Who actually controls the US Navy?

Dear Benjamin,

I would like to ask you about the United States Navy, if I may. My Dad spent the majority of his life in close association with the USN, he truly loved the Navy and was still in the reserves when he died. During the war, he was stationed in North Africa, and Italy, where he was active in planning several important invasions. I know that he worked for Naval Intelligence, and I know a bit about what he and his associates did for the war effort, but actually, he spoke very little about his war-time activities.

As a younger guy, I did not “push” to find out more, I just assumed that some things were secret, and left it at that! However, after becoming “awake” I have had many curious thoughts about the Navy, and the actual part that it plays in the “big picture.”

Could you kindly tell me who actually controls the US Navy, and give me some insights into what it actually does?

My guts tell me that it is involved with much more than meets the eye!

Thank You so much for your assistance in this matter.




The US Navy has inherited the traditions of the British Navy.  After becoming the absolutely dominant force in the oceans, they began ensuring the free flow of commerce, fighting pirates, and mapping the oceans among other things.

It was US Naval intelligence that was attacked on 911 because they were opposed to the Nazis who carried out that dastardly and criminal act.

These days they want to make sure no single power, e.g. China, tries to block the free flow of trade and shipping.

In the future, they have the right institutional DNA to lead space exploration.

It was no coincidence the Starship Enterprise of Star Trek was named after a US Navy aircraft carrier.

In short, they are the good guys.

Best regards

Benjamin Fulford


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Daniel Hanley

I am curious about the entire Joint Chiefs of US Military in quarantine. Is there something behind this move that is unrelated to the virus threat?


Good to know! thumbs up


” In short , they are the good guys”
After working for for 31 years for that team–
I agree!
I am admittedly bias one that one.

Karl Kaiser

According to various Secret Space Program whistleblowers the US Navy already has “Enterprise” – like starships, while the Air Force only has smaller space-plane type of UFOs like we occasionally see in the atmosphere. They say it was Naval Intelligence who infiltrated the Nazi UFO programs in WWII, which gave the Navy a jump on this technology. And this technology has not been shared between the forces. Though we might expect the Air Force to have better space capabilities because they already fly and space is “up there”, the need to house entire self-sustaining cities in spaceships makes the logistical… Read more »

john fewson

very true the air force have only got 2 space carier fleets & think they are king pin’s, they dont know about the Navy, what a waste of resource’s because of Ego

john fewson

The US Navy have 5 Space Carrier fleets in space, & have had for at least 40 years, they have a base on the moon & on Mars. There is so much more to this that most people can not get their heads around it. Cheers JF.


Had no idea until I read Michael Salla’s books and William Thompkins “Selected by Extraterrestials” makes one’s mind spin. Some proof that NASA stands for Not A Space Agency. Also every major country, UN, and aerospace defense contractors have their own fleets. Study Gene Roddenberry and his exposure to this field of endeavor. Sign me up Scotty ~

john fewson

Up untill 20 years ago the British had a space fleet but the Yank’s took it out (dont like opposition) The US Air force has a small space fleet which begs the question what have the Russians got? I have seen while night fishing up in the Snowy Mountains two UFO’s have a dog fight with sparks going between them & one blew up like a fire work’s display. I have seen many more UFO’s in the night time sky, I dont think it’s all beer & skittles up there, i think it a battle ground! Cheers JF

David Webster

uh huh! Where did you hear this nonsense? Brits have had their own space fleet along side of the US.. They own the US we never had independence from Britain. 23% of our taxes go to England and Switzerland..

America is a corporation along with United Kingdom and many other countries. We are all slaves this is no doubt. The virus is all about making sure we are slaves forever.



David Webster

Some proof? lol we have been lied to about everything. There is a world that everyone thinks they know. Then there is the real world where ET live among us.

Nazi Satanist control most of the world. Our history was rewritten and hardly none of it is accurate. Humans have been in this solar system for 1.8 billion years.

Gaia was invaded some 460,000 years ago. You know a very small segment of this thing. The books only shed light on it, much more to it then in books. lol

David Webster

There is a lot more to this story, you mention a small segment of the secret space force my friend.

john fewson

The British space fleet got taken out by the Yank space fleet by getting absorbed into their system. We are controlled by an et race who control the blood line families. At the age of 25 the males in the bloodline families have an entity walk in & so are that entity with no soul or remorse, these are the reptilian’s & that’s why part of our brain is part of their brain (the reptilian brain) This is so they can control us by it. There is so much that it cant be all be said in a few lines… Read more »

john fewson

The reptilian brain( our part of the brain called the Modula, which is called fight or flight) is controlled by various thing’s such as red &blue flashing light’s causing fear!Their lauguage ( the Reptllian’s) is Latin which is why the Catholic church is all versed in Latin, they are in with the Rep’s & Satin. Cheers JF


I believe you may be referring to the Amygdala, which controls the limbic system, ie the fight or flight’switch’.




Good question and good answer