Good morning from West Coast of Canada

Hello Benjamin:

I hope this e-mail finds you well.

I continue every Monday to see your posts;  they are like a highlight of my week.

My question to you is how in the world did Justin Trudeau ever get into office again?  It is truly unbelievable.

I was a little ticked off when I heard Thomas Williams say you were out of Langley, along with Anna Von Reitz.  It’s very, very difficult for nobodies like me to know, except that what you post rings true.

There was a earthquake in Bern, Switzerland.  Any connections to the banksters?

I sure like along with you Simon Parkes from the UK.  He actually mentioned you and confirmed what you had posted on a certain subject was indeed true!

Just curious.

Thank you kindly, Benjamin.


Hi J,

Trudeau was re-elected based on traditional voting patterns in Eastern Canada.  If Canada had a presidential system like the U.S., he would have lost because of overwhelming disapproval of his policies in Western Canada.  In particular, they are angry because he bowed to fake environmentalists sponsored by Rockefeller-controlled oil companies and prevented the construction of pipelines.  These pipelines would allow Canada to export to Asia, and I have calculated they would raise average Canadian living standards by 20%.

As far as me being CIA is concerned, that is false.  I have always been an independent journalist.  However, in my efforts to remove the corrupt, bribed, and blackmailed leadership that is destroying the West, I have reached out to white hats in the Pentagon, CIA, MI6, FSB (KGB), etc.  Many of them agree on the need to remove the criminals who have hijacked so many governments.

At the end of the day, if we cannot get the men with guns to take action, our civilization is headed for disaster because of the incompetent, criminal gangster governments.


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Fawke N BullShout

Justin Trudeau got elected as who is Andrew Shearer, is he another, Stephen Harper? That’s what was in back of my mind. The NDP no better candidates. We need politician not from the wealthy class. Voting and popularity can now easily be done online. On an even playing field. We really should instead allow anyone to be candidate, all do video of their detailed plans and best person wins. Or maybe start local people voting council and mayor the mayor’s go to be elected for province county or state, the one that wins keeps moving up. This way the best… Read more »

Robert James

It seems to me that the obvious thing to do about the drug cartels is to end the fraudulent, counterproductive “Drug War”.

If legalized, producing drugs is real cheap. The government could save a ton of money and end much crime and suffering just by giving the drug of choice to anyone who wants it. At the same time offering free therapy as an alternative.

Immediately, drug consumption would be far lower than now and the cartels out of business. Plus everyone in prison for consumption or dealing, not involving violence, should also be freed. Thus saving even more money.


Anna Von Reitz CIA??????


I have followed Ben and Anna for years now. Both have the utmost integrity and humanities best interests at heart. Anyone who claims either are out of Langley are sadly misinformed or paid opposition. There is one thing we can all do to have the biggest positive effect on the entire biosphere of planet Earth and that is to spend quiet time every day and project unconditional love/white light/euphoria into the collective consciousness and to those geographic areas/people/animals that are under duress. The more people who do this simple practice, the quicker the benefits will manifest into our reality. This… Read more »

John McDaniel

They are angry because he bowed to fake environmentalists sponsored by Rockefeller-controlled oil companies and prevented the construction of pipelines? This line doesn’t make sense; the oil companies would want the construction of the pipelines.