Benjamin Fulford on the Goldfish Report

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I’m a new subscriber and this video is gone. Anyone have a link to share?

Stuart Clark

Thank you everyone Benjamin’s pointers to systems like Singapore etc is very pertinent ….indeed a FPA with creative cooperative initiatives is looking very promising … once again thanks for all this info that enables both moral enrichment & a compass for good guidance in these times


Would have been more informative and beneficial to have Ben and the Ambassador interviewed by someone with a more balanced mind. Found it diffucult to listen to sometimes since many questions were very US-centric and indicative of a triggered and reactive mind.

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Walter Douglas

Louisa. Love you girl, But your the Center and your dominating the whole conversation. ITS to late but im listening for the guests, THE AMBASSADOR and BEN. Again.. I WANT INFO , CONCERNING THE FUTURE and THE PRESENT. That u don’t HAVE. IM sorry. I really love and respect you.

Leland Roth

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Fates Whynot

I am in support of peaceably protesting, as our First Amendment gifts us to fight for these rights, but, i dont support destroying historical statues, defacement of our history, and erosion of the national laws of the founding fathers of USA ..if we erased our history, we would be creating a reenactment of China’s Cultural Revolution, where forget our past, give up our right to “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness”, and thus become servants unto serfdom, submission unto total authority, with reeducation and redistribution of wealth, like that of communism…a new order, a new system… but, for the good… Read more »