Benjamin Fulford on Goldfish Report and A Look at Disneyland’s Top Secret Club 33

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David Webster

I could not bare to watch all the video. Quoting TV news and talking about watching a worthless political debate. Trump was chosen and so are every single political person in the world probably but in America for certain

WE ARE NOT A COUNTRY WE ARE A CORPORATION! TV is too brain washing the sheep into thinking they are free and have choices when we do not.

GOLDFISH report is awful and Benjamin I sure wish you did more interviews. Hardly any out there.

Karl Kaiser

If Trump was chosen they would not have been trying to overthrow him since before he even came to office. That doesn’t make him an angel but his enemies are more dangerous to us than he is.

Santana Jimenez

For the sake of humanity we need Trump alive, otherwise it is going to get bumpy.


Morning all-
Trump will survive and prosper !