Fulford interview with Robert David Steele about Iran, WWIII avoided, and 1,000 years of peace

Ben Fulford focuses on the big picture and imminent world peace, with everyone on board except for a tiny handful including the Deep State Zionist core.  The assassination of General Soleimani, whether fake or real, is a disaster for the Zionists, and WWIII has been averted.  The U.S. corporation appears bankrupt, and the earthquakes in Puerto Rico (home of the “corporation”) are not natural.  Zionists are killing Christians to try to destabilize the Middle East.  Thierry Maysan’s report on an assassination threat to Trump from Zionists explores the possibility that assassination is theater, but could be a last-ditch effort by Zionists and their neocon sympathizers to start WWIII.  The crash of the Ukrainian aircraft leaving Tehran could be connected.  Attempts to start WWIII failed, and we’re headed for 1,000 years of world peace.  Is Trump a genius or a Zionist puppet?  The end result is peace.  Jews are protected and safe, and there is no threat to anyone.  Truth and reconciliation are the order of the day.


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Susan L Liang

Isn’t Steele undercover CIA?


If you get a high enough status in the CIA to have any real knowledge you are a hard core long before you have a clue as to the big picture.
I say ex C.I.A. is a bogus concept.
So would be Ex Mafia.
It’s a catch 22 situation, but I don’t trust R.D.S. even though we have the same initials in our names.