Benjamin Fulford on the Highway Diary

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michael woodward

Hi Ben
Came across this amazing research by a Dutch lady. Incredible info.


One thing that pulled me into this chat room was Ben stating that the United States Government could commit bio warfare against its own citizens. Baloney I think – so I looked up the statute in the library of congress online- S.O.B.- Ben was right spot on. I don’t remember the statue number Ben gave but the time of enactment is stuck in my head even though it was read by me several years ago. The biowarfare act ( sorry that is not the true name but close) was approved on Dec 26, 1971 at 2200 hrs.( 2am) by what… Read more »

David Webster

Benjamin has been spot on for years. I am a researcher and he with others have helped me unravel the plots against us. Bill Gates is at the center of this nonsense, he runs and owns the WHO. The elite are not human beings and I know most will think I am nuts. Trump is not human either, they take human bodies after they were genetically altered too allow these entities to enter. In case you guys do not realize it, our bodies die, but we do not, our spirit and soul live on. We either go on with other… Read more »

Leland Roth

‘Trump’….another assine statement I expect from guac666, not u DW🎥


interestingly enough much of what you lay out is almost verbatim to the telepathic transcripts from Airl the Navigator (’47 Roswell crash) to Nurse Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy (minus the trump isn’t human part) and while at almost 61 being involved in this “full disclosure” thing since before it had a name, there seems to be a new wrinkle in all this, beyond the lizards or any others who have control of that soul/mind/wipe tech on the dark side of the moon, but the ‘potential’ mystery surrounding President Trump has to do with a term, “temporal wars” – reminds me… Read more »

Christina Lisa Pansy

Reincarnation is false and harmful teaching.


Ben, Please take notice. I just witness an ALEXIA Device state that the US Government created the Virus
and Lost Control of it. So the Pedophiles are USING AI against the General public now for disinformation.


I don’t have the link Alexander,
but ALEXIA stated several months ago the answer to the question of ” who killed Anthony Boudain ?”was
” Agents of Hilly Clinton killed Anthony Bourdain”.
Someone has a put a joker in the pack or could ALEXIA have developed a consciousness of some sort?
Someone posted the link here and i hope they do it again.
I posted it to farcebook back then and it’s gone now= why I avoid farcebook as much as possible.

Patrick Gaido

Ben says this could last till next Autumn!? That’s too long for many who are still suffering. Most people on this planet want liberation sooner than that.


This september or next year september?

Patrick Gaido

Well, at the end of the interview in the link posted at the top of this page, Ben said next Autumn. So does he means next year 2021 Autumn or does he means this Autumn 2020? I’m hoping he means this Autumn, as in 6 months from now.


If people want liberation, then it’s up to the people to fight for their liberation.. Nobody is going to come and save us, we must save ourselves by working together..

Patrick Gaido

I’m not talking about the people. Of course, that’s up to them. I’m talking about when the White Hats/Light Forces will have completed their goals in helping us achieve liberation. I’m talking about the mass arrest of he the cabal and the dark forces.

Pierre Henri Renevey

It’s easy to say that the people have to fight for their liberation, but how ?? With our fists against 5G satellites or ultrasound weapons ??? Or against tanks and well trained SWATs ? It’s the one who have the powerful weapons who should start the liberation because they are supposed to protect their populations.. And once they’ll have started, THEN the people will be able to follow in the gap and do something too.


How many tanks, and swat teams are there in the world?

How many people are there in the world?

We have the numbers, but are divided.. if “people” were organized in mass numbers then yes, billions of fists can make a huge difference.

I like to think that there are good guys fighting on my behalf, but year after year nothing really happens, and my hope is all but gone….

I hope Ben is right..
I hope Wilcock is right..
I hope….

William Lanphar

You don’t have to fight 5G just find out who is the boss of 5g when you get down to it maybe 50 people run this show find out who they are and you know what to do after that . Its really not hard your just hardwired to think you cannot do anything because your brain washed . First step to getting your life back is realize your brain washed . we all are Our founding fathers had a revolution over the tax on tea was to high .. Were way past that point and your still sitting on… Read more »

Leland Roth
Loretta Marmor

With this flier I wrote, give people and put on cars by the hundreds, I’m reaching people not online or at sites like these: PULL A WUHAN ON US? 5G are military Directed Energy Weapon frequencies and should not be used for calls and data running on fiber optic cable to stop at sidewalks, then to shoot at us. The same densely deployed 4G, 5G & Wi-Gig as the cities with outbreaks got is being rushed up here, ignoring DC District Court of Appeals August 2019 order for FCC to prove this safe & do Environment Impact Study 1st. 5G… Read more »


Ben, I’m sure you know, I still wish to point out that whether you live in an aquarium or not, if malefactors have access to your computer they can also upload information to it, they can put your footprints all over the internet and it can all be traced back to your computer.
I’d say change your password asap.


Ben, what is the hand signal you’re making in the photo? Does it have a name?
Thanks, J


Oh, ok, I get it now. Good one!

William Lanphar

3D I think he means its a 3 d discussion Only 5D people will understand that


I was thinking it was WD – White Dragon.


When does George Soros die for real Ben?
I see his name mentioned a lot lately.
If I see Kim Jong Un again—-
I won’t be too shocked.
I hope this time is the charm.
Madame Un up at bat now?


from this article-quote—–On Tuesday, Quebec Premier François Legault announced that most retail stores will be able to reopen on May 4, except in Montreal, which will be a week later. The construction and the manufacturing sectors will be allowed to start reopening May 11. This follows Monday’s announcement that elementary schools and daycares will start reopening on May 11. —–unquote….. article accompanied with a cabal propaganda headline of course…..hahahahaha….. —————————————————————————————————————– more and more now we will see local areas gaining more autonamy and making their own decisions in adherence to natural law – the galactic codex – like provinces… Read more »


That’s the French Canadian spirit I remember best!
Don’t let it die out and don’t buy the hype that Fidel’s boy is laying on you.

Diana Zybala

I love the freedom of the quebecoise!


I believe Dr C. W. Lieber has developed a trigger mechanism to deliver an virus via a nanotube filled with a virus/water mix that can be heated with a resonant vibration with the correct radio frequency.
More important, the Dod has him out but on $ 1,000,000 bail.
Nothing to see there, just move along sir.

David Webster

We need cold hard facts not a belief sir! Your providing no facts just a belief or idea. I like Benjamin with links and facts, plus if you research he is 100% correct. Bloodline families rule our world. The virus is delivered from the air, routinely jets spray a concoction in our skies to supposedly combat the fake global warming. Private Jets have been flying right along, and some of those have the same spraying equipment. These clowns cannot get away with it, in time it will catch up to them. Bloodline families breed 2x in family and 1 outside… Read more »


Ok, so the Dod is just guessing too. I worked for that outfit and love is not part of how they operate my friend. But check out Dr Joe Farrell for your own peace of mind as I don’t make this up. Did you even watch Ben’s link? He talks of Lieber too, but not as much as Giza Death Star! Try Dark Journalist if you think you can handle facts not commonly known. You need more than one source like Ben or you become like mainstream with a narrow pov! I can see why you don’t read replies but… Read more »

Dr. C W Lieber & nanowire info
read & heed suckers
and thanks for your cold hard facts David Webster=lol