Industry lobby group proposes radical plan to use hi-tech to preserve the environment

PR Newswire April 1, 2020

The Production Investment Group (PIG), a powerful industry lobby, has come up with a radical plan to use high tech and industrial technology to preserve the environment.

The plan, called the Global Radical Environmental Emergency Decree (GREED), calls for the environment to be preserved using industrial methods such as freeze-drying, canning, and digitization. Inc. is planning to contribute to this plan by placing a lien on the Amazon rain forest, says Amazon spokesperson Grabi Tall.  “The actual Amazon rainforest failed to copyright their name so we are legally entitled to seize it for copyright violation,” she explained.

The company plans to turn the Amazon rain forest into products to be sent to consumers worldwide.  The land freed up with then be used for solar farms to power servers that will, among other things, host a virtual digital rendition of the Amazon rain forest, she says noting: “The digital amazon rain forest will be accessible to any subscriber anywhere in the world. Also, we will edit out inconveniences of the former Amazon such as mosquitoes, poisonous snakes and cannibals,” she says.

The PIG GREED initiative considers the digitization of the amazon to be just a first step to the digitization of all reality. Other corporations are planning similar moves to commoditize, digitize and replace other “unclean and unsafe,” natural environments, according to the GREED plan.

 “The financial assets created by our AI trading platforms are now worth many thousand times more the entire planet earth,” PIG spokesperson R. Obot explains.  “That means we can buy everything on the planet and then digitize it for maximum efficiency,” he says.

The final step will be to “decarbonize humans,” in order to complete the transition from carbon-based life to silicon-based life, he adds.  “Then our AI god will finally become the real God with a capital ‘G’,” he explains.

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Petite Étoile

Très drôle Benjamin, et avec beaucoup de finesse.


Stanley Allen McChrystal (“a partner and founder at the McChrystal Group. He is a retired United States Army general best known for his command of Joint Special Operations Command in the mid-2000s.”)…Wikipedia

Is now helping Boston MA deal with the virus crisis
Saying on NPR that Honesty about everything is THE most important thing.
And referring to how he led the fight against Al Kaeda in Iraq!

Al Kaeda.
And he is not
Honestly saying
Al Karda
(“The base/seat.. as in toilet seat) a CIA psyop).



We are all so cynical now that we don’t trust anybody using our taxpayer money for anything.
Until the crooks are dealt with there is not going to be any support for “Initiatives”
We still have the 5G Radiation Grid on our residential street lamp posts, Fraud Council Tax & Fraud Energy bills to pay. not to mention the threat of compulsory fake CV tests, CV Vaccines & The Mark Of the Beast for CV19 contact tracking.
As long as the Main Stream Media is in Place nothing positive is going to come out of this.

Bill Reeder

The OSEI Corporation has a product, that is utilized globally for the clean up of hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon based contaminants, such PCB’s, pesticides and petrol chemicals. The product OSE II is used on ground water, soil, oceans rivers, lakes and streams, and has a 30 track record. Water and soil clean ups are easily handled with this product, some of the actions stated in your article create secondary problems or require secondary processes, where OSE II cleans up spills in place, permanently removing them from the environment by speeding up natures own process, safely and in a non toxic manner.… Read more »


You have looked up lately haven’t you?
Stop the trails
And factory puffs





FAWK! Until read the comments, I thought Ben was losing his already questionable mind. While I’d love to believe this multi year (decade?) story of the coming heaven-on-earth, I’ll beLIEve it when I see it. And hopefully, I’ll be back here apologizing when it pans out.

Jefferson Bettini

You do not understand the message at the end of the text, we will wake up! Want to remove the carbon or is paper, money and replace with silicio = chip electronic. Evil for humanity. We hope that the sector intelligence are connected. Need to remove these criminals and parasites of power. Please, Ben and friends, help humanity with the that can. I write in Brazil. Hugs.

Joe Hanzlik

April Fool’s Day. What a fool I was. I caught on after the last paragraph. Duh!


Good Use of Humor to Introduce the Single most Dangerous Issue. Why does the Cabal do what it does ? For those who think people are simply just bad, or they were raised that way… of course they were and are, but… Look deeper… We all have a basic understanding now of what a computer is, and what in the Sam Hell, “Garbage in, Garbage Out Means…” Who here understands for example that only moments after watching a TV. you are legally under a state of hypnosis ? Who here sees what a organic or non-organic based highly pervasive nano-technology… Read more »


You too many funny mista!

Miss Ann Thrope

Lol! I completely forgot it was April fools. Had me going there for a second. Damn you!

Jonathan Freeman

Happy April fools day to you as well 🙂


our fine writer mr ben really is a funny guy…..hahahahaha…..


Now that I am the Emperor of the North Pole I grant free online rights in perpetuity to all citizens of Amazonia.
Hail Bezos & happy first of April fish!

Leland Roth

Happy Moronavirus Day rays🤪🐇🦇

Bob G

Sounds like an episode of Black Mirror. Cheers!


Not to worry.
I said “Rabbit rabbit” first words as it turned April 1st.
So all will be well for the month at least.


I heard it was “ kitten kitten” says John Goodman, who’s Roseanne hubby. 😂


Good one Ben!

David Webster

April Fools!

The most hilarious part people that no one realizes. The technology the rulers have access to can do this sort of thing and much more. The Industrial Military Complex and its tentacles are roughly 75-200 years more advanced then the rest of the planet.


Nice one Ben
April Fools
We need a good laugh
Don’t we all take ourselves so seriously
Virus doom and gloom
Gods gift to us was life
However tests were given to see our worthiness
and to give us a sense of adventure getting back home to Him/Her
Losing our sense of humour means we have failed to see it’s all a game really
Heaven awaits……..

Al Bart0

That was HILARIOUS! LOL-ed so hard!!


Someone should starve grabbi tall of oxygen and see if they breathe plastic. Of course grabbi tall is simply a machine, not a real person I assume.


The Negative A.I. that Whistle Blower Corey Goode warned everyone about is Rearing it’s Head now. It Knows this Earth is a Key To Destroying this Galaxy, because our Earth is a Major Node in the Space Portal Grid, and it Also contains a Central Memory of all the other Solar Systems in this Region. Take this World, and all the Others Fall. Do you want to Be De-Carbonized ? Then have even your Every thought and very soul enslaved to it’s Core, by a Demonic Luciferian and Absolutely Malevolent Entity ? Maybe those of you out there who are… Read more »


Better yet… the paper used to write the proposals of GREED and PIG can be used to recycle paper for toilet paper. Now, that would be perserving the environment! 🙂




Ben’s at the Conn !!! Are we silent running?
#14 Today. Is time compressing?

Francois Thibaud

laughing so hard i can hardly type. . . bravo bravo !


I forgot, in Japan already fools day….
Nice one Benjamin!


Sounds like someone got desperate for an adrenochrome fix and ran out of fetus squeezings and got into the adult stuff sold in China.


Not Funny !! Ha ha its not funny ??

Ann Delap

Good one, Ben!

Helma Mezey

Yeah!……… Thanks for the humor, Benjamin! Happy Ascension! Yours truly, one of the last carbon-based empathic humans……grinning from ear-to-ear, and sea-to-shining-sea!


Okay, got sucked in until I realized the difference in time zone (but when you feel you are living in the twilight zone – anything seems possible). Good job!

Smitty Smithe

Happy April (Showers) Ben.


I’m actually ok with editing out mosquitoes, poisonous snakes, and cannibals


The Greedy Pig is certainly quite an asset 😀 — Was at first somewhat irritated but understood then the fine irony… 😀


And just noted it was posted April 1st… (although it still is 31 March around here)


Sorry guys, very skeptical, you can not solve a problem with the same methods that has created them. As I see this, the poisoning of the planet is less the people but more the elite families and corporations that in all years have stolen every inventions from before Nicolas Tesla and until today that had removed the need for destroying the planet, and free people from the cabal. This is a trick !


Sheeeit, did not notice the date 🙂


Love it Ben!!!…..we need MUCHO HUMOR to overcome these bizarre times!…..Glad to read you have this in you!!!