Request for more info on Antarctica

From your latest Weekly Report dated December 30th:

“The P3 are releasing all sorts of information about Antarctica, aliens, Nazis, and other things that are so mind-boggling they will require strong proof.  If you are interested, we suggest you contact them directly about this via the Catholic Church.”

Ben, since you know who these P3 people are (or you know somebody who knows somebody), please request full info on the subject matter from them in order that you can pass it on to your subscribers.  We’re all interested.

Your subscribers would likely all be too unimportant in the eyes of P3 to pass tidbits on to each of us as multiple requests come in.  I’m sure the designated responders have more important and more pressing things on their plate than one’sy requests for info.  However, someone of your stature and fame would legitimize the request and increase the likelihood of making that info a reality for your subscribers.

Hundreds of loyal subscribers look to you for exactly this kind of info;  i.e., info that is not easily otherwise obtainable by the subscribers anywhere else.  And your subscribers continue to be willing to pay for that service, for which we thank you.

As for the suggestion to “Ask the Catholic Church,” to whom would I address my questions?  The local parish priest?  The Pope?

I anxiously look forward to your reply and to receiving exciting new information shedding light on the dark continent that is largely shrouded in mystery.  Thank you.

With kind regards,

Rest assured that I have asked both the P3 and a close relative of Admiral Byrd of Antarctic exploration fame for a chance to visit Antarctica with a TV crew to film what is happening there.  So far I have gotten no answer, just fantastic tales with little proof to back them up.  However, I will keep pushing.

As far as the P3 is concerned, yes, the local parish priest will suffice.  They can pass along requests up their chain of command.


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There are specific things I am interested in from Antarctica. Many in fact. If I was just put in a room with someone or a computer or something with answers my curiousity would be neverending.

Am not quite sure though I’m yet ready to write to my local Catholic Church and say: I’m a conspiracy theorist and I follow Bens work, can you start providing answers?

I think there is a real possibility I would be referred to the local nut house.


For the record I have read Murder by Decree by Kevin Annette ( and balled ) and I am not particularly fond of the Catholic, Anglican or United Churches. Mostly due to their involvement in the genocide of the aboriginal people here in Canada. I’d be most surprised if anything came of this at all let alone if they actually forward on my letter. Time will tell… if I get any new info I will be sure to post here. Wish me luck!


OK here’s what I came up with… I’ve emailed this to my local Catholic church hopefully I didn’t make any serious errors I am just a humble carpenter after all…. Greetings, good tidings and happy new year, My name is Adam and I am a local —– resident, humble carpenter and part-time researcher of… well… whats best described as the unusual. I am driven with a strong sense of curiousity of the world around me. It has come to my attention that the Catholic Church may be begining to share information on a number of unusual topics with the public… Read more »


Is it the P3 freemasons we are requesting information from through the church? Should the P3 be mentioned in the request? Or would it matter? I think I will leave out P3 in my letter to my local parish and see what comes of it. I love you and your work Ben but perhaps you can provide a little more clarity in the future. I will post my letter and replies if I get any.


I want you guys to know that I am going to email the tiny local Catholic Church where I live. I’m not exactly sure how to word the information that I would be requesting. Won’t they just think I’m nuts? Prob shouldn’t mention Fulford or the P3 if I had to guess. I can be diplomatic in my approach. Hopefully something could come of it. Would be very exciting. Is it safe to request such info with my real name? When you said directly should we go and speak with someone in person or can I just send a email.… Read more »

Leland Roth

Lol…Thanks Ben for ongoing P3 stuff & whatnots ?

David Orel

Benjamin, please explain the difference between P2 and P3. Thank you very much. Have have a happy and satisfying 2020.
Dave Orel