WDS and Red Dragon Family Geopolitics Update


Goldfish Report 609

Benjamin Fulford and Red Dragon Family Ambassador discuss the state of geopolitics.

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On Goldfish Report 609, I think that the Honorable Red Dragon Society ambassador should be flown directly to GITMO.

Gloria Molnar

P.S. You need to help Canada Ben, don’t worry about US, the crown is far more entrenched in Canada, you need to get it out of there. for the people. We have proof Little Castro’s election was rigged with that voting software that screwed us. You have to stop him threatening those vaccination concentration camps. I have a friend up there that has gone missing, can you help me find? She was speaking out about Justin.

Gloria Molnar

Ben-not sure if you meant it, but please don’t sound treasonous to our President Trump, big mistake to bet against him. Also, forget Robert Steele and we will NOT be div-ied up. You are really missing Sun Tsz. Take a look; – Legitimate ballots were printed by DHS, with deep non-visible to human eye watermarks (unbeknownst to anyone) and distributed to states. Fraudulent ballots of large numbers were printed by China and guess what, they forgot to put the watermarks. Oh my! Then, all real ballots were counted once (no matter how many times put through a machine) via satellites… Read more »

kovanesian cristian

Thank you, it’s beautiful. Friendly from France.

Fates Whynot

The Red Paper Dragon Imperialist One China World – Mandate of Heaven – Conquest is only a concept mindset… overturnment of The United States into a Chinese Province?   The Ambassador on Ron Van Dyke’s channel in 2014, had courses taught with The Red Dragon, for new Emperors of the world called The Gideon 300? http://www.truevisionofpeace.com/the_ambassador.html HRH Tiburcio Villamor Marcos Tallano Tagean IV is the Sole Signatory of a Ledger to Ledger Account backing the Western ‘Wealth of Nations’. It is Alpha Omega ECOSOC United Nations that is rolling out the new Quantum Ethereum Blockchain Crypto Digital Currency Decentralized Autonomous Governance…… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by Fates Whynot

Excellent plan synopsis between Mr. Fulford and Ambassador X.
My post above handles Red Ambassador X without mercy. I say he be apprehended and be flown directly to GITMO. As soon as possible.

Fawke N BullShout

It is small.percent destroying planet and it is not the 99%. Its those with unlimited money and appetites. Unfortunately, law enforcement isn’t doing their jobs for the people. They are not fact checking. How much to sell evidence look other way, cheap right. It will take one person of influence to tell the people it’s time to take back the country and hand out list of criminals a d their crimes. Done. Watch some big holes get dug to keep em in till enough jails are newly built by the people for the people. Amish version 2020.2 bigger more tech… Read more »

Fawke N BullShout

The only god of your life is you. Called free will. When fawke up, fix it. Got brains, please do use. Learn problem solving. Great parrots, but sometimes problem solving planning is very useful. There’s algorithm for that. Seems no one knows or wants to know. Like their free will hell.

Fawke N BullShout

Bankrupt the system. Do not use it. Find company’s using cryptos take moment move money to cryptos to make purchase. Make statement one transaction at a time. Bring the behemoth down. Retired Bank Branch Manager small country bank. 🤧

Ronald Blanchard

Ben, I have been buying Gold and Silver. If the Chinese [Yuan] is the new world currency what should we who have Gold & Silver do… and when? Is buying Yuan a good idea?

Dyna Gal

I would strongly recommend not listening to Ben for financial advice !

Fawke N BullShout

Buy gold silver but must use for transaction. Cant yet do locally cryptos will work well find the gems the crypto company’s make action statement start using them shut down the system one transaction at a time. Enjoy every purchase not needing bank. Also suggest cryptos locally. Easily transferred to cash anyway. But some and save some they will take over. Bigger than Microsoft apple, you bet. Much bigger and not going no where.

Laura Mamer

Thank you 🙂

Mark Keegan

Seems odd that Louisa, a dyed in the wool Trump supporter, would have a long warm relationship with an embassador representing communist red china

Hasegawa Soujiro

Yes you got a lot of people on board, however you don’t have the mainland Chinese on board, Just a professor romanoff who lives in Shanghai mainland China, but he doesn’t represent Shanghai or any the central government people on board, the so called Asian triads are Just like The satanic hierarchy of the western 5eyes, and you can’t claim that China is on board with any of what you guys have in mind, the day you disclose all truth nothing but the truth to the CPC, when they will get on board, not like the way everyone’s doing now,… Read more »


I am listening with ?? Expectations. Do not like your derogatory comments about the President Trump Ben, other than JFK who wanted to take back minting our own money, this President is for the people. if you had the intelligence of the Samurais you would see he says things to throw off his enemies. Right now I am deeply concerned for our great country. With great respect for you Mr Fulford, if you are for any Socialists Democrats, I will put you in same category of the rest of the Orks. Would be nice if you gave credit to his… Read more »

Mark Keegan

It was mentioned Trump wants the vaccines optional, and thats good. Unfortunately although getting the vaccine will be voluntary, enforcement will be mandatory. No one will work, eat, drink or anything else that lends comfort will be allowed by corporations and other businesses. No employment, no vital utilities like water, no operational bank card, no travel, no social events etc. When a public citizen does business with a corporation of any kind its under the assumption the person enters into a contract with a business volutarily. wNothing unlawful there. Thats how it will work with the vaccines. Under commercial law… Read more »


Also, even though there may not be a federal mandate for vaccination, state governors have shown they are more than capable of making state mandates.


For example to get to Thanksgiving dinner in Massachusetts I have 2 choices, 1) A negative PCR test, soon to be a vaccination or 2) 14 day isolation but where am I supposed to stay for 2 weeks?

Last edited 8 months ago by Roger
Dyna Gal

Governors cannot mandate anything; only in control of government agencies under them, not the People or the private. Even California judge just confirmed in a ruling that Gov. Newscumb can’t create laws. None of the mandates are laws, therefore, unenforceable in court. This includes Executive Orders (“EO”) from the President of the United States: the EO cannot control the People. Why would we have law makers if the President or Governor can just be a Ceasar and make his own laws? The test here is, will the People DO GOVERNMENT, like we are supposed to do, or allow this crap… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by Dyna Gal
Alexander Jin

bingo !

Alain Touchette

There will be a Rapture, and it will be this year(as it was in the days of Noah) Noah got 120 year warning, so we did, since 1901 to 2020, probably on Dec 13th(40 days after) Cheshvan 17th was November 4th, when the Ark lift up the earth.


no, there won’t


the mask issue will be the awakener, the more they lockdown, the more people wake up…… its happening on an individual level, and this is the strongest.


Great! Thanks Ben.