Podcast: Highway Diary


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Ben, because the U.S. posted patents for full production ready level Gravitic Compression Fusion Reactors, which are the perfect companion for: “Fusion Torch Technology Closed Loop Recycling” Bluntly Stated. Unlimited Mass production Creation and retaking of Any Periodic Table Element known to Humanity. I am former USAF, and grew up in a family of Scientists. Look up my father. Alexander J. Federowicz, PhD. Nuclear Engineering and Applied Mathematics, C.M.U. In the 1960’s He literally Co-Designed the United States Electrical Grid, and quite a bit more, while working at Westinghouse Inc. in the Nuclear R&D Division in Pittsburgh, Pa. I grew… Read more »


Hey Ben, here is Anna’s response to: “A senior member of the secret space program has in his possession the original secret treaty between King George III and the Republic of the United States of America.”


Thank you!


We Can Accept Nothing Less than Our Sovereignty, and Full Restoration of Our Titles as Living Human Beings. Those Who Stole Them, and hid the Fact of the myriad deceptions of Sovereign, Living American’s must be named to the last perpetrator. In fact every single action executed under Admiralty Law of the Sea under Luciferian Royal’s must be Identified, and Removed. Also Restitution must be realized for all to whom it is due. I am not even going to address the fiat currency debt slavery system here. The Crimes against Humanity are simply too voluminous to even begin addressing… The… Read more »


absolutely fascinating.
thanks for posting.

Fates Whynot

Thank you Benjamin, great interview, i watched this There are societies who try to depopulate the world, verus, ones who want to benefit the world; pointing out the bad actors involved, brings them to the forefront of the public’s attention. The more allies to join together, the more momentum towards preventing devastation and promoting positive change. That’s interesting what Newt Gingrich said on Fox News, saying that President Trump could not be controlled because he is not through the initiation to secret societies. Also, interesting that Colbert is hiding his involvement with the freemasons, living a double life. The terror… Read more »


“Also, interesting that Colbert is hiding his involvement with the freemasons, living a double life. The terror inflicted on these people in position of power, has been drilled into them, causing them to stay in line, with blackmail and other means.” As I type: Asking for Light from the Highest Realms available on this “gunked up” planet.. to bring about whatever healing is For the Highest Good of ALL CONCERNED.. (including us of course, cuz we are concerned… and including all those who have been/are being blackmailed/terrorized/brainwashed whether they hold positions of “power” or not. I am sorry Please forgive… Read more »


I enjoyed this interview between Ben and Eric, When I read words , I inject a lot of my own feelings. When I hear spoken words , I hear the speakers heart much more. It was a good idea to make Leo’s case available for review in a back to back forum. Ben gets my thumbs up ! I also have a theory about Steve Colbert. I think he flipped around the same time as his numbers started rising in a mock bid to be a congressman from South Carolina and his world suddenly was attacked by a deep state… Read more »