Dutch Royal False Flag?

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Alexander Jin

“I am pretty sure San Francisco is not in Switzerland.”…………………..lol

using cgi is so old technology, and by now, it is so advanced that it is virtually impossible to distinguish.
remember 911? that was 19 years ago….
the two planes didn’t hit the twin towers. it was cgi……sights and sounds….
lights, camera, action!!!!!! ^.^


Ben, Thank you for doing your best in this time of exposure of the Thieves and Liars who the true christ energy tried to “whip” out of the “temple” per say. These Thieves and Liars have been around forever in many forms and have been referred to in many cultures. All religions refer to the battles of good against Evil. This is not the first battle, but in my beliefs, it will be the last. Take it or leave it, as the “scales” drop from the “eyes” of those meant to “see”. Only those of spiritual value will be able… Read more »


I concur. Doubles, clones, CGI makes it very difficult. I had a friend who told me Tom Hanks & wife are still alive. I asked why do you think that? They said they were related??? I told them what does that have to do with anything??? One of the real issues is exactly what the writer wrote. Putting your confidence in the MSM! People are already freaking out yet the compassion days are coming to a close for those that cannot consciously put their heart mind back into practice. There will, I am afraid, always be sleepers. We have been… Read more »


There is another factor – using doubles and clones. For example Putin already died in 2002 and now he has 4 doubles. Obama and Big Mike also have clones despite being executed in GITMO. Bill & Melinda Gates too. Of course this is not 100% sure. All this would be confirmed in January 2021. What is 100% sure is McCain was executed for treason in 2018! Doubles and clones are used since 1940s. Hope this helps!

Robert Pettitt

It works both ways. Why would anyone (except the Red Army who could now go home) believe Hitler’s body was consumed in a bonfire in 1945? Would you kill yourself with the power of the SS still available to take you and your high-tech research to the other side of the planet? If somebody now shows us the bodies of Queen Elizabeth II and Charlie on the front pages of the mainstream press, which group of idiots will fall for it? Us! Everything can be faked by insiders. “Coronavirus” positives. DNA tests. Everything. I trust the plan because we really… Read more »


Claims of Putin being replaced are just unfounded and unproven rumours. What evidence is there for that claim? the Putin we see today is a great leader and until you can prove you claim of him being replaced it is just more unfounded nonsense. Talk is cheap. many people change their facial appearance as they mature and thank God that there is such a man as Putin who has kept this planet free of World War 3.

Richard Murrey

putin is still the putin of old… of course he has his doubles… the russians originated doubles! he is still the leader of the russian federation that has begun the re-awakening or the eastern orthodox religion as he was told to do by gorbe… russia is a christian nation and their code of citizenship should be enough to prove that. they will be fine and have no axe to grind with the bullshit going on here, but they will, without hesitation, raze these cities and areas that support the marxist, communistic elements in our country because they will not support… Read more »

Robert Pettitt

You are absolutely right, Ben. CGI and edited video are extemely powerful in creating a false narrative. Millions have been fooled by it, even us, I am sure. Pointing this out is of course a double edged sword, as if accepted it will mean that video evidence, such as that filed away so meticulously by the likes of Ghislaine Maxwell, becomes inadmissible in court. And of course everything connected with computers can be faked by the experts – emails, phone calls, texts, tweets, IP addresses etc. I think that could be why the major players will be taken out by… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by Robert Pettitt

Agree that there are few ways to verify such knowledge. Indeed, if it happened that the royals were executed, it would be a first-order priority to ensure that no one believed it and given technology, to reassert their presence via broadcast – of course. No way to know. Interesting the Ben would have an apparently american source to say such a thing – it is outlandish – and perhaps true.

Robert Pettitt

I don’t think it really matters if anyone believes the video evidence, either way. If there are aliens they will show themselves in person when they are ready to. Fake or real, blurry or clear images of UFOs are irrelevant in the long term. I believe Trump has indeed managed to get most world leaders to capitulate by confronting them with evidence of misdeeds captured by the NSA. “We have it all” and he really means it. But I don’t think that would have been enough in all cases. Tony Blair was often shown evidence of his crimes but just… Read more »


Be more specific in detail as to what you say and claim. Specially what you posted about California, please.

Michel Galarneau

Well Kimberly Ann Goguen told this week in her weely update that there were a meeting of the Black Sun society to elect their leader (Pindar) for ther year… Since the agenda was to keep people in slavery a task force from the Life Force leaders interveine and killed them all before their satanic rituals could take place… look at her video at around 38 mins you will see that someting happened to the elite satanic rats… https://youtu.be/7wAwIYHc3-A




I would have thought most people who subscribe to Benjamin Fulford have long since given up on mainstream TV and newspapers. Seems R from the Netherlands needs to catch up. https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_genetica07.htm This is from Fritz Springmeier and I bet this stuff has come on quite a bit since his time. So there are technologies to copy people The “Royals” have lots of body doubles – presumably surgically enhanced and trained As an aside try getting lots of Royal pics close ups etc and compare. Ever wonder why Prince Harry’s real parentage has not been covered in the mainstream? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLoI9hAX9dw deep… Read more »


When I said I was pretty sure we cloned a human long before the successful cloning of Dolly the sheep was announced, I was guessing based on logical assumption , thanks for the links that confirm that logic. We were not moral at all, we just had to play at being god or Dr Frankenstein, I knew it! Were any funerals held for the souls of clones that died young— the experiments that did not go so well? i think we know that answer ! Do clones even have souls ? That answer is beyond my call ! God knows… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by rays

I am sure that some people actually believe they are really demi-gods and love to play at Dr Frankenstein.


Boys from Brazil Truth disguised as fiction 1978 film (version a bit edited, i think)

Nazis as exaggerated Pantomime baddies – marvellous – Hitler cloned multiple times – this stuff is so much better/more sinister vith a German accent

How many are actually wandering about, for real?

Some people were trying to tell us the truth back then.