Why do you post this?


There’s a market for hidden info because some people recognize there’s more going on in this world than conventional/collective thinking.  You appear to have access to what’s hidden, so people are drawn to you, or Cobra, or David Icke, or etc.

My question is, do you feel that you are doing any good?  As I look over all your posts over the years, is any of it beneficial?  Or is this an activity for you each day with little more purpose than a daily crossword puzzle in the paper?

I’m not saying I know, or that I’m better than you.  But I don’t see that you’re doing anything helpful whatsoever.  Am I wrong?  Maybe.

Every article you write is essentially, “These are the bad guys;  this is what they’re doing;  and a huge change is on the horizon.”  Over and over.


B, it is a frustrating process, but when I started this, nobody knew central banks were privately owned, and there was only one sentence about the Rothschilds on the entire Internet.  Now almost everybody knows about the formerly secret financial controllers.  We are slowly but surely reaching a critical mass.  Also, much of the world is already free from the controllers.  The battle for the West, though, is not over yet.

I will keep fighting until victory.  It is better than doing nothing and feeling helpless.  We will win;  I guarantee it.


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Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, Please tell me more about Trump being backed by the Gnostic illuminati. Is he one of them? I don’t see how you can be involved with a satantic group even if they are trying to defeat the worst of the worst who want to kill 90% of humanity and keep your hands clean. I wish that he was Christian but I don’t believe that either as he doesn’t seem to believe in repentance as he wouldn’t admit to that in an interview. All illuminati worship satan and he is probably laughing at them all the way to hell as… Read more »

Ani Poladian

With Benjamin what I discovered is that there are many many layers to this onion! We get information from our anons or citizen truth journalists but the deeper layers that no one see’s I find in Benjamins writings, research and contacts. Although it sounds unfathomable most of the time and of course there can be deception at any level..I find that it is just another layer to be aware of and ruminate on. May God our Creator protect and guide all of humanity and bind and destroy all forces of darkness once and for all! GOD SAVE OUR CHILDREN!


Beware of detractors, regardless of their intent.


You certainly make a positive difference in my life.

I am sure that in the future, all of this information on your website will be a record of this prophetic time and the great awakening. Generations to come will look back and read your posts.

Thank you Ben, for all that you do.
Victory of the Light.

Sean Hallahan

You’re doing PLENTY OF GOOD, Ben. For some of us, including me, your column is the most important thing about Monday mornings. Where would we be without you? I retweet parts of your columns frequently. 3-5-10 different paragraphs a week, xyz times. I’ve made a lot of converts and followers with your material. Your information is valuable in itself, and gives people courage to rip the veil apart and exposed the lies. It empowers the consciousness of Patriots at every level. I’ve also dumbfounded, shocked, pissed off and probably scared plenty of folks, particularly senior administrators and faculty at ~… Read more »

Tim Theuerkorn

Maybe BW does not want to wake up?
Even in the EU, we are slowly seeing the positive changes. Ok, it works slow, but it works.
21.9.2012 was the best day in my life. Thank God.


Ben, thank you SO much for fighting with writing and having the deep contacts you do. God Wins, as they say. Good has much more power. It is only when the good do nothing, or, as a corollary, do not learn anything so they also do nothing, that evil can win. I thought I was watching for years and years, but I did not know enough to really watch or know. For me, my energy medicine is the way I see progress. Energies and timelines can be changed. Prayer is a Power. God Bless President Trump. A 96 year old… Read more »