Hidden history of the City of London & Washington D.C.

Dear Mr. Benjamin Fulford,
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Octavia Dochnal

This is from Canada : how on earth is all of this going to end? Is there a silver lining anywhere? Where will there be freedom for humanity ? Are we all doomed to live under a communist 3.0 tyrannical regime?

David Webster

Biden elected we are all screwed, cross fingers Trumps manages too overturn this nonsense. Either way we are not in good shape at all. Trump is allied with all sorts of people on the surface, however under nether with Qanon and all said Trump must have a Trump card. Watermarking the legitmate ballots perhaps? Nazi 5th Reich is underway and very powerful with Satanic group enforcing them too the hilt.


Wow…this book sounds really interesting.

Now that the website Stolenhistory. org has disappeared, I am looking for well researched history that gives us truth without the bias and distortions of the controlled narratives called history.

I pray I find the time to read this


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david icke-quote—–and what we are seeing is the emergence of a new perception of this human reality.—–unquote…..



cobra-quote—–Taiwanese Dragons decided to go public with Hunter Biden story and intel about Chinese counterintelligence operations against the United States as a countermeasure against mainland Chinese threats to attack Taiwan. Dragon sources have repeatedly said that they will organize full disclosure of mainland Chinese secret space programs in the event of any aggression towards Taiwanese national sovereignty.—–unquote…..

hats off to the superpowerful lightforces taiwanese dragons…..i wouldnt want to f$$k with them – would you…..hahahahaha…..


cobra-quote—–The moment of this meditation will have Paris ascendant conjuncting the Galactic Center and Paris Goddess vortex will be activated to its next level.—–unquote….. https://2012portal.blogspot.com/2020/10/final-battle-update-part-2.html ———————————————————————————————————– this is why french woman are being defiled while giving birth by forced mask wearing draconian measures being imposed on them and such – the dark filthy ones have no other cards to play than jackboot criminally insane imposemant doctrines on the surface population at this stage of the war….. the surface cabal was getting purged either way- if draconians would have been successful and openly invaded the earth surface – they had planned… Read more »

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I don’t mean to be critical but is that all for this week?


This is a letter to the editor and not the regular weekly posting



Richard Mullock

I agree! Benjamin, we want your synopsis of current events, not letters by third parties….unless they support some or all of what you write. RM


I’ve never been number 1, I had to take it! Thank you Ben, god bless all and stay safe