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Ben, because the U.S. posted patents for full production ready level Gravitic Compression Fusion Reactors, which are the perfect companion for: “Fusion Torch Technology Closed Loop Recycling” Bluntly Stated. Unlimited Mass production Creation and retaking of Any Periodic Table Element known to Humanity. I am former USAF, and grew up in a family of Scientists. Look up my father. Alexander J. Federowicz, PhD. Nuclear Engineering and Applied Mathematics, C.M.U. In the 1960’s He literally Co-Designed the United States Electrical Grid, and quite a bit more, while working at Westinghouse Inc. in the Nuclear R&D Division in Pittsburgh, Pa.
I grew up Learning about how Nuclear Energy could have so benefited Humanity. Did you know Westinghouse had working Zero-Point Systems ? Both Three mile Island and Fukushima were intentional Design flaws ! Engineers and construction firms were forced against their will to build those facilities in that manner. No Mentally Sane or Competent Engineer, Scientist or designer of any sort, Designs and locates Back up system’s and generators for Nuclear Power Generation Facilities at sea level in an Tsunami Zone… No One Ben… Except maybe those held at gun point by the Khazarian Cabal / Deep State Misanthropes… One of my father’s major hopes was that Humanity would soon use fusion to create endless amounts of any needed element from the planets refuse. Already a Young College Student is Setting up specialized Shipping fleets to remove the enormous amounts of plastic refuse from the planets oceans. That plastic refuse can be reformed into Rare Earth Elements Ben !!! This can now all become part of Roger David Steel’s Open Source Everything Project, along with the implementation of True Cost Economics… Bill Gates has hung himself with his own Rope, he deftly wove from eugenics vaccines, and All Microsoft Products can be simply and easily replaced with 100% compatible O.S. G.U.I.’s that mimic Windows X.XXX, except for one key factor. It can be released so that it’s 64 bit genre is backwards compatible with any windows software since Win95 ! In addition to that ordinary cell phones can be redesigned so as to remove the dangerous and useless forms of EMF they use. In truth Ben, we have never needed A.I. ! Once the Slavery Training is removed from all Educational Systems, Human Intelligence will out strip any Computer via Morphic Resonance… Ben, I am only mentioning the tip of an Iceberg, except it is more like a 5-D Iceberg with unimagined Benefits and Prosperity… We have been on the verge of an Eclectic Renaissance So Vast and Wonderful, that Human language can barely Contain The Words to Describe it. The Degenerate Misanthropes of the Cabal, Pathetic Slaves that they are, yet serve those that themselves are Slaves… They Are Finished Ben. Their Time is Over… Their End has been Due for Centuries, and they only Brought on a Worse Karma for themselves, by delaying the inevitable with their Hubris and Puerile Malice. Their time is over, as is the time of the naive Rothschild’s & Soros worshiping Left wing. who fell so foolishly for the Cabal’s Kalergi Plan based Globalism… They were just too easily duped by the Hegelian Dialectic of the Cabalists. Ben… Take a very careful look at what was Averted for All of Humankind by our Very Good Friend’s during the Month of July in 2012… It was not a near miss. It was a Re-Direction. All who quietly fled D.C. to their Bunkers Signed their Life Long Prison Sentences that day…

Robert has the right Idea Ben, and the Technology and True Science to Back it up is here and now. If you are willing, then please inform R.D.S., that I would like to introduce him to several additional Scientist’s and Engineers, that can actualize the very things I just discussed with you above. The Fusion Generators are Working Post Production Run Patent’s Published by The Dept. of The U.S.N. They are not in any way the Childish False designs said to be another 10-40 years off. They are As Real as Your Own Refusal to Serve the Dark Hat’s Ben.

In Highest Regards,

Alexander J. Federowicz, D.A.V., U.S.A.F.


Hey Ben, here is Anna’s response to: “A senior member of the secret space program has in his possession the original secret treaty between King George III and the Republic of the United States of America.”


Thank you!


We Can Accept Nothing Less than Our Sovereignty, and Full Restoration of Our Titles as Living Human Beings. Those Who Stole Them, and hid the Fact of the myriad deceptions of Sovereign, Living American’s must be named to the last perpetrator. In fact every single action executed under Admiralty Law of the Sea under Luciferian Royal’s must be Identified, and Removed. Also Restitution must be realized for all to whom it is due. I am not even going to address the fiat currency debt slavery system here. The Crimes against Humanity are simply too voluminous to even begin addressing… The Hearing, Trails and Punitive Action will Exceed the Nuremberg Trials, as a Planet exceeds Stellar dust…


absolutely fascinating.
thanks for posting.

Fates Whynot
Fates Whynot

Thank you Benjamin, great interview, i watched this

There are societies who try to depopulate the world, verus, ones who want to benefit the world; pointing out the bad actors involved, brings them to the forefront of the public’s attention. The more allies to join together, the more momentum towards preventing devastation and promoting positive change.

That’s interesting what Newt Gingrich said on Fox News, saying that President Trump could not be controlled because he is not through the initiation to secret societies. Also, interesting that Colbert is hiding his involvement with the freemasons, living a double life.

The terror inflicted on these people in position of power, has been drilled into them, causing them to stay in line, with blackmail and other means.

These people play god, because they think they have the divine right to do it, they say there is no god and that they are god. We didn’t create the universe, what right do we have to claim that? No humility…

Saving the planet is far better than a fake armageddon!

I agree with Ben, we don’t want a one china world, we want a multinational world which serves the people! China convincing others that they are right, as from Bens own words, they are desiring to ‘rule the world’, thus, they are rejecting his involvement because of that black or white choice….

A jubilee has been a historic positive reformation in the past, giving debt forgiveness, and a celebration of sovereignty to the citizens, this historical event dates back to the Sed Festival of Egypt which was the uniting of the upper and lower kingdoms, changing the land forever!

That is the change we need in this world!


“Also, interesting that Colbert is hiding his involvement with the freemasons, living a double life.

The terror inflicted on these people in position of power, has been drilled into them, causing them to stay in line, with blackmail and other means.”

As I type:
Asking for Light from the Highest Realms available on this “gunked up” planet.. to bring about whatever healing is For the Highest Good of ALL CONCERNED.. (including us of course, cuz we are concerned… and including all those who have been/are being blackmailed/terrorized/brainwashed whether they hold positions of “power” or not.

I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you
I πŸ’— you.



I enjoyed this interview between Ben and Eric,
When I read words , I inject a lot of my own feelings.
When I hear spoken words , I hear the speakers heart much more.
It was a good idea to make Leo’s case available for review in a back to back forum.
Ben gets my thumbs up !
I also have a theory about Steve Colbert.
I think he flipped around the same time as his numbers started rising in a mock bid to be a congressman from South Carolina and his world suddenly was attacked by a deep state that let him mock the Dem’s as well as the Republicans at one time during the days when Jon Stewart ran Comedy Central’s ratings high.
That was when I thought it was a hoot as BOTH sides were cut to pieces on THE DAILY SHOW, pre 2008.
I only see fear in Steve Colbert’s eyes when I look at them, glasses or no.
He looks like a gut shot animal that knows its time is over.