State of the Stolen Election

Dear Benjamin,

I have to say I am really confused about what is going on with this stollen election.  I need your input on if in the United States we are winning or losing this war?  Robert Steele makes the case that Trump will arrest, prosecute and take office for 4 more years.  I really need for this to be the case but the truth is the truth.  I just read an article on Silver Doctor that says we are losing and they have won.

This article is also very compelling.  Title:  The Establishment Against the American People:  America’s Color Revolution”.  According to Robert S., Trump has all the evidence getting Pelosi’s laptop and many others.  When I heard that I thought we had won, but now, I don’t know my own name anymore.

This is sooo… hard!  I would rather know the truth no matter what.  Please weigh in ASAP either by e-mail or to all of us.  Tell us what you know at this point.

Thanks, M


Dear M,

The story I am hearing is that the election theft has been traced back to the Venetian black nobility i.e. the Black Sun (Mike Pence is their servant) and United States Corporation is finished. It is bankrupt and nobody can fix it. The question is what will replace it.

One faction wants to break the US into several small countries (Texas, California, etc.) Another wants to restore the Republic of the United States and renounce the debt. That would mean a huge drop in US living standards and the closure of US military bases overseas.

The one I am pushing for is to create a Republic of the United States from Argentina to Alaska so that something even more powerful and better than the US Corporation emerges. This would also involve the restoration of real democracy and a round-up of all the criminals who hijacked the US in the first place. This United States would have all the natural resources of Brazil and Canada etc. so it would not have to borrow from the Chinese to stay in business as is the case now.



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Marilyn Grammatico

To everyone who was kind to me concerning my Cat Jesse, He took a bad turn for the worst with seizures and some shortness of breath so last night I had to put him to sleep so he wouldn’t suffer. I had hoped so much that I could pull him threw this but kidney disease is really terrible and anything on top of it seems to be a death sentence. His infection was nearly gone and the exact same thing happened to my cousins cat. He was 18 years and 5 months old. We will be together again and given… Read more »

Marilyn Grammatico

I agree that they need to speed up the process of getting a deal done but I am incapable of trusting anything anymore after 65 years of lies and being disillusioned. I am a bright person in the 1st place and have always as far back as I can remember have had doubts about everything; never believed in Santa Claus and many other things either. I have been a skeptic most of my life and still am. I would love for everything to turn out wonderful but I just have a really hard time believing it. I am aware of… Read more »


Why do I get the feeling that the whole idea with this site is to mislead and/or pacify those who are eager to know what’s taking place?

Erv Jus Soli

Dear Ben, although your idea sounds great. Yet, however, it can never happen. The lawful de jure landscape under The Original Jurisdiction our forefathers created still stands and as long as one American has filed their natural born political status claiming their reversionary trust interest, than everything and anything anybody else can say re the “Republic” is quashed, null and void without any legal authority whatsoever. Everyone needs to get their heads wrapped around The Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, 1783, as there has always been two populations in this nation….(1) the living natural born “people of the United States”… Read more »

Last edited 6 months ago by Erv Jus Soli

Damn, these are all horrible options


“Another wants to restore the Republic of the United States and renounce the debt. That would mean a huge drop in US living standards and the closure of US military bases overseas.”
This I would work, vote, fight and die for. The so called debt belongs to the de facto US corp. Government and corporation are 2 seperate and distinct things. I’m guessing that’s why each has its own seperate and distinct label. The huge drop in living standards is a fear based scare tactic.
Buyer Beware!!

d S

Parler to be taken down by AWS, mass migration to Twitter abuzz with chatter of vatican going black, rumors of pope arrest. Italygate in play…..



This is off of Simon’s Blog, please enjoy, it is hilarious!!!!!


I remember this old video. Good time to resurface.


I don’t understand why Benjamin wants a North American union. This is what the “elites” have been planning for a long time. Their plans are unravelling a bit in Europe with movements like Brexit.


Go to the book of Revelation and it talks about the 10 kings of the earth in the last days. This would fit Bible Prophecy


Its because he’s roped into a Asian dominant plan.


Everything will be exposed and everything is going to come apart. The only answer is a spiritual one. Those who are going to make it already know, those who are going down, already know. The kingdom of god(s) is within.


For anyone who has not yet seen what the El-Ites(Parasites/Demons) are up to:

Blame the 1% and the aliens they are connected to.

If you are arrogant enough to think we are the top of the food chain, then just keep on your merry little way.


Super video!!! TY for sharing!


WOW! This is a presentation my sleepy friends may finally relate to…


Got this earlier this morning – synthesizes intel from many different sources I’ve been reading and this puts it all together (not sure if it’s all accurate in today’s crazy world but it made me feel better). I read the article but didn’t listen to the video. Here’s some updated info for you in regards to where this all stands: 1. No, our President did not concede in his statement. 2. The affidavit of the Whistleblower that proves Italy & Obama were involved in the coup to overthrow our government via election official fraud was delivered on Christmas Eve to… Read more »


Here’s something that could back this up…

Richard Mullock

I concur with your research! This is the latest! But events are moving rather fast. And they have to since the corrupt Dems are intent on impeaching Trump for an action he didn’t sanction. Other good sources are (Mike Adams daily situation report). I highly recommend this latter, but also the former. Trump is following the “plan”. Look for massive arrests all over the “place”. RM


Great and helpful overview! Thank you and thank you to everyone on this board that is using their spiritual tools to help navigate humanity into the light.


Everyone, jump on board with things like Gab, Bitchute and others. Shut down Fake Book, Twit Fake and all the deep state Junk. Either support or make something to take over this junk. It will most likely not survive, but better than being dependant on junk. Everything will eventually come apart anyway, but it is at least better than the junky alternatives. Any suggestions on how to get my iMac to be able to put in comments? It seems to be blocked from posting anything. The “healthcare” industry seems to have ample time to make videos now, in the… Read more »

Al Skid
Marilyn Grammatico

Ben, The only option is the one you are for as far as I am concerned. Who gets to decide which one is chosen? When might this be determined? If the United States becomes several smaller countries we would no longer have any kind of power in the world and who would then replace that vacum? China, Russia, Nato or some kind of European union? All of these options have shown theirselves to be evil with bad intentions. If Americans become much poorer this puts us in a weakened position of no power and many will agree to anything and… Read more »


Please follow up on that status of Gina Haspel and the rumors about the Frankfurt raid, etc. She has not disappeared at all. Nobody is explaining why the alliance could not expose the fraud associated Dominion servers. Nobody can even confirm that William Barr committed treason. If he saw absolute proof and denied it, that’s treason. Should we assume he was threatened? Finally, we know that military intelligence has the whole truth. Why couldn’t the Pentagon brass hold a press conference or some type of public presentation? Also, L Lin Wood’s deleted tweet storm from 12/31 thru 1/4 revealed the… Read more »

Marilyn Costello

Another comment Ben. Trump has been completing J.F. Kennedy Sr. record on what he wanted to do.

Tubbs Ventura

Ben, that sounds a lot like the Monroe Doctrine. The one ur pushing for. What Happened to U.S. of North America? Even a North American Union seems more possible.

Ben, is Trump going to drop the Insurrection Act and take back the rigged Election? You never really addressed that.

Thank You


The question is when? Will “we the people” know where we are in the grand scheme of things?

Steven Borchers

I have been researching this for since 2006 and my 9/11 awakening. Rothschilds and Rockefellers are the head of the snake of the global satanic pedophile ruling empire. IF the white hats and “good” of the world would only need to arrest/isolate these individuals. Therefore, since this has not happened, I feel that this whole Trump thing is simply Hollywood theatre. God help us who have not violated his laws and love God and their brothers with all their might and soul.


This is the storm. Gab and Parler are TDOS’d, Big Tech is censoring and removing everyone and everything today. Apple, Twitter, Google, FB all in on it. Good time to remember why we have incarnated in this life, this timeline. For this. To choose the right thought and action in each moment. we are in thick forest with no clear path but we will make it to the meadow.


I am old and I am not familiar with what TDOS’d means. Please explain. Thank you


A DoS attack is to overload and make a website non usable. I wonder if a site like Gab has their servers orgonised.. by placing orgonite crystal material all around.

Cissie Owen

Thank you, Ben. Rumors are swirling like crazy tonight on all sides. Any true intel for us?