Comments on UN, NESARA, Pope etc.

Dear readers,

I will try to address your concerns.

Reader: I have lots of questions for you Ben, mine are in English

1. Why do you now stand with, defend and exalt the UN like its peacekeepers have not been charged in Africa (and many other parts of the world) with child rape

Never have I stood with or exalted the UN. My view is it needs to be replaced with something that actually helps the planet. The UN is a privately owned Rockefeller front that should be kicked out of the US ASAP.

2. Why are you talking about the “reset” like it doesn’t involve the vaccine, microchip and tracker? We want NESARA – not the same thing

The WDS supports a reset that does not involve vaccines or microchips. It involves ending the current system of debt slavery that rules the West. NESARA was a good idea that has been used by criminals to con people out of their money.

3. Why do you talk about redistributing wealth like it does not actually mean stealing from one to give to another – blatant communism

We are talking about a one-time write off of debt and redistribution only of those assets that were stolen from the people through Federal Reserve Board fiat fraud. We are not talking about taking money from genuine entrepreneurs who create value and employment.

4. Why talk about the elite pedovores as if they are victims and we should “go easy on them” because you said, they were born into it, and didn’t know any better

What we are saying is that these people were born into a cult and either had to go along or be killed. We advocate eliminating the hardcore members who actually tortured and killed children but re-educating those whose only crime was to be born into these families.

5. Why do you talk about Pope Francis as if he has changed his ways and has suddenly decided to help his fellow man, same goes for the Rothschild Family – there are no “good” Rothschilds, they hate us, we are like bugs to them, their words not mine

My father worked with Pope Francies in Argentina during the dirty war and they helped save 20,000 people from the death squads. My father, who was Canadian ambassador to Argentina at the time gave them Canadian passports and Bergoglio (now Francis) helped smuggle them out of the country.

I do not agree with everything that he does but he does talk about saving the environment, world peace, and ending poverty, things I agree with.

6. I guess if you were going to turn on us, now would be the time, but to pull this on your own subscribers, to keep calling Trump a child rapist while failing to point it out in every single sick sadist listed above is absolute hypocrisy, I trust my discernment, following someone who makes fun of those who believe in Jesus was where I went wrong.

If the allegations about Trump are false, then I apologize for discussing them. However, if somebody publicly accused me of raping children, I would sue them. Why doesn’t he sue them?

Dear Ben,
VT has been anti-trump all along.
The report that Trump has cases of pedo, does not check out, or believe me, the left would have used it.
We were very surprised you fell for it.
No one has done a thing re human trafficking, UNTIL trump.
He is a hero in that regard and the only leader who has faced it.
your fan, jw
BF- Point well taken. The original source for these allegations was the Wayne Madsen report but I got it second hand via the virulently anti-Trump Veteran’s today. Staffers there tell me Gordon Duff has recently “gone off the reservation,” with Covid hysteria etc.
In any case, Trump shouldn’t ignore these public allegations but sue and have the truth out in a court of law based on facts.

Finally, about posting video links in Japanese, I just want my readers to know I have people who follow my work in Japan as well as elsewhere and this was intended for them. Japan is a key battleground country because if we can liberate the country, then it will be much easier to liberate the US.




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Marilyn Grammatico

Ben thanks for the info on Gordon Duff, I knew something was up with this.

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, I would like an update on the elections all of them including the senate and house and white house if possible. It is difficult to watch this all play out. If Kamala gets in we will end up with nothing under the comys, many probably murdered very scary. She wants to take our wealth that we worked hard for our entire lives and give it to illegal imigrants and minorities. We could end up in slums if we survive. This is their plan. You say we are winning but if they control our government they control us. An update… Read more »

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, The thought occured to me that maybe the people at Veterans Today were threatened by the Khazarian Mafia. They are known as more vicious than the Sicilian mafia who usually kill the man who went against them but the Khazarian Mafia will kill entire famillies including children. They have written quite a few articles against the KM so for this reason I am thinking they may have gotten scared and decided to get them off their case by bad mouthing Trump in order to help them. Don’t know if this is true but it could be and I don’t… Read more »

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, Question, Have they arrested Kamala Harris? I can not stand her. She was a prosecuter that now supporst criminal acts such as Looting (Stealing) which makes her a hypocrit. She supports Antifa & BLM wants them to keep it up-these are the words out of her mouth. She is a total disgrace! Also put in a very unimpressive performance at her debate with Mike Pence. If that isn’t enough my own husband who is a good debater could have done a much better job without the arrogance to go with it. He would have mopped the floor with her… Read more »

José Manuel

About Trump not sueing the allegations: they were released by the time of the election. Didn’t he have enough trouble dealing with an stolen election to besides get involved in a proceeding that, even if not guilty, would vent the facts exposed there for the deep state to take advantage? I think nobody would sue in those circumstances…we will see in the future

Conrad Sorensen

My vote would be for Ryan or Ron Paul for President

Fawke N BullShout

Yes Ben, we want all the good things that are offered peace love happiness .. that’s what the mafia sells green new deal for saving the planet. C’mon not that shallow to think 90% of the groups globally are not run by shadow government. They say what want to hear or fear .. take money, build illusion they did something and disappear for the next crew. Really Ben, disappointed stating Vatican Pope have same interests. Lol 10% good 90% evil. Just living there got to be pretty evil. Damn.


Whaaaa? This is a new layer to Ben. Didn’t know that. That kinda changes things.

My father worked with Pope Francies in Argentina during the dirty war and they helped save 20,000 people from the death squads. My father, who was Canadian ambassador to Argentina at the time gave them Canadian passports and Bergoglio (now Francis) helped smuggle them out of the country.


Trump is NOT all he makes out to be…..Biden is probably even worse if he is alive still even, and not a clone!


No one said Trump is perfect, but the “Pedovores in charge” who call him a child rapist are the epitome of hypocricy (and by pedovores, i mean the Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Vatican cabal, Clinton and Bush crime family and lets not forget most loudmouth A-list celebrities among many others – Those who yell the loudest……….)

Last edited 8 months ago by arugala

Thank you. Ben, for responding to questions.

About Trump not suing those who accused him of having sex with those under-aged:

In a recent article and interview, Kerry Cassidy points out that the courts are so inundated w deep staters that one cannot count on a fair outcome.




Last edited 8 months ago by littledogg

Trump is The Rope, and The D.S. keeps right on pulling out long coils of it, wrapping it around their necks, and leaping off the Highest Castle Walls… The Cabal, The Deep State and The Marxist Leftist’s as well as some Cabal Right wingers too… They Can not help who and what they are… There are Extropy, Balance, and Entropy… These Pedovores are Moving Towards Maximum Entropy… They will Soon Disolve and go through Karma Recycling, just as Cancers do in a Wilhelm Reich Orgone Accumulator…

David Webster

Spot on a true information man who understands the wheels of the black hats and your not trying to get attention to yourself. Offering great information and commentary. Thank you Alex, as a 65 year old awakened being I enjoy comments like yours. >:^D

Marilyn Grammatico

I am not convinced that Trump had sex with kids just because he hasn’t sued. We don’t know his reasons and can’t read his mind so he deserves the benefit of the doubt until we have proof other wise. Innocent until proven guilty.

David Webster

Trump was black mailed, Benjamin forgets to mention that. him and others are invited to a party, get together what have you. They talk him into being with a sexy women. They agree, and in Trumps case, they unleashed a 12-14 year old sex crazed girl who literally attacks him sexually. He freaks out and strangled her on film and photos of the entire act. It is how they kept him in check and not do what he was supposed to do. Though Trump is still talking about vaccines etc. He is NOT the nice man everyone makes him out… Read more »


It’s possible, but pure speculation, of course. Or do you have proof that no one else has?
Do you have photos of Trump strangling a 12-14 yr old? That’s a strong and irresponsible accusation, if you don’t.

Robyn Townsend

Trump blackmailed …. really …. where is your evidence? Why do you think President Trump has been so viciously attacked with Russiagate, Impeachment, Ukraine, China …. you name it and you will find nothing sticks.He has the full support of at least 73million Americans (probably many more had they not been disenfranchised). I would imagine you have not read a single Q post otherwise you would know that Q has made 3 more posts, 10 days after Nov 3. To save you just guessing and then spouting off uninformed opinions here is a very credible link by someone who became… Read more »

Ymar Sakar

You are talking to someone that is being remotely controlled by dark matrix smith agents, just an fyi.

Gloria Molnar

That’s really evil of you to make that all up, may your evil come right back to you soon. Imitating Adam Schiff?


@David Webster lets entertain that theory for a moment, and if it were true, there is something much different from a man being a playboy and a man actively seeking out and raping a child, not excusing, just saying,,,,,but if it were true, and there was a video, there is NO WAY the Rothschild/Rockefeller cabal would have kept it this long, that is almost more unbelievable to me than the claim itself, UNLESS, the reason said video is not released yet is because from what I understand, CGI is almost (but not quite there yet) perfected, supposedly CGI is moments… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by arugala

Suing draws attention to the issue. In the long run it might work out well for him but in the short to medium term the deep state can make a circus out of it and undermine him horribly.


Sue, sue, sue! What the F? The courts are rigged. Listen to Jordan Maxwell and decide if you want to weigh in on these breads and circuses. The only fit is a gnostic belief. Not one dictated to you, but the one from within you. As christ said, the kingdom of god(s) is within. The Physical is ruled by Evil. Look at the joke about the prisoners watching the shadows on the wall and telling stories about their captors. Not saying I am not fighting, but tome gnostic faith is the only answer. May all Evil be sent to divine… Read more »


You are Part of the One Infinite Creator. No Part of your Body, Mind, Spirit, Psychic Complex is separate. Please Consider Not Externalizing your ability to Dis-authorize Completely in every manner what those who are moving towards Entropy are doing. We Can and Will Co-Create the Non-Existence of these Entropy oriented fellows, who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. Thus they claim the First Cause of their Evil is the Externalized Properties of the “CHATTLE”. They Are very close to Disassociating… At that point they will revert to the 1’st Spiritual Density and become Simplex Energy manifestations… They… Read more »


” Seeing yourself as a helpless victim simply absolves you from growing from this experience. We have already Dis-authorized full Global Thermonuclear War. and Reformed this Time line towards a far more positive outcome. You can Help by Actively Focusing On An optimal Outcome. ”

Thank you!


Last edited 8 months ago by littledogg
David Webster

You have no idea what Alex is saying quite obvious as he is not saying what you are lol

Being positive is the most important thing, actually visualize a positive outcome and jump to the new timeline we envision. This timeline is doomed!

David Webster

Right on Alex, you rock sir! The best posts and comments are from you dude thanks!

Ymar Sakar

I already did, don’t wory.

David Webster

They put certain judges in place to help the situation. Evil and good same thing, it is the goal of all mankind to accept that both evil and good is part of the divine. We are here to learn that, there is no evil or good. Different agendas is all there is and no more. Your lost in Religion dude, the only ones on the planet are corrupt. 3 religions are all in place to control you!! The REAL God wants no worship All God wants is unconditional love for each other and for everything there is. Get your head… Read more »


This is a horrible, experimental error, which is a bigger job to dismantle than humanity can accomplish.”

How can this be addressed? Galactic Confederation intervention?

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, I don’t want Kamala for President she is evil and corrupt just like Joe. It is outrageous that someone should be rewarded for bad behavior and she was in on stealing the election. I don’t care if she is black and a woman either that in no way qualifies her for anything. I watched a black neighbor of mine support Obama because he was black and he was an evil bad President. I will still vote for a Black republican and did, but I am sick and tired of racism against whites in our white country and I don’t… Read more »


If the allegations about Trump are false, then I apologize for discussing them. However, if somebody publicly accused me of raping children, I would sue them. Why doesn’t he sue them?*******************Isn’t there some law that states when people put themselves out in the public eye,,like a celebrity or politician that they permit themselves to be made fun of and lied about publically???


also, in my life I choose what I fight for and some things I let go…if Trump is draining the swamp of pedophiles then he knows he will one day be vindicated of lies like this one–so he could choose to use his time and energy to expose pediphiles rather than sue entertainers. If he chose to fight lies in court he may consider that a waste of his time.

Ymar Sakar

Trump has how many lawyers quit on him? He needs to run strategic election ops. How does he have time for this distraction?

Fulford is showing his Vedic astrology chart weaknesses.

Gloria Molnar

Hi Ben-Really appreciate reading your column, you have better/great worldwide view that we need. But-I am amazed when a person of your caliber quotes the fake news WSJ, or Knights of Malta, etc. Really, need to put alot more time into researching anything you quote. Also-you really are selling yourself short on not researching Trump better. Did you know he spent his entire teenage years in military school (13 -18yrs)-not quite the playboy his jealous adversaries quote. He is far more sincere, nothing he says is by chance, he does trigger our thinking-albeit in uncomfortable ways like George Carlin did-like… Read more »


I much rather prefer news outlets (like this one) that are not bribed to kowtow to Trump or speak of him in biblical terms like the only one that can save mankind from our rulers.
At some level, it seems clear that humanity has filed for divorce against the ruling forces of this planet. They on the other hand, have not taken this well and have acted more and more like psychopaths.


Thank you for answering my questions, i appreciate your honesty, I have one more question, Why doesn’t Pope Francis sue his child rape accusers? He should go first, then every other politician who was in office before Trump and only then when they publicly sue their accusers should others follow – I know why Trump doesn’t, two reasons – First (and most important) they are false, like my fellow subscriber pointed out, they came from a trash source, the second reason, and its a good one, can you imagine, the media would NEVER EVER talk about real news again, forever… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by arugala

It may be a whole New Phenomenon… A New Psychological State Quite Beyond Any form of “Transference…”

Leland Roth

Very few serious pundits other than u seem to constantly reguritate those type of sexual bogus allegations against Trump BF…

Maybe Trump doesn’t seems to think those EXTREMELY nonsencial allegations to be worth giving any attention, too, like u relentlessly do BF?

Maybe? R u asking for a lawsuit against u by Trump eventually to gain for u more international fame, thus more money via subscriptions & what nots BF?



one of the reasons this Brit has canx my sub rom next month. The REAL perpitrator of this world BS is ourdear Queen andher Privy Council.They rigged your election USA peeps. Ask Trump he knows! Read about it here