Emergency update with Robert David Steele

Benjamin Fulford provides an update on the fake pandemic and martial law with Robert David Steele

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Robert David Steele seems very naive for someone with “worldly experience” (UN service… whatever)… very consistent of the mentality I’ve observed Amon tm American conservatives. They think the US is just filled to the brim with ballsy “three percenter” types. It’s either naive or very cynical. Truth is, in a crisis, when the fatigue-wearing 25-year old 2nd Lieutenant shows up at the front door declaring that there is a weapons ban and when he looks at his iPad and sees that _your_ house has guns … 90 percent of the country will thank the young man and turn over their… Read more »


I have followed many false flag events and the mass media reporting of them over the years and have listed some on this pdf. So I have watched as this latest false flag has unfolded and sure enough they continue to do things according to their favourite numbers 11 and 13. Here is my link Every new thing announced is on either an 11 or a 13 number and their multiples. These people believe in the inherent power of numbers and so do their deeds on dates that they think will give them favour. They also believe they gain power… Read more »


It will be important for those who suffered through human trafficking to bear witness at Military Tribunal. Where Puerile Lawyers, can not harass the witnesses as they try to Testify about what they suffered. Show them being reunited with their families. Show the Public how the Deep State, and Globalism, along with the same part of China that Harvested the Fallon Gong… The Organ Transplant Industry in China has a wait list not much longer than a week… Dissidents and Fallon Gong are the prime targets of choice in this industry… Ben If China is to Function as a Nation,… Read more »

Brandi Bennett

From a rhetorical standpoint these are words and phrases Trump used… marshalling, tough, unprecendented, global pandemic, aggressive, threat to citizens, , dangerous health threats, restrictions, horrible infection, various other things, new medical treatments, only young and healthy will survive…. I think it is obvious who Mr. Trump really works for…