Benjamin Fulford update with Robert David Steele

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Marilyn Grammatico

Good video. Big fan of both Ben & Robert David Steele. You must do something right if they have tried to kill you 5 times Ben. This tells me I am on the right track. Also President Trump is a good guy for them to come against him the way they do.


So…why was it removed?


We are most grateful for your response to our queries, and look forward to your interview.

Namaste, Ben.

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Helena Vasquez

Thanks Ben!…looking forward to viewing this video

Mark Curtis

My wife and I both watched this video shortly after it was posted. I’m not entirely surprised that it has been removed, apparently by RDS himself. We love hearing from both Benjamin Fulford and Robert David Steele and when they appear together it’s especially exciting for us. In watching this particular video we were, how can I say it, a little disappointed. Maybe frustrated is a better word. I suspect RDS removed to this himself because it wasn’t up to his usual high journalistic standard, and after the fact he could see that. Benjamin’s frustration was likewise apparent, but as… Read more »


Thank you for this


I watched this video and it was informative, though I though DRS was a bit ‘manic’ in his interviewing style. I do like and respect DRS but he should let his guests complete FULL THOUUGHTS before injecting his commentary or questions. The rhythm of this interview was so frustrating.

David, please heed this critique. And keep doing what you’re doing to raise awareness.


I totally agree. There should be no ‘cutting off’ when Benjamin Fulford speaks.

He is very busy with world affairs, and is edgy since the recent asassination attempt on his assistant in Japan.

Whereas, when interviewing others, yes it is sometimes necessary to cut in on the speaker, to refocus to get back on topic.

Some people have a habit of rambling, and I”m appreciative when a host interrupts, to redirect a guest speaker.


Ben, Why are you not attending to this video’s removal ? An Explanation ? An Open Discussion of presence and then absence ? Transparency perhaps ? Why, Specifically, was an alternative media site not selected, that would not censor your article. We are subscribing for this specific reason, in order to circumvent suppression and Censorship of the First Amendment. Youtube is an Illegal Publisher counterfeiting the intentions of an Open Social Media Platform. We all know this Ben.Ben, we expect mistakes from everyone. That’s simple Honesty. However, The Audience should be recognized when they are in the room. Since our… Read more »


August 22 2020 2100 EDT. This Vid does not seem to be up on Robert David Steele’s YouTube Channel. I can’t find it anywhere at the moment.


Ben kind of ignores his readers it seems. Like, he posts a video, it is taken down, then ignores the readers complaining about this.


Quote ” This video has been removed by the uploader.”


Youtube both can and does defraud American Law, by directly violating the 1’st Amendment. They are By Direct and repeated actions, to be considered a Publisher Under The Laws of The United States of America. They are not, by defined action an Open Public Social Media Platform. Just as Twitter, Facebook and several other Publishers are defrauding our Nation of Our First Amendment Rights by Law. Many are aware, that, “Removed by User”, is a commonly posted action by Youtubes Sensorship BOTs / Staff of Cultural Marxist Globalist’s. Please recognize that, because whether Soros, Rockefeller, or Rothschild’s, all are Vested… Read more »


Fighting Censorship! – Interview with Brian Rose & AwakenWithJP

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John Cassidy

Link not available. Can you bithute link it?


Ben Please Repost this video. I did not get to see it as a paying member…


Quote “This video has been removed by the uploader.” Press the red triangular button.


Youtube both can and does defraud American Law, by directly violating the 1’st Amendment. They are By Direct and repeated actions, to be considered a Publisher Under The Laws of The United States of America. They are not, by defined action an Open Public Social Media Platform. Just as Twitter, Facebook and several other Publishers are defrauding our Nation of Our First Amendment Rights by Law. Many are aware, that, “Removed by User”, is a commonly posted action by Youtubes Sensorship BOTs / Staff of Cultural Marxist Globalist’s. Please recognize that, because whether Soros, Rockefeller, or Rothschild’s, all are Vested… Read more »


End of the world huh? I started watching a movie that messed my mind in ’59 The movie version of Nevile Shute’s novel ON THE BEACH. Gregory Peck , Fred Astaire and the post nuclear war dying remains of the free world are a USN sub crew and Australia. I still am troubled watching it because Nuclear attack still just as real a threat. But none will be held to blame if it happens now as it will probably be a crazy AI hack of a robotic contolled system I’m afraid. If such a disaster did occur to lead to… Read more »


Robert David Steel a good bloke, but in this video he seems to be drunk, lots of rude words and butting in the conversation, acting like a little boy, whats happening Robert ?

Patrick Gaido

I posted a comment on here earlier regarding a comment Ben said regarding the Freemason that didn’t resonate with me. So I asked a question and Robert responded with rude words that I didn’t appreciate.

I don’t mind that Robert and I can agree to disagree at times but there is no reason to be rude just because of it. I am an awakened soul still searching for the truth and more answers like everyone else is.

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Thank you John & Patrick for sharing and being transparent. Robert did swear a lot and seemed different. I left comments too, the only one I would say that was positive criticism was … I did not agree with Michelle Obama or resonate with her but I also did not agree with Robert bullying her and putting her down because she has a penis and I said it was discrimination due to her gender not her behaviour or actions. Next I checked the video was gone. It looks like Robert removed the video. They did both have a sense of… Read more »

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I thought that too John.
And I think that was highlighted more as Ben was clear, refreshed, polite and in good spirits.

Marilyn Grammatico

One person claims that they are planning a one world currency. One more step in the one world order. They want the USA, Canada Mexico and I think South American one country all together in the New World order. Personally I don’t want to combine with any other countries. If they are for it I am against it. Simple as that. Don’t understand what all their ugly little plans for us are but I am positive it isn’t good.

Marilyn Grammatico

I believe I saw this video on Before its news but it is blocked too. Don’t know what problem the thought police have with this video.


Did Robert David Steele remove it?

Richard Murrey

those fargin’ sneeky bastiches!


They gonna wind up with they bells in a sling!

David Webster

Does not matter the video has been removed by the Google police department!!


Unsure if I heard correctly or I am over reacting, so you think the Republic Constitution should just go away? Please clarify!. It is a document for a government if followed works for the country. It’s the document that prevents tyranny.

David Webster

Tyranny is at our doorstep, until our military steps up we are helpless unless everyone at one time stands up and demands an end to it. They cannot kill us all, trust me they are not allowed.

Anything they do to us we must agree or give permission. It is how it works in the universe. >:^D


We Clearly Do not Authorize the Murder of Humanity…

Raven Haber

Could this be found on any other stream like bitchut etc!


taken down already – that didn’t take long

miserable bar stewards


Could you please repost the vid, it has been taken down for some reason.

Gregory Boyer

I watched this video, and went to rewatch it 10 minutes later and it has been taken down from YouTube. Can you please repost to BitChute or some other platform the bad guys don’t control? I want to share it with others….. Thanks!


So we are in for 3 months of chaos
P3 vs Zionists in a fight for control

What are the white hats up to? WDS and the military order of the black sun?

Still RDS seemed to have a lot of interest in butt plugs and naming an informer Deep anus was an amusing distraction. Was that too much sugar perhaps?


Honestly Boys— You lost me when you claimed that Ivanka Trump had to be a Jew because she got as nose job……I have to wonder if this wasn’t an anti Trump campaign and if you two are controlled by someone or something… I am for freedom- if you want a nose job, get one.


With that said– the religion of these evil ones states that they must tell us what they are doing–and since Donald Trump took office we have learned of atrocities worse than ever heard of in history and not one has gone down. Not people who torture children for their bodily fluids, not famous people who are pedifiles, even John McCain was put to death in secret.. But not one word of Trump doing anything evil that can be taken seriously. Even horse face was a liar.

Patrick Gaido

Why is Ben in direct contact with the P3 Freemasons, a group that wants to force humanity into one world government for the worse? Is he friends with these people?

David Webster

Patrick, you do not know what you are talking about. P3 masons want a World Republic, the Satanist want a totalitarian government.. Research and stop accusing Ben of things that is not true. Free Masons and other secret societies are helping not hurting humanity get it straight please.

Unlike you I am a spiritually awakened being.. I know a thing or two lol

Patrick Gaido

Then why do I keep hearing bad things about all Freemasons? I’ve heard nothing good about them. Unless you can point me in the right direction to a reliable source that can be trusted. Plus, why is Ben, if I hear him correctly, saying the Freemasons don’t have the public best interest at heart?

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WOW! A spiritually awakened being right here in Ben’s comment section. I guess you would know a thing or two. Have you any tips you can share? So far I’ve been chopping wood and carrying water. Am I on the right path?


My thoughts also.


I believe Ben is in contact with multiple sources. Therefore, he gets a spectrum of information from different groups, factions, societies, people, etc. He also uses his contacts to create positive change, like manifesting a transparent future planning agency. I don’t think his contact with the P3 Freemasons is a reflection of himself or shows his character or who he is as a person. I think it just highlights that Ben is an independent journalist and reporter, and people feel confident to pass information on to him (whatever their underlying intentions may be), especially as he has a high security… Read more »

Octavia Dochnal

Dear Sir: Saw your broadcast today and wish to state that l am one Canadian who does NOT wish to join the USA. There are many wonderful people in the USA but frankly l am glad the border is closed for the time being and do hope that after it opens it remains in place. Yes our current political “leadership” is pathetic, to put it mildly, but l like living up here in relativ peace and harmony with my fellow citizens. Thank you very much. I do appreciate your continued elucidation of the machinations of the socalled elite (God forgive… Read more »

David Webster

Octavia, there is going to be a World Republic Government, it has to be in place in order for humanity to meet and trade with all the ETS. Merging United States and Canada is not a bad thing, it means the North American continent will be at peace and harmony for the first time since WW1. Tossing your words around is lovely but makes no sense. America is and will never be a super power again, we will be nobody. Canada and the US need each other to survive. Your country would not make it alone, you simply do not… Read more »


Back at ya. We didn’t have peace before WW1, seems to me we have been trying to break from England since the colonists. Be ginning to smell something rotten in Japan. Mom told me after WW2 The common consensus was a statement the Japanese made was next time they would take USA without firing a shot?? They would go through the youth. Look around our educational system is producing entitled idiots. Guess I am looking a gift horse in the mouth? Remains to be seen. Unless I see Jesus Christ say United we stand & the creator behind him’,,,,,,, Why… Read more »


I like your hustle guy, but this is one of those agree to disagree things. Canada is resource rich and will be fine. Ya, ol Trudey is a G8 NWO pawn and is planning to flush The Great White North down the tubes, but maybe he’ll be booted soon. Canada should not merge until the US sorts itself out. Unfortunately, it seems like that is an impossibility due to the way the game is played there. The US is a mess and will be for the better part of this decade. The East elites don’t seem like they want to… Read more »


I agree — USA and Canada should remain two separate countries. We like it that way.