Polish TV Fukushima 9th anniversary talk in English and Japanese

Benjamin Fulford discusses the 2011 Fukushima disaster with Polish television
Part 1
Part 2

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Thanks for the good news!! Especially about the financial reset. You put my mind at rest and yes I will admit, I am happy to hear that everyone will be receiving money, think you said, $100,000 after the reset. You are truly an angel!!


Thank you Ben, for taking the time to make the Consolidated and structured videos… They did in fact Cover the Overall Events Quite Thoroughly ! As a Gulf War Veteran, who had to heal my self from Biological weapons Exposure, and all that such things involve, I have long considered you one of the Truest American Patriots Alive. Few people have your Ethical Backbone… That fact that you resisted for all these years… That Which so many others completely sold out to… Is Most Certainly not lost on this D.A.V. Many of us here have fully reviewed Robert David Steele’s Economic Ideas, and studied carefully the Open Source Economics… My Father Was Nuclear Engineer at Westinghouse Inc. for 30 years, and he talked about very similar ideas… As an Electronics Engineer, I see very vividly how the release of the Patents and removal of Debt Slavery will enable true Cost Economics… More So the fact that the True White Hats have a Kardeshev Level (1.5-3) Technology to end the Cabal with I at least find very reassuring !

With The Highest Regard,

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander J. Federowicz,
Florida, United States of America, (Sovereign)


Thank you so much for your service Mr. Federowicz. I am so happy it sounds like you found remedies.