RDS banned from Youtube for $100 Trillion Money Laundering video

$100 Trillion Money Laundering Correcting Media $2 Trillion Misinformation


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Hasegawa Soujiro

Bloody commies! Youtube Nazi gastappo


Good video, I agree with what he says

David Humphries

I believe this is one avenue to cover US Debt, however how do you sell the yachts etc, when their value is based on the salaries of the Billionaires. So these products sold will only be worth $1 trillion max.


I do know this much about Yachts,
Most of them are corporate registered, few are privately owned.
The playground of those WOLF OF WALL STREET stock brokers and supposedly used for corporate entertainment is the deal on that scam often.
My source= Licensed charter boat captains that also work out of those same marinas as the corporate yachts.
Pirates with pens win again.

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Shutting Down New York… The Clean out will be very dangerous, as the Bases probably have nukes to take out much of the city as a vengeance act… Even the Religions like the J.W. had secret tunnels going everywhere… Layers upon layers of streets form enormous underground networks. That’s quite a Combat OP… The Initial OP possibly ran into the need for stages of assault, rather than one push, as usual, no plan survive the first 10 minutes of conflict…


I am sure that those in charge of Youtube have many well placed people who are on that money laundering list as well so no surprise they banned the video that calls attention to the size of the crime!

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Hopefully this will be part of a big release of all the good things.

Shame on youtube for their censorship.