Goldfish Report with White and Red Dragon Ambassadors

Dragon Update on Pandemic and Geopolitics
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Well, how were things going to change anyway on this planet? If this is the plan, it’s going well. No chaos or people eating each other yet.
Trumps crushing. Hollywood elites hash tagging each other on script. Looks very interesting. Oh well, semi lock down in Sydney, Australia, bottle shops open, so no rioting or overturned police cars. Food on shelves, with limiting toilet paper , rice, pasta buying per customer. Life is getting interesting. Fear porn on mainstream news, what’s new! Go the transition to the Golden Age
Good bye wicked witches
Put your God Suit on!

Laura Mamer

Excellent interview. Thank you everyone. We have been preparing and promoting the upcoming Ascension Timeline/End of Coronavirus Meditation over the last few weeks. The details of this meditation have been posted on Cobra’s (2012 Portal blog) and other websites. We are asking if you would please share this meditation, in which ever way you feel is best. Thank you for your continued support. MAKE THIS VIRAL! ASCENSION TIMELINE/END OF CORONAVIRUS MEDITATION APRIL 4/5 2020 “This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to completely remove the coronavirus, to help removing… Read more »


I noticed the Red Dragon Ambassador appeared to be (and sounded like) a Swede. I though RDS was an Asian organization. Any thoughts?


Trying to understand, if the Farnese gnostic illuminati out of italy control our military, do not they also run the Jesuits out of the vatican? Where is the separation of power between the p2 illuminati and the gnostic in this war? Aren’t the Jesuits guilty of everything the roman catholic church has done, or did they force their pope in to clean house? This isn’t clear at all.

Leland Roth

Recently from vermi elsewhere: ““Shift is coming? No – the shift is here! Want proof? Check this out: Observe the video you posted of Trump above. Look at the podium and look behind him. Now do the same with this video from March 9th: Video here Do you see what changed? Yes – the presidential seal is gone now – that symbol of Trump standing as an officer of the corporate municipal government of Washington D.C. Also, I am pretty sure the flag that is now missing was a U.N. flag, which is a symbol of the Vatican control… Read more »


Hi, can anyone tell me how to change my profile picture? I’m new here and I can’t figure it out


I really resonate with this. Thanks for sharing Ben!

David Webster

Message to people who watched this was quite vague after Benjamin left. Your message was accurate Benjamin. Goldfish’s Ambassador suggested this could last 18 months. Rolling backouts, food shortages all equal mayhem and rampaging rioting. America will probably be the worst case scenario as we have guns and a major ego problem, backed by aggression instead of common sense. I do know there is a plan in place to protect the entire planet. However certain things must take place first is all the message said to me. Between what I download and Trumps tweet things will appear bad but we… Read more »

Leland Roth

No 2068 nonsensical updates Mr. WEBSTER to share??



I do not understand this comment. It sounds critical in a vague fashion.

Perhaps you can say more of what you mean, please


Leland Roth

Mr. Webster was pushing endtime scenarios recently in recents reports by Ben on David’s ‘vision’ as it being ordained by him to occur in 2068.