Benjamin Fulford – Highway Diary Ep. 282

We talk about vaccines. Nanotechnology. The 2020 Election. Q-Anon. Robert David Steele. Klaus Schwab. Whitney Webb. Charlie Robinson, and the landscape of the Great Reset.

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Ben, what have you heard from the pentagon regarding members of the pentagon being fired? Also, what now? If you say Trump is compromised, what is the solution going to be? Will the democrats be allowed to take the seat? I fully believe Trump won the election, we all know, so, what now?


I found this podcast a waste of time because it only served to add more confusion to what I believe is really going on. I’ve been an ardent follower of Ben Fulford for many years via his own report, association with Neil Keenhan and The Goldfish report. I do recall a time when Ben Fulford announced himself as “the spokesman for The White Dragons” and listening to the suggestion of ‘a new worldwide governance’ based on meritocracy.etc etc. We read and listened to and accepted progress reports about how corrupt politicians, and high-profile pedofiles and elites throughout the world, engaged… Read more »

Al Skid

Sidney Powell recently released a 270 page document exposing massive voter fraud!


Ben, enjoyed this clip. First I am not in the possession of a Harvard or Yale degree, nor would want one. I do however have common sense. To save the planet there has to be a halt to the destruction of the, example rain forests. The natural herbs/vegetation, the people who live there & connect with the spirit of the land. When some money hungry group tries to come in detour them, fine them whatever. School them. This applies to every where on the planet. Do not know exactly what the royals contribute to a good society, or a past… Read more »

Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, I believe what Jim Sinclair and Bill holter say. They say we will have 2 resets; the 1st one won’t work. This is the one where all the crooks are still trying to hang on to control (my take). The second reset will be for real. The 1st reset probably won’t last that long. Good video and it answered some of my questions better; this guy did a good job of asking questions and good topics covered also. I understand what you mean about speaking many languages, my husband can play many different musical instruments too and learns new… Read more »

Cees Leerdam



Where’s the report we pay for every month?

Cees Leerdam

It appears on Mondays usually. It will be some 20 hours from now.


Cees – thank you, I woke up this morning thinking it was Monday. First time ever for bringing that confusion here. Always look forward to reading what’s new. Somebody gave me a failing grade (-), it didn’t take much. (I call those people, brave keyboard warriors)


Somebody is not a happy person, (-) and wants to share that with others.