The People Need to Decide

Dear Reader,
You make many good points. My readers can look at them and decide what they think.
However, I do want to clear up one misunderstanding. It was not me who recommended Robert David Steely and Cynthia McKinney, this was the recommendation of groups like the Knights of Malta etc. Their view is that both Trump and Biden are compromised and until real integrity can be restored to the election process an interim leader who is neither of the above is necessary.
My view is that the people need to decide.
However, I also think Meritocracy is needed as a safety mechanism because as Lincoln famously said: “you can fool all of the people some of the time.”
Lee Kuan Yew had a great system for running Singapore’s meritocracy. He got people in government to recommend who they thought was most competent. The rule was they were not allowed to recommend themselves.

件名: thank you for your video plotting and taking over America

Dear Canadian Fulford,
I am full of vim and vinegar this morning as I think about the video you left on your website. I’m sorry. For one thing it does distress me that any other country thinks they can have a right to decide what happens in America…. then i take a breath and remember that America has significance for the whole world.  Like it or not, I have to deal with that.  Let’s talk logically because I am not happy. I shall say things here as they came across to me. and if I’ve made assumptions, I apologize. You’ve talked about nominating your buddy Mr. Steele for American’s throne (aka office of presidency). My issues with this are as follows (throughout the bulk of this email) in no particular order. I have only seen the guy on video maybe one or two times. We don’t know him. And the way you talk about this, it’s like you nominated him and suddenly he’s president? Things don’t work that way in a democracy. I’m sure you know that. if you simply placed him in office, as it sounds like you want to do, that would be an act of tyranny and if you were successful we would know that America fell. This is not the way to win the hearts of Americans. In that case, you would be worse than the Zionists whom you claim to not represent. If Steele wants to be president he needs to campaign just like anyone else, run for president and be voted on. After being properly and officially vetted. Anything less than that is an insult to America.
Furthermore, Steele has the competition of at least three others who have more right to be considered simply by the fact that they put in their time. Two of these people, respectively, represent the parties of Green and Libertarian. The other person you have completely overlooked and said nothing whatsoever about, and yet, throwing away this person, as you have so causally done, could lead to civil war in America. And you consider yourself ready to dictate whom we place on the throne? Stop considering only the world at large and consider America as well, please. The Baruch (aka African-American) did not vote for Biden. They voted for Harris.  When you said that Biden was to be taken down for treason, you did not mention Harris. Is she going down for treason too? If no, does she lose her office simply because her running mate was taken down for treason? Simply because she’s female? You dismissed her?  Rethink this please. Civil war in America will not do anyone any good.
I heard a few attitudes, like America deserves this because of what they’ve done in ______.  I disagree. I live here. I have lived here all but 8 years of my life. Americans are deceived and lied to. It was 10 years into the war before the bulk of us learned that we were fighting a war in Afghanistan.  We don’t know half of what our government does, we only discover things after the fact (in one case 10 years after the fact). None of us agree with what our government does. On top of that, America is not responsible for everything our troops do. Our troops have been spotted wearing UN logos and carrying out UN objectives. The American people don’t know what is going on in this world. I don’t believe they deserve to undermined like this.  I think it could be said that perhaps they lack in intelligence, and need to wake up, but they have been lied and deceived in so many ways and so many times, they don’t know which what is up or what to believe.  And we don’t seem to have what it takes to clean office. In this we are fighting both scripture and law. Who wants to fight God on who serves in our government?
Another thing is that you appear to have decided that America and Canada are to be annexed. You didn’t present any reasons why we should want this? Again, to simply annex would be an act of tyranny.  And you would wipe out Canada’s way of life? Their ties to the UK? By adjoining them to America you bridge them to the EU.  For all your protestations of innocence you sound like the empire builders. I’m sorry but your presentation didn’t yet win any converts.  We need more info.
Also, a word about McKinney. I watched a handful of videos with her last night after watching your video. I was unable to find a current day video of her, though  there were a number of videos made in which we only hear her voice and they throw up a picture. I found one video posted 2014 (goodness knows how old it is) and I decided that while I like her a lot, I have no evidence that the 2014 McKinney is the same one who made those videos today.  That should be carefully checked. The timbre of her voice and the way she presents herself  differs, and the flatness of her convictions do not shine through on the photograph only video.  Also, she spent all of her time talking about the past. I want to hear campaign promises and projections for the future.
Just a suggestion but if you really want to win the Baruch vote, place Steele as the running mate. Our next president is going to be female.
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Hi; don’t know who wrote this “message”, but the part here(I’m pasting) is too weird. The Baruch (aka African-American) did not vote for Biden. They voted for Harris. When you said that Biden was to be taken down for treason, you did not mention Harris. Is she going down for treason too? If no, does she lose her office simply because her running mate was taken down for treason? Simply because she’s female? You dismissed her? Rethink this please. Civil war in America will not do anyone any good. Harris is not “African American”! (Although she advocates herself as representing that part… Read more »


The writer (not Ben) seems to have a very weak understanding of American world involvement. First off, America is _not_ a democracy and was never defined to be one. Quite the opposite – it is a republic – where rule of law is the way of it, not a general “one person one vote.” It was designed _not_ to be that way because the founders – unlike most Americans today – were historically literate and understood that the Greeks had already been through many democracies running into horrible consequences (typical of democracies) – e.g., the larger part of the society… Read more »


When will the British Commonwealth and the USA wake up to the FACT that the Queen controls not only us Brits but you guys to!! I am hoping the fact that Trump deliberatly walked in front of her on his state visit here was a signal that he will take down our Monarchy and we can finally get the Republic of Great Britain we need, and the USA can then become a true Republic finally. Ben, you would do well to use these guys for your intel infuture. Yourcomments recently have caused me to canx my subscription now. The REAL… Read more »


Kamala is Kamal, i.e., a man, who changed his gender! NOT BORN in the USA! If you voted Kamal, this is your BIG problem! The Chicago mayor and her wife, both you think are women? NOPE! Both are men! Kamal is also in the mass arrests ‘n executions list, so he is not going to avoid his fate!


Looks that way to me too.
Shields up Trannie alert.

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Finally, someone who makes sense! Thank you for posting.

Marilyn Grammatico

Great News, Speaking of Robert David Steele he says we now have the servers that have all the election data on it that was in Germany, game over! He said Trump sent a message to the MSM by doing something to the internet for a couple of hours to let them know he can take them out anytime he wants. Ready to put people in jail. Website: Before Its News. Video: “UNRIG Trump Election 2020 SOF Captures Servers, Potus Spanks Interne”t. We win they lose


The REAL perpitrator of this world BS is ourdear Queen andher Privy Council.They rigged your election USA peeps. Ask Trump he knows! Read about it here


Absolutely no one could believe any thing good about Biden, cmon man.
on live tv he munches on the wife of an inductee.. on live tv he is twisting the nipple of a little girl who tries to get away. The women who were there did nothing. Jo & Hunter took all kinds of foreign money. They are part of the evil trafficking.


and Hunter is on internet vids coming out of china having sex with children to!

Tubbs Ventura

Ben, I so badly want to see Election Fraud exposed, hope the Supreme Court does rule 6-3 in favor of Trump. I recall 2000, when Ralph Nader exposed, see the Nader Page, the relationship between the bush family and the voting machines used in 2000. Since that time, I’ve always researched fraud and voting machines. Bits of good examples are out there. Finally, I hope it is exposed on THE BIG STAGE.


The REAL perpitrator of this world BS is our dear Queen and her Privy Council.They rigged your election USA peeps. Ask Trump he knows! Read about it here

Lewis Ross

I thought the above was well thought out and is a good reminder that we all need to think carefully about our current state of affairs. We know that a tyrant plays into the fears of people. My take on Biden is that he is appealing to the goodness in people and that he is a straight shooter. It may have been his thought to appeal to the black community vote having Ms. Harris as his running mate, however, it is a first for a woman to be a VP, and therein contains the strength of her appeal.



You Sir are a bonafide intellectually challenged moron.


I added my thumbs down to the other 8……. from the UK!

Leland Roth

‘Our next president is going to be female’….lol

That’s pretty funny🤣Certainly not going to be Kamala Harris….probably ever🇺🇸

Here’s supposedly ‘low i.q’ (see #457519 ) Cynthia McKinney explaining how she after being a 6 term congresswoman was dethroned by Diebold elertronic machines in Georgia years ago.

I like the passion of the writer here in this ‘letter’ to Ben, but why didn’t hardly anyone go to ‘put marijuana users in jail freak’ Harris rallies either?

Pence did even better in rallies than her🤡

The author is another typical demunist doofus if ‘he’ thinks Harris is remotely Presidential material🤣

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Thanks Ben.