On religion

From a game theory perspective:

The Sanhedrin made a deal with the Flavians to use Jesus as their martyr, to conquer the world passively.

Chabad Lubavitch is the supreme messianic religion.

How can one continue to believe the nonsense that is Christianity and Islam?  Their respective books have been weaponized for war, and hell on earth.

Tribal tendencies are being preyed on by the Masters.

Christianity and Islam have had their chance to be the religions of a peaceful world.  Both have obviously failed miserably, opening the door for Noahide.

This insanity must stop.

In my humble opinion, the idea of “A Creator” can only be viewed from a quantum perspective.  In a peaceful world we need to edit out the BAD CODE! i.e. Religion.

We don’t need religion to give us our moral compass in an evolved society.


My view is that we did not create ourselves;  something else created us, so there is a Creator.  It is up to the individual to think of this as God or Nature.

The important thing is to respect the Creator by respecting the creation;  i.e., other human beings and Nature.

As far as monotheism is concerned, it is an ancient system of mind control run by certain inbred families.  I think humanity is ready to run itself now.


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Pierre Henri Renevey
Pierre Henri Renevey

I think we were never created. We have always been and we will always be. I know this is something difficult to grasp when we live in the physical universe where there is a chronological time. But this universe is just a created illusion where things start, last (persistence), and stop. While a spirit can create dimensions, energy, matter, time (in short, universes)and it can also uncreate all this, but in our spirit’s “universe” (Home, Kingdom, God, Source, Life, whatever the name), there’s no dimensional space, matter energy or time. We are just consciousnesses with infinite abilities. We are multiple and we are one. The problems start when the spirits are so involved in their creations that they start to identify themselves to their own creations and lose the perception of what they really are : spirits. As this happens, the spirits start to become more and more solid, more and more material to a point where now, a spirit thinks he is the body he is in. I am a body, my name is Miss Jane Doe, that’s my identity and I need an identity, otherwise, I am nothing and I don’t exist. That’s where we have arrived today.

The problem was not the dimensions or the matter or the energy, but the problem was time. Time is confusing because it’s a lie. The time does not exist, it’s just a lie we created to give persistence to our creation in order that our creation (space, matter energy, well, this universe) does not vanish so now we are tangled in Time that we created because Time is almost the opposite of the nature of the spirit. It’s difficult for people to dissociate the spirit and this created universe. This universe can be uncreated (destroyed) and we can create an other and different one. We can create universes at will. But sometimes, we get trapped so deeply in our own creations that it’s a big problem to find the way out. I remember a scene that happened between my past life and my present life (or between my past body and my present body). So I just died snd dropped my former body and I was floating in space above planet Earth (a view on the planet from around 300 miles high) and suddenly I felt a presence and asking me (by telepathy)what I wanted to do and that I should take a body on Earth. And I said that this planet Earth is just full of idiots killing themselves, making wars, living poorly, etc. So, no thank you, but I don’t think I’ll get back there. The other entity said to me, no, this time, something will change definitely because something great will happen and it will never be the same again. So I thought that I had a kind of mission to accomplish and I said ok, I will take a body here once again. So here I am again and at the time of birth of the body, I put a “forgetter” implant to remember nothing about my past lives.

The first 14 years of my present life were horrible, awful, I was feeling bad, disoriented, depressed and then I started to feel much better. It’s around my twenties that I started to remember the episode of the between life thing and more and more souvenirs came (I am 64 now). In my actual consciousness level, I guess that our human bodies were created by Annunakis by mixing some DNA’s (in very short). And the bodies created were evolved enough to arouse interest of some spirits to get here and run those human bodies. What is a Human ? It’s a spirit running a Human’s (Earthling) body. What is an Annunaki ? It’s a spirit running an Annunaki’s body. We are all spirits (more or less degraded). Every lifeforms in this universe are run by spirits. Spirits are life, they are what animates things in this universe. Without spirit. no life. Just watch the difference between a dead body and a living body. Today, as a spirit, I am in a Human body. Maybe 10,000 years ago, I was as a spirit in an Annunaki’s body. Maybe I was part of the team who created the Human species. Or maybe I was in another galaxy, in another species body piloting a spacecraft. Who knows ?

Sorry for that long post. I know that it’s sometimes difficult to explain this kind of things with words as well as to understand things explained with words…

Best !


Karen Tokarse
Karen Tokarse

Don’t fool yourself. There is POWER in the JKV of the BIBLE and there’s ultimate POWER in the BLOOD OF JESUS — innocent Blood shed for all of humanity. DEMONS will FLEE at the Name and BLOOD of JESUS. They will NOT flee at the name of budha, allah or gaia.