Red & White Dragon Q&A Livestream

A replay of the interview is available here.


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Hey Ben, maybe you already have this word: dempanic. It’s a gooder!

David Webster

Why are you posting anything here if it is going to be gibberish?

Marilyn Grammatico

When will the corona virus pandemic be over and when will the dollar reset occur?

Leland Roth


The Big Reset – OAPEN

Fiat money systems have been put to the test more than 200 times, and they … for the new international monetary system promised by Nixon. But 1971 was a big …

David Webster

He mentioned this in an interview and on his blog. July, reset will happen when everything is setup. Patience is a good thing to embrace right now.. Do not watch TV or read newspapers. Benjamin and a few other places provide the truth.

TV is a brain washing tool