Benjamin Fulford joins the Highway Diary

Benjamin Fulford joins the Highway Diary podcast from Tokyo Japan to discuss the current Geopolitical maneuvers from the world’s intelligence agencies.

We talk Bill Gates, the ICC, and the BIS. Their role in COVID-19, and what a brighter future may look like.

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In July of 1779 the Founders faced a problem: how to identify Americans versus Brits and Dutch and Swedes and other nationalities living here in this country? The 1779 Naturalization Act was the answer. It’s a very simple requirement by which our Forefathers identified themselves as Americans and not Brits, not French, not Dutch…. or any of the other options that were available in Colonial America. We have been facing a similar problem today, in that our Federal Subcontractors have proliferated and promoted their citizenship(s) as separate political statuses, and have created False Registrations as Territorial U.S. Citizens and as… Read more »

Leland Roth

If anyone wants to not download the app to listen to Ben be interviewed by Highway Diary…Here’s the link🎵 Excellent!

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Leland Roth

Back in Minnesota today & got gas….Here’s today’s demunist Governor most recent message in its demunist’s monopoly loyal paper in Minneapolis: Star & Trib!😷

Ps The Pioneer Press did not have this demunist info in its headlines whatsoever….

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Leland Roth

Ex NSA asset Jim Stone says it’s true after all🤣


Those murals were up there for years and are well documented. There are some straaannnge murals in there but I never saw this one. It would have been covered long before the censorship.


Thank You ! Also a few years ago as well yes ? Social Distancing and Physical distancing as well both stated at Sam’s Club and Walmart. Nothing about Medical Requirements.

Leland Roth

Demunist Minneapolis Star & Tribune has 5th largest subscription in the US according to this information. Also has digital subscription of currently 90,000😷

Screenshot_20200702-084312_Samsung Internet.jpg
Leland Roth
Andrew Tibbitts

so you guys really think ole ghizzy the rhizzly got “caught” Now, or she been snitchin since at least that picture of her with the cia book