Benjamin Fulford on FAB News

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Tubbs Ventura

Love that passion, Ben! I’m the same way.

Al Skid

Ben I know gog and magog is in revelations in the Bible. But who are they?


Thank you!!


👍Thanks Ben


Benjamin looks good


Who threatened your life? The women on either side of you?
not buying one damn word of what you said.
have not seen one damn socialists try to Sue any one. I call them socialists, as they got rid of the democrat party years ago. Now they are just open.
Do not have accents trying to fool me. Why haven’t Biden & the rest of the filth tried to sue? You know the maggots in the Senate & house?

Ann Delap

Ben – I really think your sources accusing Trump of rape are deceiving you. I looked into the court records of the “Katie Johnson” lawsuit filed against Trump (and Epstein) in 2016 and discovered that it was thrown out by the judge one month later. Woman waited 22 years to file it and demanded $100 million saying her civil rights had been violated (can we agree this smacks of a shakedown?) When the court tried to notify her of the dismissal, letter was returned – plaintiff had given bogus address. Other lawsuits filed were for incidents that occurred on Trump… Read more »


Yeah man?


WOW look at you, doing the exact same thing FOX news did, waiting until the very end to kick Trump supporters while they’re down, you had me fooled. You sound just like mainstream and controlled opposition, if we wanted to hear someone bash the president we can turn on the tv and hear it for free. I understand derangement syndrome is strong but allegations AGAIN with zero proof, its sad. We can do a simple google search with your name Benjamin and the word PEDOPHILE comes up right there next to your name, tell me, are you suing your accusers?… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by arugala

To Arugala, I agree with you in your rant about BF’s baseless claims with “zero proof”. So please provide proof to support your beliefs about the “baby-eating, rapist, Joe Biden” along with images, videos and especially names of those supposed victims. That way, more of us can all agree with your especially insightful perspective. Otherwise, please slither back into your bunker and be quiet.


I’ll put it bluntly BF is full of shit!


Odd many of of my followers on Twitter agreed with me when I suggested the US of North America as a way to save Canada. Now I see you saying the same thing. This election fraud has to be dealt with first, interestingly Justin Castro won the 2019 election using Toronto area, they use voting machines there. Yet he was a million votes short of the popular vote. I did not know much about him till he was elected, I did noticed his video when he announce the death of his brother, he showed no emotion and no grief. At… Read more »

Dan Adlington

President Trump just spent 4 years with the Democrats trying to impeach him and trying everything to get rid of him. If I wanted to bring Trump down I would have pushed hard on under age sex accusation. Also remember Bill Clinton? “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”. Denying can indicate guilt. But it could be he has so much coming at his he just didn’t see it. EVERYONE was going after him. Democrats have proven again and again they lie, cheat and cajole people. For this reason I don’t believe the Teenage sex story unless you… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by Dan Adlington

Love the jacket Ben


I like the ideas in this video, RDS as an interim President would be quite something.

Lee Jenkins

Benjamin I don’t think the U.K will put up with another year of lockdowns, We are already at breaking point 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️


Membership now Canx because you are obviously controlled opposition


Cancelling my Subscription with you now. You talk BS apart from the bit about going after the likes of Gates. You just threw that in to make us all think you were NOT controlled opossition. You have now reveiled your hand and it is plain to see for anyone with an ounce of Critical Thinking skills, you are setting us up to acccept a One World Order. We only want National Soverenty for each nation WITHOUT the Rothchilds and Rockerfellers and their 13 Families including the British Monarchy controlling us. The Peoples will govern themselves


You should stick around for us. Ben does!


I’ve just read BF latest offering…..he seems to have a lot of intel that cant be sustantiated. SOME of what he says is great to hear but then the thought of the USA and Canada becoming one country is not going to be credable. That is why I canx my subs, as he sometimes becomes “incredable”. Should I be wrong, then I will admit it. As far as RDS is concerned as becoming President,, I guess that is more likely than some of the past USA presidents have been!!, and would not be such a bad thing. We can all… Read more »


Hi Keith, This combining USA and Canada is just one of Ben’s wishful thinking opinions. He has mooted that for months and I at least tend to ignore it. His personal views are a bit “out there”, but so would many of our own to the sheeple. For all his foibles, the cafe is a real source of valuable alternative information. We do need to use our discernment abilities whilst not being too affected by some extreme views. We are after all Sovereign Integral Beings and have full control of our own reality and what we wish to BE in… Read more »

Robyn Townsend

So just HOW is RSD going to become President given the minor problem of the Constitution and how the election system works. I am now considering canceling my Benjamin Fulford subscription because he really does seem to have lost his mind


I think Trump will be successful in staying president after the voting scandal is mainstream may take a few weeks) but may not last the full 4 years and some new form of governance will be introduced given that the Democrats are a non event


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The USNA? How would the military announce that US and Canadian democracy failed? Would they have to commandeer all of the broadcast infrastructure?

Hansen Harder

Love you:))