Letter about Flight PS752

Hi Ben,

I want to wish you a Happy New Year!  I hope 2020 brings a clear vision of peace for the world, though I’m afraid we’re not off to a very good start!

I just watched your January 9th interview with Robert David Steele.  I wanted to comment on the Ukrainian airliner that was brought down over Tehran the other night.

When it happened so soon after the missile launches at U.S. bases in Iraq, people on Twitter, especially Americans, immediately jumped to the conclusion that the downing of the plane was a military operation to stop some Cabal leaders from escaping Iran.  Many were asserting that the 63 Canadian passengers were in fact Iranian spies.

This upset me, as I was hearing reports from local news concerning the people who had died in the crash, including a grade 10 high school student here in the Greater Toronto Area.  Nowadays people don’t trust the media and have seen “crisis actors” for other false flag events.

So I started digging on the people featured in this CTV article:

What we know about the victims who were heading to Canada

What I can tell you is that I confirmed quite a few of them.  I looked up the family doctors who were working in British Columbia on college websites, the obstetrician in Edmonton, and the dentist in Halifax, and they all had established practices.  I also confirmed two tenured professors at the University of Alberta, a secretary working for the Teachers Secondary School Federation (through a friend who said she’d been there at least 5 years), and as well was able to confirm a PhD student in Computer Sciences at the University of Toronto.  There was such a variety of professions listed amongst the victims that I highly doubt they were all a bunch of Iranian spies/double agents.

Which leaves me with these difficult questions:

1.  Did the Iranians accidentally shoot down a passenger plane because someone was jumpy?  There were lots of commercial flights in the air over Tehran that night, both Iranian and International.  They were taking the normal flight routes you would expect.

2.  There have been credible reports from people with contacts in Iran that the President of Iran has been rounding up supporters of Soleimani since his death.  Some had said that Soleimani was becoming a loose cannon, with all his terrorist factions that he was backing to advance his own agenda in the Middle Eastern region.  So the theory is that the Iranian president worked out a secret deal with the U.S. military to take out Soleimani, and that the 15 missiles shot at U.S. bases in Iraq were simply a show in order for the Iranian government to save face with its people.  Soleimani had many supporters, but there were also many people in Iran that feared and despised him.  Therefore the President couldn’t make it look like he was involved in Soleimani’s death.

Next, in regards to the Ukrainian airliner…

Were there terrorist/cabal targets on the plane that the U.S. military and Iranian government wanted taken out as well?  Did they decide it was okay to “sacrifice” a bunch of Canadian citizens on board as collateral damage, including children and babies?!  I’d hate to think they could be that coldblooded just to achieve a military agenda.

3.  This fellow on Twitter found some anomalies in the flight pattern information, including a tail number that had been changed.  Some people feel the pictures of the crash scene seem staged.  All I can tell you is that there are real people in the Iranian community in Toronto who seem quite distraught about the death of their loved ones.  There are principals of local schools and colleges making announcements of the names of students that were killed.


I find it hard to believe that these 63 Canadians, including a wedding party from Edmonton, agreed to participate in faking their deaths and hiding out in Iran.  One was a mother and 10-year-old daughter who were visiting their grandparents, and the husband remains behind in Canada.

The other possibility I was wondering about is that maybe there were cabal/terrorists escaping Iran, and they found a way to trick the Iranian military into shooting down the wrong plane, allowing them to escape in the process.  It’s been said that in order to shoot the plane down, they would have had to track it right from departure and takeoff, and this commercial plane had been delayed from takeoff for 1 hour for some unspecified reason.  Did the evil elite use it as a decoy by changing the tail number on the programmed flight log, etc.?

Anyway, it’s been very upsetting.  It reminds me a lot of when Korean Airlines Flight 007 was shot down by the Russians in 1983.  I was attending a Korean Zen Buddhist temple in Toronto, and I remember how devastated so many people were who had lost relatives, and they were doing many funeral services.

In a way, I’d prefer to think it was an accidental shoot-down of the plane, rather than a cold-hearted calculated military operation to take out a few Cabal leaders.

I would appreciate your insights, and just thought I’d fill you in with my research “on the ground,” so to speak.

All the best, and good luck with your negotiations for world peace!


—MB of Mississauga

Hi M,

To be honest, I do not know what happened with the airliner, but my best guess is Trump ordered it shut down in order to blame the Iranians and distract from the huge mistake he made in ordering the death of General Soleimani.


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Leland Roth
Leland Roth

I doubt Trump had anything to do with that Ukranian plane going down bs Benjamin Fulford….However I am pretty sure Israel did the transponder’s lights possibly not working correctly as ex NSA Jim Stone describes earlier today.

Brief updates:
It appears Israel shut off the transponder and lights on the Ukranian jet via a remote hack, making it impossible to identify itself as friendly. This is when it “suddenly went dark”, it did not “go dark” from the missile strike. Having no transponder, no communications and no lights made it appear to be a cruise missile, which Iran then shot down.
Shoot down: Israel’s fault. Or whoever hacked the plane. That probably means Israel.

william mount
william mount

SORCHA believes that many of these Canadians were working on Nano-Technology with the University of Toronto and with Iranian Major General (2 Stars) Soliemani – Chief of Iranian Intelligence. Either Way – Iran just arrested THE English Ambassador to Iran 9for Starting Riots In Tehran) – So – expect more fireworks over that incident…


Here’s another viewpoint:
Tom Heneghan Intel Reports:-
“ We can now divulge that the Ukrainian airline shot down in Tehran, Iran today was shot down on the direct orders of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The aircraft included passengers from European INTERPOL who were scheduled to meet with Iranian officials concerning the activities of General Suleimani.”

“ UNITED States of America – It can be reported that U.S. Naval Intelligence has now confirmed that recently assassinated Iranian General Suleimani actually worked for U.S. Defense Intelligence and General Michael Flynn during the Obama Administration and had become a western intelligence asset assisting the U.S. and its NATO allies in its struggle with alleged terrorist organization ISIS.

We can also divulge that Suleimani had been working with General Michael Flynn in conducting a full investigation of 9/11 including the Saudi Arabian financial links to the Kurt Becker 9/11 Hamburg, Germany Deutsche Bank financed cell that helped directly fund the 9/11 Saudi cell in Minneapolis, Minnesota and San Diego, California with a direct link to Saudi Citibank.”

Leland Roth
Leland Roth

U r aware that Tom Heneghan used to push apparently his mentor Al Gore as being the true president of US CORPORATION for years before finally giving up on politicizing that p.o.v. after Al Gore became the epitome of the ongoing fraud known as ‘carbon taxes’ via known originally as the Global Warming scam.


donald peterson
donald peterson

The source is Zetetalk.com, social media, earth changes@ning, scroll down to open for questions, look for Nancy replied, open for questions. I check this every day as something is allways happening. Some one has to ask the question to get the information. You are making to many assumptions, buy you also have good info.
The Ukraine airliner that blew up in the sky only minutes after takeoff from Tehran was blown out of the sky by an Iran missile, by accident. The departure occurred shortly after the Iranian missile attack on US bases in Iraq. Standard procedure during such a missile attack is to be prepared for a counter-attack – to counter any missiles aimed at Tehran. These are heat seeking missiles and take down any object in the sky. This was the reason for an hour delay for the Ukraine plane’s departure.
When the defensive counter-attack missile shield was dropped, the OK for takeoff was given, but the Iranian procedure was imperfect. The accident was instantly recognized by the Iranians, but they are unlikely to ever admit guilt. There is deep discontent among the public in Iran, and discord in their military. Soleimani was feared and resented, as he kept hostilities with the US at a fever pitch, thus preventing the sanctions from being dropped. But despite discontent and discord, a change in leadership in Iran is unlikely.

Insiders have rumored for months that it will not just be the Queen who will be removed for her approval of Satanist practices in the past. Her offspring are targets too. Andrew is caught in the Epstein snare, but it is not a date with a 17 year old teen that will doom him. The Moloch worship
required the rape and murder of very young children, and consumption of the adrenochrome enriched blood afterwards. Those who were aware of these practices, and took part or even were just aware, are in the sights of the UK Marines who are at the helm of the Holy War ongoing between good and evil in the UK.
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