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Mr. Fulford: Have you looked how far right wing this blog has become? One could surmise that there is no need for a vote.

Leland Roth

Have u joined &/or financed Antifa yet ktlaw? They looking for sponsorship, u know😷


I’m really not the type, sorry. However, if I were, I would ask for more than $20 per hour for taking those types of risks.

Leland Roth

U r too old for those type of risks for sure! However surely your ongoing Social Security checks & Master’s degree background allows u to comfortably ‘sponsor’ the now criminal group ‘Antifa’ somehow in view of your plan-DEM-ic beliefs


Frankly, I don’t know that much about them, not being of the sociopathic bent. You seem to have neo nazi leanings. Kind of funny looking at the Trumpists and white supremacists calling Antifa fascists on this blog–like the pot calling the kettle black.

Leland Roth

If bored ktlaw…check out the nazi background of your provable ‘hero’ of the left ~ George Soros…Google him😂🎶


So, Trump’s a leftie? Soros was instrumental in Trump Hotel Chicago.


simple shit. they are nit protesters they are thugs. let them peacefully protest then when the curfew ends outnumber them with national guards and shoot the shit out of them with rubber bullets. more than half of them are just watching what is going on the other half are mostly looters. this is antifa bullshit.

Garry Emerson

Assuming Joseph Gregory Hallett really is King John III and holds the title of “Christ”, how will this effect events now unfolding? What do your sources say about him Mr. Fulford?

Leland Roth

Lol…pure bs ALL THE WAY🤣


Changing of the guard!!! Grail King John III replaces fake Queen Lizzie


There was a plan to make the U.S. military into a planetary Defense Force/Ecology Army. Is that still the plan?

comment image?1590577835


If they are fighting for ecology, I think they are working against their purposes currrently,


Techno failure followed by a lame excuse- what would be the point of unlimited up or down votes anyway? It worked fine before.

If it ain’t broke , don’t fix it !

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David Webster

Neat, do not order anything from the shop, we ordered 4-5 months ago. Every excuse in the book why it has not shipped. Something is not right here people..


NewsEvolution with Laura Eisenhower, Patty Greer & Alfred Lambremont Webre – May 29, 2020

David Webster

Patty Greer is a nutty women, nothing she says is accurate or true. She leads you to a bad place.. good luck


Yeah? I never listen to her before, what to you think about Webre?


Isn’t Webre the fella that has interviewed Guac m a n y times?
You can ask him about Webre.


Who’s in charge in England now?



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Leland Roth

But, but Windi got 1003 likes😭


LOL! What’s not to like 🙂


The sinners have been cast from Eden

No likes for YOU

No dislikes either.

At last the Dodo said

“Everybody has won and all must have prizes”

—-Lewis Carroll

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I’m the main culprit. I liked Windi’s comment at least 770 times. Obviously though, I’m not her only fan 😉

Leland Roth

Ok…I did quite a few, too🥰


I see a rabbit hole,

I jump in

I took that pill

bill me too

sorry, guilty as charged

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