North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un is Dead

CIA sources say:
“Kim Jong Un died at 2 a.m. local time on Thursday, April 23rd.   He was killed with a bio-weapon.
His death will likely be announced once preparations for the burial are made.”
Details to follow in the next report.
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donald mccarthy

this didn’t age well

Peace Love

Another one brought back to life…..ditch the source Ben


Anyone that prescribes to Ben’s blog i would consider is already well practiced in critical thinking and discernment a more than desirable skillset to possess these days. To preserve Global & National security or purely for Profit the Establishment will create Replica’s & Clones of key influential figures that were removed sometime ago, this makes it difficult not only for Investigative Journalists like Ben to Report on Covert Geopolitics but for anyone researching anything to determine Fact from Fiction. Cybernetics, Genetic Science & Holographic technology manipulation has advanced a lot more than we all know.

Dean Bradley

Is this a discussion of the topic or an exercise to influence opinions about bona fides of the messenger? What part of Ben’s info does he not accompany with the message “do your own research”!
Keeping a message short preserves best its potency, if it has any on its merit. There is a fearlessness at work in these reports which I for one recognise. Not to blow smoke but I do pine for the days when the intent of all reporters are this transparent in word and deed.

Rob Pullen

Hey Ben. Most other alt people are not confirming this….. at all… Is your” source” the same one that informed you that Nancy Pelosi had expired ? Kinda wondering about this sites credibility…….I actually am a paid subscriber……Things are either right on at ur place…… or …..ur way off base…….Just trying to figure out who is telling the truth…….from my perspective,,,,this “Q” thing, seems to be something to keep the ” hopeful masses” in rein, while the NWO globalists do their thing……..I do not question your honesty however….. I believe that you are telling your subscribers what your sources are… Read more »

David Webster

First of all, your basing this post on Q? A fictitious persona created by the very same people who created this false pandemic. lol Your own resources are false, taken in by you alone. Benjamin on the other hand is a person who has legitimate sources and you do not my friend. Nothing in our world is as it seems I promise you. The virus is no more dangerous than a regular flu season enhanced by Pharmaceutical companies and others who profit huge each fall and spring. Some virus and bacteria thrive in cooler weather. However these different strains are… Read more »

Karl Kaiser

You’re avoiding the point. Whatever you think of Q doesn’t validate BF. I’m also a paid subscriber and my impression is exactly the same. I trust BF, but not his sources any longer. And my subscription is now an open question.

Look at how the tone completely changed since late last year. At that time White Hat syndicates around the world were supposedly all working on the agreement/blueprint for the new golden age, just around the corner. And then all of a sudden we are back to brinksmanship and hostile factions with no end in sight.

Peace Love

David, how do you know Q is fictitious and that “the very same people” created this false pandemic. Bro, you need to think before you talk. You are getting upset at someone who is just voicing his honest opinion, whether it aligns with yours or not…nothing is wrong with that one. When one of Benjamin’s sources says that Nancy Peolosi died, but did not, ect., you have to step back and question the source. Your undying loyalty to the extent of falsehood just does not seem right. And at this point if you think Q is false, you need to… Read more »

Peace Love

Pullen, my sentiments exactly….just watched Robert Steel with Benjamin on as his guest, and I decided to become a subscriber too…..he does seem in a hurried and a little irritated when talking, was a little taken back by that, but Steel did not seem to mind. Perhaps because he has been saying the sameo, sameo for so long, that could get frustrating, I do get that. But as far as people, dying but then not really…thats a big mistake for the world to hear….like you I am going to give this some time and see how it goes….take care, and… Read more »


Kim Jung Un was not very healthy looking, in fact he was morbidly obese at about 45 kg/m2. The low end of morbid obesity is 40 kg/m2.

David Webster

Nothing to do with Health. He was killed plain and simple much like Tesla was poisoned over the years that lead to his death.

Kim Jong Un was a puppet so you might want to view this in the right light. Around the world people are being killed and often graphic representation is left in place to keep the sheep in place.

Peace and harmony bro


Kissinger is worse, why is that scum still breathing? He’s over 90.