Benjamin Fulford & Robert David Steele Update

Benjamin Fulford talks with Robert David Steele

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Robert Pettitt
I think I’ve just worked out how you can start announcing arrests without unduly upsetting the American public.

Jefferson Bettini

I’m sure this secret cabal that uses numbers, too, has always sought to divide and separate humanity since it was created with bad intent. Where a group is united with 10 is divided by 3 because they cannot be united, they must be divided, otherwise we do not dominate them or control the great mass. We also find it doubtful and strange how many different languages exist in the world today. Then the question: How can we understand each other, have harmony and Union? If we do not understand what the other person speaks with their different language?


Sorry trump has put forth a ton of economic policies…

Brandon Brooks

Jubilee? Getting off of fiat slave $$?! I haven’t seen it


What the heck is OSTO???


The acronym stands for Of Service To Others. The link provided you with that info.


I feel the cadence and demeanor of Steele was disruptive and intended to diminish credibility of Ben. I wonder if that is obvious to anyone else. Steele is probably a disinformer. He probably writes, “debunks” from other sources as a matter of his employment. It’s what they’re doing now. They have “information warriors” producing “debunks” whenever a “fact” appears to emerge in the public arena. Evidence is everywhere: Judy Mikovits was assaulted because of her truthful statements on youtube in “Plandemic” and other sources. Youtube is systematically censoring now. The first amendment protects free speech but these people cannot stand… Read more »


I agree….. Steele constantly interrupted Ben during this interview, never allowing him to develop his train of thought. Quite deliberate I think…. Steele seems to be full of his own self-importance.

Leland Roth

Well, I ignore RSD when he thinks he knows mor than T, too🎶


I believe 90% of what RDS says.
The phrase ” Ex -CIA” is why I think real hard about that other 10%.
I doubt if any one in Mr. Steeles shoes has not mastered the art of deception and the smile of a cheerful liar long ago.


looks like you don’t have to be logged in to up or down vote; is this the norm?

Mark Keegan

Bravo to Ben for holding trumps feet to the fire. Trumps base is in love with what others say trump is going to do. It isnt even trump saying it. His base swoons. Talk is cheap, especially in church and politics. Situation reminds me of what Msrk Twain said “it is easier to fool the people than to convince them later they have been fooled” Reminds me of Linus going to the pumkin patch every year.

Leland Roth

Of course Trump may have done things ALREADY that most people r unaware of….We will see won’t we🎶

U catch this Mark?

(322) = 3 days, 2 days, 2 days “Symbolism will be their downfall!” Q



love matters


Funny… the idea of nationalizing television. How could this not have been thought of? It’s the “payoff” in the movie “They Live” – of course “the people” should occupy the media, but are “the people” going to accept martial control of the media? Interesting dilemma. It should be done quietly. “Just the facts” – or else.


this peaked my interest awhile back as an at least partial solution to tech giant censorship


Please understand that ‘nationalizing’ anything specifically means that ONE force is in charge of it and ONE force makes all censorship decisions.
When the ONE is the government, that is the definition of censorship and leads directly to tyranny, eg the inability to criticize that government.
And, the idea was thought of decades ago.


one look at the cyclical nature of history denies it being a novel idea in any way
but it’s cycled back into the conversation once again
partial/temporary; we’re talking the tech GIANTS, you know the ones

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David Webster

Benjamin, Robert David Steele is part of the problem of our world. Arrogant, aggressive, out of touch with reality and the people. If he is involved in any ruling government I will dig a hole deep and live there for the duration.
We need less control and this rude guy is all about control. How you manage to spend any length of time with this man is a mystery to this awake person. lol >:^D


His ideas are what he is about. Obviously, you don’t know much about him. If you just base your opinion on him just because you perceive him to be rude, then you are no better than the never-trumpers with their TDS.

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Ludovic Travers

your expectations are just so large nobody will ever pass your tests, you need to develop some patience and listening, stop projecting your own issues.

David Webster

Hash tags do not matter, social media does not matter either. WAKE UP PEOPLE!



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Leland Roth

Lettuce drink to “WORLD PEACE!” Bill Murray in ‘Groundhog Day’😷


So my hunches about these fella’s ideas for solutions have finally crystalized for me: Impossible Hogwash.   Any steps right now.. no matter how well-intentioned… to introduce a system to “fairly” distribute stuff and run everything.. would only result in waaaaaay more chaos than our present.   We have two sides TOTALLY INTENSELY WEDDED to the realities they are pursuing.. Both see the other side as intending to and potentially about to impose their worst nightmare on them: basically the same nightmare.. trapping them… grabbing their rights, their freedom and their “stuff”… potentially their lives.   So.. these fair-minded technocrats… Read more »

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Littledogg, do you think Magenta Pixie is channeling her Higher Self? I’m wondering if ALL(?) channeling is from our Higher Selves. If not, it’s probably someone’s fake, controlling crap.


I think one needs to discern what makes sense. That’s more important than deciding where/who info comes from.

The “sense” that I look for is info that moves me/us all forward in the direction of harmony & well being for all.


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I loved being in on this backroom discussion; thanks for posting it.   The only blackmail material that would matter at this point would be the child rape, torture, & consume kind. We already know there’s financial shenanigans, & have come to terms with that & the locker room pussy-talk bravado of his younger years. The situation is dire & our beloved President Trump is our front man.   I agree with the idea of nationalizing the mainstream & social media as a (at least partly) temporary emergency measure. I’m in North Central CT, & there are VERY MANY lovely… Read more »

Robert Pettitt

Of course Trump needs most people to believe he is an idiot, a racist, a Zionist, a pedophile, as that is how he gets to know all their secrets. I hope he is about to surprise them all! Perhaps Ben and Robert also know this and are part of the necessary deception. Alternatively I could be the idiot!


there’s always that.
the thing about blackmail is, the satanics can’t help themselves. when they get scared because their long term plans are getting foiled, they are rabid ratZ in a corner. it would have been used already. my own personal opinion. his record on human trafficking globally will be remembered for a long time.


Great interview
Interesting about Trump
Will see
We all want instant results
However this operation looks vast in scope
Lots of moving pieces
Faith , Trust works for a while , then it’s Plan B
which I agree with


The trump blackmail thing just won’t go away with Mr. F. – and although a huge Trump fan because of the important work he has done against the global human trafficking trade,(more than the last 5 ‘prez’ combined) I try to give him a pass for his ego issues, but – alas – with an understanding that the very high levels of blackmail in “the club” can only be used by a very few, it’s still a hard stretch for this grizzled 61 year old American to believe that with this being “THE” end game that somehow some way it… Read more »

Leland Roth

Yeah, I ALWAYS IGNORE Benjamin Fulford’s bs on Trump being blackmailed….

Kinda of an idiotic twtch of his, but maybe his ‘belief’ of that type of idiocy keeps us paying him $11 a month to see if Fulford’s handlers let him in the Trump club, too, since the bad guys r becoming so obvious these days…🎯🐰💉


well, you know i did do some math, and at $11 a month per – even with just 1,000 loyal subscribers, you would think each time we saw him in all these videos it wouldn’t look like he lived in a sober house and had only awakened for the interview a scant 90 seconds before it started. 🙂 all kidding aside, the biggest piece of Xtel I was able to corroborate that came from him first; for OSTO anyway was the raid on CIA headquarters in November of 2017. It was supposed to be the culmination of a deal made… Read more »

2020-04-07 23_20_00-.png
Leland Roth

Lol💕that JFK jr possibly🎶CosmicGuy⚡

My interesting connection to Ben Fulford after I already was paying $11 @ month here is I know his Canadian childhood family friend well who was playing with his Rock & Roll band in Hollywood for years before moving to Nashville a year ago the last heard from him, though, we r Instagram friends if I ever want to check in with Ben Hunter.

About 25 years ago my friend moved from here in Minneapolis to Japan for awhile…I didn’t know it was to live with Ben for a year or two @ Fulford’s generosity🎶

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Leland Roth

Ben Hunter’s last album….ps Lucky is my papillon’s name who translated 4 years ago, but still shows up in my dreams/obe often enough🐕

Leland Roth

Inside cover to Ben Hunter’s last album with his handwritten note to me🎵


“well, you know i did do some math, and at $11 a month per – even with just 1,000 loyal subscribers, you would think each time we saw him in all these videos it wouldn’t look like he lived in a sober house and had only awakened for the interview a scant 90 seconds before it started. 🙂”   Ha ha ha ha!!! Thank you.. it had not gelled quite that clearly in my mind.. but yes.   AND.. I think I am in the majority of subscribers who plunks the bucks down 90% to “play with you guys” in… Read more »

Robert Pettitt

Well I suppose everyone can have a bad day! My money will still be on Trump and the Patriots to have the best shot at resolving the main problems. I hope his plan also involves sorting out the UK. We are now mandating face masks. Do those messages on public transport which say you should report suspicions relate to people wearing masks or those who insist on showing their face to the CCTV?