Insider claims China exterminating the sick

Whistleblower story

Ben this story has a deadly twist in it

Is this story a hoax from your perspective?


If you study Chinese history you will realize they never did such things.

This is Nazis projecting the sort of thing they would do onto China.

Even during the great leap forward under Mao, millions died due to

incompetent economic management, not deliberate genocide.


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Hasegawa Soujiro
Hasegawa Soujiro(@emerald-guardians)
3 years ago

Ben, my sources from shanghai said, western backed operatives r collecting alot of video evidences during this time for disinfo psyops to confuse the populace outside china, for example, they got intel some murder prisoner escaped, the police goes in with their side arms wracked lock & loaded, and footages of substances abusers like heroin addicts and ice junkies being dragged out of their place for quarantine, and they snap photos pretend to pavarazzi’s! if thats true, then its not hard to imagine what their law enforcements have to deal with, and mainland coppas many famous captains r all loose… Read more »

3 years ago

Gee Benjamin, you really are “covering” up for the communist regime of China! David Rockefeller DID praise Chinese rule under Mao, so yes, I guess you would do the same. Talking about “Chinese history”, you should perhaps do some revisions there! Nazism & Marxism are one and a same for God’s sake!

Deb Hall
Deb Hall(@mabiouto)
3 years ago

Would like to believe this is true Benjamin.. but there are several detailed documentaries on how the Chinese have used dissidents to harvest their organs for profit…all major hospitals in China involved. Victims are strapped down, cut and murdered..all without anesthesia. Average waiting time for any citizen of any country for an organ was 2 weeks (prior to this Wuhan virus)..all that was needed was$$$.

3 years ago

To all truth seekers: Funny AIDS was designed to attack “blacks / africans” as many sources said. SARS and this COVID 19 are targeted to asians … All above viruses pointed to israel to be behind them… AIDS (2 sources cited below – – jews created it – – must be “khazarian jews”: 1) AIDS: Man-made Bioweapon Created by Jew Run US Military Industrial Complex (Jul 22, 2014) 2) “Announcing the possible end of civilization” July 4, 2007 “AIDS WAS DESIGNED BY ISRAEL TO DEFEAT CHRIST’S FOLLOWERS ONCE AND FOR ALL In a laboratory in Tel Aviv, Israel, the… Read more »

David Webster
David Webster(@davidwebster)
3 years ago

Interesting twist indeed. Creating chaos and quelling that chaos is a mark of the Zionist way of doing things. Exactly like the Nazi regime who has infiltrated every major corporation on the planet. Including all governments. There was a huge aerial fly over of 52 UFO in the 1950’s! This was the Nazi threatening the US and then they negotiated a peace deal. The above is the deal, the majority of the Germans who fled to South America and Antarctica have left the planet. They are on Mars and all genetically enhanced. I got confirmation regarding this and Hitler living… Read more »

Deb Hall
Deb Hall(@mabiouto)
Reply to  David Webster
3 years ago

You speak the truth. I am a walk-in. People need to get out of their brains and into their hearts.

3 years ago

can incompetence be deliberate