World lockdown plan leaked

Hi Benjamin,
Have you seen the latest Henry Makow post regarding some pretty scary info which has apparently leaked, concerning Canada, titled: “Viral; world lockdown plan leaked”! Could you have a look at it and tell us if it is true?

Also, regarding rumors of Chinese soldiers (and/or other ones) having their boots on Canadian soil… i.e. small Pacific island just East and off the coast of Vancouver Island, and also, Stanley Park in Vancouver. Can you please offer any knowledge or intelligence regarding foreign combatants on Canadian soil, regardless of whether or not, they have been invited or are here under some agreement?


Dear M,

Henry Makow is a very important source of information. We met once in Ottawa and I have total respect for his work.

What is really going on, according to high-level sources, is that there are two factions fighting at the highest levels of world power. One faction connected to the Rockefeller and Rothschild families exercises power through the IMF, World Bank, and many of the fortune 500 companies. They are the people pushing the vaccine agenda combined with digital currency. They want to enslave humanity for the benefit of the members of their Satanic cult. Justin Trudeau is a member of this cult, through his Sinclair mother. He is fighting for his life now, which is why Canada is going through a dark time.

However, I know the Canadian armed forces are probably the best such force in the world and I guarantee you they would not go along with the agenda described in the link. Also, I have been asking friends in British Columbia to check on the Chinese troop rumor and have not been able to confirm it. If it was true, there would be plenty of evidence that is not forthcoming. There is just a video of some Asian troops on an exercise in Canada and they could be Japanese or Korean both allies. I will keep checking though.

In any case, another faction, that includes the British Commonwealth, the Vatican faction under Pope Francis, the Pentagon, and the Asian secret societies are fighting this agenda. They are pushing for a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and explore the universe. They want to create a meritocratically staffed future planning agency to carry out this work. This faction is winning but the battle is far from over.

The next few months will be crucial so we all need to do our parts.

Best regards,

Benjamin Fulford


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Isn’t the Sinclair bloodline the line of Jesus Christ? This would make Jesus Satanic, which would explain the upper left quadrant of the QAnon map. This would also lend credence to the Jewish Antichrist, Armilus, being of Roman descent or Christian (Midrash). Armilus signs the fake Middle East peace deal with Israel officially starting the end times.


Benjamin…thanks for your commentary regarding this battle between Good and Evil. I’m encouraged by your comment that it appears the white hats are winning. I do question however your inclusion of Pope Francis on the side of the white hats? He is SO totally a Globalist…with too many “proclamations”, etc. to even recount! I wouldn’t trust this Pope any farther than I could throw him… Please elaborate on HOW this Pope is a white hat (…not counting his white Dagon fish hat)!



“However, I know the Canadian armed forces are probably the best such force in the world and I guarantee you they would not go along with the agenda described in the link. ”


lol exactly.


oops – restrictions…


I just found out about the coming Canadian restictions from Jeff and came here to ask you guys about Ben saying all debt will be forgiven, which sounds just like the terrible future for Canadians. They will lose their property and rights forever. Can we trust Ben???

Daniel Hanley

What is described in the video leaked email regarding debt forgiveness i believe is different than the debt jubilee Ben is referring too. The Canadian plan referred to in the anonymous email is unlikely to succeed in my view.

Lewis Ross

Hello Benjamin,
I have what I believe to be an invitation to join the illuminati. I would like to forward it to you if you could send me your snail mail address. My e-mail address is lewiswross @auggy9


Hi Lew,

Ben does not usually read the comments here in the cafe. If you want him to communicate with you, it is best to send him a direct email at:

benjaminfulford at hotmail dot com

Please note that in the above I have substituted “at” for “@” and “dot” for “.” as well as adding un-needed spaces. This is to stop him getting automatically generated unwanted emails. In your message just address it correctly please.

Best regards,
Alan Neeson.


I don’t trust the Pope any more than the Rothschild’s…two sides of the same coin??


There are very few people I trust

Mark Keegan

My sentiments exactly. The entities Ben claims want world prosperity have been killing, torturing and terrorizing people their entire existance and just like that they turn benevolent. Makes me want to puke.

Daniel Hanley

I live in Richmond BC and work in DT. No Chinese troops here for now. Looking forward to this plandemic to be over and we can drop the masks that I now must wear on public transit to get to work. Most people seem to have bought this COVID thing hook line and sinker waiting to be told what to do next. Here is an anti mandatory vax petition for Canadians to express their opinion.

Michael Gill

And they are getting stupider and stupider with the masks restricting their oxygen. Talk about dumbing down the population…