Emergency Broadcast in Japanese

Emergency broadcast in Japanese

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Hi Benjamin!楽しみにしていたのに。。。
本日、5月15日、自得体と警察、どうなりましたか?何もなかったでわないのですか???ほんとにこの世界いつ浄化できるのですか?また嘘の情報 寄せられたのね。。。説明があれば、おしえてください!
I alsmost believed it could happen! But there are no more Mishima Yukio’s around 、in this country…

David Webster

Thank you for allowing me to understand everyone! 2 negatives against me for wanting a translation? haha People need to become loving and kind, not judge or view another like has been done to me. I do not think people on a blog should post their own blog news type stories. I am correct here this blog is for us to interact discussing what Benjamin posts, we are not here to get attention to ourselves. It is about everyone not just ourselves. Selfishness is why the world is upside down 2 types of people, those in service to others, and… Read more »

Leland Roth

About your 2068 bs DW…Anything new? In Japanese, of course😂🎶


Translation of Riwa Nakamoto’s comment. It’s about May 15 in Japan
“Thank you for calling for a coup to save Japan!
Benjamin has always encouraged and encouraged The Japanese people, and I think he is the savior of Japan. I am always filled with gratitude for being grateful to be in Japan. On May 15th, I would like to express my sincere hope that all of the Self-Defense Forces will be able to return safely and safely.”

Leland Roth

Enjoying Ben’s fluency in Japanese 😁

Thanks for posting💝


Although I may understand this might be an emergency for Japan – does not really make sense for the rest of us without a translation?

Riwa Nakamoto


Frankie Findlater

Any chance of a translation?

David Webster

Why not translate? This makes no sense to non Japanese!

Cathy Nicholson

I agree 100% with David Webster.