Fall of the Cabal? PM Abe resigns

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” Good riddance Abe may you rot in hell”
Ben does make his feelings toward Shinzo quite clear=lol !

Marilyn Grammatico

Sure hope they execute Bill Gates-I’m going to celebrate!


Yet despite Japans saying the Covid19 is not a major threat ,
the Demonrat want the masks worn….
Forever or until we have a new sure cure vaccine that will ID you so we know who the doomed are.
VacciNE TURNDOWN #2 of the season for me today.
My GF wants to get HER FREE FLU SHOT .
I told her I am sorry to hear that.
I have passed up my freebie 5 years running now. I will be 70 next month and have not been flu sick fer 5 years now either.


Read today where the CDC “quietly released” the updated actual numbers of covid deaths in the USA… instead of 155,000 it is only about 9200. Apparently most of the other deaths had 2-3 co-morbidities or were over 90 years old and in nursing homes. Not hearing that in the MSM!

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Where did you read it? Want that data!


And here too…..



It is happening folks…..



Awesome speech in Berlin!

Fates Whynot


According to this narrator, Ben said Shinzo Abe would step down in 2 weeks, in the video linked above, which was filmed Aug 23, 2020; Abe did do this…

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Leland Roth

Colloidal silver is a completely natural, liquid mineral supplement found in almost every health food store in North America. It is much like mineral water, except that in this case, the only minerals in the water are tiny, sub-microscopic particles of pure silver. Pure silver, by itself, has been known for thousands of years to have powerful, broad-spectrum infection-fighting qualities. So when the process for making colloidal silver was discovered in the late 1800’s, shortly after Edison harnessed electricity, it immediately became a popular natural infection-fighting agent, used both topically on cuts, burns and infections, and internally as a remedy… Read more »


Thank YOU for this.

Marilyn Grammatico

silver works great on burns

David Webster

Thanks Benjamin you are making us a bit happier here in Colorado Springs, it is real insane who everyone actually are policing each other and saying we are part of the problem because we wear a mask indoors only. Never over our noses and man do people give us crap lol >:^D

Predictions? Benjamin has many sources that he gets the information from. He writes about facts is my point.

Marilyn Grammatico

I wish people would lighten up over masks. They do make it a little harder to breath; so take some slow deep breaths. They actually protect against respiratory infections. I think it is a big lie about corona; but no one should put their hands on someone else period. Respiratory infections always affect your heart according to my heart doctor. I had to get a pacemaker over a cold/flue. I will be glad if we can ever get past this.


Sounds like the fulfilment of
Ben’s predictions