Who are the Zionists?

Dear Benjamin,
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Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, Good information.

Alexander Jin

all those jews living in israel are not real jews. they do not know it, but they are of khazarian/ashkenazi ancestry…. pretending to be jews!


In reality their was no holocaust. Towards the end of the war yes a lot of jews were suffering but so were the Germans because supplies were very short. The Germans treated the jews quite well compared to how badly the Americans treated the Germans at wars end. The Zionists have been claiming six million killed, starved, or displaced in all the news papers since 1915 and that’s a fact. The so called gas chambers were used to sterilize clothing and bedding not to kill people. In fact in the so called death camps thousands of children were born and… Read more »


PC, thank you for your questions, and Ben, thank you for your clear explanations. And to other commenters, thank you for your input.


PC…..2.4 million jews lived in occupied Europe when the Nazi’s were in power….so unless jews from outwith that area moved to Nazi occupied Europe during the war then how did we end up with 6 million dead? Well, the answer is in your holy books about the coming of your ‘Light Bringer’….as 6 million jews needed to die before his return simple maths really as lies always fall apart in time…..Auswitz has even lowered the claim of 4 million dying there to 1 million approx. What changed? Even the jewish almanac that records jewish population of the world shows no… Read more »

Dyna Gal

Deep fakes still being perpetrated to this day by the same “group” ! So convenient that (((they))) own the media, isn’t it?


Vyborne, zrozumitelne napisane!!! Konecne mam v zidovskej otazke ako tak jasno!!! Dakujem Benjamin!!!



László Losonci


Dear Ben!

I have been reading his writings for many years and I really like them. Unfortunately, my English language skills are very poor, so it is a problem that your writings have not been translated on Hungarian pages for some time. No matter, google translate helps me.
Do you think that without nuclear war, humanity will escape this “house of fools”?
I was afraid of my family.

Ozler Atalay

May Lord Give You Strenght, It’s the most respectable purpose of our times!


Thanks Ben, but re. the holohoax, please get up to speed. https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/ “I’ve checked out Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct”, not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war. This is astonishing. How can it be explained? Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War total 4,448 pages; and de Gaulle’s three-volume Memoires de Guerre is 2,054 pages.  In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts),… Read more »


So many generations have heard that six million figure over and over in media and even some school board approved versions of Europeon History that it may be too ingrained as truth for some to accept that it was a inflated figure at best and probably was all bundled up with other losses as all dead bodies sort of look alike to my prejudiced eye. No one people involved in World War had a monopoly on victimization but the jews one would think from the popular version as well. The Six million starvation victims of jolly old Englands grain hoarding… Read more »

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Leaving aside the holoc*, the canary in the coal mine for me is the collaboration between Israel and the apartheid South African regime, in areas of weaponry and the exploitation of natural resources. They appeared to give no thought to the character of the rulers they cosied up to.

Alexander Jin

all thanks to khazarians satanists….fake jews

Willie Flowers

Was Donald Trumps illness a 5G attack?

Dyna Gal

He’s most likely not sick at all. Can’t believe anything nowadays, it’s all made up and who is to prove it otherwise? Everything is sight seen or read via technology !

Alexander Jin

could be….. but definitely not covid19…lol


On this discussion I ask everyone to read: the Holocaust Hoax exposed by Thorn. The Germans lost because their supply lines were cut off and they ran out of gas. Do you really think they would have wasted fuel burning people? It takes a lot of energy to burn a body. People were being used to help win the war. The camps ran out of food and they were trying to stop the spread of typhus. Watch Hitler: the greatest story never told. The Dresden bombings were a genocide. Along with Hiroshima. What kind of world has Amerika made? Hitler… Read more »


My Mother lost a sister and one niece in the Dresden firebombing. I lost an aunt and one cousin. She escaped the conflict between Nazism and Communism in Latvia and chose to travel to Dresden where she thought it was safer. I ended up in a city in California where lasers have been used to start ground fires. The laser uses have been videotaped. Of course I am not comparing this laser use to the Dresden firebomb saturation bombing. I am pointing out technology has changed and the fact that the 2nd Civil war in the United States has been… Read more »

Alexander Jin

no doubt ! dew has been used to fry up, not only in cali, but throughout the world, along with geoengineering/haarp….

if california goes, the rest of the states fall like dominoes. if usa falls, the rest of the world would not recover….

Alexander Jin

did germans really lose the war?
they have bases in antarctica …. not to mention,…
*operation paper *


Thanks so much Ben. Well said! The issue of the chosen people via religiousity is a real deterrent in the middle east. Until the story of Esau & Jacob are complete (whatever or however that is????) all Jews (I am one), struggle to know who they really are. We as humanoids are steeped on one end to the other in: Definition of ethnocentrism: the attitude that one’s own group, ethnicity, or nationality is superior to others  Yet Brumidi was ignored, the victim of ethnocentrism and snobbery. Though he became a citizen in 1857 … American-born artists cast him as a foreigner and resented his painting… Read more »

Alexander Jin

only towrah, prophets, and psalms are true scriptures of Yahowah. the rest are garbage…


I know some Israelis who said it was widely accepted in Israel that Hitler was a quarter Rothschild.

Thus the fuhrer was merely a LARP and the Nazis part of a much greater conspiracy.

Those wonderfully expendable bastard sons that serve the great houses – thanks to Game of Thrones for leaving those bits in the script.

Thanks Ben for a great bit of journalism, I can corroborate some of what you say and feel you are entirely correct in the rest.


Using his family graveyard fer aerial target practice was one of the ways this one time Catholic alter boy tried hide his Jewish roots as well. I doubt that he was feeling very antisemitic when a Jewish Lt. put him in fer his Iron Cross Medal in WWl thus stroking his ego with a trinket! He could have turned it down instead if he was so anti Jew but he was a phony egomaniac! Old photos of Adolph at Commie Party rally’s also highlight his identity crisis as he was one messed up dude fer sure! In the end, BOTH… Read more »

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Alexander Jin

problem is he is not “true” jew, nor rothschilds. all fake


Thank you for Ben’s clarifications. I would suggest the writer (PC) read “Auschwitz: The Final Count,” as well as many other books, such as Livia Rokach’s* “Israel’s Sacred Terrorism.” Short reads, both very informative. My personal believe… as still a “rabid anti fascist” (I might add), is that the “holocaust” was a meme established by satanic assholes like the Rothschilds in order to cover up the war crimes of the Russians, from whom we get virtually all the history of the camps. Most likely is that the parties involved simply permitted the prisoners to die by starvation and typhus and… Read more »


Operation Paperclip was our payment for letting Hitler escape to South America. I agree with the idea that Nazi’s made a deal and sold out Germany. The top three surviving Luftwaffe aces all ran the show at NATO’s German HQ as well as having the Penemunde V-2 boys running NASA’s space show by the 1960’s ! The truth was right in the faces of everyone that could not see it =lol! IBM had most of the best Nazi number crunchers on their payroll to make our missile guidance systems as well. i partied with the sons and daughters of those… Read more »

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Thank you, that is a lot of excellent well written information! You also seem to have evidence and a lot of proof.

I really appreciate you explaining some of these terms. Names and labels can get thrown around to the point it can get confusing.


Lyta, I have also mentioned that the use of acronyms makes understanding difficult. If you want to follow the meaning, you must research (look up) the lesser known abbreviations. LARP=Live Action Role Play.

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Well written and received !