits DNA confirmation of Baghdadi’s death (send him the underwear), Assad doubts Baghdadi’s death, U.S control of Syria oil fields, French Warplanes airstrikes in Iraq, Trump freezes military aid in Lebanon, and much more.


kevin annett-quote—–Note from Kevin: Despite Anna’s claim, I never forgot about the crimes of the anglican church, and I went consistently after all the major churches complicit in genocide, although since 2010 I have focused on the vatican as the source of the crime. How my attacking the vatican would constitute working for “the bankers”, since all financial roads lead to rome, escapes me. But I appreciate her apology and acknowledgement and I agree with her that the church of rome is satanic in nature. —–unquote…..

anna von reitz-quote—–My Apologies to Kevin Annett

For a long time, I wondered why Kevin Annett moved to Europe and focused on the Roman Catholic Church— seemingly forgetting about the Anglican Church whose sins and neglects first captured his attention in Canada.

Coming at the same time as the banker’s attacks on the Vatican, it seemed strange. I suspected Kevin Annett of perhaps being a banker’s shill. How else to explain the sudden focus on the Roman Catholic Church?

My apologies, Kevin, and ITCCS.

It all makes sense now.

You began with what you discovered in Canada and with the Anglican Church, and by process of research and more testimony coming in, realized that the problem began with the Roman Pontificate—- and the Roman Catholic Church fronting for this venal pagan cult.

Let’s be very blunt so that people fully understand— the “Roman side” of the Roman Catholic Church has practiced Satanism for centuries, and since at least the Second Century BC, the priests of Cybele (Isis, Ashtoreth, Astarte) have served as the tax and bill collectors for Rome.

They have always worn black robes and white wigs, just like British Barristers still do.

This ancient and profane religion practices infanticide, temple prostitution, cannibalism, tree worship, sex as a sacrament, bestiality, sodomy, pedophilia, and it worships — literally — the Father of All Lies. It is a Death Cult, and its practices have always been unspeakable.

So that’s why you focused on the Roman Catholic Church, because it protected and allowed the Roman Pontificate to continue and to function behind closed doors.

Perhaps you, like so many others, didn’t realize that the Church was always “bifurcated” since the time of Constantine, and carrying along a pagan “Secular Religion” with it, the same way that a man might carry a Tape Worm.

What else can anyone conclude, when faced with the “Doctrine of Transubstantiation” which teaches innocent people that they are literally drinking “the blood of Christ” — an act of cannibalism and forbidden by scripture — when they take Communion?

My deepest apologies.

We are on the same side, here at the end of “times”.

In the days to come, we will all finally realize that the only time there is, is “now”, and the only place is “here”.

And our only love is owed to our Creator and to each other.

Godspeed, Kevin Annett, I made a mistake. I am truly sorry. If I had known what I know now, I would have been right there beside you, pushing and shoving, from the beginning, and without a backward glance.

I pray that the 1.2 billion Roman Catholics will jerk awake and realize how deeply and disastrously compromised their Church has been, and find the will and inspiration to jettison the “Roman” part of it, with extreme prejudice.

I also hope that all the efforts of these Evil-Doers seeking to infiltrate and control and use the United Nations as a new storefront — just as they have used and abused the Roman Catholic Church– will be quashed, and that the evils of what they have believed and what they have done in the name of Mammon, will be fully exposed.

Let us all remember what Voltaire said about the Holy Roman Empire — “It’s not holy, not Roman, and not an Empire.” And let us all stand together against the Great Evils of corruption that have engulfed both the Churches and the Governments.—–unquote…..


Awesome post Wolf. Glad this got reconciled. They (we) are all on the same side. I respect both of them very much.


Thanks Wolf for the Kevin Annett update and Anna’s apology, as it drops the pieces in place and he is once again appreciated for all his diligent hard work. Yay Kevin❣️
Yay! Here’s another Explosive video…

Fox News Admits Government Using Lasers — Directed Energy Weapons


Related: 5G Is The Ultimate Directed Energy Weapon System, Says Particle Physicist


Finally, This info is coming fast now. You have proof with info you can show/teach others.


Share this report in your social media network with this tiny url: https://tinyurl.com/y4lrczle
The Aerospace Corporation Announces Two Board Retirements

Press Release From: Aerospace Corporation
Posted: Monday, December 22, 2014

El Segundo, Calif. (Dec. 22, 2014) – The Honorable John E. McLaughlin and Honorable Robert S. Walker have retired from The Aerospace Corporation’s Board of Trustees, effective Dec. 12, 2014.



John E. (“Shit eatin’ SES grin) McLaughlin



McLaughlin prepared the bogus WMD data for Baby Bush





Oct. 18, 2000, Confirmation to be CIA Director




Methinks this little McLaughlin dweeb is just spouting his Piligrims Society continuous war messages.

Trust Me. I know best (sorry, my Pilgrims Society handlers know best.)

More on McLaughlin – Pilgrims Society soldier boy for the takeover of America



What the hell is “national foreign intelligence?”




Prepare yourself for the Elizabeth Warren Meme Team!

Warren is calling on her supporters to join the Warren Meme Team. See her twitter instructions here.

These folks are very late to the Great Information War. Plus, they can’t meme because effective memes hold kernels of truth which the left can’t handle.

Our job, TEAM AIM, is to make memes out of their memes. So watch out for the Warren Meme Team and hit ’em back with biting, edgy truths that will make them cower and hide for cover.



Elizabeth Warren’s “Meme Team” highlight how much Democrats struggle to understand the art of memes


Here are some comments from information warriors:

This meme was brought to you by Warren Meme Team™

Can’t we just hijack that and flood social with fake Warren Meme Team memes?

Let’s run this meme through a series of focus groups and then get approval from senior campaign officials before we post this to social media. Hell of a plan guys.

take their memes, fold them until they are all pointy, and jam them up their

You can read their plan here.. oh man they used emojis for chapter headers ahahahah

Their plan in a nutshell is to pair a writer with a graphic designer to create some message and then use some unknown mass distribution method to disseminate it.

They have no idea that the beauty of the meme is how organic it is. You can’t build them in a liberal think thank.


Unthread Tweet


Bruce Fein: Press has an obligation to identify so-called ‘whistleblower’

Female Offenders: Perpetrators, Predators, and Pedophiles

Male Chinese ‘Relatives’ Assigned to Uyghur Homes Co-sleep With RAPE Female ‘Hosts’


Adam Schiff had a little Freudian slip on Twitter today
as he outlined how his impeachment team views President Trump defending himself against baseless accusations. “Efforts to intimidate or threaten witnesses will further build the case for obstruction, itself an impeachable offense.”

No-one is “threatening” or “intimidating” a witness, President Trump is asking questions about the credibility of the no-longer-anonymous whistle-blower.
However, no whistle-blower has the right to be anonymous. Even the statute that protects whistleblowers only applies to retaliation. It is ridiculous to think whistleblowers can remain anonymous. READ MORE



University of Michigan Agrees to Roll Back Restrictions on Speech


Lookie here! The Brits have a dossier, too. They also have a boogieman – Russia. Watch this highly entertaining propaganda from RT and BBC that is intended to keep you from looking at the real culprits who tried to overthrow the U.S. – Mark Malloch-Brown, Richard Dearlove, Andrew Wood, George Soros, Alison Saunders, Arvinder Sambei, the Privy Council, and…of course Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Bitch who is ruling the planet with her creepy pedophile sons Charles and Randy Andy.

UK PM accused of sitting on Russia ‘meddling’ report


The Metamorphosis Of The Deep State

Brennan’s Spy? New Theories Emerge About Trump-Ukraine Whistleblower

Trump signs off on plan to cap US refugee limit at 18,000 in 2020

Thousands of Migrants Are Voluntarily Going Home After Being Sent Back to Mexico Under Trump Policy




Patriots are winning on all fronts

No one in Washington wants to tell you the name of the Deep State Shadow Government. In their own government publication they tell you about their “higher civil service” in the United States, and refer to themselves as “supergrades”.

The Senior Executive Service

We reported on SES corruption long before this September 2018 video. The truth is not going away, folks. Eventually we walk back these crimes of humanity to the Pilgrims Society and along the way disclose the evil ones in the Privy Council and the Vatican that attempted an overthrow of Donald J. Trump and a regime change of the Unites States of America.

Trump plays dominoes in the swamp

John Brennan led the coup this side of the Atlantic, while Gina Haspel, who was in the CIA London office at the time, worked the coup from London as the CIA chief in cooperation with GCHQ and Robert Hannigan. Both are creepy, corrupt traitors of America. Make sure to give this meme some push through your networks.

Why John Brennan, Peter Strzok and DOJ Needed Julian Assange Arrested – And Why UK Officials Obliged

It’s a Race Between Impeachment and a Durham Indictment



Is The WhistleBlower A Secret Grandson
Of Paranoiac Spy James Angleton?

By Yoichi Shimatsu

It’s not unusual for lower-ranking families in government service to act as foster parents in cases of “An Inconvenient Truth” about a less-than-pedigree child of top-level CIA officials or even a grandchild with a smudge on its birth record. So let’s take a hard look at impeachment whistle-blower Eric Ciaramella, the mystery man who has pulled down his Facebook posts and scrubbed nearly all background information from the Internet.

This cheeky fellow has the temerity to challenge the President’s credibility when he himself refuses to appear in person for 15 minutes of fame. A junior employee of the CIA, what’s he got to lose compared with secret agents risking their lives inside Iran, Syria, Sudan, Somalia and other hell holes? Rush Limbaugh called out this closet case as “one of Obama’s pajama boys” and the Dems aren’t making any rebuttals over the insult, not even Michelle or Chief of Pajamas Jimmy Alefantis.

The stand-in “father” Tony Ciaramella, a banker in Connecticut, has kept mum about this particular individual among his three “sons”, another one being journalist-editorialist C.J. at Reason magazine.

There are two photos of Eric posted online, strikingly different in skin complexion although the scraggly beards are somewhat similar. Skin whitener available off the shelves of convenience stores has lightened his more recent portrait, indicating the effects of melanin, enabling him now to pass for white. In stark contrast, his earlier casual snapshot taken at Yale discloses a swarthy youth of South Asian genetic origin.

Physiognomy is not an accurate science, if at all, but remains more of an art based on an world-weary experienced eye. As an freelance journalist who’s trekked and taken buses and jeeps umpteen hundreds of kilometers across Pakistan, Nepal, India and the UAE with its large South Asian population, my jaded impression at first sight of his student photo was that Eric’s bloodline originated in Pakistan, among the warrior caste, based on his slim bony figure and long face.

Extrapolating from there, this racial group has no genetic connection, not even Etruscan, to Italy’s Campania region surrounding Naples. There the surname Ciaramella is derived from players of a short wind instrument, made from a single wooden pipe, which are sometimes grouped together in a bagpipe, to play the folk-dance tunes of the southern part of the peninsula. So let the quick-step tarentella begin, although in Napoli it’s called the tammurriata. Hey, there’s also a prominent female politician from the Ciaramella clan in the old country with the Italiano Democrat Party who recently organized a protest to give the evil eye to party defector Matteo Rienzi for bolting to create his own Viva Italia movement. That’s after he organized the Russiagate scam for his CIA paymasters. Put down that glass of vino and get up and dance, paesano.
…more at the link…


​Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
I know of no reason
Why the Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.


Millions Will Die in Cascadia Big One – Steve Quayle


Already posted. Just finishing this up now. What Steve Quayle is saying is that there is an intense amount of monitoring by expensive aircraft going on RIGHT NOW that indicates to him that something might be up – centered around the Ridge Crest earthquake ~July 4th 2019.

Wonder if that military encryption message had anything to do with this? Probably not. More likely political/FF.


Steve Quail Is the biggest fear porn purveyor on the planet. If you visit his website, every day he lists 10-20 news stories describing imminent disaster and and mayhem for all with nothing ever coming to pass! Why would somebody be motivated to maintain such a blanket state of continous fear? I suspect he does not have good intentions.


(MIAC #243) Global Population Density Problems Resource Scarcity is Manufactured

Adapt 2030
Nov 3, 2019

•Grain shipments raided during the Maunder Minimum
•Urban farming
•Power grid outages globally
•Food distribution networks experiencing bottle necks
•Hungry hoards through entertainment industry as pre-programming for food shortages
•Retrofitting disused shopping malls and parking garages for indoor agriculture
•Food storage facilities for a city next to a rail line
•Rooftop gardening
•Taiwan Hydrolush Vertical grow tubes
•Population density problems globally not overpopulation problems
•You need to buy a new car in the climate emergency
•Just in time delivery the Achilles Heel of our civilization
•Aero-motor to pump water with wind power


Jim Stone

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

The story line says it ALL.
“DENVER – A white supremacist from Pueblo was arrested Friday when he met up with three undercover FBI agents in an attempt to bomb the Temple Emanuel synagogue in Pueblo as part of what he called a “racial holy war” and to wipe the synagogue “off the map” in what the FBI says amounts to “domestic terrorism.”

Richard Holzer, 27, will make his first court appearance at 2 p.m. Monday at the U.S. District Court of Colorado. Court records show he faces one count of attempting to obstruct religious exercise by force using explosives and fire.

According to a criminal complaint , undercover FBI agents had been talking with Holzer since September and had been tracking multiple Facebook accounts of his in which he talked to other white supremacists through private messages about attacking Jewish people and other minority groups.

My comment: The “other white supremacists” were FBI agents, proven by the fact only Holzer got arrested. If Holzer had a brain, he’d have known you can’t use Faceplant to talk about a non GMO garden let alone terrorizing synagogues. And why did Faceplant allow this kind of chit chat to happen when they censor anything of the sort that actually reaches other people? Chalk this one up to: “The FBI found another retarded shoe bomber to exploit”.

Absent the FBI, Holzer would have likely been playing video games and getting yelled at by mom.

Don’t give the FBI an ounce of respect for this crap, they busted NOTHING and investigated NOTHING, all the FBI does is railroad retards as they run hoaxes for show to give them “legitimacy” while they try to unseat duly elected presidents and “kill” Epstein. There’s no doubt Epstein is sitting in Tel Aviv with Baghdadi (I never thought that was real even if Trump did, and I reported it supportively, ) no, BOTH are chatting with each other next to a pool in Tel Aviv. Lots of people are smart enough to realize the leader of ISIS was Mossad, ESPECIALLY with that line going back to the state department complete with supporting end to end hardware that allowed secure communication over public infrastructure.

See this


All Democrats are not demonrats. ………

Raising GAIA out of this 3D to 5D is my daily motivation needed in meditations to escape this prison.

20ReplyNovember 5, 2019 3:25 AM

Hi Belle,

That last sentence of yours says it all!

We don’t need to worry or get caught up in the “meme du jour” – just focus on our end game and the reality that we want for our wonderful Gaia.



Same old, ……….

This is bs if it means a digital banking control system as an excuse to clean things up. What’s with the transparent gold backed alternative? Of course the fact that I’ve bought some gold coins has absolutely nothing to do with it.

90 ReplyNovember 4, 2019 10:24 PM

Hi Zander,

Or the fact that if the world ever went to digital ONLY banking, then we would all be at the mercy of those who control the internet and the digital (computerised) banking. We could all be rendered penniless at the stroke of a click by someone closing or cashing out our only source of currency for buying anything.

Now that’s a way to kill humanity real quick!!!

best regards,


Nuclear Blackmail is a scam. Nukes do not operate as we have been told so these are empty threats to try and scare people of the world. The so called atom bomb tests in America were fake and there have been numerous episodes of so called nuclear bombs being fake.


what about fukushima??

Ludovic Travers
Ludovic Travers

It’s been resolved since. Noone is going to get nuked without consent now. Nukes won’t work, and already didn’t work, search the miami incident, they had a nuke alert, and nothing happened (hint : the nuke was launched )


I’m author 23 today. I read and appreciate you all.
Thanks for sticking with it.


Jim Stone

DISGUSTING. Remember a while back when I posted the photos of China detaining Muslims and putting them in concentration camps?

Due to the one child policy, which caused lots of Chinese to abort their girl babies so they could have boys, China has a shortage of women and is now sending men to live with the 1, 000, 000 or so wives who’s husbands are now in the prison camps because HEY, UNDER COMMUNISM PEOPLE ARE “HUMAN RESOURCES” AND IF MEN NEED WOMEN, YOU CAN’T LET THAT “RESOURCE” GO TO WASTE, RIGHT?


You can’t make this stuff up, yep, the communist government of China, to be efficient with “resources”, is indeed sending men to live with the women who’s husbands are detained, Including sleeping in the same bed.
I therefore declare the following caption accurate:

After all, if it was not accurate, he’d be going home to his wife after being “mentally repaired”. But no, he’s going to be disposed of, there’s no way out of this one.

Sometimes a quick read below the surface is all it takes to expose what is really going on, If these men were ever going to be released, their wives would not have been assigned new men in their beds.

This time, they took it a step further. They assigned men to the wives. That’s a new one for the communists.

“Communists do this EVERY. SINGLE. TIME . . . . ” but this time, “Wait, There’s more!”



It did not originate on Hal Turner. He was onto it a lot earlier than I was, but it started in the forums and on Twitter. If you doubt Hal Turner (I don’t see a reason to, but he does get back stabbed) be aware that this did not come from him originally.


Thanks for posting new Q update. Hope something good comes about soon.


?? ????????? ???? ?????? ?????????? | George Kavassilas on the cosmos

7 Jan 2019

Caught up with George Kavassilas yesterday for a pretty cool conversation …

George is an incredibly expansive speaker, author & educator whose work is highly focused on helping people navigate the complexities of living as an infinite multidimensional being within the confines & current state of this time space reality.

Note… normally I’d do an interview like this, intro the speaker with some context & have them share a few core lessons before we warm up to the weird stuff…

George & I kind of break the rules & jump right in…!

I figured my community loves the weird & wonderful & would be willing to dive straight in with us!

George shares about…
✨ Your multidimensional self
✨ Reasons your greater being or other entities would shut you down from certain information
✨ Getting calibrated to different paradigms of worship & reality
✨ What’s beyond consciousness (universal mind energy)
✨ The natural source construct of the universe
✨ Navigating the creative process inside the current cosmic energies
✨ Raising your frequency so you move through completely different realities
✨ Completing your contracts & agreements
✨ Finding peace with all the light & shadow you have experienced in your whole cosmic journey
✨ How to stop creating from within ideological systems
and so much more!


Jim Stone


Here is the message:


The message is encrypted so no one knows what it says, but if there ever was a false flag warning, or a notice that something big is likely to happen, this would be it. I am not going to try predictions with regard to this, but I will say that this is worth standing on toes. We all know there is some serious crap happening in the government right now and I can only hope that this message was sent by Trump because of that photo with all the wires ripped out of the table –


I gotta say, I have not had the types of problems I have had today before despite having perfect connections. Very strange.
To be clear: The ultimate backup of the backups is the radio based military EAS system. This is what gets used to make damn sure everyone gets the message. Anyone can pick it up with the correct radio receiver but no one who is not cleared can know what the message is. This system normally transmits 30 character test packages but today that changed when a 242 character message was sent, which proves a real message was sent, and the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Border Patrol and ALL reserve units (and more) got it. We’ll have to wait and see what becomes of this.

This has been confirmed via various sources (hobbyists who have the right radios and caught this) it is not rumor and has been posted to numerous forums and blogs.

This does not necessarily mean anything is going to happen, but it does mean people ought t o stay awake and in touch. This system is not used for casual chats.


Link to what Sorcha Faal says about that 242 character message



NBC News Thinks Getting Microchipped Sounds Super-Convenient

By Daisy Luther
November 4, 2019

Thousands of people in Sweden are voluntarily getting “chipped.” Daisy Luther wrote that many Americans wouldn’t be far behind.” And experts have claimed that one day in the not-too-distant future that “everyone” will be microchipped.

And it looks like the push is on. A while back, Brandon Turbeville wrote about the UK’s pro-microchipping coverage. And now, NBC News published a pro-microchipping video, gushing over the “convenience” of having your keys, your money, and your ID all placed in your hand in a device about the size of a grain of rice.



Holy Shit – The mother of all drops.. including Seth Rich files, DNC server, etc etc

Q has said we have it all. Now we do.

George M Nasif has said for two years he had it all as well. Now it’s available in his global Dropbox.

DNC 1,2,3 are the Seth rich files.

Also evidence the DNC invests donations in the Cayman Islands.

He removed the Hillary, Huma snuff videos. But left the New Zealand shooter videos, which is illegal to watch in many countries so be careful.

Give him a follow and retweet to get this out. This drop will permanently end the DNC and the bastard Democrats.

[link to georgenasif.com (secure)]


His Twitter is a guide to a lot of the infohttps://www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message4178037/pg1


Honey trap ?


intruth’s 428321

Is worth repeating if you didn’t see it.
Can the ‘Great Green Wall’ stop desertification in China

After watching that, youtube queued up this:

Restoring the ancient Caledonian Forest Alan Watson Featherstone TEDxFindhorn


It is exciting to see some of Scotland restore it’s natural homeostasis and well being
Equally useful is that Alan W. explains the steps to restoring any ecosystem.

I am busy visioning this for us all.
And beginning to collect similar info about solutions.


If Trump cannot block the demonrats from his tax returns how can we expect the Chinese are not behind this movement or of their meritocracy of our finances. Of course just conjecture.


Who is assuming that Trump does not want the democrats to fight to see his tax returns?? When the returns are perfect the dems will look stupid. He had to know ahead of time they would behave as they are. Then he turns it around and we get to see Biden’s , Pelosi’s, Obamma’s etc.. tax returns using all of the same arguments the dems used against Trump. It’s gonna get interesting and the dems are gonna flip out (as they are now).

My guess this whole quid pro quo was also a set up that shows Biden’s do it, many other officials do it, and even forcing the states to go with Common core or loose their federal dollars was doing it. And Trump is so smart that dishonest five oclock news has introduced all of this quid pro quo to the public. Who ever heard of it before this??


All Democrats are not demonrats. That term is reserved for the pedo-satanistic socialistic traitors parading as politicians in the guberments.

Their largest hurdle is Hildabeast, herself. No one can forget the image of the snuff films of
REAL HILDABEAST dancing and prancing around the corpse of a young child and wearing its face, as the thought of still provokes unmissable signs of sexual canabalism.

Twenty years ago it was the fascists Bush 1 of Repukes. Hopefully, he is gone now as well as his 9/11 (appearing) co-conspirator son, Bush 2. He said, Nothing to do or worry over. — Go Shopping! The hubris of these creatures.

Today, is the threat from the Chinese – always displaying disgust that the west would never ever kneel to their communist will. I almost prefer —- no I’m not going to say it, but I hope you understand the gist of the thoughts…

Raising GAIA out of this 3D to 5D is my daily motivation needed in meditations to escape this prison.


I also want to mention it is true not all democrats are dishonest liars. There are good and bad in both major parties. Trump himself used to be a democrat.


I really thought that Hildabeast snuff film would be broadcasted over 8kun as soon as 8kun went up.



A.F. Branco Cartoon – Court Is In Session

Democrats have moved to make the impeachment hearings public, but nothing much will change. Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2019.


I’d like to view the underground bunker network map in a larger scale, to be able to read it, if anyone can find a link.




Building Trumps wall is exposing some tunnels.

Then : https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/underground-tunnels-los-angeles

Why DARPA Wants Underground Tunnels For ‘Experimentation’ | Time

Aug 29, 2019 … Here’s the Real Reason DARPA Is Looking for ‘Underground…

Must use discernment.


Disturbing report. So we will move into a “meritocratic” government ruled by the Chinese while we are under massive surveillance. The ruling class will stay in place and will tolerate people if we continue to bow to them and recognize their superiority in how hard it is to run a planet. I don’t want massive surveillance of my finances. I use cash rather than credit cards for smaller items because it is none of their bloody business what I spend money on. I don’t use those points cards for anything other than groceries. Too easy for them to deny you services and to blackmail you. “Oh, you like to buy beer. We will not give you medical treatment because you destroy your own health.” This is nothing like what Benjamin used to tell us. It sounds like we will be headed for hell. When they say they need to use surveillance to remove crime and make us all “safer”, that is when they use it to control the masses. This sounds like an accelerated 1984 that we are all headed for.


And while we are discussing this wonderful meritocratic communist filled trustworthy new gov we should go ahead and turn in our arms and ammunition, too. I do not know Milley but if he rose under the Muslim Obama with the male Michelle, put him on the road. Ditto for Kushner and Mnuchin. As to the murdering Pope, who invited him? He should have been executed already.

I believe patriots are being HAD! Ben, whose side are you on, anyway? This negotiated New World Order, a highly subjective meritocracy styled one, keeps bubbling to the surface and the bubbles smell like hydrogen sulfide to me.


The Chinese government sees the U.S. as  basically subjects of Beijing’s expansion and the communist government believes “Americans must acknowledge Chinese sovereignty and obey them”

I doubt that Chinese Social Credit Score System would be really meritocratic; instead it surely will be a global concentration camp, much worse than Big Tech / MSM censorship:
Ruling powers of West and East wish to end the world with a sort of junta – no human rights, cash money, traditional family, etc. Should we quietly wait them “cooperate”??


This is exactly what the Bible talks about before Jesus comes back. In the book of Revelation the Beast System. Revelation 13 talks about you can’t buy or sell Without the Mark in your forehead or right hand. If you don’t take it you will be killed. Come to salvation in Jesus before it to late. If you take the Mark you will be eternally destroyed in the lake of fire. Read all of Revelation to get a better understanding of what’s to come.


All excellent points about the very disturbing nature of Ben’s revelations. The Chinese are no saviors and it hardly looks like our new overlords will be any better than the ones we have now. But I’m not convinced it’s all true. We’ll see if any truth about 911 comes out: that will turn my head. Anyone reading David Icke’s “The Trigger”, smashing windows on 911 all over the place.


Warning: The wrong kind of poultry increases the risk of antibiotic resistant bacteria, according to new research

However, new research has discovered that going organic may be the answer to this problem. Organic poultry is only half as likely to contain antibiotic-resistant bacteria, according to a new study.



Worrisome news
If we ask you…
And me.
Let’s see:
” the Chinese said they will be “taking an active part in global governance and continuing to make contributions to the building of a community with a shared future for humanity.” They added that such cooperation was premised on “unity of independence and self-reliance.”
Not promising.
If you are a Uyghur.. you know what we mean.
Calling a Big Brotherie Credit Scoring Scheme
Like Jasime or Lotus Blossum… not so keen.
Such “lie-erie” does not get us doggies “fierie-d up”
To think all doggies big and small will be
monitories by the Chinese deceivers
Come some Fall SOON.

What we say
Stay with the pray
The visioning of the Day
The doing of the way
We want for us all.
We’ll keep heeding that call.
‘Cuz we’re pretty sure each and every small canine
Knows the heart of how we all can be truly fine.

And a tail-wagg again
For our tale-master Ben.


After my video came out a few people got soul reports from me. What was so surprising is that over half (about 60%) were Starseeds. It would usually be about 20%. I can’t figure out what it means though. Starseeds get to come here and incarnate for one life to make ascension or take advantage of the end of cycle ascension window opening in 6 to 10 years. They had trouble making ascension out of cycle on their planet. Some Starseeds use the skills of their soul to greatly help Humanity with spirituality. This is what other writers write about, they skip the ascension part, but that is where come in checking souls. A few Starseeds go for the money to much and don’t get polarized positive and figure to blow ascension, but they got 6 to 10 years to fix it, I’ve even told a few why they are here and to shape up. https://www.icheckyoursoul.com/


A negotiator for the ruling Western elite, for his part, said, “The global ruling class have no objection to the People if they show themselves capable of understanding and taking on the challenges of running a planet.”

Oh look: Isn’t that the very condescending attitude of the elite class who have done all they can to suppress the education and intelligence of the People (excepting the ones they control).

Yet they think they know all there is to “running a planet” when they have run it into the ground with their own control mechanisms and control organizations, their lack of transparency, their own lack of compassion and empathy.

It’s this superior attitude and arrogance that has done them in as they try to pass themselves off as the only ones intelligent enough to do the job.

I think there are a lot of very intelligent people out there that have left their system of control because it is run by a very mediocre as well as corrupt group of players (of course backed up by these arrogant elite).

Defining intelligence by their standards won’t cut it. The human potential is so much greater than they are willing to admit….or allow.

The need for transparency is necessary to make a better system work. As well as a way to redefine intelligence and to restructure education and learning on this planet



I believe this planet is NOT theirs to run. This planet is not owned by the inhabitants who were supposed to be care takers, or those who are playing dress up as if they are creators. The only thing they can create is chaos, mayhem, and evil.
I also believe they have forgotten or have not a clue the spirit of the souls that will defend the USA & our freedom.


Same old, Abe to be removed, new technology on the way; I’ll have to take a magnifying glass to that map of underground bases & see if I can see anything decipherable. Interesting on the Indonesian front, seems such an obvious corrupt ploy.

From Ben’s report:
One big debate in the in the West is just how much financial control is to be left in the hands of the ruling class, the source said. “The new financial system has been designed with a security services back door,” he admitted. “We need to figure out if the public will accept super-deep mass surveillance of their financial lives,” he noted. “I say if you do nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. They need to decide if they want mass criminality or no criminality,” he said. “Having done a deep dive on terrorism financing, anyone who knew what I knew would accept [these back doors],” he explained.

This is bs if it means a digital banking control system as an excuse to clean things up. What’s with the transparent gold backed alternative? Of course the fact that I’ve bought some gold coins has absolutely nothing to do with it.


07 Nov 2019: Just checked Gold prices and it is taking a big hit today, just as the Fed dumps $120B into the banksters every night, and banksters are ready to roll to take everyone bank accts soon to pay their debts. As clif says double check all finances or whatever is important to you.

The 11th is silver Monday❣️


This is one of the reasons I’m not spending money on this site anymore. There are lots of patriots who are worth giving $2.50 to a month and have much of the same news but it’s not giving our sovereignty away.

Ben is pushing us toward that reality and seeing what is acceptable. Freedom is the only thing that is acceptable to me.

I’ll be here till the end of the month


O Melissa… we will MISS you.

So many of us.. totally me… are here for what we share w each other.
AND.. for the update about what Ben’s contacts are doing and thinking..
With which this week seems cafeistas DO NOT agree.



SOROS: Major Russian TV Documentary Film Exposes The Globalists’ & Liberal Godfather George Soros

from Russia Insight:


Interesting. the video has been removed


Was Common Core Quid Quo Pro??? Dang another Dem failure. Are you tired of winning yet???



Alex Neumann explaining the history of the dumbing down of America using a Common Core. It was first based off of the Prussian system which caused today’s dyslexia and math issues. Then picked up and funded by the Rockefellers.. why is this not being completely wiped out and replaced by the new Administration? I know if they did there would be lawsuits and injunctions galore from the Left but why are we still allowing this shiate?


Quid Pro Quo:

Obama gave Pearson Publishing $350 million to create Common Core Text and Pearson gave Obama a $65 million book deal in return. Media SILENT!


Reading Scores on National Exam Decline in Half the States

Mission accomplished Common Core….


12 this week. Now back to read the report. Everyone have a great week!




The Chinese declaration that they have a “meritocratic system of governance” and the philosophy of “building…a community with a shared future for humanity” based on “unity of independence and self-reliance” rings strongly false to me. Their governing system has a long history based on the opposite of these sentiments. Having dealt with this system during my career and knowing others that have, as well, I find it difficult to believe they’ve had this 180 change of heart in a short twenty year period.

The only part of this sentiment I buy with regards to the Chinese is that they will be “taking an active part in global governance.” Beware. Their belief in their superiority over other races is a long tradition and lying to said other races does not bother them in the least. They have a long game plan in play, and it will be for their benefit, not for other nations.

In addition, although most of this report is very encouraging, another red flag that concerns me here is the desire of those who will rise to rule after this take down for a “super-deep mass surveillance of [our] financial lives.” I find even the idea of a government, however benign they declare themselves to be, monitoring every aspect of my finances repugnant, disturbing, and sinister. Worse, it is an excellent way to control people.

Again, I caution all of us to beware and to stay alert. If history teaches us nothing else, it is that those who take over do so with lovely promises and distracting entertainments to soothe and mislead, and as the years roll by, they quietly enslave us.


I have not voted for this one


“If history teaches us nothing else, it is that those who take over do so with lovely promises and distracting entertainments to soothe and mislead, and as the years roll by, they quietly enslave us.”

Thank you, well said❣️


Kevin Shipp

The Shipp Brief
Monday November 4 – 2019

As recently revealed by whistleblower Zach Vorhies (who’s collected and released 950 pages of Google documents), Google is, among other things, manipulating public opinion and influencing political outcomes. Seed money for the creation of Google algorithms came from the CIA. Seeds sown in darkness rarely result in a health plant.



Like with your post intruth 428357
The Shipp Brief
Saturday November 2 – 2019
As disgusting as it is to have to address, there is an elite pedophile ring, particularly in the UK and the United States. This scourge has been in the halls of wealth and power since Cecil Rhodes, one of the richest men in history, was a pedophile who traveled with five young boys he called his, “little angels.” This gives a whole new meaning to the Rhodes Scholarship. These, “Scholars” do not earn their way in, they are chosen because of their willingness to play by globalist rules.
November 3, 2019 8:43 PM

His site only comes up with his home page info dated for that day, meaning I can’t locate the report say two days earlier, especially since there is no search facility or archived material – apparently. Am I missing something? Do you have to be a patreon?


Cancer Treatment Cure GcMAF Interview with David Noakes

from Jason Liosatos Outside The Box:
November 4, 2019


Reports of Impossible Burger Health Reactions Lead to National Health Survey

Reports from people who experienced adverse health reactions following the consumption of the Impossible Burger or other products produced by Impossible Foods have prompted GMO Free USA, a national nonprofit, to launch a public health survey to gather more data from people experiencing similar reactions.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not provide the public with a simple procedure to report adverse reactions arising from the consumption of novel foods containing genetically engineered ingredients. GMO Free USA will collect the data and submit it to the FDA.

The highly processed Impossible Burger contains soy leghemoglobin manufactured from GMO yeast, which comes along with 46 contaminating yeast proteins, all of which are new to the food supply and never before consumed by humans. Impossible Foods’ safety testing of these potentially allergenic or toxic proteins was limited to two short term rat feeding studies, one 14 days and the other 28 days. An independent analysis of these feeding studies by molecular geneticist Michael Antoniou, PhD and Claire Robinson MPhil, found unexplained changes in weight gain and signs of potential toxicity in the 28 day study.(1)

Consumer advocacy organizations Consumers Union(2) and Center for Science in the Public Interest(3) recently expressed concerns about inadequate safety testing.

As Impossible Foods expands distribution beyond restaurants into grocery stores, it is in the interest of public health to track adverse health reactions. GMO Free USA is urging individuals who have experienced mild to severe digestive or other health reactions following consumption of the Impossible Burger or other Impossible Foods products to participate in the health survey: https://gmofreeusa.org/take-action/impossible-burger-health-survey

GMO Free USA is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit advocating for a clean, healthy food system and educating consumers about the hazards of GMOs and synthetic pesticides.


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Since top-ranking fronts like George Bush Sr., Pope Maledict (Benedict XVI), George Soros, David Rockefeller, etc. are already gone, the real puppet masters are increasingly hiding behind computer graphics and body doubles or “clones,” CIA sources say.

So whoever is behind them is still in power.and it’s business as usual?


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Thank you Ben, and good morning to all! While I wish Obama, Pelosi, and Netanyahu were truly gone, I’m not convinced your CIA source is being honest with you on this aspect of your report, but time will tell.


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Hope that all the cabal puppets will soon be locked up underground.
The only issue i haven’t caught is who, when and how would hold super-deep mass surveillance of our financial (only?) lives.