CBC News attacks Ontario doctor for Covid-19 tweets on HCQ

This letter, sent by an aware reader, shows how old people are being killed in the name of promoting the Covid-19 fear porn campaign. Warning to medical personnel, when this is over, those of you who have been sending old people to premature graves will be prosecuted.

Hi Ben,

I’m a retired M.D. with an M.Sc. in Microbiology and Immunology, but I did lots of infectious disease rotations during my medical training and worked at the AIDs clinic at the Ottawa General Hospital. It was the fake Ebola epidemic of 2013/2014 that woke me up out of this matrix.

This “Pandemic” has been so frustrating for me!  My father was in a nursing home in Brampton, Ont.  He was 87 with advanced dementia.  In the last month of his life, I was not allowed to see him or even do a “window visit” and he was too deaf to speak on the phone.  They were keeping the patients locked in their rooms (he was in a private room) and you know how hot those rooms can get.

Other than dementia, my dad was healthy.  However, we were informed that he had developed a mild fever, was tested for Covid-19, and had come up positive.  The Ministry of Health had claimed there was no “therapy” and had recommended that nursing home patients just be kept comfortable.

He seemed fine for the next 10 days with minimal if any symptoms and we thought he was improving, but on the 11th day we were told that he’d suddenly lost his appetite and his oxygen saturations were dropping.  They started him on oxygen by nasal prongs and IV antibiotics (in case he had pneumonia) but by the next day he’d fallen unconscious and I was finally allowed to go in and sit with him.  It was unfortunate because my older nephew had power of attorney and would not let me talk to the doctors (family dysfunction) so I never had a chance to talk to them about early treatment with HCQ (hydroxychloroquine) of which there is ample research showing its benefit.

What I did witness is that after I’d been sitting by his bed for several hours, a nurse came in and gave him an injection in the shoulder.  When I asked her what it was, she said hydrocodone (a strong narcotic).  He was dead within 2 hours after that.

Ben, there was no reason to give my father narcotics.  While his oxygen sats were low, he was breathing rapidly and shallow (which was expected) but he was totally comfortable.  If you give a narcotic to someone who’s trying to maintain their oxygen levels, it will slow down their rate of breathing, and cause their CO2 levels to rise.  In other words, it is essentially euthanizing them.  While he may not have pulled through, and he probably only would have lived for another year with his dementia, it shocked me to see that they had a “protocol” for how they handled patients with Covid-19. They seem to want to hasten their deaths rather than see if their immune systems can fight the virus off. Some of these patients may have recovered on their own.

I have accepted that it was my father’s time to go, but I can’t help but wonder if my father would have “tested positive” to begin with if he hadn’t been swabbed for Covid-19. I know it sounds paranoid, but there have been reports of testing kits being contaminated with the virus, and as the President of Tanzania demonstrated, even fruit and a goat can generate a positive test.  My friends who work in nursing homes have also said that they think some of these patients are registering “low-grade fevers” because of being kept in stuffy, hot rooms with poor ventilation and no windows open.

Anyways, back in Feb/March, I tried to send research information to some of my Med school class-mates who are still practicing medicine about the effectiveness of HCQ/Zithromax/Zinc in treating Coronavirus infections.  I sent them a link to all the studies, going back to 2005, which supported the use of Chloroquine.   They were all so “brain-washed” that not a single classmate responded to me.  They all believed their professional organizations/Ministry of Health’s claim that HCQ was ineffective against Covid-19, and they apparently view me as a “conspiracy theorist”.

There is one Canadian doctor who is bravely speaking out on Twitter about the benefits of HCQ here, and she is being demonized by the MSM in Canada: https://twitter.com/dockaurG/status/1295416069893611520?s=20

The CBC wrote this “hit-piece” against her, which was full of lies and innuendo but the comments section was disabled so I couldn’t respond.

Ontario doctor subject of complaints after COVID-19 tweets | CBC News

Ontario doctor Kulvinder Kaur Gill has been criticized by fellow doctors and others after a series of tweets…

I’m so glad I left my profession early because quite frankly, I’m disgusted with their unwillingness to examine the research first-hand or question the narrative of their professional organizations.  If there are some who know the truth, they are keeping quiet out of their fear of reprisal.  The only brave one is Dr. Kaur above!  I’m doing my best to spread the truth on Twitter, and I’ve told all my relatives/friends about taking Vitamin D and zinc to boost their immune system.




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Donna J

You can’t catch a virus. People need to go back to Bechamp! Germ theory is a lie and has made billionaires! This drug is dangerous, causes heart issues. All lies! These doctors who learned how to write prescriptions from their Rockefeller medicine institutions are dangerous! Look up Dr. Barre Londo, Dr. Lorraine Day, Dr. Sherry tenpenny!

Alain Touchette
Robert Pettitt

This is bombshell info! How many people have tested positive? Nearly everyone so they can keep everyone locked down forever!!!!!


Ben is on Robert David Steels latest Youtube show.
No time to give a link now, sorry.

Marilyn Grammatico

Very good video-they compliment each other.


Ben, will you comment and possibly even detail your understanding of the Green Dragon Society of Japan ?


Tell me… at this point is there anyone who believes _anything_ is going to overturn this horrible nightmare shitheap? Really? Think about it: The cabal has committed to this _giant_ lie… this COVID thing… to back down would be to acknowledge to its base that this was all just a hoax. I cannot imagine that. Is there a “hero” who emerges to tell the truth? Sure… would anyone believe it if there were? Trump has had 4 years to reveal 911 truth… where is he on that? First of all, he himself was an abominable pick for President. Did someone… Read more »

Patrick Gaido

Interesting points you make. Early on we kept hearing how there will be all of these mass arrests of those who are part of the New World Order agenda. Yet we have heard nothing about any arrest being made. And if there were arrests, why then are they keeping it quiet?

I’m not sure whose side Trump is on. It’s hard to say. But if Trump is on the side of the cabal why does the MSM continue to relentlessly attack him more than any other president in recent memory?


If you were creating a trojan horse, you want it to be plausible right? I can imagine no better strategy than to attack Trump mercilessly in order to assure his credibility among the base that they intend to fully betray. Then Trump will have a free hand to do the bidding of his masters all the while appearing to serve the Constitutionalists, whom the cabal does not fear, but feels at least they must manage. After three or so more years of dragging things out… no arrests… no real revelations about their crimes (particularly not 911)… particularly not this COVID… Read more »

Marilyn Grammatico

I agree. He can’t be on their side and be attached viciously too. I don’t like them so I like Trump.

Patrick Gaido

My friend hates Trump because she believes that he was friends with Jeffery Epstien and that he raped a 13 year old. I didn’t say anything. Arguing her case would have just made it worse.

Last edited 11 months ago by Patrick Gaido

Yes, the choice of all sane and rational people now: silence. I tell all my Asian, Latino and black friends to speak up because god-forbid a blue-eyed White male should open his mouth.


Think again: the vicious attacks have been orchestrated as political theater to make Trump’s base feel that “certainly he can be trusted, look how _low_ his opposition is willing to stoop. Poor man!” And so Trump wins! Yay! Only in fact he’s working for the same people and the same philosophy of debt-slave control… and satanism … as Hillary (whom he once proffered as his VP running mate). And we will have been had once again – food for the immortals once again. If there is one thing proven to me via this idiotic set of years is the total… Read more »

Al Skid

Maybe to give us an illusion that there are two sides. Good cop, bad cop routine.

Scott Posch

Trump was elected and the Q psyop was implemented to keep the right pacified while they finalized their agenda 21/30/nwo plans. imho, anyway.


Sadly… it seems your hypothesis is the winning one.


…only if you are a pessimist.
Fundamentally this is a battle between good and evil.
Evil has run the planet for a very long time: their time is up and it is the good guys’ turn now.
God wins,and it helps if we all stay positive 🙂


Which God are you talking about? I’m still in the market for a good one, not even expecting perfection. I’m easy.

Marilyn Grammatico

Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter of JS Mineset say that Trump was elected to take us thru a bankruptcy The Corporate US government. Jim Sinclair’s family is a top illuminati family. He isn’t into there Satanism but that is the family he was born into. Trump is an expert on bankruptcy. I agree with you that I don’t believe things are going to get better; I believe they will get worse. I really wish they would get better this is not the kind of world I want to live in. So much corruption every where and hatred for stupid reasons… Read more »


I believe they picked Trump because they knew he could handle all the negative stuff they’d be saying about him. He was chosen because he was to take on this role. No savior… he’s may be just as guilty re: Lolita Island as any of them (although his personality doesn’t strike me as a total perve as Biden’s does). And I get suspicious of any words of “negotiation” – if you’ve read (ret. Nebraska State Senator) John DeCamp’s book called “The Franklin Cover Up” (and its boring follow on which was intended to debunk DeCamp but ended up supporting everything… Read more »

Marilyn Grammatico

I agree too with you can’t negotiate with or at least trust Satanists. I do not accuse Trump of being guilty by association of being a pedophile. If he was would he bring pedophiles to justice? Also my husbands uncle was a very rich mega millionaire. He had some family parties and invited at least one notorious politician to one of his parties I know because I was there. Entertaining was a very big deal that he did to make deals with the elites. He had a very beautiful daughter who always helped him entertain. The entire family was very… Read more »


Don’t worry, the shooting will start when all appears lost. I REALLY like the Good Guys’ odds at that point.

Leland Roth

Democrats have now dropped to a new low — which didn’t seem possible. They’ve decided to blame the president of the United States for every single death of an American due to COVID-19. But let’s do some numbers. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that from Feb. 1 through Aug. 8, 149,192 Americans have died from the virus. Nearly a third (31.98%) were 85 years old or older. In fact, nearly 8 in 10 (79.46%) of those who died were 65 years old or older. Just 8% of the fatalities occurred for people less than 1 year… Read more »


It’s a scam. There has been no pandemic, and whatever they’re blaming for the deaths isn’t a virus.

Dyna Gal

This lawsuit may have major implications across all the States for the “good” if it pans out: search, “Larimer County Colorado Health Department Face Mask Lawsuit”

This is the press release:

GoFundMe if people want to donate to their efforts:

David Webster

I avoid going any place but chiropractor and acupuncturist, I live in Colorado Springs. Quarintine the sick not the healthy, masks are to lower our immune system. They do zero to protect anyone against viruses only common germs it helps during medical procedures. This is great if it gains traction, Polis is a Satanist like 65% of the government. I am not religious but I certainly believe in our creator and the fallen beings written about. Bible is not religion either it is an historical record that has been edited by people bent on controlling humanity. Today Romans have a… Read more »

Tubbs Ventura

Is it possible to prosecute these people for liability of murder for not investigating alleged Covid19 related death s particularly in old folks housing: 1) the county sheriff 2) medical personal (doctor) 3) the county District Attorney?

Thanks from California

Patrick Gaido

I read an online mainstream news article from CNN recently claiming that a dog had died from COVID-19 and I thought it was complete bunk. The cabal, which controls the MSM, is putting the fear into everyone that anybody, young or old, healthy or sick, human or animal can die from the virus and there is nothing we can do about it until a vaccine is made. So sad.


Very interesting, thanks for sharing.


https://youtu.be/kExFCn-Xmig Fauci’s out and common sense might be returning by Ron Paul. Chief of Neuroradiology at Stanford University Dr. Scott Atlas will replace the now all too familiar Dr Fauci face . An article he wrote starts ” The data is in , stop the panic” Time to accept the fact that this lockdown is killing the country literally and economically and all for NOTHING Look @ South Dakota death stats vs the Demorat lock down rules states— 15/100,000 in North Dakota vs. 167/100,000 in NYC= insane difference=NYC is a disgrace ! Look how few are dying in Sweden last… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by rays

Oh please keep praying, we the people need these demons exposed. We need the people to get back and keep our country😇😇😇


SHAME, SHAME, Shame on the medical profession. even getting tested exposed the patient to contamination. These foul people will have to answer for their crimes against humanity. Old people are simple a wasted space in their view. As for getting a vaccine, forget it, it will be a death sentence for most of the recipients, but isn’t that the plan anyway?


Think of all the social security and pensions that don’t have to be paid out now.



“Warning to medical personnel, when this is over, those of you who have been sending old people to premature graves will be prosecuted.“

Good To Know, (the list is long)!
Thanks Benjamin

Last edited 11 months ago by belle3
Marilyn Grammatico

I hope you are right. I hate to think that they would get away with it but I am not so sure. I have seen many things working in medicine as a Respiratory Therapist and quite a few times saw things that I didn’t believe were in the best interest of the patient. Not being a doctor and their doctor I couldn’t do anything about it If you have a decent medical director in some situations you could say something but in others you would really open a can of worms. When you work in a teaching hospital every thing… Read more »