Fake Cover-19 Virus as Inside War Rages On!

Benjamin Fulford: Fake Covid-19 Virus as Inside War Rages On!

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China is in a very big shit right now, or all of it is just a show.
Are we going to be in the ‘dark’ (pun intended) until the Cabal is dead?
Because a lot of us operating on a blind faith here.


Based on Ben’s articles alone, Wuhan lab has direct ties to the Rothschild line, just like Fort Detrick and other labs. There was certainty that the virus originated at Fort Detrick and was first introduced in the US and then taken to Wuhan (at first as an attack by cabal for cutting off the US supply chain, now used as a cover for 5g malfunction?). Every “secret society” ,or whatever we call all these sects, seem to be going against China right now as they are/were nearly in control of everything. enemy of enemy? Western cabal controls China? I thought… Read more »

David Webster

Typo on front page, cover 19?


Ben I would like to mention specifically that the Fusion System is a Post Production Patent. These were produced, and perfected over time. They were used in the Real Space fleets under the Dept.’s of the U.S.N., U.S.A.F., and U.S. Army… The Navy operated the Biggest most Powerful Craft. There is also a Dept of Technology Utilization that will facilitate Civilian Use. Dr. Robert Gough one of the co Developers of the Fusion Torch Forge Technology Closed Loop Recycling Process, has spoken with me at length. If we could get some feed back from you and R.D.S. for how you… Read more »

Leland Roth

Try texting 88022 ⚡

David Webster

Please do not reply to my posts thanks. You are out in the la la land it seems.

Leland Roth

David…your idiocy on 2068 being end times will continuously be exposed by me here🤣🎶🌈

#439449 ps thZ for ‘notice’⚡

David Webster

Robert David Steel is only about himself lol. A great post by someone on this blog, it gives me faith that there is human life left that are awake. Thank you sir for this post. The banksters were clever, not a question of listening to them. They setup scenarios to usurp power from any country. They control the economics and everything falls apart. I am a spiritually awakening human, I see the world in an entirely different way then the average person. My guides inform me that it will get worse before it gets better. I believe the virus was… Read more »

Leland Roth

Gee, David your ‘guides’ got u to push bs like 2068 being end times. Sounds like they possibly r the same ones who push guac77 idiotic ongoing ‘reptilian souls’ nonsense perhaps….They work for the same beast? G🦇D🤣🎶



Ben….. Is this Conceivable to You ? Please Examine it with care. My Father was a Nuclear Engineer and Designed the US Grid at Westinghouse in the 1960’s… He talked about this as a Practical solution since I was 8 years old… These two Tech types can go Together: 1. https://patents.google.com/patent/US20190295733A1/en 2. https://fusiontorch.com/technology I can Personally Head the Development team that Sets up Mass Production of Any and all Periodic Table Elements, in what ever amount are desired. There is no limit, as at first waste will be plasma converted into Gold Platinum Iridium, Rhodium, and what ever other valuable… Read more »

Richard Mullock

Hi, Alex….. As I understand it, the U.S. Navy has already filed patents on the technologies you speak of…..and more. In fact, they had developed the proto-types long before they registered the patents. This, in a bid to outflank the Chinese in registering these as their own. From other sources, I have determined that much will be revealed in the form of medical technologies, anti-gravitic propulsion systems, ZPE, as you mentioned and so many more! This coming renaissance will even make Big Pharma obsolete not to mention the oil and gas industries. RM


oh, surprise surprise…finally someone actually saying that John and Gary Bedini were murdered. None of his associates and friends on the forums have ever said that. I thought it a bit strange to say the least…both their deaths and the silence afterwards.