Benjamin Fulford interview with Robert David Steele – POTUS should put US back on track

#UNRIG Video (14:30) Benjamin Fulford from Toyko — POTUS Should Put Country Back on Track Starting on Good Friday, Celebrate Easter Sunday, Back to Work, School, Travel on Monday 13 April 2020

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Walter Douglas

David, Attacking as arrogant ,,Mr Steel and then promoting ones own Podcast doesn’t move the needle of truth. Im tired of listening to many who attack a few, We need to look for the truth, and less opinion. I happen to like Mr Steel, Having knowledge in and of itself appears as arrogant to some, Validation of ones own truth comes over time and with work, and still some will deny . Like the Bell Bottom jeans of the 70’s , coming back in style, We all have had our fill of the Fake ,uncaring, unloving money oriented people. Its… Read more »

David Webster

Yes indeed, Robert David Steele has huge issues in being arrogant, egotistical and bragging about himself and cooing at Benjamin. He is about making money, not about helping humanity. I cannot tolerate the man, but if he interviews Benjamin I enjoy watching him get put in his place and not realize it by Benjamin. >:^D

David Webster

As usual Benjamin great interview, Robert David Steel seems to arrogant and egotistical, but glad he interviewed you. We need many more live interviews so that much more of humanity understands what is at stake here.

My son and I are starting a podcast/radio station and hope to interview you ourselves. Thanks Benjamin.

Leland Roth

I think u r far, far more egotistical than RSD is David honey💝

But thanks for above ‘nice’ review & telling us where to watch your upcoming 2068 end times predictions seer David😏 #437593