Benjamin Fulford on the Mike Harris show – Veterans Today

Benjamin Fulford is the Guest Today on The Mike Harris Show – Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services 


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Like the Joint interview… Ben is providing Counterpoint to Mike Harris.
voice silence means Mike’s Info is not getting out to provide the whole picture.

Please, consider placing this uncensored vid on BITCHUTE or BANNEDVIDEON.COM or BRIGHTEON, generally no censorship….

Marilyn Grammatico

Love this video-GREAT job Ben!!! When I was 19 I went to school to be a Nuclear Medical technician 1st year and one clinical. Then I heard that I would have increased risk of cancer and of having kids with birth defects. For me that was a deal breaker. I had to pay for my own education- took 5 years to get set up for school again. But how can you put a price on these side effects? 1st I heard of Covid-certificate of vaccination ID? I worked for years on the code team at the hospital and would be… Read more »


How many women dreamed of becoming a Stewardess for a major airline? How many died of cancer because of the extra radiation you absorb @ higher altitudes? In deaths/100,000 among those employed in that industry that job is statistically more dangerous than being a policeman. Asbestos workers=#1 Timber cutters #2 Iron Workers #3 Power Cable Installers #4 Cops were not even in the top 10 OSHA made the list up=not me. I was in a #3 slot as a Welder/Ship Fitter ( I have that Ironworkers Union Card still) but made a safety dance move and became a Power Cable… Read more »

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Matthew McQueen

Is there anyway to get a transcript so we can know what Mike said during the strange dropouts. It feels like YT censorship from here.


An excellent interview. Well done Ben, pity the audio was cut in some places


Ben, I clearly am misunderstanding the formation of new government. I am not feeling warm and fuzzy about better democracy. The USA is not a democracy(majority rule). Haven’t seen much success on that.
why do you not like the Republic of the Constitution we are bound?
Most logical, fair document for a government. Just need for Congress & the Senate to have term limits.


Just watched the first couple minutes, it’s getting late and will watch it tomorrow. But it was really cool to hear Ben give a shout out to the comments section of his website. And how it is where many folks get lots of great information they can’t get any where else. I love that he said that and thank you all for sharing that info, for the loving community you all provide and thank you Ben for all that you do! I am more than grateful for you all. Good night and see you all tomorrow.